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Cold tablet phone pushing 1500 cool new product take out the mobile phone market in the ceiling

on January 13, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool great god has just announced his “Internet phone brand third”, released the X series flagship of the great god brand machine at the same time, a great god X7 and experimental CoolUI6 incorporates some 360 services. Details you can walk to the cloud network coverage, hunting for details.

the cool the great spirit of the new flagship released several is worth thinking about changes and problems:

a: a great god gave up the start-up, 7 inch tablet phone’s flagship product design;

2: this time announced a great god will launch three price X/N/F product line of gear, visit ZhuFangHao said after the meeting in the future will also launch a higher price of high-end models;

3: the minimum price set by the 1599, the great god X7 “1500” in addition to the spot price of N series.

behind the triple action, herald the coming of the mobile phone market in the ceiling, greatly to cloud after atmosphere. And the adjustment of the product line also shows the android ecosystem shortcomings and deficiencies.

smartphones running concept is deeply ingrained, android ecological bad, leading to the road of differentiation in bad go

run points from entertainment rabbit has been heavily promoted by the ray booth after evaluation mechanism, the smartphone and tablet market run points ethos is, has been speeding car, even with all the media has been smashed Michael investment, the fact that the rabbit.

people to run the superstition of the influence of the whole mobile phone industry to be reckoned with, especially the Internet brand mobile phones. People’s understanding of mobile phone quality, has been thoroughly subjugate to run this only partly reflect the performance of mobile phone chips unilateral measures, rather than the overall quality of experience.

as a result, the difference of the domestic mobile phone development become more difficult, is with a heavy shadow layer.

the cool 7 inch tablet phone flagship of the great god abandoned the original layout can be seen, a great god, 1 s even joined the 3 g, 4 g phone, quality workmanship process also of no help.

in the interview, the great god to hunt cloud network brand President, said: “7” the great spirit of 1 and 1 s total sales of less than 1 million units in 2014, more than 500000 units.”

and as a result of the android ecosystem is too open, severe fragmentation, not good to protect the interests of the developers, the android tablet can only use “general version of the application,” road of the differentiation.

all these together, make the smartphone market competition fully concentrated in a few flagship chip homogeneity product price war. In other words, the needs of users from reduced to homogenize sheet is tasted, two to three and so the homogeneity of products on the market popularization have two years time, how many mobile phone users have to buy?

therefore, cool great god has already started to prepare for the Internet brand in 2015 the introduction of the offline channels, dislocation in order to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud network hunting in the previous interview in detail about the situation, you can set a detailed understanding.

market bottlenecks, in 1999 sank to 1500 to save the machine?

2015, as the inference of the domestic mobile phone market in the ceiling, the front also noted that the current user demand is “eintopf experience” android, numb to the original need two or three reduced to homogeneity product portfolio to meet experience sheet is tasted, the manifestation is the mobile phone users will view is concentrated in the end product.

the homogeneity of the mobile phone in the end products on the market popularization have two years time, the user’s purchasing power has been inadequate.

how to improve the user’s purchasing power? Cool great god choice is, on the one hand, adjust the target groups for high-end consumers, on the one hand is to further reduce the price of end products in the original, in order to reduce the price to promote consumption.

inference, the machine configuration to get one thousand yuan are not rob, increase the purchase price or step to 1200, 1500 or so to attract machine for rob to less than one thousand yuan of users, at the same time attract mobile phone consumers in the end, has certain market rule base.

how is the effect, we are currently unknown, but this strategy, combined with the participation of 360 supplement products experience, the impact on the peers. The mobile phone industry will develop into what kind, to see how this week millet layout.

in the end of the phone around.

one thousand yuan machine because of its low price quality, makes the product upgrading of speed, the ceiling is not easy to appear, but the long tail consumption ability is too low.

high-end machine due to the rich man is not bad money, so the upgrade also is not a problem, unless local tyrants sudden mass bankruptcy. And long tail consumption ability.

one thousand yuan machine competition? How can top high-end machine? See you later how the situation.

about 360 in the great god of position, this a great spirit of the conference, or did not give an accurate answer, (after all to do consider ~) for subsequent long term long tail propaganda, on the one hand, the new joint venture appointment has not been confirmed, on the one hand, cooperation detail exquisite precision in business, is the reason that the can’t say more.

but can be finalized that 360 is responsible for the service of CoolUI integration, part of the system optimization, 360, most of the services will be within the first integrated into CoolUI step by step.

360 can also priority to obtain through the great god and cool the supply chain, channel cooperation, to provide strong support for 360 new hardware department.


In order to reduce the pain of snapping up the iPhone 6, apple will push virtual queuing system

(/horse relief yi wen)

the annual new iPhone starting period, we always see in apple store in long queues, waiting for the fans. Some of them in order to get the first of a new iPhone, don’t mind “camping” in front of the apple store, waiting for early. In order to reduce the pain of fans waiting for process, apple may be on Friday the iPhone 6 sale Japan, introduced virtual electronic queuing system.

in brief, this virtual queuing system, is the original paper line card, moved to intelligent devices such as mobile phone. According to the background and the current inventory waiting for the number, the system can real time to wait for fans, prompt information (via text message or email). With that, the fans can be more scientific and reasonable arrange their own time. Although earlier, to get the number of consumer also need not silly to stood in line, but the virtual queuing system, but it can let them waiting for, for other activities more comfortably.

this information is found in apple’s latest retail shop assistant training materials. We don’t know whether the virtual queuing system will be launched on the Chinese mainland.

it is understood that the iPhone 6/6 Plus 26 this month, starting in the mainland. A new generation of the iPhone while modelling let a lot of people are not satisfied with, but the powerful features of the latest service, let all competitors gasp in admiration.


