Children’s e-commerce sites Swap, not only can buy also able to barter

cloud network hunting note: focus on children’s products consignment online electricity business, with its unique business model in the industry competitors, industry widely pay close attention to. Has been in a new round of financing, the investment of $4 million, which will also become the important power of the development of new period.

online consignment area, emerging competitors has raised $4 million, the construction of its own online stores. On the site, parents can buy children’s second-hand clothes, baby bottles, books, dolls, games, and many other products. Despite numerous competitors in this field, headed by electricity has the second-hand clothes market marketing emphasis on children, but not the clothes and the accessories market to develop a broader, however in its receiving and sales and business models are different.

the co-founder and CEO Juha Koponen said: “ made it real consignment, while other competitors did not do it.”

nowadays, headed by thredUP competitors only choose a single development mode. Such as Poshmark or Threadflip users only provide goods exchange trading platform, or such as thredUP and Twice, prepaid freight consignment of goods payment for goods and sales. But at the same time, is doing is different – will only be paid to the seller after the sale of goods payment for goods, but also support the exchange of goods. Koponen added: “the seller on the receive payment may be higher than in other web site selling the payment for goods, this is because the payment only 20% plus the cost of $1.”

in addition, the company for all brands, not just confined to the high-end brands, allowing customers to sell goods other than the clothes at the same time, such as bottles, books, dolls, games, decorations, movies, music and sports equipment, even pregnant women clothing.

Another significant difference is: customers can use both goods and money to trade, and that’s why the company so named. ThredUP that has brought the clothes before Swap between barter, but failed to become now Swap this pattern. does not charge any fee to barter itself, only for the classification of the goods and take photos, storage charge a fixed fee, and the cost in other industry companies will be replaced by the high cost of additional. This causes the customer a consignment of goods, rather than a consignment at a time.

Koponen believe will stand out in the competition, because it is constantly improve and improve business efficiency, and this is the “secret” that Swap

in the end, he mentioned a new developer Marc Onetto, a former amazon vice President of global implementation and after-sales service and global electric power suppliers Flextronics director. His professional guidance for consignment will make more competitive advantage. This, the founders of the startup (including co-founder Jussi Koskinen) also agree.

Netcycler consignment company in Europe to extend its U.S. market after the acquisition of, recently announced its average annual output value of $2.5 million, and since 2013, the monthly growth rate as high as 20%. Now, the company online, more than 150000 goods consignment monthly increase more than 50000 pieces of new goods. At the same time, the previous team composed of 50 people have been growing to Bolingbrook in Illinois, 6.6 square meters of commercial center. But, far from silicon valley’s geographical location makes financing more difficult, but in before financing has gained an angel investment in support.

this round of funding covers less known Cleantech Invest Plc (usually to Invest in emerging startups) and angel investors Ari Hypponen and Ahti Heinla (Skype investment engineer), and there were Jaan ida-virumaa county (Skype and Kazaa investment engineer) and Onetto

Source: TC

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