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Wish the unfulfilled Now, the domestic mobile phone international road

hunting cloud network October 29 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

when the mobile phone is just busy, datang, waveguide, zte, and so on all over the country, the market operation the best waveguide, even once occupied the throne of the domestic mobile phone sales in the first for a long time. At that time, domestic handset ambition, is bound to attack the international market, make blossom domestic brands in the world.

but then with the emergence of chord technology, which has the function of music phone sparked a trend, a new wave of domestic brands were quickly swallowed up by the tide of market. At the time of the first waveguide, then because of the quality problem of the “reset” frequently, is rapidly disappearing in the line of sight of people.

now, domestic handset and a thriving, was waveguide, now have millet. The domestic mobile phone door is together loudly shout “into the international, over three apple”, ok?

China claw machine boom

as a great Steve “die” the creation of advanced, apple mobile phone by its unique spirit to conquer a big wave and a big wave of China’s local tyrants international friends. Numerous Grosvenor LTD handsome and Bai Fu flow all beauty threw themselves in Steve “feet”, “long live. Although Steve immortal after apple 5, 5 c, 5 s series of apple products are drawn a lot of powder, the powder and call Steve’s classic apple 4 and 4 s have been playing bad, but people chase after hold in both hands for apple heat. Of course, there are many like a small make up less than eat grape to say grape sour.

ah, want to buy apple, after all, still have to depend on kidney, blare ~ ~ ~ ~ (& gt; _ & lt;) ~ ~ ~ ~ so the popularity of apple, there is no shook his draft position temporarily. So who is the second? There is no doubt that the current “three”. Although he now is declining, but in the international brand market, he is still held to the second seed. Said, ahem, a little inappropriate, a few years ago nokia tower collapsed.

as to travel for many years in the international market of samsung although turnover and market share in the declining, but still has a relatively deep roots. Is the so-called best foot of insect landscape, and somebody else still is alive in the world, although the bottom spirit. International top two is needless to say, then, the number three, behind have a third after juren? That is my big China the heroes.

yes, a few years ago still played all over the sky above the moon and the brightest ethnic wind I big celestial shanzhai has accept consigned, step by step towards the construction of modern China. For current visibility and share with huawei, zte, lenovo, cool, millet, oppo, such as a heap of, by the way, have recently come out “kill” matt (hammer English transliteration, ha ha, like not) and a plus.

domestic handset’s rapid rise, due to the domestic market bigger

the user wants to buy a good, convenient and practical, simple what patriotic slogans are impossible to gain support from the user. So, domestic handset developed mainly do mobile phone users need this goal.

according to Moore’s law of electronic industry, electronic products, the price is the development trend of more and more low, performance is higher and higher. Readers will carry the PC industry hasn’t been cut, is an exception? That’s because I big Windows system performance requirements more and more high, capable of live more and more, of course. So it seems that the computer didn’t drop prices. But everyone’s consumption level has been improved, so the computer was down with the price.

add these two years because of the more open economy, expanding middle class and can afford to buy, then the domestic market. Then the smartphone is not owned by Microsoft, Intel, the android open source system, so the price down. Middle market, aiming at the domestic market of domestic company shipped it to a certain size.

market is all over the world, facing the huge market demand, at this point in the industrial chain upstream chip design, program design firms will have to pay attention to, the foreign company is willing to cooperate with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, so the growth of domestic handset technology obtained by leaps and bounds.

cheap production supply chain, based on the domestic market, combined with the policy support and the chip vendor’s technical support, domestic goods price advantage is very obvious. Plus is rooted in the domestic market decision flexibility, so for the big international mobile phone manufacturer MTK is difficult to penetrate into bottom of the broad market has a unique advantage.

under the special national conditions of domestic manufacturers marketing more satisfactory receivables, also not as fear hands and feet, as international companies in the marketing has contributed to the domestic mobile phone out of the champions shanzhai – millet to the success. At the same time, according to the dynamic changes of the market, operators are also constantly adjust their strategy, it also has added flexibility, can better meet the needs of the market.

according to the national and local specific circumstances, domestic handset manufacturers in cheap advantage against the industrial chain, speed up the pace of the localization. Policy of fostering energetically in the let people enjoy domestic technology brand at the same time also prompted the domestic mobile phone business of big development, the market quickly occupied by its own brand

although have advantages in China, but the road go bad, driving mechanism of r&d ready?

