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What Android chief designer: 2020 cell phone?

Google Android chief designer matias, du said: “this is an interesting phenomenon. This year, everyone seems to be tired of the phone now.”

during a campaign, the company’s chief designer gold terry, underwood and Android design director matias, pl, the o du discussed the future of the smart phone. As referred to in the post title in 2020, what would be a smart phone?

when I put forward the need to speed up the pace, developed is better than the iPhone’s hardware, the discussion is becoming more active. Du, resolutely resist the rectangle pattern, and points out that it is like “sumer (one of the cradles of human civilization) tablet” same old, but it is a kind of effective organization presents the carrier of information. He warned us, all the innovation is in order to solve the problem, rather than a “pursue glamorous thing” is very common in the trap. Underwood admitted that these things are hard to guess, because they often require like Steve, Steve jobs, a man of vision to find, to breakthrough, which presents us some reflection to clear things. Underwood said: “now, all the appearance of mobile phones are the same: touch the appearance, glass screen, rectangular style. This seems to be a normal “trap”, in fact, in the absence of an smartphone is not in this condition.”

soon, du, puts forward his own idea. Of smart phones in the future, rather than the change of the industrial design, strengthen cell phone experience and life with other than screen objects (such as television, cars, watches). He explained: “a year ago, I have one of this will be the best I had digital holiday experience. I have a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop computer, or even a Google glasses. All this will be another surprise, because in my daily life every moment, I can use these perfect digital equipment. In Hawaii, I will catch every wonderful lens, know all the good place to dine. I can also through the keyboard input do research on the larger screen.”

“, however, all this is terrible! Even only mobile phone be worse than me. The reason is that, across the screen to use too much trouble. …… All original plans fell through… However, when these services across the screen really can perfect and effective operation up, it is not hard to imagine that you love it.”

underwood du, then it puts forward the suspect’s view: “in the future, we will have a screen products are connected to ‘ ‘situation, more cautious attitude.”

“everything has his other side. If everything is a screen, then we will risk the separated and Hawaii. We came to a place, all just stay there on the screen, and this also is not a holiday, because we and the things that can make life more enjoyable without contact.”

“I think it is really a great potential for the design of the opportunity. However, technology will continue to development. We will also have the ability of stronger and stronger, to move forward. Design aspects of the opportunity, I believe, is to find out, what is really can make our life more rich, more valuable, better. When we blindly pursue the screen, hold fast to the problems above, is particularly important. Because not careful, they will become a disadvantage.”

when the screen product is expected to improve the efficiency of our work and study at the same time, can bring us happiness, and the market will return the joy make things? . Du, in the reaction after a period of time to reply.

“sometimes you’ll feel like an arms dealer. ‘I just make guns, did not ask you to shoot each other! What you did, let everyone is in a terrible social dilemma, instant time together? ‘”

“no, you is a kind of responsibility. Although it is hard to find out how you involved. In my team design work, I tried my best to understand one thing is about the idea of attention and is currently in tackling a problem of some, in fact, the attention, attention to management and let the user more controlled way, we really consider a lot.”

“seems to be using the traditional method, this problem cannot be overcome. You is hard to imagine that, in this way some people from my adjustment, or they form the concept of a fully formed, that is through what way to make everything is ok. Obviously, in the cinema, the cellular phone set into vibration mode of the behavior is beyond doubt. We can’t depend on others to remind to do so. So we should self-reliance! Now that you know it, why not use the equipment to help you? We design the notification broker service, it is can be priority order management and will inform a function. I think of the future, in this sense attention management will need to follow up the situation, and help us understand, for a specific period of time, what should pay more attention to, what should focus on less.”

I put in a word, he asked if it meant that the future will use “limiter” Android, like driving speed can reach 120 miles per hour, not because the engine can’t do it, but because we don’t drive so fast. His response was:

“this sort of thing should be under your control. You should be able to request, today I’m going to the track, I’d like to open 120 miles/hour. Then automatically switch off the limiter. Or, I want more attention points, so during the weekend, the computer helped me without too much interference while driving his car.”

underwood presents a similar idea: “I think my expectation is, as a user, we also had other users to be able to do it, do not cut off from reality. Maybe this is too idealistic. From the Google glasses, however, many difficulties experienced by (that is, penetrate the market strategy), I dig into the strands of hope. I think, people put on a pair of glasses process is quite slow. Unless, of course, it is the glasses style, quality are very popular. People always doubt the Google glasses wearer, ‘what did they are watching me, or indulge in some terrible site’?”

“I hope, when we push the screen products, can focus on the things that make life more meaningful. Each of us to have such a sense of responsibility, but also as a consumer equipment developers to keep moving forward.”



Mobile phone turns into a polaroid, Prynt make photographs “seconds”

maybe you for polaroid camera is not very familiar with, but you must have heard of “polaroid”. Recently, a French start-up Prynt hardware company unveiled their new products – can the phone into a “polaroid” new mobile base. But this is only one step of their planning, the next step will be combined with Prynt development applications, determined to bring mobile phone camera into a new era of experience.

