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it is often said: “the child is the shadow of parents, parents is the mirror of the child.” Family education to the child the formation of personality and moral character and behavior play a key role, because family is the first class of children, parents are the first teacher of children. However, in the domestic education system, open two-child policy under the influence of a series of factors, such as family education caused by information asymmetry, uneven phenomenon of education resources, under the existing social dimension, the parents gradually to family education created confusion, anxiety and fear.

with continuous Ye Sheng entrepreneurial experience, according to the online education experience for many years, also Shared his views on family education. , he said, “China in the aspect of the education system and family education there are many problems to be solved, so Chinese parents in education children need to learn, need to grow up together with the child.” Slowly began to understand their work not only for work, business is not just for the sake of business, but in order to achieve better family harmony atmosphere, for the happiness of the family; At the same time, in their own education daughter experience inspired, so after three companies successful entrepreneurship to children education career, starting a business “children teaching circle”.

children teaching circle is a service in children’s education community, with 0-12 in preschool education, primary school children education as the core, extends to the junior middle school, high school and university stage, interactive communication platform, real-time information of education, teachers experts to answer doubts, free online lectures, parent-child activities, children’s books, training group and other services. Why do you choose to original BBS mode into online education, Ye Sheng convective cloud network said, “with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, BBS mode will usher in a new life. Because in the vertical field, there is a great opportunity, BBS it accord with the characteristics of the Internet and take the user as the core, decentralization; Secondly based on the application of the technology such as LBS, mobile BBS more business opportunities.”

specific to children teaching circle function and product structure, can be understood as two parts. The first part is the social + information model, the product covers social attribute, media properties and tools. Children teach ring is an interactive communication platform anytime and anywhere, community oriented, USES the way to reply to posts, user use of fragmented time interact with different domain expert teacher zero distance, with experienced parents communication, Shared parenting knowledge, action for their parenting confusion. Parents can also access to the child teach ring every day release the freshest most timely education information, as well as the practical science of parenting tips, can let the parents to master the basic knowledge of parenting and the development trend of the education policy.

in the second part is the BBS + smart recommendation model, enhance the user viscosity. Children teach infants, young children, elementary school, junior high school, high school, university of different grade, such as BBS, children taught circle will recommend suitable for in different age stages of parents BBS. In “discovery” plate, and parents can also enjoy sharing child tong yan pa, show the baby super of the photos. For the old woman daughter-in-law relation, gourmet kitchen, parent-child tourism such as topic, parents also can speak freely. Near the new “plate”, parents can search nearby training institutions, to see the parents of the public praise of the training institutions, selecting appropriate tutor, poking fun at the effect of the training, and based on the application of the LBS technology, extends children teach more development opportunities.

compared to the mother, the baby tree, hot mama circle on parenting community, the vantage point of children teaching circle is more focused, more segmentation field. Although there is overlap on the function, but from the nature of children teaching circle is in differentiate themselves. Contains the “children” “education” and “circle” of children teaching, practical value and social value growing, and children taught the value of the largest circle is, with the development of mobile Internet breakthrough the limitation of the current education resources in space and time, so as to help more parents with children education idea of better.

before landing on November 14, Ios, children teaching circle has accumulated about 500000 users on the Android platform, the user is in didn’t do any of the promotion, the natural growth. Ye Sheng said, “in the future, children taught will try online courses and video chat feature, platform can accurately implement teachers, training institutions, as well as matching options, such as book game can even rapid harmonious help user to find the right family to form the collective activities.”

Ye Sheng revealed that the current child teach all basic services free of charge. On the profit model, child teach ring main consideration from paid advanced courses, value-added services, such as introducing O2O several aspects. “It now appears that users to the App use used to be the biggest constraints, children teaching circle is iterated, make operation more simple and convenient, children teach level reached 2015 users must ring plan, teaching circle in and children children education goal is to do the mobile Internet traffic entrance.” Ye Sheng finally said

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