and the principle of but not in a basket, developed by policy by timing the domestic mobile phone will have to face to the world of this strategy, keeping a road to himself, in order to avoid the tragedy of the collapsed. In the international market, apple’s position in the recent even difficult to shake, but samsung’s position is constantly under threat. Domestic mobile phone in accordance with their “cost-effective” old way and tapping the international market.

according to IDC, from 2011 to 2013, the Chinese shipments of smartphones has increased by three times, in southeast Asia, eastern Europe, Africa and Europe and the United States and other regions, brand smartphone shipments in exponentially. Point of view, the international market also has a particularly on China’s domestic mobile phone.

but under the tide of domestic handset come aboard, faint show numerous pitfalls. vicious competition, patent issues, the market localization, overseas marketing problems, money problems, and so on numerous challenges.

in order to realize the balanced development of domestic and foreign markets, marketing and channels to expand overseas market is also need considerable strength such as money, but also to realize the “localization” of overseas operations, because only in combination with local actual, meet the needs of local products to brand to lay a solid foundation, sought after by the locals.

in the field of technology development is very important. The mobile phone industry in the whole industry chain, for the most part, in the hands of others, the system is Google, SOC is qualcomm, nvidia and mediatek, the screen is controlled by Japan and South Korea company. Want to take control of your own destiny, that it is necessary to develop their own core technology, have their own core competitiveness. Like huawei haisi processor is a successful example. But for want to fully grasp the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, of the life and death is a difficult challenge, because it requires long-term technology and the accumulation of experience.

at the same time, as the appearance of the first attract customers attention and “knows his companion in a” interior design, which requires Steve kind feelings “craftsmen”, as well as the quality of the whole industry chain, flexibility of rapid ascension . To quickly launch features in high quality and design. instead of streets “apple” .

the situation of the domestic mobile phone show highlighting, domestic handset prices of low cost, the technical threshold is not high also. Such as cameras, chip, CPU, some technical content of the composition took silver ticket to buy foreign, while general android version of the system. The market quickly occupied by the highest cost-effective mobile phone manufacturer.

after surveying the field of domestic mobile phone for key battleground is not in the technology, but an important reason is that the mobile phone market prices low. The crazy price to some extent lost feelings of science and technology let mobile phone manufacturers, and because there is no special skill so have to follow up. When domestic handset can like apple did not reduce the price, with the unique spirit to conquer real arrival of the era of mass is the domestic mobile phone.

this is for real do cutting-edge technology, product team just reward.

you can see, the internationalization of domestic mobile phone is just a start, want to run in the internationalization of battleground, this will require increasing independent innovation ability the enhancement enterprise from domestic manufacturers overseas patent layout, only in this way can improve the brand core competitiveness of enterprises, to the world stage.

homebred mobile phone a decade ago quickly falls crashing story, ten years later? Expect domestic handset goes too fast and good. We are pleased to see at least, domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to seriously attach importance to technology, attaches great importance to the patent. Instead of before will make marketing, will play the market.


“Most sensationalistic media” Forbes: nokia will return to the mobile phone market

a takeover by Microsoft, nokia’s products are made by Microsoft to take over, but nokia is still a mobile phone is very famous in the field of brand, nokia will be ready to return to the mobile phone market. Nokia, suggesting that the next generation of smart phones with Europe in 2016 strong return

as the third quarter results released last week, nokia CFO Timo Ihamuotila also talked about the nokia brand value and nokia in the mobile market how the market space was invaded. In Microsoft acquired after nokia devices and services on nokia in the mobile phone market trend is still attract eyeball, interestingly, Ihamuotila throughout the conversation without any attempt to stop the rumors.

when Microsoft finished buy nokia mobile phone department after the deal, some IP logo was replaced by Redmond. This includes the name of the company brand, Microsoft currently in order to achieve its mobile phone trade is striving to make the company become Microsoft’s own brand of smart phone.