HAXLR8R is a dedicated hardware startups incubator project. Show last week, the startup Prynt in HAXLR8R products showed off their latest products from the public eye, well give them won at TechCrunch headquarters to show their new product opportunities – one can turn your smartphone into a new type of mobile phone accessories “polaroid”.

the small French start-up companies since January this year has been committed to our smartphone into a miniature polaroid camera, namely we often say “polaroid”. They spent a lot of time to go to shenzhen looking for available spare parts, how to use a simple algorithm was photographed holding a cell phone via bluetooth promptly sent to the external base and then print it out.

the current version of the innovation base needs 50 seconds to send pictures, and every time can only print a photo. But the final version is expected to market the transmission time reduced to 30 seconds, and at the same time can print 10 to 30 of the photo. This requires a better performance of the hardware integration, and there is a direct physical connection between mobile phone and the base rather than relying on the bluetooth function.

another promote Prynt extension of small feature of innovation base is combined with the company development of another camera application. When you took photos with Prynt application, the application will automatically record the video of the environment around, when you take a photo and then transferred to the cloud storage. When you use your phone camera function scan printed photos, while maintaining Prynt camera function open in the background, screen will display a play button, can press after to show you pictures of the scene, the unique taste.

at the same time the company also takes into account these photos and video of privacy issues. At present, although only scan to print out the photos you can see the corresponding video. But in order to make video safer, the company is considering joining the hidden pixel identification technology to prevent photos is malicious copy, so that in addition to the original photos can trigger video playback function.

to personally saw pictures of their process is a very interesting thing. But from a long-term perspective, Prynt companies are struggling to achieve this a series of functions, a photo print out and then scan, such as your cat’s photo at the same time, also can show a vivid video.

Prynt, chief executive of the clay mumpy consumed thiodan roethke (Clement Perrot) have said publicly that the innovation base will be listed at the beginning of next year, priced at $99. Base will take the lead on Kickstarter platform, after the flagship of the mobile phone will soon be listed. In the future, the base will be able to other large screen mobile phone, such as the Galaxy Note or work on the iPhone 6 Plus.



Samsung nokia’s path Can’t just rely on the mobile phone market

on November 19, hunting cloud network (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

in recent years, apple’s suppression and the rise of China’s domestic mobile phone brand, samsung’s market share declining, the price also is vastly decrease all the way, as we all know, samsung became apparent. To save the situation, samsung has adopted a series of measures, for the Chinese market, the change of channel strategy is a method that it is regarded as one of the key were as a agent of China’s market a panacea.

so, the samsung those changes have taken place in the Chinese market channel strategy? The following is the small make up moments.

by gradually reducing operator channels share, intensify social channels to expand, thereby reducing even part of the provincial agent with the generation of business cooperation, in the introduction, development throughout all the provinces FD of Taiwanese businessmen, to strengthen the control of three or four customers, that is the change after the channel strategy. It can be seen that the new strategy aimed at to operators and to the generation.

may have some audience to ask, what is the mode of FD. Small make up to science once again.

FD model, it is a platform of logistics, capital, in other words, is a product agency system and straight for the models of the compromise. He is not really a sales mode, more like a network logistics mode and under the strict limits of the proxy pattern synthesis. Is a part of the big cut to a certain extent, or cancelled them altogether area () at or above the provincial level agents, adopt the mode of dispatching and set up branch, implement provincial direct sales model.

this model is to reduce the intermediate links, and strengthen the management of the terminal, control of prices, major stores in China not only can realize direct, but also enjoy information transparent and timely, every manufacturer to get the complete data in retail sales, sales terminal channels of all levels of wholesalers, each link into, sales and stock of each day, each model each color, can be obtained on the day.

FD means manufacturer to strengthen the control of channel, will be concentrated in liability, weaken the provincial agent, a large area directly to retail stores for straight. Before the rise of nokia, and adopts the model of FD was about, but after its decline has the reason of this model.

because the information is too transparent, the volatility of the market cause the vigilance of stores management, greatly reduces the nokia’s cargo capacity, to some extent can be said to be “into the main build with”.

in the channel mode change, change direction of the flat as samsung began since the end of 2010, provincial agents of the introduction, and such as gome, suning, specialty stores, such as music, straight for the introduction of the retail channel is the example. Because of the severe electricity influence on global channel operators channels and open channels has always been the emphasis of the samsung.

but now, with the introduction of FD model, to gradually reduce the operator channels to samsung for end of management will be strengthened, and its control of the product price will get promoted, so as to promote the rapid development of its own retail channels.

in the mobile market more and more serious today, samsung chose the cargo capacity will significantly reduce their pressure, not fuck? Want to know that nokia is because this pattern and dramatically reduce their respite.

but samsung is different. Samsung is not only a mobile phone this kinds of products, computer, TV, air conditioning, such as when you can think of, he has. Even clothing, tanks. in the smart home era, severe mobile phone market saturation, think developed can no longer rely on mobile phones, smart home is a new development direction.

the biggest influence of the smart home market is that tens of thousands of offline retail stores, samsung is in for the layout.

the declining trend of samsung mobile phone is inevitable, but samsung intelligence lives in the future? Everything is unknown, let time to prove it.


