China’s apple users against the new virus: no escape also forces you to download and install applications

(/horse relief yi wen)

security research company in silicon valley Palo Alto Networks has announced a new Chinese apple users against malicious programs. Surprisingly, this is called WireLurker malicious programs can be infected with the virus, but no jailbreak iOS device automatically download and install applications, and you can also steal the user’s personal data.

the security company found that the malicious programs from a company called “malt” Chinese apple products by a third party application download BBS. Up to now, the community of more than 400 of the BBS “Mac applications have been infected with the malware. In the past six months, Maiyadi App Store found 467 infected application had been downloaded more than 356000 times. This means that the domestic infected WireLurker may have tens of thousands of users.

although the perpetrator of the program is still not what to attack with special intention, but the malware is indeed very special. Once spread, will be in China and the world of apple users have a significant impact. IOS users via USB to your iphone or tablet connected to Mac infection, while Mac malware “gaining momentum” already, once the new access to the iOS device is detected, will be embedded malicious programs. Even more remarkable is that once was the malware infection, even if your iOS device did not escape, it could still allowed to automatically download and install the application.

however, the expert points out, as long as the user is not without verified third-party app store download Mac applications. And do not put the iOS device is connected to the PC will not be infected a security risk.

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