Microsoft approval at the same time nokia brand name can be used by Microsoft in a period of time. Nokia brand smartphone will only appear in the next 18 months in Microsoft’s logo, but Microsoft’s feature phones nokia can be used for only 10 years after buying this brand.

obviously, if we can the faster the acquisition of brand switching to grasp own brand, Microsoft can get the more interests. This process from the latest Windows Phone the company in 830, is evident.

the difficulties as long as those who started in the past, to be sure that all of the past.

nokia will be returned to the mobile phone market

nokia still interested in the mobile phone market. The recent emergence of a apply to Android HERE map, has demonstrated its ability and expressed to test is beyond the scope of its own company before the will. Although Nokia X user interface, the Android Launcher and Noka X generally all kinds of mobile phones, are brought together into the Redmond, I am sure that if they have the willingness, Nokia can play again to build such a device can be found.

Ihamuotila continued: “of course we will carefully evaluate what will be the best way for us to develop our brand value, also considering we are at this stage of the use of a brand is under the management of Microsoft. In addition, we have realized that in the long term in the aspect of mobile phones and mobile devices that nokia is the most valuable brand. So at this moment we can’t leave.”

in earnings conference call, no executives to make any comments on the future business development. But nokia has been impressed with the return of the date of its brand. In mobile phone business is basically every time after the acquisition results meeting, CEO seems to remind management they can return to the duration of the mobile phone business. In my experience, when you asked about mobile plan, it’s like the implication in is back on track the signal.

as a Finn eyes of Chekhov’s gun, nokia assure everyone that they will return to in the field of mobile phone.

I hope everyone will welcome a new hands, full of vitality of the return of the Finnish smartphone makers. I’d like to know whether there will be a very fairytale return?

Nokia had launched a Nokia mobile phone X with a custom version of Android system. The mobile phone is very like the company interface, mobile phone performance is also not bad. But after all was handed over to Microsoft, this line will probably be permanent forgotten in history.

it is not to say that on the premise of fund and time a “new” nokia can’t combination of a new Android development environment. Because HERE the map on the Android system improvement repeatedly, it not only has been flowing in the blood of the elements of Android, nokia also to those commonly used and important Android applications need to how much space have a clear understanding of the development direction of research and development team need more clear.

about hardware manufacturers, and gradually developed China’s OEM orders for these phones made can now easily take. Don’t forget to nokia’s first Windows Phone, nokia Lumia800, is with the help of compal electronic complete production.

so nokia return is possible, it can complete to start over. But perhaps only they know the answers. Maybe the answer already had, maybe they need to use Linux return?


potential return path

as I have before in Forbes noted, nokia can effortlessly find a competitive team of smart phones. Part of the former nokia is trying to develop swordfish system mobile phone, they have the obvious advantage that they can “nokia” in 2016 led to return to the smartphone market, with a spent many years of research and development of time and human energy new mobile phones to return to the market.

once nokia is ready to return, it has a lot of choice to return to the smartphone market, and they have a good starting point of assurance (plus management awareness), if the Finnish r&d base first before the year similar to Jolla procession.



Mobile phones used fire, latecomers can also how to play?

(word/LengJie relief yi ma)

editor’s note: hunting cloud network will be continuous in the future one month (two) a week launched “popular mobile applications business tips” project. Cloud network editor jun will hunting in this feature article, exclusive inventory popular mobile applications on the market at present for your overview, summarizes its main characteristics, and combined with the use of their feelings for entrepreneurs who are interested in the field, and provide a direction for reference. In this paper, the third for the projects. Please click on the “focus on the first paper. Pay attention to the second, please click the “

now intelligent equipment market changeable, various functional application. However, in addition to the dial-up, surfing the Internet, text three big basic function, and a function in the time scouring more competitive, that is the camera phone. With it, people can conveniently record every moment of life. Can say, cell phone camera function is indispensable. As more regular mobile phone, camera, also more and more powerful. In order to be able to place in the application of intense competition, the developers under the class photo applications applications is enough. This article hunting cloud network editor jun will take you to take stock market popular with camera phones class applications, and who are interested to enter the field of entrepreneurs to provide analysis can be used for reference.

popular photo class application classification

class photo applications currently on the market a lot, according to the different classification, can plan out the different types, under the rough experience, hunting cloud network editor you think can be classified according to the processing mode and social entertainment.