Flatten the iPhone 6 Plus, americans love big iPhone?

might be expected to flatten the iPhone 6 Plus, listing 1 months later, more and more people are more likely to choose traditional iPhone 6 slightly. Coupled with the wide popularity of Android phones, the iPhone’s dominance will be how to continue?

the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus listed are for a period of time. More and more people believe that as part of their daily use of mobile phones, the new iPhone 6 Plus is a bit big, is not convenient to carry. A new survey data show that the iPhone 6 and Plus the total sales is mainly rely on the 4.7 -inch model. But despite the iPhone 6 “inch iPhone sales Plus in apple’s market share is still represents a large part of it.

on the other hand, for those who are planning to buy apple mobile phone Android users, the mobile phone screen might not be as popular as the experts expected.

consumer intelligence research partners (CIRP) found that in the total sales of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 accounted for 68% of the share, but the iPhone 6 Plus sales accounts for only 23% to 24%.

CIRP survey found that in 2014 from the Google Android platform to the iPhone’s user accounts for only 12% of all iPhone users, compared with last year, 23% of the data, the conversion rate in sharp decline. Previously, the iPhone 5 s from the hands of the blackberry and Windows equipment stole large Numbers of users. But, now? Is not so ideal, more powerful practical Android phone broke the apple consistent dominance.

the above investigation statistics only iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus on sale in America within 30 days after the sales data, and apple itself has not given any sales data for specific models.

CIRP data also show that the two new iPhone models in listed within 4 weeks after sales accounted for 91% of the whole apple mobile phone sales, sales for the rest of the iPhone models from the past. The last apple launched a new mobile phone, the new mobile phone listed in the first month sales accounts for only 84% of the market.

in addition, the CIRP also found buyers for 48 g is the average storage capacity (compared to a year ago) doubled. Corresponding to this is that a new generation of the iPhone provides 16 g, 64 g and 128 g three alternative storage capacity, but skipped the 32 gb of this one.



Where have you been? Mobile phone wi-fi threatens you!

as wi-fi and the growing popularity of smartphones, has free wi-fi in some public places, many people have used mobile phones or laptops wireless Internet access. However, such a “free lunch” is not delicious, public wi-fi security crisis, it will store your past location information. Not only that, hacker with some simple equipment, can steal the user’s privacy.

“this noisy where samsung mobile phone to say, don’t asked my opinion, expose all my privacy.” My colleague Sean Gallagher when mention about mobile phone wi-fi, such complains.

wi-fi to document the site activity

every time when you use Google or apple mobile phone location function, absolutely is not only you submit your personal location information. If you follow the advice of Google and apple, open wi-fi to obtain a higher positioning accuracy, so you will send many places have you been to the location of the information, because there, someone else may have accidentally detected your signal.

now wi-fi everywhere. It is because of this characteristic, wi-fi access point in the 21st century has become a beacon light, it makes you location-based services on cell phones can get you the exact location. But it is because the wi-fi deal works, wi-fi communication is a two-way street. Like your phone network information surrounding the scan for navigation, but at the same time, even if not hotspots, your cell phone can still show you had connected the name of the hot spots.

the wi-fi detection request problem caused by that question already is nothing new. Two years ago my colleague Dan Goodin reported wi-fi weakness. In some cases, this weakness has caused significant security problems, especially for AT& T of the users, when detecting requests received reply after their phone automatically add network called “attiwifi”. Before we in controllability tests confirm this.

by a simple test, we hope to know, when we are covered by the user’s wi-fi, we can actually get what information from there. In this short test, we have submitted some volunteer’s mobile phone as sample, we open the phone, to ensure that the open wi-fi, low-power via wi-fi adapter for mobile monitor, capture their packets, to see how they submit the address.

we get the information more than expected. In the process of test, we are glad that there is nothing special big noise interference, we captured some signals: cell phone signals of adjacent buildings, vehicles signal even express PDA signal generated by the driver. We immediately remove them after the test data.

in the subsequent to WP to HTC and BlackBerry Passport tests, WP no send will make its show network name detection request, but used the radio (a one-to-many communication mode). However, under any conditions, WP will continue to broadcast the same MAC address, this will allow the address of the device was captured. Passport issued with a probe request network name, before the request is sent, however, its signal has been captured.

the result is not surprising, but eye-opening, this shows that even if you don’t have to connect to the hotspot, open wi-fi spots will bring security and privacy concerns. Use public wi-fi base station data, we can understand mobile phone users in the near future, some even are not recent) range of motion, where they work, where they live, and even they recently where to go shopping, these can be detected.

wi-fi data collection

Google using data collected wi-fi cars this behavior, in many countries led to a wave of privacy issues. Then, Google was taken to court directly, the FCC to vehicle detection behavior made a $25000 fine decision, the reason is that Google store unencrypted wi-fi network information. Supreme Court refused to Google of lawsuits in June, and Google can’t collect the payload data.

Google data collection plan is unlikely to pose a threat to privacy, however, Google is still in collecting wi-fi base station’s MAC address and SSID name (i.e. user assigned to the router’s name, in order to authenticate user), but now for the owner of the wi-fi hotspots, there is a way for Google’s database to input their wi-fi data. They just on the SSID name add a suffix “_nomap” can be achieved.

the apple is in the collection with wi-fi data. Now Google and apple to no longer rely on mobile devices that are similar to cars to collect data, only the user’s mobile phone, for them is the small mobile information platform. When positioning function open, not only the retrieval of the base station database, at the same time they collect data and carries on the localization of the new base station, even within the floors can achieve this effect.

apple location-based services support pages made the following instructions, “if the location service open, your device will be anonymous and encrypted way, regularly send nearby wi-fi hotspots and base station location information to apple’s server, in order to expand apple crowdsourcing wi-fi base station hot spot and the position of the signal tower.”

is not merely a apple and Google in collecting the data. Now there are a variety of storage wi-fi database of geographic data, some is private, some are public. So, if you live in a relatively dense region, your wi-fi has been positioning to some people.