LG to release “smart phone to automatically play music” speakers

hunting cloud network (note: if you are still bedevilled by speakers in a wide range of clutter and wire, because of the need to manually control the speakers, so LG’s latest these a few products, you must can’t miss it. LG before the arrival of the CES congress recently as we presented several of its latest wireless speakers. In to ensure the quality of music at the same time, realize the intelligent products.

is already preparing for CES conference (consumer electronics). Yes, although the CES conference are yet to come, but the first product of LG has released the first. Recently, LG has released its latest Music Music Flow series products, including three speakers and three new Sound Bar wireless speakers.

the latest product offers many common functions, including support for bluetooth connectivity, and help users like Sonos use family to connect devices in wireless networks. LG also released the first sound power is supplied by batteries. In addition, LG’s new products introduced an interesting new features, when your smartphone is close to automatically play music.

users need to install on your phone LG Music Flow applications. The applications and services and other kinds of music services for the integration.

so, you can use headphones to listen to music on the road home from work, and when you walk into the sitting room of home, the wireless Sound Bar in the sitting room acoustics will automatically continue to play music for you.

hunting cloud network editor gentleman mess of all kinds of power cord

that’s not all. Music Flow can also chat application through the Line to control. After add the service for the contact, you can tell it, “play some music party”, “after 1 hour closed music” and so on. Music Flow and the integration of the Line is part of the LG Home Chat service, the service will Chat application to connect to other kinds of “smart” appliances.

next month, we will take part in CES conference in Las Vegas. Please continue to pay attention to the Home more news Flow, at the same time hunting cloud network editor jun will also from the conference bring some other strange, fascinating and interesting products.


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Out of the box: Ki microphone wireless karaoke microphone can also be small and simple

(text/who blue)

catch users like karaoke and stopping with heavy and complicated pain points, Beijing kun plume technology has launched a series of wireless karaoke equipment. Wants to be a car in the studio and KTV room friends, can have a try, to build a mobile KTV rooms.

cloud network of hunting the Ki small box set, simple box by present who rob bright blue! Express little elder brother handed me a small package, one hand and elegant turn, left me alone in the wind, with express thinking recently bought what, seems not so small. Open packing is thick air beads bag, peel thick packaging, turns out to be KI small box set.

instant elder brother possessed by Edison, picked up a camera a picture, open the box, internal to a close-up, standard hd no. Microphone and Ki Ki small box:

see the combination of all parts, small and medium-sized too much than ideal is very plentiful, reality is bone probably is this meaning, however, the more compact, the better, convenient to carry, not of a hold feeling, comfortable.

Ki microphone, “small box” power adapter, power cord, audio line:

and the design is very concise and delicate workmanship, material selection and processing are very attentively. White, delicate, too much will only destroy it by the expression of creating concise style.

method of use: 1. Connect the power supply and speakers. 2. Start small box and a microphone, are a key to start, convenient and simple. 3. The mobile phone, tablets, or open the bluetooth, TV connected to Ki. 4. Use the karaoke software, mainstream K song software support yo.

Ki small box is the world’s smallest wireless karaoke equipment, which USES a variety of wireless transmission technology, using the power of science and technology, the wireless microphone, receiver, wireless receiver, effect and the mixer.

specific parameters are as follows:

cloud network to hunting is MU 008 s, everyone is concerned about its range, it imports with built-in lithium battery, the capacity is 2200 mah, the official of the battery life for 18 hours. Simple box here, real time and karaoke effect how, then hunting cloud network bring to you a thorough review, attention please.

Ki microphone

company: Beijing kun plume technology co., LTD.


cloud network hunting job advertisement posted

【 only a chance, you and future in-depth Internet with hunting cloud behind 】

group no. : 253998300.

in the group, you can:

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India’s electricity “mess” : buy a samsung mobile phone, but only received a bar of soap

hunting cloud network (note: this article derived from Indian man to buy samsung mobile phone is a brick as the starting point, revealing the cause of India’s electricity industry and logistics industry attention. Careful to highlight the Indian electricity industry and logistics industry of many of the problems and “chaos”, and the cause of the problem. Despite India’s electricity business development is very fast, but obviously industry quality and regulation is not to catch up with him.

Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy think a samsung Galaxy Core2 smartphone will be the wife of the perfect gift. But when electronic retail website, to buy from India to package by then, to his shock, open the package there is only a piece of brick, and a bar of soap without mobile phones.

the mumbai retirees were told that the phone is a dealer in transit (probably a Courier) is no good to steal. Therefore, Krishnamurthy do most now being annoy consumers would do: Facebook released on this matter.

although in India, the electricity business developed rapidly, but also with Krishnamurthy thering is no lack of the consumer. Logistics infrastructure: warehouse, skilled workers, the plane, and so on development degree is not enough, though the logistic growth to the United States, China, but still cannot link of logistics distribution and the United States and China.

