Chicken soup “kill” lei jun, millet is a good felling kpis

recently, an article written by our founder KU6 “learn from lei jun and millet organization innovation is widely spread, the article has a core point is millet no KPI, the familiar with lei jun in the industry make fun.

hunting cloud network editor gentleman to share of our first article:

it is generally believed that, millet in business model, especially there are many “break through” on marketing, so was the making of it now. In fact, lei jun in the culture of organization and management to do a lot of good taste.

first, millet no KPI. Seems so incredible that in traditional enterprises, even in the Internet company and no business is not to do performance evaluation.

second, their management rarely, seven or eight partners below a director respectively, manages the seven or eight groups, and then ordinary employee. No matter what are you doing in other company director or manager, is an engineer in millet, the same level. Good salary, but there is no promotion. That is to say, their abnormal flattening management, the functions of its very fine. This also ability put forward very high requirements for a partner, because means they want tube a lot of things. So far, their partners are also top up.

the third, not the meeting, even decisions don’t email, what things are settled in the m group chat, even cut a figure on the m talking to submit an expense account is ok.

because I have been a human resource management, so to them more interested in this kind of organization innovation. I think these may be propaganda at the beginning, then from different sources have confirmed that they do have such practices. I am very serious about this matter. But I began to wonder, lei jun in jinshan, before is not the same as there are so many management, performance management meeting, as do? How to millet changed?

I chat with lei jun once, also recently mentioned this problem with a friend of millet. In jinshan, he says, only updated once a year version, MIIUI have to upgrade once a week, the two speed is completely not in a level. He reminded me, age is not the same.

in the Internet and the industrial age, we now of the mobile Internet age has the very big change, one of the most important embodiment of speed is changed. First, in the age of the Internet, you can slowly do one thing, a good product release out again, but now two or three months of your product is not accepted by people, may be dead. Second, the mobile Internet era the boundaries between producers and users are created, and now there is a new term is “advanced user guide of innovation”. This means that the organization, is closer to the user, not from above, nor parallel relationship, but be in harmony are an organic whole. Engineers are behind closed doors in the past, the millet culture is engineers must face users, must be in weibo, BBS, and offline channels to communicate with users. Millet power transfer from the boss of management staff to the user.

actually corporate culture, in the end is determined by your survival environment. If the latter changes, and organization is not to adjust, so, enterprise is difficult to survive. Mobile Internet era inevitable requirement enterprise’s organization structure to flat, each department to small and flexible.

for traditional industry organization innovation faces two problems. One is the original by introducing the organization form of industrial civilization era has failed, but they don’t realize; Second, any organization no matter in what time, as the change of time, organization will inevitably become bureaucratic, distractions and rigid. This is no way to solve, because an organization is hard to change myself.

Internet companies can better? Not really. I recently chatted with a lot of Internet company bosses, they enterprise data are both good, but they were extremely anxious. In the era of mobile Internet, they can’t find the feeling, can not find a foothold, because the culture of the organization form of the Internet and also has not adapt to the mobile Internet era. In the original system, the organization form of use of the original, the original do a different thing, the probability of success is very low. The vast majority of the phoenix nirvana, basic it is depend on organization innovation. Like Mr. Jobs on their own shape corporate culture, after all, is one of the few.

millet is really no KPI? Said a person familiar with the personage inside course of study of lei jun review “lei jun, head of the weekly and each product review work, six times the rhythm of the 14 hours, although there is no paper kpis, but the four link of performance management, target, follow up, assessment, a lot of reward, just form conforms to the characteristics of the mobile Internet era, the core” communication “to do the more extreme.”

the industry finally poking fun at the article “to attract eyeball soup and packing out or taken out of context to kill.”

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