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After packed into incubator, you found that entrepreneurship in “slow”

author introduction: Ashwin Ramasamy ContractIQ is the founder of the company. This site is for those enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide a free service platform, mobile curators plan allows them to look for the outsourcing partners.

Hari is a smart and savvy entrepreneurs, with a start-up company. Sent the mail to me one day, he asked me if there is any need to add a business incubator. I wrote back he said there is no need to immediately. After we talked for more than 30 minutes about it, but now I don’t think I ever so warmly discussed this matter with him. May I thought then save a young entrepreneurs is the heaven gives my mission.

the emergence of the business incubator is to help the business start-up entrepreneurs to understand the Starting Up 101 (Starting Up 101 is for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and community members held a seminar), so as to manage their companies, and their teacher are people had taken part in the business seminar. The role of the business incubator is mainly tells how the entrepreneurs and the right to carry out the work ahead of time, according to the practice, the fledgling company will not only survive in the fierce competition, also in the development of after becomes more prosperous, even reached a tipping point.

on this point, on the opening ceremony of Y Combinator someone has mentioned the concept that is probably say:

in 2005, Y Combinator has developed a new start-up capital business model. These enterprises should first moved to silicon valley for three months, in this period of time, we will work closely with them, helping them as soon as possible to the company development direction, and sells them to investors. These emerging companies need to prepare your company’s statement, has been invited to give those by carefully selecting investors do show, hope to get their money. So in each year’s Demo Day this Day (Demo Day is a subsidiary of Y Combinator startup semiannual Demo Day), the whole event will reach orgasm.

so, as one of the top business incubators, Y Combinator think this is a new kind of investment way. It’s caused everybody’s thinking: “why I said the emergence of the business incubator is not bring these emerging companies help?”

incubator is not as “omnipotent” you think

if the goal of the business incubator is to give these a start-up funding to help rather than – the purpose of this project was to help the company grow, and it is definitely worth a cynical. Emerging enterprise aims to a profitable or can be built using measuring platform, will become a real concept of the ideal development can quickly solve the problem of the sustainable development of enterprises. Money really can grow up in “enterprise” and “development” two aspects of help, but most of these start-ups cannot grow.

the majority of the business incubator is like a centralized project need to cooperate with many companies combined, the cooperation period is N months. In this period of time, every month business incubator to work closely with the project staff, and the cooperation time is often within six months.

Demo Day is a very convenient way, or for all of the business incubator is a business tool is necessary. Those involved in the emerging, however, enterprise must in business incubator in accordance with the relevant provisions, within a prescribed limit to selected companies making a presentation and even completed within the stipulated period, the practice often dispelled the enthusiasm of the emerging enterprises, may even lead these companies astray, let them for their company information fraud.

I mentioned earlier be incredibly ironic thing is that these emerging enterprise to join the business incubator as a shortcut to get financial support. These enterprises obviously ignores the fact that only a small part of the enterprise can get funded (the proportion exactly is 27%). In this quarter funded enterprise, because you is a subsidiary of entrepreneurial incubator is different, your companies the opportunity to obtain funding becomes more uncertain (72% of the 2012 Y Combinator company of emerging enterprises obtain the fund support). I know some of the business incubator doesn’t even have a Demo Day, a group of students “enterprise” their graduation after a year of learning, no company funding.

sometimes incubator can imprison entrepreneurs instead

start-ups often happened a historic breakthrough, always get breakthrough for the future with greater urgency. Even use the standard metric algorithm to calculate the growth of these companies a week, and also there is no way to predict a in the first week of no will achieve great success of emerging enterprises after a year to get their dream of “holy grail”, successful development of their enterprises.

keep in mind that the development of emerging enterprises must strike will, so was able to successfully change their own destiny. This is at the very least.

the problems encountered in the process of enterprise development will not only brings to the enterprise’s running short, in fact, in many cases, they may even cause irreparable damage. The business incubator is unintentionally to instill some common-sense ideas emerging enterprises, and the notion of these errors are often embedded hard to eliminate.

when it comes to products can adapt to the market, some with experience and conclusion instead more helpful.

in a certain sense, practical and realistic to do it better than do the investigation and study on the surface of the surface layer. I don’t know this thing is how to write code that to allow the product to adapt to the market, but, by contrast, to study the problem becomes less effective. Might as well to have a good talk about those crappy MVP and those who seriously study plan who good who bad.

disposable fragmented than have been struggling and the last is also not escape failure result is much better.

as a result, in a hurry to show or unprepared, but obviously the ensuing face and investors to negotiate, there are obvious his own company would not get signal, all these problems with the help of the business incubator is particularly prominent. There are a lot of emerging enterprises directly collapse under the pressure. These can’t afford so much pressure emerging enterprises should be how to do? In my opinion, they should make good use of the business incubator of intangible assets for them.