WIGLE, for one, it is a public wi-fi access to database and cellular base station; Was originally a group of “wireless eavesdroppers” brings the idea of this, when they walk or by bus, on the use of computers and mobile phones need wi-fi to match the location of the application of information, to find the network. Skyhook Wireless to provide a large number of business services based on their own database of wi-fi. Skyhook was just recently TruePosition acquisition, TruePosition is a Philadelphia company, it is a leading global positioning and information solutions provider, they adopt the method of cellular location, for the E911 (American mobile operators to provide users with emergency services) and national security staff to provide services.


in order to analyze what we capture the data, we use Wireshark to filter out the request signal detection. Captured request according to the request of mobile phone’s MAC address, looking for the SSID name and other associated with the mobile phone access to a wireless network signal user data. We are testing the phones from different suppliers, including apple, samsung, HTC and MOTOROLA.

now in all cases, the probe request to eliminate a original SSID broadcast signal exposed by the question: is that it hides the BSSID for base station by name or Mac address. In fact, all the mobile phones detect hidden SSID name in the request. A user equipment shows the following information:

network name, where I work WIGLE can be found;

the name of the home network, WIGLE for geographic location;

swimming club SSID;

when shopping to the two stores SSID;

auto dealers SSID;

the SSID hotel and airport;

overseas travel SSID.

so under this condition, as long as the attacker make wireless traffic overload, then he can screen out a batch of smartphones can continue to track. Then, he will try to deceive the known network, to target cell phone launch man-in-the-middle attack (MITM). In addition, these data can also be used for social engineering attacks, or identify further track user’s phone.

so, positioning function is more accurate but not to do nothing.

for Android users could install a wi-fi in open places set up fences, in case your cell phone has been searching for connection. Enterprise mobile policy allow wi-fi open public facilities can also build fences, they don’t have to hide the name of the internal interface, so on some sensitive application still exist man-in-the-middle attack threat.

apple has been actively trying to on the iOS 8, by randomized MAC address to reduce the risk of the mobile phone was detected. But AirTight Network’s Bhupinder Misra, said the method failed to achieve good results. Problem is this randomized restricted by three aspects: one, to the phone’s screen is in sleep mode; Second, the geographical position service to shut down; Three is, wi-fi to open.

for most people, directly closed wi-fi is perhaps the best choice. When you reach some open wi-fi, you can’t be tracked; But it also means that you will not be able to connect to any network along the way.

Source: Ars


The end of an era, nokia CEO said never to make mobile phones

according to sina science and technology on November 15th morning news

nokia CEO Rajeev Suri (Rajeev thought) in London this week, an analyst at the meeting pointed out that nokia’s future focus will be the network equipment business department, Here the map business and technology. In addition, nokia will not restart the mobile phone business.

suri, said in the past a few years after the transformation of “difficult” period, nokia is “get rid of the landslide situation for a long time, have since the first year-on-year increase of 2011”.

nokia now expects, its main business will grow. The growth of power from the network equipment business in the first place. Suri, said the growth rate of network equipment business will be slightly faster than the market average, and at present the market leader in including nokia, huawei and Ericsson. Although network equipment market competition is declining, but suri is expected, the competitive level does not drop, will be more positive and small manufacturers, IT companies have to enter the market.

suri is pointed out that the operators of emerging network technologies such as 4 g spending is make up for the traditional network equipment business downturn. Despite the insiders expect, 5 g technology the fastest will be launched in the past four years, but in the foreseeable future, 4 g will still be the main part of the operator infrastructure spending.

suri also said: “the technical changes will not be as fast as people imagine. In years, 4 g and 5 g technology, including the network coverage and connectivity.” 4 g, he thought, spending will account for 80% of infrastructure spending over the next few years operators.

nokia hope at present, the development of the Internet of things will bring help to network equipment business, and by 2025 there will be 50 billion connected devices around the world. Suri, said: “we are exploring huge opportunities in the Internet of things, including the analysis and the connection of the machine to machine.”

nokia network department focus on other emerging technologies including 5 g, radio frequency (rf) access network based on cloud computing architectures, smart antenna and micro base station. Suri, said: “I always said, when the market to be prepared for the micro base station, we will be ready. Now the time has come.”

in addition, similar to many previous hardware company, nokia is trying to use services to reverse the trend of revenue landslide, including system integration, network planning and optimization, and management services.

suri, said network equipment business for the past few years experience, including the use of the concept of “continuous improvement” and the optimization of operational efficiency, also will be used to map business Here. In the past few years growth and maintain the profit and loss balance state, nokia is expected to begin to grow the business.

suri is also said that nokia is research similar to expand the business field. For Here the map business, this means that the existing enterprise auto products have been added to the team and intelligent asset management. “The current business is only a small part of our business, but the business achieved good growth, and has a long-term potential.” the field of consumer map, nokia does not directly challenge Google and other major rivals, but rely on partners, such as yahoo, Microsoft and amazon through B2B2C strategy offers products to consumers.

about the technology business, including patent and authorization, suri is more cautious. He said that nokia will be further explore in this field, then to determine whether and when to new technology research and development work with authorization.

