& quot; Cheng jing global innovation awards & quot; Is about to start in Beijing

this is really a global business event.

on January 8, 2015, after eight months of “peak global innovation award” will start in Beijing. The next silicon valley, Israel, Europe and Latin America area were launched. To August 2015, open to global innovators schedule for eight months, and finally at the same time the same site hosted the games in Beijing focus, with the global top 20 entrepreneurs will be stationed in Beijing to participate in the global finals. At the same time, the upgraded to “international business festival” during the finals, nearly 10, expected global entrepreneurs to participate in the event.

the award with “innovation, capital and internationalization” as the theme, sponsored by cheng jing snatched group, in addition to the event itself has a lot of “the world”, the most eye-catching is the “don’t require any equity returns $1.5 million bonus.

at the same time, the innovation competition and investment fund commitment to contest winners invest at least 15 million dollars in venture enterprises, and participate in numerous competition VC institutions aggregate investment intention scale will reach $150 million, to support more business enterprise growth and development.

the innovation contest will be set up in China, the United States, Israel, Europe and Latin America four division.

cheng jing snatched group founded ChengJingJia into mother funds to undertake the China division, investment and financing platform in silicon valley F50 division to undertake the United States, Israel venture capital institutions OCS (chief scientist office), vc JVP and famous Hebrew university as division to undertake Israel, Spain’s telefonica “open future platform”, to undertake the division in Europe and Latin America.

note: hunting cloud network is the competition of innovation service flat to Taipei.

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