Krishnamurthy in his page wrote: “on Snapdeal ordered a samsung mobile phone, as a result, it is a bar of soap!!! This is I received the worst of the worst service!!!!!! “He scorned was forwarded more than 21000 times, the forward with consumers complain that these complaints included in Snapdeal, and buy things on Amazon India also lost, damaged, stolen or delay in delivery.

the Indian market sales value increasing, next year may soared 70%, to $6 billion, but such a poor service will greatly affect the electricity of established in the market and consumers trust.

consulting firm Technopak Advisors Pvt sales deputy general manager assistant Pragya Singh said: “consumers can understand you once, but if done repeatedly, they will not choose to forgive. At the same time, you will be labeled as electricity industry does not keep your words.”


bet too risky. Since July, including masayoshi son and Yuri Milner, foreign billionaire, to it, Snapdeal and Amazon total investment of $3.6 billion. Mumbai Avendus investment bank Capital, executive director of Pvt Ritesh Chandra said: “of the cash-rich electricity traders is to occupy more market share in the fierce price war.

in October for three weeks before diwali shopping spree is India one of the most busy hot period in the history of electronic commerce, then all large electricity will be discounted for the consumers.

market leader it on October 6, the highest sales record, and published in India’s national newspapers and on TV ads, promised full as low as 1 fold. And Amazon and Snapdeal are on sale for a whole month, and at a specific date for the special offer, received a large number of orders. Customer demand for the big momentum beyond their imagination, several seconds can be a sale and empty goods, even the server crashed.

for almost all electrical contractor to provide transportation logistics company’s chief operating officer Gojavas Vijay Ghadge said: “it’s like in organizing a party of 100 people, you have to prepare in advance about 120 or 130 people to attend, but if 300 people present, the problem is very serious”.

complaints surge

related monitor collected many consumer complaints. At the same time, delay or loss of the electricity suppliers of the inferior goods and after-sales service complaints, consumers will be released on the Internet and social media. A middle company to collect customer complaints put forward: October received complaints of electricity is twice the average of the six months before.

it’s senior director of supply chain Neeraj Aggarwal said: “the biggest logistics barriers is airline storage space is insufficient.” Electricity, meanwhile, have also pointed out: “because of a shortage of warehouse at the airport, a large number of cargo ships carrying over containers are stacked on the stranded at the airport, so logistics company won’t be able to deliver on time delivery”.

in a telephone interview, in bangalore Aggarwal said: “if you rely solely on air transport, then you punished”.

in the warehouse any

Lakshmi from chennai in southern India Narayanan Baskaran at 8000 rupees ($129) on Snapdeal discount ordered a LED TV, but the time of delivery after three days and have confiscated the arrival of the goods, so he decided to go to the warehouse to find it.

the 22-year-old software interface designers and a friend of his search for the three warehouse in two days, finally result in chennai 18 kilometers (11 miles) of a temporary warehouse found his TV.

Baskaran said in a telephone interview: “it is definitely a super painful experience at a time. We are very angry, but, there is no use complaining, because the inside of the warehouse workers have worked all day in a row, were very tired, “.

Internet and mobile association of India said that India will overtake the us this month, as the world’s second more Internet users. People, however, are less online shopping. According to Technopak, according to 6% compared with 5% in China, with the United States, only 0.5% of India’s trade is derived from the network.


Avendus Capital Chandra put forward: “because of the electricity needs to ultra-low discount attract consumers never online, so dealers in rapid burning money, only so can give discount”.

Chandra also said: “now electricity without making money, but continued losses. This is one of the biggest problems “.

as of this year, Snapdeal and it has lost over two times. According to the Indian registered company statements, Snapdeal has lost 2.64 billion rupees, while it loss of 7.16 billion rupees.

3 years ago, the electronic commerce has not yet arisen, India between logistics agent is focused on the traditional business enterprise of express freight. The country has more than 100000 postal code, tens of millions of consumers, thus, set up a complete logistics network for electronic commerce is a very difficult. Before and only need to transport the goods to the specific business area of the customer.

Technopak Singh said: “in India, the logistics industry is very complex. Too much written documents and laws and rules, and each state is different.”

theft, fraud

Singh also pointed out: “this year’s electricity and logistics company employed a large number of employees, and weak supervision links lead to theft and fraud incidents in”.

Courier company Ecom Expres co-founder Sanjeev Saxena said: “each big company is taking steps to avoid delivery appeared chaos again this year. It, for example, plans to rely more on truck transport rather than air, and at the same time in the busy period temping hire college students. Ecom Express is used in some small cities such as mumbai pune) near the airport in transport, because these small city traffic more smooth, not traffic jam. At the same time using the sorting machine, working efficiency have been greatly improved.

unprecedented volume

Snapdeal spokesman Anjana Swaminathan did not Krishnamurthy orders and other detrimental to reply to email or send the wrong order. But in a statement, Amazon said that during the shopping festival “unprecedented volumes” cause delay in delivery, but companies are trying their best to solve these problems.

worked at Krishnamurthy India’s central bank said in a telephone interview: “I no longer online now. India’s e-commerce and many places to learn “.

he has not all losses of the online shopping. He received the parcel inside of dishwashing soap production of Hindustan unilever, which is. And the company want to pay for the order before he with samsung smartphone to make up for the unpleasant shopping experience.

a two bottles of dishwashing liquid coming with unilever’s message: ‘” it is as we can make you happy happy little effort “.