according to slice handling division:

that is taken for a quick and automatic beautification, focus on the daily photos of the simple processing; Rep: beauty camera

post-production, the effect is diversiform, focused on the effect of late join, full of entertaining and interesting; Rep: the magic diffuse camera

by social class and repairing figure class:

based on social network, interactive is strong, focus on the daily share within the circle of friends; Rep: watermark camera

daily pictures beautification, strong practicability, focusing on after Yu Xiutu visual effect; Rep: the picture show

popular photo class used comparative analysis

about domestic first, domestic class photo applications started relatively late, but thanks to the policy and so on various aspects got fully development after appear, so now also considerable scale. Below is the article of some domestic products.

picture show in the United States: a lot of graphic image processing applications on the market, as the most people use free image processing applications, can be said to be a beautiful picture show goofy Ps, very convenient to operate. In addition, because the temptation is mainly designed for girls, the interface is very simple and lovely. Beauty of the picture show features include cutting, special effects, beauty, jewelry, session, frame, scene, mail, dolls, puzzles, etc. These’s window function and the very low overhand difficulty is deeply loved by the people, powerful facial beauty became the Gospel of tens of millions of women, but also arouse the creativity of users of wireless vast amounts of material. Not modest to say that the picture show is the ancestor of Chinese class photo applications, has been more than six years of history, its function is still in constantly update, a blockbuster.

Camera is

skin care: is the camera is also developed by most web applications, is famous for its authenticity and intelligent like beautification effect, its points minutes back to South Korea cosmetic effect, at the beginning of the online popularity; In addition, combined with some common share to WeChat, weibo, QQ, and other functions, is known as the new generation of beauty artifact. Skin care, however, the camera focuses on the handling of people, in the process of filming for image post-processing requirements is not high, belongs to the class type is taken for a quick photo of applications, is only for himself. So the application of using the crowd to young women wanting to give priority to, the market is relatively single.

shoot in the United States: beautiful taken relying on the platform is also a beautiful picture show. Relevant data show that in China, have one every seven people is most of users, each two fruit powder is one of the beautiful users, on average every three Android phones have 1 to install the beauty picture show. But in the social circle, beauty can only share the video directly to the sina weibo and Facebook. Even so, the United States is still in the market to shine. Populist fool operation, extremely entertaining short video shooting, there is no denying the fact that it does have a lot of. In the era of mobile Internet, people for short video such personalized expression is more and more interested in, once unreachable dream “director” also can be implemented at any time.

Watermark camera:

watermark is one of the application of mobile phone QQ space camera, mainly on the users to share photos printed on geographical location, weather, PM2.5 situation, the current time, and even the surrounding information such as sound decibels. This app is focused on real-time, which record the anytime and anywhere at present location, status, and so on. With QQ space is connected and used by many people, is one of the derived class application to some extent.

diffuse camera: time less than 10 months, popular in more than 100 countries around the world, attracted 140 million users, this is the magic camera’s record. As the world’s first real shoot into comics of original camera application, it has the unique function of surprise of your life. To some extent, as magic camera can meet the users demand, diversified and personalized expression than the traditional text is more vivid. The core function is outstanding, products are simple to set up. Its fully open material libraries allow you to do DIY out to belong to own comics, so popular in the market rapidly, is emerging.

about the domestic, we look to foreign countries, foreign class photo applications started earlier, development is more mature, so many this kind of application has been in a position of longevity, here are some common applications in foreign countries.

PS mobile version: Photoshop version designed for mobile phones, developed by Adobe, support layer and select, adjust, filters, and other functions, as well as the brush, brush, eraser, select different tools, such as can select images from the local store or use camera to obtain pictures directly. Hunting cloud network editing thought, in a sense, the PS mobile version should be one of the more failures, the tepid response to market, only use few visitors. Investigate its reason, should be in the PC power has high configuration requirements, and the mobile phone is can’t meet these requirements, therefore a great discount function, which is not accepted.

sets: in the first place, it cannot use in Chinese. In October 2012, Facebook to gross $715 million acquisition of them. It is a support iOS and Android platform of mobile applications, allowing the user to capture their life memory in any environment, a key share to them, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or sina weibo platform. Not just pictures, it also blended in a lot of social elements in the mobile end, including the establishment of a good friend relationship, reply, sharing and collection, etc. Here, you can share with people around the world their own living space. The minimalist design give them a lot of points, if has the ability to over the wall, this app is definitely worth a try.

