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cloud network hunting 12 months 26 ,

cloud network hunting note: China’s Internet circles have a “help”, zhang and others as a pioneer of China’s Internet industry opens up a new era of network in our country. Now, in the covert of the reformer “old” gradually to, a new generation of right runway. This article for you to count the huazhong university of science and technology entrepreneurship to help “the cow person. These mostly tech guy after 80, 90, after the startup project finance in this year of the ten million yuan of above.

m folding net: on June 3, our master’s class of 2009 alumni Zhang Lianglun founded, and the class of 2011 alumni KeZunYao m folding net $30 million B round

m network was established in 2011, the earliest rely on taobao rebate business started. , 2013 meters to fold the important strategic transformation, the transition to a comprehensive platform for the one-stop shopping to save money, rebate business sales accounted for about 40%, and the business such as sales, coupons, and special revelation has contributed most of the rest of the sales. M folding net advocate is a much more relaxed and simple way of shopping, all the sale items are selected by professional buyer bargaining, sure price. For tens of millions of women the user to select m network, in which more than fifty percent from mobile phones. Its maternal and infant sale website “beibei” has been launched in the near future, the site quality goods, with the brand exclusive discount, flash, is committed to become a mother baby exclusive maternal and child shopping platform.

MYOTee face of meng: in June, mechanical college class of 2011 alumni guo column founding private custom cartoon image “MYOTee face of” at the beginning of this year to IDG millions of angel investment, and obtain ten million yuan level A round

MYOTee face of tailor-made private show MOE, its core function is that the user can through the five senses of joining together quickly create their own cartoon image. This seemingly simple, the effect is the creation inspiration of red App, from “one piece”. In show MOE s, the face of decisive fire! It in mainland China apple’s app store and Google Android app store rankings, by the broad masses of young users, with the highest amount of 36 million downloads.

room is great: , on July 15, 1996 by the telecommunications department of the alumni prof li joint founder of room, many network technology co., LTD has announced $80 million B round has been completed

room many founded in August 2011, is a real estate integrated services platform based on Internet. Has strategic cooperation with the national more than 5000 brokerage companies, more than 5 m brokerage outlets across the country, signed more than 500000 professional agent, project, more than 500 partners include vanke, poly, China shipping, green land, longhu, such as first-line brand developers, accumulative total turnover has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

dolphin browser : on July 16, 2002 mechanical college undergraduate, master’s class of 2005 alumni Raymond Yang founded the dolphin browser for changyou $120 million strategic investment

MoboTap company was established in 2010, the main product is dolphin browser, initial start-up capital is less than 200000, the team only six, seven. At present, the company in Beijing, wuhan, chengdu, San Francisco, Tokyo has offices, the world more than 300 employees, employees respectively from Microsoft, Google and other leading companies around the world. In July 2011, the company won the sequoia capital and matrix partners A round of millions of dollars in financing. As of early 2014, dolphin browser has been more than 100 countries and regions in the world has more than 100 million users, is one of the mainstream markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea’s leading third party mobile browser.

JuanPi net: on July 21, the software college class of 2011 alumni Huang Chengsong, telecom department jointly founded by the class of 2006 alumni in the summer peak JuanPi net completed 50 million yuan A round of funding; On December 22, and softbank saif alone $35 million B round

Huang Chengsong was started in 2012 and in the summer peak Wu Hanji m network technology co., LTD., guide and electronic business website JuanPi, but so far two years, month turnover has amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, buyer amounted to tens of millions of members. Its product nine pieces of mail is the nation’s largest 9.9 yuan package mail website, is nine pieces of nine package mail business model of the creator. Nine pieces of mail with the “full nine pieces of nine bag mail” distinctive positioning, online in just one year later users reached 10 million.

love note: October, photoelectric college class of 2010 alumni xiao-long fu for the founding partners exclusive APP the company of “love notes” century 10 million A round

in “love notes”, the couple both sides share an account, you can use words, pictures and video to the other party to convey their emotions, comprehension, or a foregather scenery, this is only belong to two personal secrets. Xiao-long fu and his team have successfully developed love notes, online within 3 days, download more than 2000 people, two months later, the user increased to 150000, more than seventy percent are college students. At present, over 2 million downloads.

aunt help : in October, computer college class of 2007 alumni Wan Yong founding housekeeping O2O platform “aunt help get tens of millions of dollars” B round

the aunt help is a based on LBS (location-based services) housekeeping O2O platform, to provide users with the daily clean, wash protect service, home appliances and household maintenance services such as cleaning. Aunt aunt was established based on the mobile Internet to help with the user’s docking platform, aunt and the user can through the platform for direct booking, review, assessment. Before, the aunt aunt help already has more than 3400, the services will include Beijing, Shanghai and chengdu, Beijing alone, orders of more than 1600 single.

happy world: on February 5th, mechanical college alumni Zhou Wei and his team of 6 people founding Chinese car body feeling leading brand “world music” has been successfully completed 100 million yuan B round

one happy world technology co., LTD. Was established in 2012. In October 2013, the first “rover car body feeling” (le line balancing car) officially listed. At present, the company has set up more than 200 nationwide sales network, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, more than 60% market share, the first in the industry. Founding team has many years of design and development in the field of robot intelligent control experience, independent research and development of more balanced car and is easy to use, safe and reliable, since the products on the market has won the praise of a large number of players.

: bread travel on December 10, 1999 session of alumni Peng Tao telecom department of telecom engineering of the founding of the country’s largest mobile travel travel community bread for a total of $50 million C round

surface travel package was established in early 2012, is a personalized travel community, with the mobile APP on mobile technology to connect travelers and destination service provider in China, is currently China’s largest mobile travel community, has been repeatedly recommended apple application market. Users typically found in a search and recommend travel products, bread, travel to find a third way, namely find travel products through social scene. At present, more than 20 million users.

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