Krishnamurthy, said: “it was really good. But it is hard to imagine, I was just released on Facebook, caused so many unexpected things “.

Source: Bloomberg


GuanYun hidden: mobile phone FangZha artifact, give your phone wear masks

(article/who 闫森)

“don’t take moral positions to suppress * GuanYun hidden *, it was belong to personal privacy, GuanYun hidden just provides a tool, to buckle on moral damage * * hat is a bit isolate. We can’t interfere with user’s habits, privacy is absolutely has a demand of the market, we just provide the function of this, try to be perfect. We don’t have the slightest encouraged users to hide the immoral privacy to do other things. But in the industry, bringing a stigma. Recently also accustomed to, or make products, sometimes you will find that instead of scold at the sharp end of his is GuanYun hidden users.” Before a letter COO, a co-founder, presently GuanYun hide desktop CEO Qian Hao helplessly tell hunting cloud network privacy.

users in addition to use GuanYun hid hide WeChat trumpet, and hidden Momo other suspected “booty call” social products, such as he faced the boss can also be hidden in the secret little fun, go to work time don’t want to see by a colleague’s new boyfriend WeChat chat messages, with his hair a mood diary, pay treasure to silently in funding charities. These can all be positive privacy, since it is privacy will have the right to not know. Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network: we are the tools, so can’t go to interfere with the user, so can only as far as possible to fit all. Since we advocate hit privacy protection, so have to fully.

so to look at, GuanYun hide is how to protect privacy. Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network, at first, they tried many ways finally found it will be easier to protect privacy or gestures to unlock. Different way to unlock the desktop will have different phone display. The old version before step 4, 5, the new now only three steps. That is to say, the user is in a cell phone also has the effect of the two cell phones.

in addition to hide, hide GuanYun can also be used for message notification bar block, and at the same time open WeChat size, large open, small private. The trumpet received message will be disguised in public interface. the next version for SMS, contact telephone hidden, can be set when is not convenient to answer the phone users can read messages to remind myself. In addition to SMS, contacts, hidden team in the next version will realize the depth of the images and video to hide, even the antivirus software, file management software couldn’t identify. Improvement of technical level, and will not damage the original images, audio files.

it sounds technology is very simple, because the market in 360, the GO desktop applications to support simple applications such as hidden. But Qian Wu tell hunting cloud network, other products on the market just in the privacy of a small part of it is easy to be found that privacy can’t call privacy. Technically look simple things actually quite complicated. Their internal almost weekly update a version, mobile phones on the market for third-party android is different, each brand mobile phone almost separate custom, because want to make sure that perfect, so you have to follow up. Such as the beautiful MIUI millet, it updated we have to follow up, or small bugs in our eyes are always sick. Background is actually drives forward by the user, updates every time there are more than 100 details. So technically is not afraid of copying, adaptation detail need to spend a lot of energy. Anyway this is a business need a virgo. “I myself has quickly become a virgo, light on our company head office not neat, I feel uncomfortable” a look now. Qian Hao smiled and told cloud network hunting, entrepreneurial driving people into virgo, think of is also very hard.

Qian Hao before didn’t join a push, working as regional director of sales of anheuser-busch inbev, add a message (the last was a push) become a co-founder. “Before a letter earlier than WeChat even half a year, though when a message has been in positive and WeChat play. WeChat launched what, what we also before and after the launch, but failed in the end, gene, market, time to let it be. Finally I also understand a truth: if you are weak, don’t jump up and positive, others jumped up very comfortable, but it broke down. Avoid its sharpness, a change of direction, or low growth.”

Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network, the current team has 15 people, was a push system backend architecture designer, push the background product head totally winging be responsible for the whole of the GuanYun hidden technology, “he went after a away from state-owned enterprises, can’t stand the day that I entrepreneurship so join us.” GuanYun hidden at present business is the total charge Hu Zhenzhou Qian Hao university classmate, also in anheuser-busch inbev regional director before.

what’s surprising is that the current GuanYun possession of 4 as women using user, and hidden GuanYun user activity is very high, the active in more than 40%, in 20 million. A few months ago hidden GuanYun team have got together investment of millions of yuan angel, team has also recently in preparation for A wheel. Qian Hao told hunting cloud network: “privacy not only in the domestic market, GuanYun hidden overseas business is also important power objects of our future.”

GuanYun hidden
Company: hangzhou qin drilling technology co., LTD.
Address:, IOS jailbreak is developing

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


My office environment, a mobile phone application management your surroundings

when you worked in this busy society for a few years later, will know that there is a comfortable office environment is a how happy thing! Let Vivian Loftness professor to teach you how to make decision your place!

when you walk into the office, those smart sensors will automatically turn on the lights for you. But Vivian Loftness didn’t like them, she also don’t like the thermostat, because they will only respond to the Internet to escape the computer.

“now don’t want to let the users themselves is the mainstream trend of control, because it is the user the idea of some bad things,” Vivian Loftness said, she is the architecture professor at Carnegie Mellon university, is now by Robert l. Preger Intelligent Workplace the project, to study to improve the modern office environment. “We don’t like this trend, and we are trying to reverse it.”

