China’s best startup: big constructing innovative building leading global unmanned aerial vehicles

“where dad” of children’s shoes, always remember that one fly in the blue sky, and sometimes tsundere, sometimes show MOE flying camera. And those amazing aircraft, by a Chinese shenzhen startup. Recently, the great innovation of xinjiang (average) released the world’s first bring Inspire 4 k camera 1 aircraft. Welcome to “visual” boundary of the air!

some of the aircraft on the market, while also with camera function, but only as a toy. Startups from shenzhen, China — big innovation of xinjiang (average) released new products Inspire 1 is not a toy.

xinjiang innovation Inspire 1 release new product, is the world’s first shipped 4 k camera unmanned aerial vehicle, is inherited, published earlier this year the disruptive upgrade version of the Phantom Vision + 2, priced at $2900 (2380 pounds or 2380 Australian dollars).

big xinjiang innovation technology co., LTD., founded in 2006, is the world’s unmanned spacecraft control system and the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solution and manufacturers, customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Over the years, the company dedicated to users for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry, industry and the professional aerial application performance is strong, good experience of revolutionary intelligent flight control products and solutions. It is understood that the company has occupied 50% of the world’s unmanned aerial vehicles market share.

Inspire one with carbon fiber landing gear and fully automatic landing system, 94 ° wide Angle prime lens can be smooth. It has a high performance camera, support 4 k 30 FPS ultra-high and 1080 p 60 FPS hd video recording, support 12 million pixels, static camera can rotate 360 ° 360 ° inclined.

like Vision +, 1 also Inspire even the camera in a three-axis gimbal frame, in order to resist high winds or shock of instability, which makes the overall look strong, but more importantly, it is removable. So if you don’t need a camera, or want to repair the camera, or want to upgrade the camera in the future, this feature can help you accomplish these things easily.

you don’t need a moment to keep control, taken by mobile phone Inspire 1 remote controller in the upper part of the machine control Angle, it can control the camera. Or, you can give others another controller to precise manipulation of the camera.

controller also has large Lightbridge constructing innovative wireless sensor technology, it can be the scene of 1080 p video recording to your iOS or Android device, you can in about 1 mile (1.7 kilometers) control. Through the back of the USB and HDMI interface, you can be directly connected to your smart phone or a tablet to watch.

as far as the problem of control Inspire 1, it should be easier than Vision + manipulation. From the point of view of its introduction, it’s too easy manipulation of the Inspire 1, had the RTF model, mommy don’t worry I will not use anymore. You need to do is spin the color from the knob, recharge it, about these two things will be enough.

1 can Inspire one-click ups and downs, can also according to user’s intention to land, it a bigger base and buffer, and can be appropriate to reduce caused by user’s improper operation out of balance and toppled over.

in order to better indoor shooting, or in the absence of a GPS lock, xinjiang in the bottom of the craft with a camera and sensors, it can be made out of the ground the stereo images, to Inspire 1, you can need not too much control can work smoothly.

to be on the safe side, big jiang also for it to develop a dynamic characteristics of a “home”, where you are is its “home”. This can allow you to move after launch it, it will return to where you are now, but not you launch its location. (for example, when you go boating use Inspire 1)

and xinjiang released by other aircraft, Inspire 1 will automatically return when battery is low. For Inspire 1 development in the new iOS and Android applications you can clearly see it six each left in the battery power. (you can also use this application to view the damage level of the each battery)

this app can Inspire the sensor and controller of 1, let you control the way. So if I want to make it work for a while? You can paint it on your mobile device touch screen working channel, it’s that simple!

for consumers, it is the biggest potential drawback is the flight time problem (besides the price), in full charge under ideal conditions, Inspire 1 only 18 minutes of flight, but it will record 4 k 30 FPS video at the same time, so it is said in the past. But may be because of the wind or set your speed and reduce the time of flight.

if you are a novice in this business, may feel a bit hasty to say so. However, given the Inspire a fully functional, short flight time is not without reason, of course, there are some aircraft flight time is longer, but they certainly did not Inspire 1 equipment so well. Outside the battery is a good choice, of course, but from the point of Vision + battery for $130, Inspire 1 battery will not be cheap.

if you want to book now or learn more details about Inspire 1, big can log in xinjiang innovation (average) website. It is understood that Inspire 1 plan listed in the middle of December.

Source: TC

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