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cloud network hunting note: serial entrepreneurs, like Chen lost first startup scripts, always growing. And even more similar story background – economic crisis and capital are often the first winter. In “of the entrepreneurial process, the individual is doomed affect and influence of the environment. Different is, how to face failure, back on top.

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in 2008, the early winter season, then cool the telecommunications network CEO Chen in the north wind, through the newly inaugurated orson in the park. The leaves in the wind rustling, after he steps over, again 窸 slurp-munch-slurp noise, a cold wind, he wrapped tight coat, and the winter of this year, seems particularly cold and xiao suo, lotus leaf, reed failure.

distance midsummer the immersion of red to the national people’s carnival, only in the past three months, but remember these are against him more lonely, from cool – CEO to be built on stilts, the board of directors as yesterday. In that dark green golden photograph echo with the ruddy, he and then cool site partner Wu Shichun walked the whole day, care for silence.

serial entrepreneurs, like Chen lost first startup scripts, always growing. And even more similar story background – economic crisis and capital are often the first winter. In “of the entrepreneurial process, the individual is doomed affect and influence of the environment. Different is, how to face failure, back on top.

over the years, although at that time, the memories of the things already gradually blurred, but become the dull ache in his heart. The ache that have allowed him to hold capital rational restraint, kept alert to potential competitors, the desire to succeed so intense, which contributed to his anxiety today.

today, as the sing CEO, as a serial entrepreneur, Chen want to either become industry first, or nothing. As for the answer, he wants to do it tomorrow.

old secret anguish

in 2006, cool - CEO Chen and COO Wu Shichun on sina.

in 2006, cool – CEO Chen and COO Wu Shichun at sina.

in 2007, cool site aggressive expansion, after wide talent together with a large number of channels online, on a fast track. Is speeding forward, a loud bark, halt. Is like a roller coaster, one year later, cool, falling from the peak.

this is Chen didn’t want to recall the past, each time about why leave cool, he plays a few words, repeatedly said the idea and investors, business do not make money so leave. However, behind this actually also have unknown sad.

the most peak, cool team a total of 200 members, opened the train tickets, air tickets, hotel, travel guide, holiday, automobile, recruitment channels, such as ambition is to become a comprehensive search site, become the second baidu. The 2008 economic crisis coming, investors suddenly require massive job cuts, more than one hundred people.

shock and confused and frustrated, when Chen and partner Wu Shichun inexperience, shareholding proportion, it should not, which one can’t do anything about it. In some overtime late into the night in the evening, they walked into the wudaokou dejected in some cafes, constantly to chew the bitter coffee, couldn’t say a word.

“suddenly felt a lot of things out of control. We imagine no achieve – set in 2007 is the rapid advance of classified information entry, but in 2008, is the opposite goal. Once we are going to aggressively expanding, use a flow, but today in order to guarantee the company’s cash flow, but big layoffs.” Wu Shichun sighs.

when investors require dramatically reduced from 200 to 70, and most of people came and hardships they dig. Carrying two hundred employees job, Chen made a difficult, he chose to escape, not to participate in the board of directors, decided to investment disposal.

and the contradiction of investors, in fact already germination. In 2007, cool rapidly expanded channels, set up multiple lines of business, in the second half when they found that only the ticket business benefits, other business don’t make money. So Chen decided to travel from a comprehensive search to vertical search. And this caused the dissatisfaction of investors.

“is not good to do another baidu? How do a vertical.” Investors complain that, looking at cool – only two million month running water, and the economic crisis is take their throat, so I don’t want to play with Chen and Wu Shichun, was parachuted into two professional managers, their real overhead.

and the investors have an agreement on the purchase intention and foreign companies to plan to sell the company. After Chen left in October 2009, the world’s largest online travel company company through its company TripAdvisor acquired for $12 million in cool.

the arrival of the economic crisis, let investors tensed, and quick action. See only three years will see return fund LP, they’ll turn out of the hands of unprofitable projects, cashing out at an early date. In Chen’s eyes, this is the embodiment of the capitalism. And investors to entrepreneurs, and can only be the icing on the cake, rather than a nice surprise.

from then on, Chen understand the importance of to make the company profit as soon as possible: “I will make this machine never short of money, money can make money earlier. Only companies themselves can generate enough cash flow, with investors can challenge and game, because I can strike table said I didn’t spend your money.”

at a time when investment cool source of VC is lianchuang policy, this is Chen and see the first VC Wu Shichun, they spent several hours only note down the investment letter of intent. While sequoia Zhou Kui at some earlier time, has expressed the investment intention to them, just as he was flying to prepare to go abroad, intended to be born again, eventually missed because of the time difference.

but even divergence and investors later, Chen did not regret to accept investment. In fact, they are not perfect confidence at that time, after the down a VC don’t know whether I can get investment. Later, Chen told reporters, “the tide of Internet investment so waves, missed may be missed forever.”

however, dull pain in the heart, because not voluntarily, so will one day be roll head again. Just Chen did not immediately business again, but to own insufficiency, decided to slow down again.

a crushed leaves of the tread orson, Chen made the decision to join alibaba. Although Wu Shichun proposals, such as a period of time after the market, their business again. But Chen aware of their own in the lack of management ability, including don’t know how to manage investor expectations, so he decided to enter the big company to learn.

who ali taught me

starting from scratch, Chen built ali cloud search business, then manages a team of more than 100 people.