Loftness and her team have developed a mobile application, it gives employees more power to adjust the office environment, and it is not like previous automation tools have to sacrifice something. This app called IDO (Intelligent Dashboard for Occupants), it provides a way for office staff to understand the building automatic system, can monitor lighting and temperature by smartphones. This is just a small fraction of all improve the working environment technology, the project to sell in the coming months to companies and government agencies.

today, office building waste a great deal of energy, such as heating up empty conference room, hall weekend also open air conditioning, no use but open the table lamp. This is why many companies will provide building automation systems, such as Siemens Apogee, Automated Logic Webctrl and Johnson Control Metasys, they will through automation management, to help reduce waste in lighting, refrigeration, heating and other phenomena, this is a good thing! According to the department of energy’s report, building energy consumption will account for 40% of the national. Therefore, the potential improvement space is huge.

but said Loftness automation at the same time there will be a very complicated changes, it may bring some inconvenience for office staff. Each building has its own complicated structure, it is not important for the work in which employees, but it will make you difficult to control the office environment. “Don’t talk about what we want to change, first make clear structure alone to consulting experts,” she said, “it’s like a car has a lot of we can’t understand function.”

she and her Intelligent Workplace team to solve this problem, they will be more than one data input to a building automation system on the dashboard, then use the system data provide you adjust the automation tool. Team has developed two construction management application: one is developed for buildings, another is for individual buildings or staff development.

by “construction manager”, her team can simplify multiple automation system and information collection process. Through the application of the employees, the staff will be able to control a particular device automatically, with their own mobile phones can lower the temperature of the office or meeting room, or to turn off the use of an empty conference room.

the project put forward by the team from Carnegie Mellon university, can solve any in line with the general standard of construction management system, including Siemens and Johnson control. The dashboard is based on the OSIsoft PI data system (allow them to capture multiple data streams, and compile them into a single source) and Microsoft Azure mechanical learning services (allowing them to analyze complex data). It provides managers and employees are a way to create your own automation tools.

like Nest (Google’s company) home automation tools, the system will be calculated according to the temperature outside it how long it will take to to reach appropriate indoor temperature, which means it can be before the employee to work to reach a comfortable indoor temperature. Team is also in time to update the application, so you can eliminate many equipment failures, it can record the energy dissipations of the each device, and then through the “construction manager” to remind the wrong behavior.

energy meter manufacturers Plugwise testing system of PNC bank, found in the test, using the IDO PNC employee than to use the application saves 38% of its electricity. So, many accused does not mean that the low efficiency.


Mobile phone magic: palm on “little scam”


envy the magician those amazing performances? Still struggling with those peculiar magic phenomenon is what happens? Do you also want to be a magician that kind of person, to the people around you show those amazing magic? Have such a curiosity you points come in and see!

although we very few ever like juggling Penn and Teller sensitivity, or as flexible as David Blaine, but most of the we already have a can perform the impressive magic tools: smart phones. The installation of the appropriate application and a series of exercises, your smartphone can let you learn the classic magic can even let you learn some new magic of the 21st century.

according to the design of IForce Rostami magic applications, the iOS and Android platform were priced at $3, demonstrates some of the best magic principle to us is the most simple. Some of the magic is just some chatter of discourse, pretend to cover the screen gently and made up an interesting story IForce can let some people mistakenly believe that you have supernatural powers.

step is simple: you asked you to perform magic tricks that personal thought something, then you pretend to guess the answer to his heart, finally in prearranged situation to show them your answer.

IForce the main interface is similar to a simple drawing application, the man you to perform magic tricks you paint a rough sketch to confuse them believe you. In order to achieve the result of magic, you make them think about something, such as to a Numbers from one to four, pretending to be written down on the screen. Then you put your phone face down on the table, ask them just to think about Numbers, and then pick up your phone to show them your correct “write” they thought.

this magic is how do you put your mobile phone. The application using your mobile phone sensors to perceive how are you doing over the upward (such as from the right turn or upward from the left), and with your actions of different display Numbers is not the same. If you are talking to your show and proficient in turn your mobile phone, the man talking to you will be fool to, even if only once and the people so far have not seen this article.

this interface design allows you to easily reach you. You can “guess” in the heart a number, the amount of food, including the world or predict the result of throwing COINS is positive or negative. You flip through a certain way and a certain speed your cell phone to choose the right answer to each of the different problems. It takes practice, but also is amazing.

ISensorMagic is priced at $1 on the iOS platform, he can achieve similar functionality, but only have a logo. It is limited, but for a laugh or two magic effect is good.

if you have to learn some more interested in classical Magic practices, I recommend the choice is Magic Tricks Pro. It on iOS and Android platform is free, but you need to pay some other additional fees.

Magic Tricks Pro provides a long list of an ordinary card card Magic and that you might see in the close shot footage of coin Magic magician performing list. You know from the complexity of magic, and there are video demonstrates these magic to us.

in the first paragraph of the video, you see how the magic performance; The second section of the video to teach you how to perform these magic, including what you need to learn skills, such as how to accurately hold your props.

with the help of the video presentation, only need 5 minutes of practice, I can be on the table I perform magic tricks.

this application simple and clear, and the video is effective teaching tool. But not all the magic is surprised, so you have to pay $3 for each video about to watch more video. It may be more expensive.

the Card Magic fans may prefer free Android applications by Montysmagic Magic Card Tricks. And like Magic Tricks Pro, this application will also teach you some in the close shot under the lens of performance practices, concentrated expression in card Magic. But in addition to these video teaching, they also have some text and a large number of illustrations.


these illustrations is very good, but I found from the video learning easier. You may have a different experience.

for close-up Magic, Magic card need to use your mobile phone, looks and Mikael Montier design of Magic Trick# 1 it’s not a big change, on the iOS and Android priced at $1 and $2 respectively, this is another “guess card number” of Magic, but the principle is the need for friction Magic your phone’s screen to find the correct Numbers.

you don’t need a lot of practice and memory, if you are almost as video teaching do you actually look performing magic effect is very good. I won’t tell you how it works, but you’ll fall in love with its simple operation.

the producer of the application in the Google market and apple application market have other applications, all applications with similar good-looking appearance design.

remember first condition is more practice.