for technical operations, authorized cooperation will be a priority, and with the authorization of the current agreement will expire, nokia plans to improve patent licensing fees. Nokia has signed agreements with several large manufacturers, the suri said that nokia will start with small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers, and the mobile phone manufacturers, such as set-top boxes and digital camera manufacturers cooperation talks.

there are rumours that recently, the equipment and services after sale to Microsoft, nokia is likely to return to mobile phone business in the future. Suri is the denied the rumors. He said: “in fact, we don’t directly back to the consumer mobile phone market.” But he also pointed out that in the long run, nokia will make through authorized cooperation nokia brand to return to the consumer market.

he said: “the nokia brand is still very strong, we have seen a lot of people interested in the authorized cooperation. We will be thoughtful way of seeking such an opportunity.” (the more the high)


Why I didn’t overestimate WeChat phone book?

the author micro letter SuperSofter , weibo @ o the Internet super

WeChat phone book launch, after I first read the WeChat phone originally, snare him again “has been questioned by many people, mostly think I overestimated WeChat energy, at the risk of PengSha. Although critics like or don’t believe in WeChat didn’t have much effect on its, but I still want to answer some questions about the article.

, a few typical problems about WeChat the phone book

1. phone book 5 months have been closed to the 2.0 version, this time is not new?

someone to dig out on zhihu 5 month to answer phone book “micro letter”, to illustrate the micro letter calls this not new at this time. I had mentioned in the article, the past WeChat telephone directory is a directory management software, does not support voice calls, weak than sogou number sense. Micro letter this time the phone book is QQ voice communication ( 5 month) + QQ contacts micro letter integration (had) + original micro letter phone book collection, revolutionary change is to support voice. Tencent internal for its orientation should also is a new product, the version number for the 1.0 * and in App Store nor any version of history.

2. if the micro letter the phone book for operators really have so much influence, the micro letter voice (video) on the phone, hand Q voice operators why no leather off traditional voice life?

micro letter is not the option “real-time voice”, in the 5.0 disappeared came before but for some reason (probably leave room, it is possible that experience is not good, dare not boast of speculation), now only “real-time interphone,” experience analog interphone, call and the gap is very large. With real-time voice calls, the micro letter if not put it in the most conspicuous position, hidden deep it is difficult to allow the user to try, but it does not conform to the existing video calls most scenarios communication habits. Step back, if WeChat in a conspicuous position to place a “real-time” menu also has a great influence or not. Because there is no call “experience” and “mobile phone contacts” fully integrated.

phone book and call experience is the true to attract users, this is why mobile phone inline QQ the “real-time voice” did not cause the cause of the large scale application, WeChat call this as a standalone application, can be a new type of phone application forward; Backward can return to the past “number management assistant” stage. This time WeChat phone call this the most critical is complied with the user’s habits.

3 , free phone already had also done very well, why didn’t affect the operator voice business?

before WeChat the phone book, free telephone or Internet phone has indeed exist. In the a PC era Skype this cheap phone calls, is now with the PC decline together; In the era of mobile has VoIP phone application. 2012 free call “have faith”, the user focused on the migrant workers, students and white-collar workers in the low-income people, public data shows its registered users have 7000, daily activity to 700.

believed such free telephone scale is very handsome, why don’t boycott by operators? Is very simple, there are believed to be based on the network technology of the Internet with the traditional voice communications solutions, can free calls, the handset, fixed telephone installation without each other, through the advertising platform, mobile game business these to the business “after” income to fill, voice will eventually have some income among operators, VoIP phone with operators is win-win cooperation and future operators may add VoIP open and cooperation process.

4. iOS WIFI calls, and such systems level why call not resisted?

each system, each mobile phone manufacturer, each social App can do business based on the data of real-time voice function. The biggest problem is no micro current coverage in such a big letter. Call between circle and circle or want money, and the risk is very big. Operator push the cornet cluster network in colleges and universities in the past, a few students may monthly between playing, because most of the calls occur in the cluster network. Cluster network if support users from 10 expanded to 1 m, million, 1 trillions, there must be a completely different results. How big is big a network? In the micro credit number is close to the number of mobile users.

, some misconceptions about WeChat the phone book

in addition to the above standard questions, there are some pretty far-fetched reason listed as follows:

1. WeChat phone book is not free, and not much cheaper than the traditional voice!!!!

WeChat phone book need to flow, “suppose one minute 1 m, about 1 minutes need 0.04 yuan, the market can buy the lowest voice calls for $0.06 / minutes”.

after calculation, micro letter voice traffic consumption per minute about 300 k (instead of 1 m), according to the standard rates online conversion, the unit price for 0.01 yuan, and the flow rate is so high to ensure call quality, in accordance with the telecommunication industry of IEEE specification of speech compression also further compression space is very large. Traditional voice also not integration methods and so on more than half the rate to reduce the quality of expanded capacity? Plus a lot of the time flow belongs to the monthly plan or WIFI environment, so the capitation down far less than one minute 1 penny.

