Cattle man! 12 months to create 12 “company”

if you have been disappointed to collect less than interesting GIF dynamic figure? Like Oprah (Oprah) wonderful talk live, or who’s ghost and trash to an intimate contact? You should thank god, now called a Gifbook company launched several digital flip ebook (animation), with this book, you can watch anytime and anywhere favorite GIF dynamic figure, not bitter ha ha with computer. And cheap oh, three books just $25.

that sounds like a prank, silicon valley is scripted fortress and technology of TV field. But Gifbook really is a real Internet service. It is formed by Pieter Levels, a 28-year-old Dutch guy, this magical young person and programmers, designers, three jobs, the founder and Gifbook is just one of his many incredible online services.

Levels are trying to use 12 months time to create the 12 “company”, so far, the goal has been completed by a third, at the end of the newly developed Gifbook was his fifth application. One is called Play My Inbox, it will automatically search music in your email, and then integrated into a playlist. Application of another called the Go Fucking Do It, It gives you a new way to achieve their goals, the method is very simple, either to reach their goals, and silver either say Goodbye – if you drive on to Levels for, he also never mind to accept.

half angel, half is the devil

for anyone, a month out a result is the limit, but Levels back to many restrictions, first of all, he is working on our way to travel around the world, this time he no fixed abode, carrying a bag to and from the cafe and the joint office. More let a person gasp in admiration, all of these “company” are his. In his home to the Philippines recently said in an interview: “these things I can do it, do not need other people, in a sense, I actually is a control freak.”

as to the Levels the person, we will ask different people, you will get a different answer. In some people’s eyes he did was right, but others think he is nothing. He is good at self-motivation, ambitious, and fairies, resourceful, never external financing in the process of entrepreneurship, but on the other hand, many people think that the young white busy just some trivial things, just in the service of a small number of privileged, but the event such as global warming, the gap between rich and poor, but she is not considered.

what’s worse, as a “digital immigrants” he expanded field in economically backward areas, such as Thailand, Indonesia, many people think that he is in the gap between rich and poor to earn the price difference between regions, for profiteering. But Levels are not a fool, and he was very understanding, and trying to solve this problem. Of course, success or not, or the number of 4.

imp big, big

the first time was a total accident for Levels, to build a company five years ago, when he goes to school in Rotterdam school of management, he started in his YouTube mixing electronic music, his home page called Panda Mix Show, he Mix quite popular here. Soon, other DJ to follow suit.

when he graduated in 2012, he has been from YouTube earned enough money to support themselves. But he is not satisfied with working for others, even large companies such as YouTube, he is ambitious and want to start my own business. At the same time he was a restless man, and he doesn’t want a lifetime born old in it. So when a friend support when he left the nest, he left his hometown.

in April 2013, Levels sell off all the property, take not to walk booked a ticket to Thailand. The inspiration to work still need to charge some kung fu, many idea are halfway died. Levels, said: “I’m a lot of heart, for they tried to make them more perfect, so I can start working next, even so, when they came out, I am still very upset.” In the past march, he released his first application Play My Inbox, then he developed 12 application within 12 months, by these applications, he looked at his ideas into reality.

digital nomads generation

Levels is a real digital life, and now this group of Numbers are growing, most of them are professionals, or working for American company, or is the owner of Internet companies. They shuttle between countries and countries to visit and stay in one place will not more than 1 months, of course, it depends on their visa of time.

The digital immigrants exercise inspiration mainly comes from The author’s Tim Ferris and his self-help of “The Four Hour Work Week, Ferris encourage abroad westerners quit my full-time job and set up network company, so that they will be money, a lot of people follow his advice.

according to the analysis of government data, recent college graduates in the United States, 53% of unemployed or unemployed, or is engaged in and their highly educated is not consistent. This kind of situation is worse in Europe, a lot of young people struggle in the above, they even have no place, standards of living in big cities is unacceptably high. It is easy to imagine why many people choose to develop abroad, where rent, living expenses, these spending less makes them not moonlight.

but Ferris’s point of view is right or wrong, it is a matter of debate. Called a Duff McDuffee bloggers often criticized the Ferris, he thoroughly negates the Ferris ideas about “personal development”, he thinks like Levels of immigrants should be to consider from the general situation, he said: “for local residents, these immigrants are taking advantage of their cheap labor, taking advantage of the exchange rate difference.”

some Levels of friends called him “neocolonialist”. He knew why they think so, those who fear him even in the local consumption, but he used the local infrastructure and government services — such as the protection of the local police ah, but I did not pay taxes.

a few tiger excrement, not bad the whole pot of soup

Amarit Charoenphan is Bangkok, founder of the joint office space HUBBA HUBBA site office of lease of mostly digital nomads, Amarit Charoenphan says these tourism entrepreneurs to the local economy with cadbury, and more importantly they help Bangkok set up his own high-tech development area.

he said: “they have the technology and the quality of perseverance, these qualities make them can be a good company founders or co-founder. They know what they are doing, know how to make money.”

he admits that, of course, there are some people, especially those who are affected by the Ferris, does not create legal technology companies, rather than fraud pyramid selling, selling some false to making money online ebook.

Levels says he has met these black sheep, but the overall trend is still good. Many companies are steadfast work, like a euro Babelverse voip translation, it through the web site to participate in the conference guests and participants provided they understand a language, from the user’s point of view, it makes the meeting is more convenient, avoids the problem of language differences. And link sharing application Buffer and many other work as a freelance designer or programmer’s freedom, they all share in spreading their own skills.

business no portion size, value is high and low

the Levels of the “company” create much value? The question is not very good answer. After all Levels is not to create a dozen real companies. He created only in the field of science and technology is known as a “minimum viable product” of the prototype of a company, it can be used to measure a thing have a value in the head.

the problem is that these companies created by software engineers around the age of 20, often can only meet the needs of a small number of people, they need money to support, the development of the application is endless, until we reach the level of “laundry Uber”.

this is the idea of Levels, he has a company called Internet workers city ranking (NomadList), and this is a list of the statistics of the world’s most suitable for Internet entrepreneurs living in the city, a disguised form provides advertising opportunities for the company. However, this site only applies to start-ups like him. It is hard to imagine that ge (General Electric) fortune 500 companies such as will appear in front of people by means of this recommendation, unless it is to find the methods to solve the problem of hunger, poverty, the global.

but for Levels, this is the study and experiment, and at least for himself, these designers useful. Just Fucking Do It has attracted the attention of the acquirer and wind firms. NomadList this by far the most proud of his application, also began to profit, even in the application before he even don’t know what is the business model, completely didn’t expect to profit. But in fact, people still want on the application for your own company’s advertising.

he hope he can make some vigorous, far-reaching big things, maybe he will bring his inspiration and experience of travel. He said: “you have to start from somewhere, I wanted to create some more meaningful products, let they affect the world. But if I can’t afford to pay the rent, I return how to work?”

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