Domestic mobile phone imitation way: copy of peace, happiness

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imitation, its synonyms is modeled after, antonyms is innovation. The basic explanation: individual consciously or unconsciously repeat the process of the behavior of others. Industrial design imitation which can be interpreted as: industrial designers consciously or unconsciously repeat the process of the behavior of other industrial designer. The art is good design is always the same view, said very gentle is imitation is the best compliment, rough direct thing is it was stolen, is lazy.

a few news last week let me interested: one home little-known “rebekah phones for apple issued a letter of attorney said the iPhone 6 suspected of infringing the patent of appearance design of mobile phone V6; Published two is large coke large coke 3 mobile phone, one of the microblog with headline: “# # 3 large coke like, don’t like? “. 3 it is looking like SONY OPPO, new OPPO R1C exposure. This thing in a day, it reminds me of many similar. Whether the recent lenovo asparagus S90, millet 4, meizu MX4, huawei Mate7, still have a period of time of millet 3, hammer T1, or huawei P6, seem familiar. Indeed, it is so familiar with, is the design of others. Over the years a numerous domestic people adhering to the “other people’s design is the best design” concept, will be whether the current peak of apple, standing in the industry or was referring contemptuously to die from no innovation of nokia, SONY solution that won’t be possible, or the most domestic hated the samsung copied a times. Are domestic carried them off. Solution is more let I don’t, imitate the industrial design even if, even to mimic copywriting and product name and domestic is drunk.

rebekah V6 with the iPhone 6

see here, there may be some domestic fans will said: “the phone like that, your TM can also design the flowers? Dogs from the things of the silly force, you don’t black domestic die ah, have skill you to design “. Well, in order to avoid such scolded, I understand domestic such behavior as they say Internet thinking, is in the positive response to a user’s voice, to solve customer pain points. Maybe the lenovo coke heard this year apple apple fans behind turns ugly, hardware upgrade toothpaste; So lenovo out the asparagus S90 flattening of the camera and remove the leucorrhea, a coke with a larger upgrade the hardware, brings you a meet you think about the hardware configuration of the “apple”. Maybe millet heard in fans: if the company is not WP system but how good the Android system? “For them. So millet out an Android version of the system of the company (millet. 3). Prominent domestic, is to the user’s demand as own duty. I want to have this consolation, but think carefully, this consolation really good? Domestic such behavior really good? I think such behaviour would be tantamount to quench thirst. Walk upon the path of imitation domestic, always can stand on the opposite of innovation, always can only is a porter, can only be the walking dead, can only bear the stronghold of stigma.

large coke

and domestic why have such behavior? People think there may be several reasons.

industrial design background weak

after rounds of international manufacturers of industrial design (especially the apple), after the baptism of the domestic suddenly found; Industrial design is a part of competition, and competitiveness is very important. Consumers have aesthetic, their demand for consumer goods has not only limited to “just work” stage, the basis of they also require consumer goods have aesthetic feeling, aesthetic demand.

maybe domestic are also want to have their own unique industrial design, has meet increasingly picky customers, expanding market share of their products. But Mr. Luo on domestic industrial design review is “was still in its infancy. Domestic, unable to stark reality is: Rome cannot be built in a day, a good industrial design also could not have come out of thin air, good industrial design needs time to precipitate, need to constantly try, correction has reached perfection. And domestic in the era of functional machine due to industrial design is not seriously, causing the accumulation of the industrial design talent is weak, no background, no continuity correction, nature also can not be in a year or two will design a first-class products. but in the current situation of the industrial design is weak and the contradiction between the aesthetic need of consumers increasingly picky at this stage has been irreconcilable, must solve in order to survive, to open its soil. so they chose another way, a shortcut. Borrow someone else already successful, big acclaimed design as a design of its own, relieve the contradictions of reality, for the accumulation of their time. This convenient and affordable, also can quickly meet the needs of the part of consumers. A “smart”.

to decrease the cost of trial-and-error

in the reform and opening up in China introduced to the strategies, hope that the introduction of advanced western technology, knowledge, and so on. But perhaps for “introduction to” with “foreign” words have a special liking, sometimes that without modification, completely follow. Its essence is a copycat. In the domestic mobile phone, this principle is especially striking. Principle is that the benefits of can reduce the cost of industrial design; Industrial design, belongs to a systematic project, he needs a huge resource integration, it involves all aspects; A set of industrial design is not about to finish, it needs the support of financial resources, a mold is a large glistening silver, although our bosses don’t money, but also to have a successful under the template also pay high cost for trial and error. So the others successful industrial design to greatly reduce the cost of trial-and-error, nature is a good choice. To this principle, we can say is designed to others compliment, for sure. But I want to say more such principle is based on not confident of their products, is to think that their products will not be able to succeed in the industrial design of the best evidence.


