CES this year, a great new products take the lead


although the CES show no longer like before a few years become a blockbuster, but its effect is still important, also in this year’s booth in a great new product appearance, we first come to businesses today released new photos first.

Intel released the fifth generation of the Core chip: range increased by 1.5 hours

this all-new Intel PC chipsets, mainly used in notebook computers, desktop computers, and combined computer products (i.e., tablet PC and kandy super this product), is scheduled to hit the market in the first half of 2015. Compared to the fourth generation of the Core chip products, by the fifth generation of the Core chip of laptop battery life by 1.5 hours. Want to know, apple MacBook Air 13 inch product is adopted by the fourth generation Intel Core chip, apple said the battery life of the product up to 12 hours.

LG to release the second generation of curved surface screen mobile phone scratches can self-repair

LG launched G Flex 2, this is the second generation of the company’s Android curved surface screen smart phone. Flex inherits the G the surface appearance of the Flex 2 G, 5.5 -inch screen, equipped with brand new xiaosaurus 810 processor, 3000 mAh battery, 2 gb or 3 gb of RAM and 16 gb or 32 gb of memory, a 13 million megapixel camera. Based on the Google Android 5 Lollipop operating system is running, the interface reserved the LG themselves to make changes. Compared with the previously published G Flex, G Flex 2 also reduces the overall curvature, make it doesn’t look like a G Flex crescent. Another major improvements is, self-healing Flex 2 G is equipped with plastic shell, can be recovered in a short span of time in less than 10 seconds scratch marks, and improved in terms of earthquake resistance and durability. G the Flex 2 will be on the market in South Korea by the end of the month, then quickly sold around the world.

samsung many electrical appliances product appearance

today’s conference, samsung has released SUHD TV television, Tizen operating system platform, washing machines, induction cooker, speakers and other new product. Among them, the samsung SUHD TV appearance and Tizen of operating system platform developed to become a full focus.

new samsung SUHD TV including JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 three series, with 48 to 88 inch size nine. But in the event, the specific price and time to market is not released. In addition, all 2015 samsung Smart TV will pick up a new Tizen operating system.

panasonic launched Firefox based OS 4 k of high-definition TV

panasonic in 2015 international consumer electronics show today to release the Life of the next generation based on Firefox OS + Screen 4 k ultra hd smart TV. Mozilla cooperation with panasonic has created a Firefox OS based innovation, interactive and can be customized user interface, since this spring will be used to release the panasonic brand new Life + Screen TV. Through cooperation, the user can more easily into their favorite program, including real-time TV program, application, the content on the web site and other equipment. At the same time, in the panasonic TV based on Firefox OS will be allowed for the first time in the TV screen shows remind from the application, and in the future, also displays information from compatible Internet appliances.

asus product main light

asustek chairman jonney shih published the ASUS Transformer Book Chi and ZenFone 2, ZenFone Zoom three versions.

among them, the ASUS Transformer Book Chi is the world’s most thin seal Windows laptop, at the same time can also be transformed into tablets. The ASUS Transformer Book Chi three sizes to choose, ultimate T300 Chi with a 12.5 inch screen, 7.6 mm thin plate is equipped with high speed and has the outstanding energy-saving efficiency InIntel Core M processor; Lighter type 10.1 -inch T100 Chi thin plate is only 7.2 mm, built-in ultra long-lasting batteries can be used throughout the purposes; While T90 Chi is ultra lightweight 8.9 inch model, weight 750 g, selling price from $299, is expected in February on sale.

ZenFone2 is posted at CES last year ZenFone after an Android mobile phone again, equipped with upgrade PixelMaster image processing technology, the latest 4 gb of RAM, and 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, 13 million pixels PixelMaster camera, aperture of f/2.0 lens, as the zero lag, the user can take pictures of high resolution, cost price 199 dollars respectively.

ZenFone Zoom is the world’s most thin at the same time carry 13 million pixel camera model with 3 x optical Zoom lens. 10 units applied in the rear camera lens design, up to 12 x digital zoom, a built-in optical image stabilization (OIS), and combined with a revolutionary laser automatic focus; In addition, the ASUS ZenFone Zoom also have professional model set freely, can manual fine-tuning control ISO setting and shutter speed, priced at $399.

HP released two mini PC

HP issued $180 of Stream Mini PC. Stream of Mini size and Intel NUC fairly, the cy young 2957 u processor, equipped with 2 gb DDR3L/1600, 32 gb m. 2 SSD, a gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.4 HDMI port, headphones and microphone dual function interface, and SD card reader, support bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 n and 8.1 with Bing for Windows operating system.

meanwhile, HP also released in appearance and Stream Mini Pavilion Mini is almost the same. Pavilion Mini USES pentium 3558 u, equipped with 4 gb of RAM, a Stream of Mini 32 gb m. 2 SSD with a 500 gb hard drive. Along with the mouse and keyboard, Pavilion Mini for $319.

car class: the more advanced energy technologies, the automatic car driving and interaction technology

a Mercedes? Mercedes Benz will be on display at CES this year officially own automatic driving concept car, seen from the forecast figure, Mercedes this automated driving concept car with fashionable modelling, vehicle line is very smooth, at the same time the design of the face before join in slightly concave. Tail, the car taillight modelling slender, tail lines slightly have administrative levels feeling. Overall, the car would use a very sleek body lines, and into the aerodynamic design.

BMW will launch a new concept car at CES, BMW plans to introduce a new laser lamps, connected to the camera, sensors and driving assistance systems, it is understood that the vehicle will use the OLED (organic light emitting diode), the thickness of only 1.4 mm. In addition, BMW plans to show the latest “remote valet parking assistant system”, drivers need to drive to the parking lot entrance out of the car, through the smart watches automatic parking.

the audi plans to its world debut at this year’s CES launch two new cars. Audi official says, will be carried out day, audi in the connect Internet technology, automatic driving technology, user operation and display technology, information, entertainment systems and lighting the development of science and technology, audi revealed that they will only display matrix laser lights and the revolutionary “new audi Q7 have control and display concept”.

Toyota will be shown in the CES with the function of unmanned vehicles. Toyota show driverless cars prototype with radar and vision equipment is a lexus LS 600 h. Through these devices, the car can detect other cars, lane line and light, so as to make it in the absence of the driver in the street. The car at the top have installed the Google in its driverless cars installed in the laser system.

will show on the exhibition company new ford Sync3 vehicle-mounted multimedia entertainment communication system, ford’s new model on sale this year, will be equipped with Sync3 system. Sync3 compared to the previous generation of quick, run more smoothly, function also get great improvement. In addition, it looks more intuitive interface, can better integrate smartphone applications. Sync3 biggest changes, however, rise to the surface, it abandoned the MicrosoftAuto, instead, the QNX operating system.

Volvo will be released in the CES is a new kind of bicycle collision warning system, it is understood that the system when they tested the vehicle and the distance between the rider too close or impending collision, drivers and riders will receive collision warning.


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