Snapchat: Snapchat is a photo and video sharing applications, it is the biggest characteristic, can share out the pictures and video to set a time, over time or friends after reading, images and video will be automatically destroyed. Also, if the receiver trying to capture during this period, the user will be notified. Although it has been the media to prone to chat and criticized, but its durability is a legend. One study showed that 77% of American college students use Snapchat every day, and most of them use Snapchat to send each other “burn after reading” the pictures. The innovative features make it online after quickly won the large number of users. Now, every day there are 150 million photo by Snapchat uploaded to the Internet, can be said to be one of the most strong competitors sets.

common trend of the current class photo applications

provide cloud storage functions

the cloud storage was introduced by the network company online storage services, to provide customers with the file storage, access, backup, sharing and file management functions. Nowadays, mobile phone pixels is higher and higher, definition of the pictures at the same time of constantly refreshed, its take up the space is becoming more and more big. Store a lot of photos on a mobile phone not only makes mobile phone card, also wasted storage space of mobile phone only. Therefore, fully developed cloud storage is a common trend now take pictures class application. Of course, this also out of the recent debate a topic, how to guarantee the security of cloud storage and privacy? Want to win customer trust, improve market share, the developers must face a problem.

polarization – making a fool of and professional

with the development of class photo applications, a variety of unique applications let users dazzled. However, due to the differentiation of user groups, application function also began to heal development: one is the function is relatively simple fool class photo applications, its characteristic is a key figure, easy to use, obvious effect, easy to operate; Another kind is a professional strong figure application, its characteristics is a complex, post-production effect is accurate, high technical requirements, powerful.

BloomNation, flower market move to mobile phones

BloomNation is a start-up company, the company on the Internet for florists and flower designers provide a business platform, the equivalent of an online flower shop. Recently BloomNation ended the first round of financing, for about $5.55 million. This round of funding is by Capital Partners, A company (before) in Andreessen Horowitz company of Ronny Conway, his seed investor in BloomNation saw hope. They are to start the project invested $1.65 million last year.

others involved in the first round of financing with Andreessen Horowitz (of the company’s Chris Dixon launched seed-stage investment), the Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures, Mucker Capital and CrunchFund.

BloomNation was founded in 2011, the founder of money (some of them come from poker tournament win) was established, BloomNation in-depth market is basically a SaaS platform. For the florist, the website provides a range of services to choose from, including a similar Squarespace website builder, similar to the Square ‘s sales site, and inventory, management tools for customers, marketing type email, can attract the customers order location are introduced a series of projects, and more.

since the site launched, the United States registered more than 3000 flower shop, this already cover 97% of the us, with 30% flower shop customers are studio designer, that is to say, they are the traditional mode of operation and are custom services. BloomNation now mainly targeting on these customers, it will invite them to participate in new market area in the middle of 2015, namely demand in those who have the wedding celebration or a part of the customer.

according to chief executive Farbod Shoraka revealed himself, BloomNation now turnover increased by 15%, 30% from the previous month, and in 10 million to $10 million in operating ratio positions, the average turnover of $85 each order, it is to be calculated on the basis of about 120000 transactions. There are, of course, each industry competition, flower industry is no exception, and particularly fierce, the site’s rivals have 1800 Flowers, FTD and Teleflora well-known enterprise. “But registered BloomNation, local florist can be” flower news agency “service to maintain its business volume of sales, they can serve large sales company, it has a sense of pride.” Shoraka explained.

BloomNation goal is not to let the flowers for consumers to reduce the cost, although one of the distinctive features of the website is to provide the price lower bouquet of flowers, but they still have some varieties are very expensive. Shoraka think that the real goal is “customers spend much money on the flowers, and won’t because stores various reasons in the lost”.

a new round of funding will be used to expand BloomNation team currently 15 people, including some salesman, engineers and the personnel of the service. The company also developed a user-oriented mobile applications to support mobile phone orders. (now only florist can use BloomNation application to track the logistics and through a tool called BloomSnap photo upload store all kinds of work.) And related celebration and wedding part of mobile applications, will be out next year. As to the platform, BloomNation also raised to improve to introduce function, in a more in-depth analysis.

in the long run, the enterprise can succeed could be the flower industry has expanded from overall influence on local business, Shoraka admit that this is the team concept: “this is a big picture for us, but at the same time we still remains the focus on the flowers.”