borrows the

why domestic or willing to trip to the muddy water, it means would look bad? I personally think that it involves an environment problem, now the domestic world view seems to be some distortion. The pride of this era manufacturers seem to is being scolded. In this era, aren’t you want to get can get scolded, vendor is scolded trigger envy others. Red will the so-called people are many, is more than can cause attention, attention to possible sales and possible future, one is scolded requires meticulous planning, the hype. And out of the most popular product of high imitation, just pay propaganda, can provoke from fans, drew the public ridicule, its communication effect nature than to cultivate a good many independent design of products. Such borrows behavior, which is beneficial to make maximum use of existing mature resources of others. To maximize the spread of purpose.

user has “happy”

we are in love top international brands of industrial design, its high above the price with my withered purse out clearly, so I can only is to look at. But also want to have a spring prick silk, also want to feel the so-called charm of industrial design. Domestic manufacturers keen feeling it. So are shouldering responsibility, meet the demand for international product appearance I prick silk, also can take care of to the wallet I prick silk dry. Let us also can pack to force, feeling the international that fit I prick silk natural also won’t care about the design of this product is your original or reference for others. So happy, and based on the seller’s reality, nature is copied.


written in finally: blindly imitate, is in quench thirst; It will only let us standing in the opposite of innovation. Let us always can only play the role of porters, can only be the walking dead, can only bear the stronghold of the blame. And I think Chinese is also not don’t want to have their own impressive industrial design, from this kind of steel alloy can see out of this year, domestic also began to attach importance to industrial design, also want to have the industrial design, but as mentioned above, Rome was not built in a day, good industrial design needs the accumulation of background, need to try and fix. But let’s go to lost the good chance to try, correction. Domestic! Short step, how to? Sincere hope that domestic can more original, a little less.

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Entered the smartphone thief grey’s career

Greg (a pseudonym) steal each a smartphone is the iPhone. The 19-year-old a thief in the “career” stole a total 5 cell phone, 2 of them in one day by stealing.

the last time he stealing is in May 2013, a quiet neighborhood close to the coast of San Francisco. That the situation is bad to steal. Originally he is going to steal a iPhone 5, apple’s latest product but in the end he only steal to the iPhone 4. The price of the iPhone 4 on the black market is only half of the iPhone 5, he got only $100. Worse, he because of theft smartphones are caught, for the first time and was sent to the youth.

in the detention center, the staff is not surprised for his crimes. Greg said: “when I was detained, the first thing they asked me: ‘mobile phones, right? ‘”

for today’s street criminals, especially the teenagers, the smartphone is the first choice for stealing. According to San Francisco public defender, as of June 2013, San Francisco, nearly two-thirds of the minor robbery case involves a mobile phone.

government officials say it appears to have formed a trend. In the United States, every 10 people using smart phones have a mobile phone was stolen. Throughout 2013, a total of more than 2013 ten thousand people encounter mobile phone theft cases, the number is almost 2 times a year ago.

in technology atmosphere thick and San Francisco, 2014 more than 65% of a few months before robbery are related to mobile devices. According to the California senator Mark Leno, in Oakland bay, that figure jumped to 75%. Senator Mark Leno submitted a bill, the bill requires smartphone to load switch “suicide”. In late August, governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, the requirements in July 2015, after all sales within the territory of California smartphone must include the technology. The security application allows users to lock their missing equipment, cannot be used by others, this makes stealing mobile phones become meaningless.

final theft

Greg is tall but not strong, but his shaking hands is very strong also very gentle. It is this kind of situation made him stealing technology: can quickly urgent spare cell phone from the victim, rather than relying on the technology of pickpocketing grasp skilled.

when I first met Greg, he was wearing striped shirt, black pants, wearing grey thin tie. After the interview, he quickly back to the company in the bay area, continue to practice work.

but in May 2013, Greg fell into a more desperate situation. Shoe he from the house not far from the sidewalk, there is a about 20 years old of Asian woman is standing on her car phone.

when I asked him if he would choose a specific situation to rob, Greg embarrassed admitted: “yes, this is a kind of prejudice. If I don’t think there will be a fight, that I am not going to grab the phone.”

due to growth in the host family, and met a bunch of friends, Greg walked from every evil way, that also received twice for criminal charges and a prison sentence. He hesitated before robbery, after all, he has not had trouble for 18 months. But he didn’t work, there is a 9 month old daughter need him to support, her mother in a couple of months ago was detected with cancer, the whole family are her disability to earn a living.

Greg parked the car in the street corner, his girlfriend, that is, her mother sat on location. He slowly toward his goal, take phone quickly, quickly run away. Then he drove to the central square, where is famous for buying and selling stolen mobile phones. Although he successfully sold mobile phone, but when he is ready to leave, the police stopped him.

police by the user in the Find My iPhone application tracking for mobile phones, and Find the Greg. The police on the beverage holder Greg found that $100. He said: “I could wake up off the hook because arrest me when my body is not stolen phones. But my girlfriend in a car, if they are charged, so no one can take care of my daughter. So I have to accept a trial.”

in his close in youth that Greg’s mother died two weeks, he began to rethink his life and steal your life.

feeding pigeons

the San Francisco police patrol Shaughn Ryan pointed to is on the Tenderloin block, the block is one of the most bad blocks the San Francisco police) Leavenworth and O ‘Farrell street corner woman said: “the victim.” The woman carrying a big cream-colored purse, staring at the iPhone.