$0.06 / minutes of speech, but the market standard fares are also in the 0.1 yuan of above. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Can walk 10000 steps, Ampy is my phone for you 3 hours of electricity

with the progress of science and technology, electronic we come into contact with more and more, smart phones are fully integrated into our lives. But everyone has been detected, the battery is not to force. So the problem comes. “Charging equipment which is strong, all over the world with Ampy.” Ampy will come to tell you, your body is a huge energy body.

one clearly think that, the use of specially designed wearable mobile power supply, to make it with the aid of kinetic energy to the battery, is just a matter of time. So, Ampy exploded in front of the world. The battery backup is a the raise of Kickstarter project. You can tie it in your all parts of the body, such as arm, waist and leg. Its manufacturer also claim that it can be daily movement into electricity and storing it for charging the mobile phone, such as walking, running or cycling. So instead of simply calculate your has been run, you convert the pace to charge and stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, then you will be able to use USB mobile devices to help you. As a result, in environmental protection also encourage more people to actively exercise.

in theory, it is a good idea, if you don’t mind the heavy battery bundled to the body, and then do sports in the surrounding streets. But, as all of the projects, raise people skeptical about how to put it into practice effectively.

the current Ampy is just a prototype, its headquarters is located in Chicago manufacturers are trying to raise people raised to stepping up production of finished products. Ampy the funds raised (=which has exceeded its target of $100000, so far has been as much as $245000, and the raise of Kickstarter activities from over 10 days. So they will have enough money to carry out the promise of its products. They also left a very long time to deliver the goods, until June 2015, the device is not for sale.

Ampy built a 1000 milliampere lithium ion batteries, which means that it than most smartphones with a smaller capacity of battery, so it can only as part of the handheld devices.

Ampy co-founder Tejas Shastry said, “when people are mobile, the kinetic energy of people and Ampy inductors internal magnet together, so as to generate electricity and built-in lithium ion battery”. He further explains the working principle of charging mechanism. “High intensity exercise can let its produce more electricity. We also found that: running is one of the best ways to produce energy, Ampy by running the output power can reach hundreds of milliwatts.”

“in be used actually, walk about 10000 steps each day, Ampy is can provide for you about 3 hours of cell phone use. Instantaneous power is lower than that of continuous power output, but it’s still enough to charging your phone, “he added.

although the activities of the Kickstarter page, not on Ampy equipment can charge information caused by human activities, but the project manufacturers have been provided to the sponsor in the form of an email. This email includes two GIF files – from the picture we can see clearly a Ampy connected to the ammeter, and the other is tied to a runner’s legs, both by shaking or movement has produced current, thus demonstrates the formation process of current:

“dozens of ma can produce up to 100 milliwatts of peak power,” he added in the email updates. “While the peak power is very interesting, but is the best way to calculate energy, by measuring the energy generated by people before and after the movement, to observe ampy built-in battery voltage’s change. This is also how many electronic devices determine their battery charge in the number of the key.”

the project was also raise Dragon hardware the Innovation award for Dragon Certified.

this certification program spokesman has confirmed that they have to review the Ampy project. , he said, “our engineers for their CAD file to design for manufacturability review. We make sure that it can be manufactured and assembled. Our analysis further confirmed the cost of goods sold their capital threshold. If realized capital minimum threshold (including the value), so the product can be made.”

“although we focus on the manufacturability, but a result of this analysis is that our engineers can determine whether this product can really, in the electromagnetic coil to generate enough energy and high enough voltage to drive circuit.”

in addition, the hardware team is building a mobile application. It can record movement generating electricity, and exercise burns calories.

in Ampy operation since a long period of time, Shastry once said: “scale production operation requires a certain amount of time, and our manufacturing schedule is Dragon Innovation platform to help us set up a point. You can check their authentication details here. Even a small unit of production preparation, you must also consider the tools, assembly and shipping date of delivery.”

Ampy starts at $85 (no shoulder straps attached battery package), if you want to try, you can enter the page of Kickstarte to snap up.

finally, one thing is certain: the battery life is still the biggest constraints mobile applications. Although when we desire the application of more than us, therefore, the mobile devices in the capacity of the battery, then there will be a to belong to Ampy market.



Blackberry painfully continue to mobile phones, is to get to the QNX

in 2006, you may see the reports that the blackberry in order to save the business, will introduce a modern smartphones, it’s a really exciting new strategy… Now, it seems, it’s like a joke, but blackberry launched in December for the Classic Q20 phone is still serious.

the CEO John Chen blog in the company, hope can attract the attention of the blackberry diehard. He wrote: “Classic can be one of the Classic blackberry, of your memory that makes you a better blackberry, and it’s better than ever.” They really need to do better. And in need of a breakthrough for ever.

next month is John Chen took over the blackberry CEO a year. During this period, his most striking achievement is released a strange smartphone, a device, and the expansion of the BBM communication platform. In addition, the blackberry to avoid the large loss of enterprise users (or have had some success). And mortgages the real estate assets allow blackberry to restart the game.

it is clear that the regression involves a blackberry in the true sense of return, that makes the blackberry household characteristics: elaborate design of the keyboard, for the palm and the appearance of pockets to carry. In this era advocating screen the bigger the good smartphones, such a move is really a bit strange.

restoring ancient ways but maybe this is not so crazy as it seems. Because the production people want to be a mobile phone is not a purpose.

in fact, this is just a beginning.

this week Kim Kardashian recorded her feelings for blackberry. John Chen hope that she is not the only one for the blackberry the heart of love. He writes: innovation is not to boast about what kind of work did, update something. Innovation is, in fact, to take effective measures, and make it better.

what makes blackberry Bold series and the Curve of success? They fit their appearance, and carefully designed a physical keyboard. Blackberry fans can look forward to the death of the Q20 regression physical keyboard, rather like a Passport in cramped layout in a keyboard. And Q20 again back on the touchpad, this thing on the phone recently abandoned. According to John Chen, Classic will also have a larger, more clear, and the application of the growing list of display screen.