starting from scratch, Chen built ali cloud search business, then run more than 100 people in the team.

in Chen submitted to the board of directors of the cool – after resignation, headhunter had found him. In April 2009, Chen joined ali, as a big head of search, engaged in the research of search technology application and development of search platform system, including the back-end acquirement, processing, index, etc., at the same time to cut in the search.

starting from scratch, Chen built ali cloud search business, then run more than 100 people in the team. Since the team had been incorporated into the tao and UC, what today’s search is based on this. The company he now sing also has a lot of ali search members, business with him.

in Chen’s view, ali cloud search is a difficult product. At the time, ali publishing bureau search business because of cloud computing need, and then make a search for the extraction of huge amounts of data. Because when ali has huge volume, department of business, taobao and adding a search search engine will need to use ali cloud, so to bring extra burden to the latter.

but with technical talent and accumulated in cool – search experience, Chen will cloud search still do it, but when ali was not replicated in the business. Ali for Chen increased the big company’s aura, taught him the skills of the management team, and he also have learned some business philosophy.

ali has Chinese and western management idea, also has an almost fanatical religious culture. Today’s achievements and ali ali culture has an inseparable relationship. In Chen’s view, ali employees can’t do what can do, with a clear bottom line, no one.

“ali is a good company, the corporate culture and execution are good. Every employee is very clear accrual concept, not to speak the things against the values of the company, we easily communication, efficiency is very high.” Chen said.

but he also pointed out that because the company is too big, often more than ten business line parallel, perhaps a lot of business to die, but the industry can remember things for success, are actually behind the complex trial and error process.

ali’s “six pulse excalibur”, the customer first, teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion and dedication, entrepreneurial company has many inspirations for Chen later management. He has the most experience is team work and embrace change, it sounds very simple very official, but he is a business of irrefutable truth.

in terms of teamwork, Chen believes that startups can’t rapid expansion, must control the team size, employees must twist into a rope at the same time, through all kinds of activities of system and motivate their enthusiasm. Earlier, Chen takes a team to jiuzhaigou is built, and recently he has decided, will be responsible for this year sing version update and KTV system research and development of core employees sent abroad for pleasure.

in embrace change, “ali has been in layout, the new bureau. Old business dead it doesn’t matter, as long as there is a new business, such as B2B business not have taobao, taobao another cat washed-up and days, days the cat outside and logistics. In this way can the company’s vitality prolonged, “Chen said.

in 2003, Mr. Ma called some employees secret plans to start, is a step in B2B business outside the business, the development of electrical business taobao C2C. Today, B2B business delisting, without taobao, day cat, logistics and ali bureau of foreign expansion, there would be no today’s ali.

but in Chen’s opinion, ali had missed some opportunities. Around 2010, ali has looked at the development of mobile Internet, there was a chance to buy 91 wireless, but eventually missed. “At that time, we are a competitive team in the past, came back and said the company is very good, but actually offer millions of dollars, so they gave up. Today, looking back this price is too cheap.” Chen said.

in 2011, many media have published stories pointed out that the mobile Internet will become the future of the Internet. And Chen was surprised when he has realized that the boundary of the mobile Internet more vast than the Internet. “When people understanding of mobile Internet haven’t reached is the necessaries of life stage, and then look at today, times have changed.”

living in anxiety

The 2

in February 2011, Chen in weibo wrote: “just completed departure procedures, formal leave alibaba, started my second business trip.” In the narrative of ali, based on the mobile Internet and electronic business judgment, he chose into entrepreneurial passion again.

after more than ten months of product exploration, he will be the direction initially as a mobile coupon, or guide electricity and promotion platform for the Internet. The product allows users with real estate deals, at any time and at the same time based on LBS referring users to nearby programme, at the same time, according to the address book and the third party application account, know what friends to buy the product, then follow orders.

but he gradually found that user growth is too slow, but had to choose to give up. He later judgment because the mobile payment technology is not yet mature, and mobile electric dealer market has not yet been cultivated. From today, growth potential of mobile telephone dealer market performance has gone beyond the expectations of investors.

he began to reflect on whether to do the mobile end too early, then introduced the PC business of coupons, but growth remains slow, have gone through coupons save a few dollars is not enough to attract potential users, the user retention rate is very low. These two business trial and error is not smooth, Chen has been anxiety.

at the end of 2011, Chen, almost all night difficult to fall asleep all night. From left ali, he went away with a lot of brothers, and out of the cool – the people who were with him, including himself also dug many Internet man, he felt very guilty, if the business fail again, then does not see his elders.

since venture to stumble for the first time, he was to have more understanding of VC – investors are expected to return, eventually the company good attitude when investors will, when the poor business environment and product development, depends on whether investors wait and running-in. This time, Chen more cautious to choose VC, accept a friend’s recommendation chose blue ventures.

when the investment is the most clean out of the blue chi venture investors terry zhu said: “Chen when the pressure is very big, can’t sleep. He also calculate river lake famous figures. From alibaba business after all, the Internet and play out. He felt that if there are no employees to a higher position, a failed again these people what to do.”

Chen has always had high expectations of yourself, hope to make users have billions of products, hope the company can be the first. The strong desire for success drives made him go forward, even if constant anxiety, will have to find another way to go.

today’s headlines CEO yi-ming zhang, also used to be cool – 1 responsible for the search engineer, has a very deep impression: “he is a man of the pursuit of perfection. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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