she is not the real victims, but it’s easy to become a victim. Eyes staring at the phone’s screen, about everything around them without feeling. Ryan stopped a police car and rolled down his window, it is suggested that the woman pay attention to the place where she was going to. The lady said she would go to the corner of a popular bar, then shy accepted and left quickly. (after a few minutes, Ryan went to the bar to see if the lady in the bar.)

on memorial day weekend on Friday evening, I sat in the car, and Ryan and his partner Kevin about police officers patrol together, and I have tried to come up from the street understand why smart phone theft is so rampant. Police officers know that I want to write stories about the smart phone theft, so one night three, four potential victims are pointed out. But I think they can use anyone as a potential victim, so I try not affected by their views.

in through the crowded streets of downtown San Francisco, in the process of our car passed a halfway house, a Tony art gallery, a macy’s flagship store, also saw a flank the injured man. Through these areas like super Mario tunnel. Here a mixture of poor and rich, loss and opportunity caused here be steal a hotbed of crime.

police officers told me that every street in Tenderloin district is are the representative of the stolen goods. Market street and 7th avenue the representation of the item is a smart phone. Patrol passed before Greg was arrested, on the corner of the street corner is a shrouded in San Francisco’s city hall under the shadow of the open square. A group of young people in their 20 s and 30 s are counting on Carl ‘s Jr. window, officers suspected that this is the place where they are traded.

“Horan said:” here is the birthplace of the smart phone business to steal market.”

when a child with a smartphone to show off their own goods, a large group of people. World of Stereo shopkeepers Marwan Eadeh said: “it’s like to feed the pigeons.” Researchers aren’t sure where it would be most stolen smartphones eventually sold to the site. Some will flow to the local flea market, some may be far to Peru and Hong Kong.

black market buyers who are looking for those not locked or not was protected by security functions of mobile phones, because those who have the security features to protect mobile phone is difficult to restore the original factory Settings. Greg said, because the new iPhone or run apple’s iOS phone 7 system will have these security features to protect, so the old cell phone on the black market will be more popular.

wireless phone service providers will also affect the price of the streets. Greg, AT& T and t-mobile Mobile phone price is higher, because they apply to the global communications, easily diverted abroad. One of the most popular is the latest iPhone, no lock, run the city AT& T or t-mobile network. The price of 5 s is constantly changing, the last time I communicate with Greg price for $300 to $400, $650 now. And the same model is run the other network of mobile phone may only sells for $100 or $150, or less. According to police officers, a samsung Galaxy S5 is not locked, the original price is $660, as long as the $100 to $200 in the street.

although every phone has its own ranking, but in most cases among thieves or steal to get mobile phone. Greg said: “in this game, there is nothing to consider, you sell is not his own things, after all.”

legislation protection

in San Francisco, police said apple to cooperate with the police trap can be traced back to 2009. But this kind of set trap method not touches the heart of the problem.

lawmakers that “switch” suicide application can touch the core of the problem. Samsung and apple, two of the world’s largest smartphone makers have this app preinstalled into the mobile phone users through this app can remotely lock phone and delete data. Google’s latest Android mobile phone operating system version also includes the application. Like California’s bill would require security applications automatically enabled, rather than requiring users to start up. Released in September 8 has set this app to apple’s iOS default.

Tenderloin San Francisco police substation of Jason Cherniss captain said: “this is not a question of force, they need to break down stolen mobile phones, make it become worthless.”

although Minnesota no way of enforcing this app must be set to the default, but it is the first “suicide switch” bills were passed. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman also take the lead in put forward the proposal in the state of New York.

but not everyone supports the bill. Operators think hackers may use suicide, for example, switching applications. Wireless industry also said that they have to create the tools to prevent the smart phone was stolen. CTIA, a representative of the telecom industry trade organization), external and state affairs vice President Jamie Hastings, these tools include one for in the report and track stolen mobile database and a campaign to teach people how to avoid being stolen.

“switch” suicide supporters question the motives of operators pointed out that in the wireless companies and insurance interests between trading partners. Support bill of California San Francisco district attorney George Gascony, said: “in addition to interest, there is absolutely no any arguments.”

at the end of 2012, Gascony led a protest against the smartphone theft. Eventually, he with America’s main operators, hardware manufacturers such as apple, samsung, and manufacturers of security applications such as Lookout met, in order to find a solution. Lookout former security research director Marc Rogers once participated in the early meeting, he said, most of the early work to let both sides all stand on the same line.

“man, worth stealing cell phones?”

if, suicide switch application is for the purpose of the mobile phone theft is meaningless, so youth organizations Mo ‘Magic is that the purpose of those potential thieves, stealing a mobile phone is a kind of stupid behavior.

Mo ‘Magic Fillmore is headquartered in San Francisco area. In June last year, they and local people’s procuratorate and the public defender’s office at city hall held a rally outside the door. More than 700 from around the neighborhood children, teenagers and supporters took part in the rally, to protest the smartphone theft.

this is San Francisco public defense lawyer Jeff Adachi want to strive for. His office is in different city youth organizations “knowing” activities on a regular basis. During the meeting, he insisted to steal a smartphone is a crime. In California, three or more serious criminal crime, means that the longer term. nullnullnullnullnull