Charles: a real recovery state, is a snow mountain

on September 28, sohu video host mark when he was in a hurry, advance the last episode finale, by the way, let the participants full eyes. On-site fans scream really shock or xiao yun ears uncomfortable. Senior actors of site treatment of fans never sent any big stars.

sohu video launch network homemade long weeks sowing, made 400 million the amount of play. Zhang present throughout, accepted the media group to visit after the meeting.

interviews, zhang said, at present oneself actually is not in the true sense to return to work. Said snow mountain, one post on the chair, then recovered almost! The last time I was fell in the mountains. But at present the most important thing is happy interesting meaningful work. Yourself in the position in the Internet, first let it go.

on Wall Street on the problem of sohu, zhang said, is indeed a Wall Street on sohu’s model, we worry also useless, low is low, there is no relationship. We do not show on Wall Street, we are preparing the sohu future.

when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, zhang admitted that low valuations also left sohu acquisition ability is limited. Not too will consider mergers and acquisitions. Sohu at present, the development of the internal is also very good, good is not easy to digest.

in the future in terms of homemade drama, sohu video will go boutique homemade route. But other copyright will sourcing as “flowers” of sohu video content strategy populated, and platform ideas will continue. Zhang also said that sohu will support the third-party excellent production team, premise is to take high quality work.

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