John Chen in “back to the future” high-profile recalls the glory days of blackberry as a smartphone manufacturers. But when the iPhone was born in 2007, Android is through the phone came out in 2008, the blackberry the end of the day.

the production of a series of suffered defeat: such as Storm touch screen mobile phone, the Playbook tablet, Torch sliding touch-screen keyboard mixed cell phone. In respect of software, the fans for blackberry refurbished QNX software waiting for two years. Blackberry insist on using this based on the Unix operating system, hoping to help the old system against the iOS and Android. But when the blackberry 2013 launch Z10 and Q10 and finally into smart door, the window of opportunity has closed.

these failures are not happened in John Chen, you can put the blame on former bosses Thorsten Heins and Mike Balsillie. But the CEO is still trying to explain the situation. “People’s taste is changing, the rapid growth of mobile market in order to change and change, imitation fashion industry standard collocation, like a kitchen sink, trying to become a universal tool to meet all requirements.” John Chen as sarcastically.

the blackberry situation is not good, it is now behind the Windows Phone, sitting on the fourth place in the world smartphone operating system. Its latest smartphone, boxy Passport, also appears some fans, but still got mixed reviews evaluation, also will not let the blackberry out of fear of long-term operation.

but QNX makes it all possible.

on December 2013 earnings call John Chen said: “the pearl on the crown of QNX is absolutely. Every time when I am here, our partners and customers are called me and told me that they really want to use QNX office. Our plan is to continue to invest in the system and growth. It would also make other vertical integration work. We did a good job in the automobile vertical integration, we will continue to work hard, but we also will be looking for similar vertical expanding their business. And, we will establish a cloud platform. It will be a machine for the architecture of the machine.”

when it comes to cars, Google and apple are in the pursuit of system connected to the car. The architecture of Android Auto, the latter adopts CarPlay. In fact, apple has been adopted in its CarPlay entertainment system QNX architecture. Ford also reportedly tried to do the same synchronization platform.

the blackberry in 2010 with the technology of QNX. Especially suitable for the safety and link system to the mobile gadgets. Over the years, almost everyone wants everything even on a mobile phone. Including smart watches, only houses, fitness equipment, and of course television. According to ZDNet’s report, there are about 40 car companies have started to work with it.

QNX plays an important role in the so-called Internet of things. Won salvation which makes the blackberry, and it only needs to live longer, let things become a reality.

not long ago, the world discovered another “secret” Kim Kardashian: she is a blackberry. The reality TV star in Code meeting to talk about her blockbuster game on mobile phones. And in the process to throw out a lot of you never hear praise of the blackberry.

“I am afraid of the blackberry will end”, the celebrity in the Recode conference to science and technology reporter Kara Swisher said, “my mission is to prevent the blackberry perish.”

Kardashian probably won’t really opened her purse diamonds, buy their own blackberry company, although she jokingly says, but each a little help is important. Especially from such a pop idol and phenomenon with the help of the characters, and public figures Kanye West wife’s support.

of course, this little speech may be an accident, especially in this highly social media in the management of social celebrities. Kardashian did not deny is for blackberry company pay. Actually when Swisher asked her if she does the company pay for her comments, Kardashian gave a shy reaction. After she said: “I think I should make a phone call to the blackberry pay?

at the same time, the blackberry on the New York post a response to also did not deny anything that we are very glad to have such a loyal and enthusiastic fan.

but if Kardashian for blackberry advantage: for example, a agitation restoring ancient ways, or nostalgia: time to stagnate. The blackberry Classic hardware will naturally and collection of the flat. If Kardashian or anyone else can blackberry labeled “cool retro small tool”, not “pathetic for recycling waste” label, blackberry may have more confidence through this period of recovery times. After all, the mobile phone is a status symbol.

the blackberry doesn’t need a big sell. It just needs a product to earned enough money, in return for a time, allow companies to hold to its real goals: QNX platform.

“we are committed to win the favour of you,” John Chen wrote on his blog: “in other words, to win back in those days. “For Classic is not simply trying to revisit the blackberry old achievements, become popular smartphone makers (at least not entirely). This is the use of the past, lay the foundation for the future, which goes far beyond the meaning of the phone itself.



Four years itch, the mobile phone millet find another “smart home” getting rich

hunting cloud network November 6 (word/WeiQing)

as a listed company, if income can not meet the expectations of the capital market, it is big trouble. Overstock companies in the United States a quarter than Wall Street expected earnings of less one or two cents per share, making it the value of shares lost more than half in just a few days.

people have always talked excitedly about millet speed, but even the drugs, there is also a weakness. The layout of the millet activity recently, multiple save for a rainy day, whether can be understood as a plan b, promoting millet continue to rapid development.

phone who

millet company, cell phone do bai, founder of lei jun. It is said that mobile phone shipments have ranked third, followed by lenovo of course marry MOTOROLA to top down. Its speed of millet, it is bad to buy, not to rob, its high cost performance, etc., such news, listen too much, understand perhaps than small make up also details.

go today, millet mobile phone, tablet, TV, box products has covered and intelligent hardware, etc. It is more than $40 billion, millet’s value. And is planning a new round of financing, in the hope of better and faster development. Millet is not satisfied with getting rich off the phone with one phone. That would make people think of lei jun once “the Internet model”, “hardware” Internet these rhetoric.

