Chen, led, snowball points behind the $40 million value again?

domestic investment community snowball declared complete C $40 million in financing, group led by everyone, morningside and capital. Well, love investment Chen, in can snowball as their own in the future.

snowball finance was established in May 2010, founded by fang wen, xue won the savages in the early years of the angels. In 2011, received A round of funding sequoia capital 20 million yuan. In May 2013, from morningside, sequoia capital China’s $10 million B round of funding.

are more familiar with the Internet industry, Chen is a good game capital owner of the Internet. Renren performance at low gradually in recent years, still only will, through investment companies such as elong a decent income, and then make up for the company.

when it comes to the time to buy into a snowball, Chen thinks, do the Internet finance and investment is the most important quality, users have investment estimation, the snowball. Renren investment snowball, because like a snowball in the Internet the development prospect and potential of the financial sector.

although brought together many on investment, but the snowball did not yet have a larger profit. Presumably C after a round of funding, will also follow the form of commercial product. This perhaps is the Chen, a stake in a reason.

fang dictation, the following is the discussion snowball value

a snowball financing again.

a lot of friends congratulated to me. In fact, congratulate the financing is no good, the financing is no way to things, can’t live without external blood transfusion also, not finance company to make money is worth congratulations. From another perspective, investors are willing to invest tens of millions of dollars in online for almost three years, haven’t a penny of profit of snowball, they see the value of what is it? I say I understand.

start with industry. Snowball is one of the Internet in the investment industry application. Internet products are Internet applications in various industries, such as QQ is the application of the Internet in the field of communication, microblogging is the application of the Internet in the field of media.

now, special field, such as communication, search, are occupied by large companies, now the new start-up companies, mostly to more vertical segment of field development. Choose a different domain, largely determines the Internet products and commercial value of the Internet company. What is a good area? The general rule is for life demand is superior to the periodic demand, such as dating life needs, getting married is a periodic demand; High frequency requirements better than the low frequency requirements, such as business travel demand is high frequency, leisure tourism demand is low frequency; High demand guest unit price price is better than that of low customer demand, cosmetics must be better than selling books.

I think investment is one of the few life field, high frequency, high guest unit price demand.

after snowball choose investment field, specific to do anything in this field? We spent nearly three years, made an investor community ( Fellow at the same time with us in this field, most to sell products, p2p loans, made a very beautiful beautiful sales soon. Snowball had a millions of users, but also not earn a penny community, snowball is wrong? We are back to the origin, the Internet for investment, exactly what can do? Before making a snowball, I have a simple analysis, is about three things:

. In fact one of the earliest application of the Internet, be securities trading. Banks, securities trading, now has a comprehensive Internet, new Internet companies, few can create added value in terms of transaction.

data. Including the query, data, information, it is the past by drum, such as wind, portal website, provided it’s business is based on human. New Internet companies can create added value is not enough.

in addition to these, what other investors’ strong demand is that the Internet can better meet or optimization? I think it’s about communication. This is the Internet can create the greatest value in the field of investment.

investment is a requires a great deal of information, strong logical deduction. No matter how sophisticated investors, in making an investment decision, are faced with information corner and the blind spot of thinking. No specific shots before communication, effectively sweeps investors information corner and the blind spot of thinking, to reduce investors fear the face of uncertainty. Internet communication between social product makes no specific object, and based on the user community follow relationships between investors, and can help investors to choose their own communication object, improve the communication efficiency. Snowball is such a community. Community construction is very difficult, it not only needs the Internet product technical support, also need a clear positioning operation. Once the community scale and stable temperament, it is hard to be copied and beyond, so it is a ratio are more likely to form a moat business transaction and data. So far, I dare not to say she had formed a moat, but to imitate it, really is not an easy thing.

investors exchange between subsequent content and social relationship. Your investment in snowball PM on each product page, you can see investors around it to produce massive amounts of content, the content can be extracted features such as income, risk investment product; Each investor in the snowball points page, you can see his attention which stocks, like to discuss what industry, trading style. If the characteristics of investment products and investor appetite to match, the deal could be matched.

frequent exchange of social relations, social relations can produce credit. Traditional financial products sales is done by some degree of credit, such as Banks can be said to be the licence credit guarantor credit, finally, offline third-party sales by human flesh credit. Online social credit, on sales of other products have very good application case, it must also can be used on credit is the most scarce precious financial transactions. Matching and mutual did, from the business is one step away. So can say, do community is not an end in itself do communication is not the goal, also let communication services in trading is the ultimate goal. This is snowball has already done and was about to do, it is probably true of the value in it.

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