Intelligent following from Amp: iPhone another ears and mouth

the iPhone is there a but extremely boring parts do you like? I think many people would choose the speaker. From on the one hand, the existence of the speaker can let you on the phone without mobile phones on the face.

you can also do not need to use headphones for watching video or listening to music, of course you can when you know you have a phone call from far away. But on the other hand, if you try on the barbecue party or on public transport to listen to music, then open the speaker will be extremely dangerous extremely impolite behavior.

inventor Alex Selig and Varun Srinivasan created a special kit for the iPhone, they think this suite can solve these problems. They named this suite Amp, part is the part of the speaker for the microphone. It can be according to the environmental noise and the music you play to compensate. Of course, this is not true of noise cancellation, we can believe that it has certain intelligence.

Selig and Srinivasan is acquaintance when I was working at Microsoft, they call this suite features a dynamic noise reduction. Its working principle is based on the analysis of music and noise, adjust music elements. When you use Amp suite built-in microphone, it will continue to collect the voices around you, in 10 seconds to compensate, and collected voice in the attention to the environmental noise difference change to make a change within 5 seconds. How this works in real life? For example, you were walking on the streets of the city, there are many vehicles pass through your side. Adjusted to some extent, the voice is not loud, just added more discrimination.

this suite is compatible with a variety of headphones, but cannot guarantee to eliminate noise. The idea has an early version of the iOS version of the application, and its release in July last year, called SoundFocus, now the company name. Since then, they can be tens of thousands of music to train the technique. And the only problem is that they are running sound algorithm bound by software. This suite can be used in services or apple music application, but the company can not. Find out the reason and found that reason is hijacked the audio, which is the working principle of this suite.

when you do not use headphones, the function of the Amp kit is used to amplify sound. It is higher than the voice of the iPhone’s built-in speakers twice, and also as the company introduces, with better experience the treble and bass. Amp speakers are designed in cone shape, in this way, when you call just a phone call, can make the people around can be heard clearly.

after the microphone and portable speaker case introduction, I found that compared to the iPhone 5 put the voice of the outside, the attraction of the Amp kit is not very good. I in two different device using the same headphones listening to the same song, a device using the SoundFocus noise tuning, and another is not. Under the guidance of easy-to-use wizards, I’ll system to adjust to my favorite state. When I began to hear the sound of the different frequency after I was very sure this app is very good. According to Srinivasan, 150000 people have downloaded SoundFocus application at present. Even so, SoundFocus sounds like adaptive filter.

when you are in the brick wall with a large and wall to wall carpet in the room when using this suite you will find that the effect will be better. Although there is no post ear so clear, but compared to the iPhone alone, regardless of distance, his voice is bigger more discrimination. In any case, no matter how you compare, it doesn’t sound like independent portable bluetooth speaker.

my version of the test is a prototype, although it is made of aluminum, but the composition is the same. Recently the company to sell version whether black or white, the early stage of the sales price of $69, in the spring of next year will officially listed for $129. Because it is made out of plastic, so nearly half reduction in weight. In addition to the audio part, it also includes a can supply the iPhone 5 or 5 s extra 25% of power batteries. The battery to the microphone and speaker power supply at the same time, so there is no need to mobile phone power supply. I did not see, but it is said that for the iPhone 6 tailor-made only less than 20% of the electricity supply.

Amp suite is SoundFocus first hardware products of the company, the rest of the product is under development. Selig and Srinivasan cling, did not say their next step. Srinivasan only mentioned that he thought with the the narrowing of the hardware, sound will be a very important part of makes wearable devices. Such as Apple Watch, touch is still need to overcome difficulties, and voice in contrast.

Srinivasan said: “as devices become smaller and smaller, the audio will become one of the largest natural interface. You can make calls between equipment seamless, but do not need to take up too much space. We can see the real company will be able to successfully create the next generation of wearable devices, we also really want to make available to users and devices to communicate hardware.”