Four year itch

millet entering its fourth year, this year four meters “miss”, a little let a person remember millet had amazing. Millet 4 highlight the product itself is limited, natural attraction is not enough, steel frame, qualcomm Xiao dragon ahead 801 configuration also can’t say. With the millet wave of previous generations of products has been leading the configuration, performance benchmarking have obvious difference. Anyway, there is a gap between small make up psychology, also do not want to release the rhetoric of “the art of a steel plate”.

domestic quick shipments of tens of millions of millions of mobile phones, apple, samsung, small make up maths is bad, China’s 1.4 billion people, one of a cell phone mean even early enough. In 2013 to 50 million, smartphone shipments is expected to reach 80 million units this year, and millet smartphone shipments will grow from 18 million units last year to 60 million this year, is expected to hit 2015 1-120 million shipments. Lenovo’s growth momentum is very good also, shipments will reach about 60 million units this year. Apple and samsung’s sales is not small make up to waste your breath.

the apple of 64 – bit CPU, fingerprint recognition under the upheaval, hardware development direction was halfway diversions of traffic, and already hit the top. Just meet with the mobile phone market in the ceiling of the analysts forecast again by star item red millet in the four years itch.

even the apple, seems to have the “unable to break through the problem. A joke: fruit 5 let people know it get longer and the 5 s, 5 c, let people know its color, fruit 6 puls is let people know it becomes big, also bent. Shed fruit 4, apple in the changeable to cater to the consumer. Meizu, one plus, a hammer in his play popular specialize in the field.

in his “the Internet model” can’t hold up filled their valuations, more and more beautiful MIUI rivals, stickiness is not tied, in order to keep their capital miracle, millet to your nature, blowing a few more bubbles.

smart home

this time, the millet is pursuing the smart home. The concept of smart home long ago, because of the technology mature, in the past two years by the capital market speculation. A good smartphone to be not only when the bus card, even village door card, but also integrated into the family as a universal remote control function. Mobile phone as a carry necessities of life, nature is a very good cut into perfect bridge of smart home. Millet’s recent series of actions, clearly convey the attitude.

as the pig on the tuyere, the sun rises, the most adept at operating capital and propaganda of millet, don’t miss the tide, of course, for their future on a card, go more robust.

Industry transformation of

to see more and more fierce competition, the market more and more closer to the ceiling. Millet in the mobile market has not yet become serious before opening new market, this time it’s not hard to see the smart home is favored by millet, along with the start of the construction of the Internet of things, this has a huge market, the emergence of millet television can also be by millet mobile phone to build the bridge after the first fort.

as the family entertainment center, TV has not been surpassed, once some people say that computers will take the TV’s life, then the emergence of tablet computers, this voice roared again, but after so long, the status of the television also didn’t be replaced, or even a TV microcomputer as a sitting room. Recently, due to the restrictions of the state administration of radio, smart TV makers can only cooperate with existing licences for content.

millet currently access the CNTV, but still can’t meet the needs of the user content. And the TV version of the APP after the shelves, the content more scarce, and stretched. It is no wonder that lei jun to regrets “the whole of millet, boxes, mobile phone TV content industry, including the plate, is a great event of life and death.”

a few days ago Dr. Chen join millet news everybody also saw, millet determination, to strengthen the construction of content of short board believes that Dr. Chen will go to great lengths to help millet content of ecological construction. Contents of ecological construction is solid product position in the family, but not complete in the sense of smart home. This time we will see the birth of millet “small ants”, TV as fortresses, finally is beginning to reach out to all aspects of family life.


let’s imagine the next direction of millet, is playing the hot air purifier, or a new aspect of temporary not covered. Will is a lighting or water curtain, or refrigerators air-conditioning appliances such as washing machine. Millet in intelligent monitoring, intelligent, smart bulb socket in areas such as active layout. Millet and cooperating and iHealth do portable blood pressure measuring blood sugar.

the future hardware platform, industry difficulty is how to analyze the sensors to collect massive amounts of information, mining and operation and maintenance. If is the appliance, let’s have a look at the current situation of the home appliance market: market leaders meet the technical strength, a bad storm. This just before the millet to sichuan changhong find talk about cooperation. Combination of good coordination, occupy the favorable terrain intelligent home appliances.

because of the influence is greater than the technology industry chain channels, so the lei jun online marketing to this one will not be able to play a role to a great extent, this time will need to be incentives, so as to get the whole industry chain to cooperate, create their own hardware. Forming online marketing linkage, broader, more influential.

at this point, we see the panorama of millet layout: roughly millet mobile phone as a core, along with the arrival of the 4 g, at the head of the smart home with the attitude of the universal remote control; Millet TV as a family entertainment center, position, and millet mobile phone a fit inside a; Little of course not “small ants”, the most effective tools for the exchange ties into the one inside one outside. Then all the home appliances, and even control lighting, background music, and even water and electricity coal heating and curtain, the greatest degree of convenient home life.