Cattle home help: heavy domestic O2O self-built housekeeping team

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the Internet transformed the traditional vehicle industry, domestic industry is also the aunt come, housekeeping, E home clean after startup into the momentum has been upset. But for months, few domestic class startup services extended to more cities. Relatively low frequency in the field of domestic consumption, combined with domestic workers end not good control, start-up companies do is remove offline mediation, but on the Internet or do mediation role, though the price is lower. But still rested on the final service no good protection.

now that technology is always efficient to solve the problem, then the home economics classes can go heavy model. Take-out class “home cuisine will” self-built logistics team. Put to the domestic terminal is workable? Shanghai home economics class startup cattle home for doing such a thing.

the company self-built housekeeping team, that is, each service for users of cattle brother sister-in-law is enterprise staff, all by the third party authentication, and have health CARDS. Into the pre-service strict data record and etiquette, cleaning, customer service training. Main arrive within an hour, and is the standard of domestic cleaning services.

for users have special requirements, can be in order note requirements, or contact customer service requirements. Cow elder brother ox sister-in-law will also in subsequent service to deal with the demand of domestic service. If the user long-term use of cattle home for business, also can be directly linked to the customization of the service’s exclusive services, in fact, in general, an hour to arrive, standardized services, can be customized service these premises, are based on the cattle home help its self-built housekeeping team, which can be controlled, can allocate the results. Currently only service in Shanghai area. Compared with general housekeeping cleaning services, cow house price is 100 yuan for two hours, its positioning in the high-end home users.

the cow home help available in the PC online order, also can be in WeChat client and mobile phone APP and offline stores through various channels, such as placing orders. But cloud network hunting experience found its APP end but no WeChat end experience smoothly. Mobile phone product interface design needs to be improved. Most cow home help team members from the original network, cattle litter founding team, its CEO liu are serial entrepreneur, when cattle litter network collapse is also caused a lot of news.

liu weibo recently sent a message but memorable. “Business so many years, has been inarticulate, always want to write something but don’t start writing, back to life, 10 years is wonderful”. The cow home help angel investment, have been obtained. Actually a startup is not that right, the road ahead, and line and treasure!

cattle home help
Company: Shanghai teng cattle electronic commerce co., LTD.

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