CChelper: move the remote assistance cloud services, real-time support system


the PC era of remote desktop function is no longer a new, are used in their products with qihoo 360 and tencent to PC remote assistance function, over the years, the effect of its feeble little, together with a wave of mobile Internet, remote desktop is apparently an industry gap, CChelper is betting the current industry situation, the applications of remote desktop to mobile terminals, forming a set of for android smartphones, tablets and the unity of the Windows PC remote assistance cloud service system.

by unified wireless multimedia real-time transmission platform of cloud, CChelper implements an end-to-end remote desktop support and VoIP voice communication. Client can be a variety of forms, including mobile phone/tablet on the independent APK, PC web plug-in or application, mobile phone APK SDK development kit, etc., the service side is a unity of PC. SDK development kit products are CChelper is the latest product lines, can be embedded into any App, the App immediately available based on the remote desktop remote assistance function, including VoIP function. CChelper compared with traditional remote desktop PC era, it is not only a desktop function, also includes remote debugging feature of mobile terminals, and strong background statistical reports, and other functions.

if related businesses such as mobile phone and tablet manufacturers, IT support, APP developers to apply this functionality is clever, then when there is not a hardware problem or need to debug user products, a key to the user to be able to connect to the enterprise customer service personnel, the personnel of the service can be remotely see user’s desktop, and to help, at the same time can be VoIP voice communication. CChelper cost savings for the enterprise and at the same time it brings new experience to the user.

founder CEO Dr Zi-hua guo is lenovo le Phone and tablet software independent research and development of one of the core founders, developed at the time the industry’s most advanced PC remote desktop processing SoC chip and based on the successful introduced more innovative products. Dr Guo said: “we are now a few B2B product line business model is very simple and clear, namely through the License fee model or a SaaS service charge fees. Future oriented C after a lot of business together, we will have more business model.” CChelper before the company has obtained an angel investors, is expected in early 2015 in the second of the pre – A financing, probably around $1.5 million.

Company: Beijing led tong technology co., LTD.

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