CEO xiao-long fu year-end reflection: entrepreneurial university student must “away from” school!

hunting cloud network (note: the author is love notes a CEO, a 92 college students xiao-long fu, after hunting cloud network reported love notes for century company $1.8 million investment. The author to share his entrepreneurial experience, some dry, Shared with entrepreneurs, are for reference only.

my name is xiao-long fu, a 92 years of college students’ to CEO and core products of our company name is love notes , a specially designed for couples to build mobile phone , App downloads reached 2 million, company has just acquired 1000 ten thousand yuan financing.

distance suspension has for more than a year, if not the risky decision last year, I should now be entering the society and many had just graduated from college, but I was on another different path, has experienced from the ordinary college students to CEO transformation, also met with a variety of problems, I’m glad I survived, didn’t have the opportunity to share with you my this year experience and comprehension.

cross the rubicon suspension trip to

time back to the 2013 7 1 , is still clearly remember that instructors angry after dinner to dormitory to find me, one is three rapid-fire you why didn’t the final exam? Why don’t professional internship? You don’t want to graduate? after a silence, I only speak four words I want to business! counselors still rakes management didn’t? Financial learned yet? What all don’t understand, you with what entrepreneurial ? Do you think of this little thing can be used to entrepreneurship are you doing now? I don’t know is which come of courage and confidence at the time, anyway I blurt out I must venture, I summer vacation will get investment! . That very night, I made a may affect the decision of my life: the drop out of school entrepreneurship!

hand Finish up for another, I was completely put down the burden of the school, fully into the product research and development, but all sorts of problems. Since June love notes online, the fund pressure began to highlight, I have been trying various ways to send angels business plan, however, without exception all sink, even have no chance to meet investors. To tell the truth, that time I felt unprecedented wanders, diploma to can not get, entrepreneurship also faces an uncertain future. But I have been suggested: young without what good afraid of, big not start all over again!

thought it was a prick silk counter attack was in crisis

just as I had, in the bedroom downstairs found 360 poster contest of national college students application development, the first available 80 angels. 8 month we own with love notes project in Beijing. Finally, from the 400 emerge many teams win the first. I remember qihoo 360 the President ask me why do you take part in the game? I very firmly said to start a business, in order to get the 80 angels, even if we didn’t get the first also hope that you can invest in our, is to start a business, I come , come to think of it, the answer is really bold also very capricious.

is very lucky, we won the first prize, soon news and hubei media got around at school, at that time I transformed from an obscure prick silk entrepreneurs into campus of entrepreneurial star, every day have a reporter to interview, there are all kinds of organizations invited me to give a speech. I feel everything changed, become impetuous, on energy products are less and less, the original plan 10 month developed love notes version 2.0, was postponed for two months to release. At that moment, is the team pulled me a hand, their collective in the group of message: as leader , you must keep a clear mind, modest and pragmatic. You brag in the outside, back to the brothers of cutting, and you think that people are willing to with you? . The words deeply touched me, I realized that continue like this team is bound to collapse, the product it will collapse. So I consciously avoid exposure and media interviews, put all your energy back to the product, it is behind the story. To sum up, now as entrepreneurial teams leader should always keep a clear and practical.

from the millions of investment to the disintegration of tens of millions of financing

after the team stable, love notes 2.0 version also launched smoothly, companies are moving in the right direction. However, new problems appeared, and 80 investment can take how long? , before the establishment of the company, my optimism is can at least maintain 2 years, but three months later, found 80 only lasts for a year, and there is no profit in the short term, our products which means I have to get new investment within a year, or the company will go bankrupt. Because before reap the benefits of the race, so this time we no net type to send business plan to investors, but directly enrolled in startup state innovation entrepreneurship competition of China and smoothly into the national finals. After that, because of the powerful influence of the contest, began to constantly have investors take the initiative to contact me.

even though we’ve got an angel investment, but talking to investors when the project is still immature, see the first investor, asked how much money we need, we need 500 1000 “, “ since you 500 and 1000 dry effect is the same, then why should I give you ten million? , first talks fell through; Later, investors ask US “how many shares are willing to sell” we are willing to sell 10-20% stake in “, “ I 10% and 20% for your company’s valuation is not the same, you don’t even determine the company’s valuation? , obviously, failed again this time.

forced by the situation, and then down a period of time I began to run in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places, domestic famous investment institutions almost see through, but crop failures, but each time and investors about project process for me is a promotion, a few tough battles later, I summarized a set of methods of the project, during a presentation on their project smoothly according to the introduction: what are you doing now? Why do you want to do it? How big is its market prospects? The competitive environment? Are you going to do next? Whether your team is suitable for to do it? How much money do you need how many shares are willing to sell at the same time? Sincerity and confidence is also plus points, you’re a teenager, no will to mature.

2014 year after year, finally have two investment institutions and we entered the final stages of negotiating, after repeated discussions, in 8 month we chose jiayuan as our investors, stumbling all the way from millions to thousands of metamorphosis.

this year’s reflection and inspired

1. Don’t think of yourself as the student

when I officially drop out of that moment, I will tell oneself is no longer a student, I am an entrepreneur. No one would let me like in school, I face is from the competition of the society, I have to explore the way of the future, with team members, rather than going her own way, more can’t stuck in the past. I must be responsible for the future of the company, responsible for team each and every one.

2. College students entrepreneurship must be “from” school

this is what I feel most of all, college students’ entrepreneurship must from school, entrepreneurship is the most early some problems can be solved through the resources of the school, but when the company entered the fast development period, the excessive dependence on the resources of the school will affect you the pace of development, relying on here is mainly manifested in the , is the most easy to appear the phenomenon of college students’ entrepreneurial teams team members are all college students, so that it can save money, but there are two big problems among college students, and the first is the working hours are not controllable, unable to truly dedicated, the second is the lack of actual combat experience, unit efficiency is lower than professionals, these two problems after the combination will lead to the development of the company at least three or four times slower. Also because elder advice, we set up in the company will relocate offices school after two months, and recruitment partner with rich work experience to join.

looking back on it, at the beginning, we develop better campus entrepreneurial teams of momentum, even in a year later still remain the same, basic or the original formula, or a familiar smell.

3. Don’t use tactical hard cover strategic lazy

at first I couldn’t finish all the things every day, always worked hard, but I did not put time on thinking about the development of the company, when team members ask me “how do we develop”, I always say go one step at a time, however, after some time then I feel although you very hard every day, but don’t know why, also don’t know what we will develop in the future.

so later I will take more time to think about the next development, the team everyone can have a clear goal.

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