mentors are busy, most of people are struggling to

my own itself is in a global famous graduate business incubator, and became the company’s a teacher. Last year, I received a business incubator company gave me two emails. Mail contents are told me some instructions I had the latest development of emerging enterprises. In fact, I’m not remember their names, or their company engaged in the business. I gave them on the course for three months, in and after class, no firm has contacted me and told me that their company’s progress. As their company started tutor, I have no contact with them, the feeling is so bad. Ha ha, in fact is the fact that, after I graduated from the business incubator, I have been twice tried to contact my advisor, but are only talked about five minutes, after that, I have never contacted them anymore.

no matter how much these emerging enterprises mentor is famous, or how they are ready to help others, in fact, after the enterprise session, these teachers also can not find a strong reason to convince myself, whether should continue to keep in touch with the guidance of enterprise. In a global network of business incubators, this means that you made it that long mailing list of objects, and you’re just a irrelevant this mail receiving objects. Therefore, the development of emerging enterprises are told that the mail is not a secret, can let the teacher exchange platform and the emerging enterprises, this mail, also will not bring any pleasant feeling to you.

“display” success doesn’t make you get financing

if you are on your own in the Demo Day this Day can get financial support feel confident, then you are wrong. To treat this problem as 500 Startups, a partner at Christine Tsai gives this view:

if you think you can be in the Demo Day this Day can get investment, that do you really think is wrong. , of course, I do not rule out your enterprise can have access to the investment, but it is very rare. A Demo Day meaning lies in that you can contact with these investors, get a chance to know them. But if you just to get the purpose of investment, you might as well call each venture capital firm partner, the activities of the organization or directly go to their company. You can also go through the network and investors who are interested in your company development.

no matter where you get the money, its color and value are the same. Has an outstanding entrepreneur, he once told me: “you can give investors a premium, you protect the investor’s premium, until you hit the next investors before his assets are not at a premium. Tasks without Demo Day, relocation and entrepreneurial incubator company make the mark (in case you didn’t get any financial support after the Demo Day) under pressure, you get the money. If you need to face all the pressure to get a sum of money, the money before the money and comparison, its significance is self-evident. A wise man will make the right choice. In addition, you also don’t have to pay extra money during this period to make on your Demo Day to show the samples.

to grasp incubators of “intangible assets”

so why would you think entrepreneurship incubator can help emerging businesses?

, for example, there is a place where I can meet all my customers and potential customers, why don’t I? As long as they go to participate in the activities, emerging enterprise can establish its own brand, with smaller efforts can select their own customers. This is why vc firms are keen to attend business incubator.

and education, business incubator is also need competitive business, here, you can easily find companies that can create great value. You, however, it is difficult to quantify the ordinary of the lack of value the impact of the company to its customers. If a business incubator can give emerging enterprises is put forward to the opinion of the question, can replace funding and an unknown financial support, and it is also the target of the enterprise as a primary task to complete. After carefully considering the premise, there is no doubt that incubator more get the welcome of entrepreneurs.

everyone wants to win. As a result, the number of companies to join the business incubator, in a sense can be seen as to these business incubator service quality evaluation standard. Because there is no other way to prove, so the first stand out from the incubator is the first selection of emerging enterprises. But these companies should bear in mind that if you want your customers to face the choice which one business incubator, obviously you put your customers involved in the business of the game, and it is meaningless. Karma is like a high-end prostitutes, you must first pay to enjoy the service. To apply for admission to the threshold of the business incubator becomes quite high, this will make your customers feel the game is worth to attend.

as I said, all aspects of the business incubator is not necessary for your company to have help, they need only on those factors to measure the success of your company, better than you do. Such as a large number of customers work, like you a good tutor, who will be selected in the bid your internal investment network and so on. That is why it is difficult to easily pull out from here.

so, if you want to choose business incubator to develop your own company, then you can choose the way a full of unknown risks. The rest of the methods not only cheap but also can make your company develop better.



Inventory IFA conference those spooky: “Win 8.1 devices

2014 Berlin international consumer electronics show (IFA) – 10, held on September 5. It is a Windows PC manufacturers launched a tide of holiday computer platform, this year is no exception. Today we will introduce from Toshiba, lenovo, acer and asustek, the latest model in the enterprise is pointed out that the trend of the PC.


Toshiba introduced a series of tablets running Windows operating system, including a heavyweight, of course, is the Encore Mini, it runs the full version of Windows 8.1 system, costs a mere $119.99.

of course, as a result of such a low price, the performance of the equipment may be not as good as other Windows 8.1 notebook or mixing equipment. Encore Mini screen for 7 inch 1024 x 600 resolution multi-touch screen, for 1 gb of RAM, the fuselage memory to 16 gb (support extended storage). Toshiba through OneDrive 1 TB storage space and a year of Office 365 Personal free rights to make up for the shortage.

the processor speed should be fast. Thanks to it is equipped with a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735G processor. 802.11 n single frequency, supporting the wi-fi and bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, both before and after the camera, the main camera to 2 million pixels.

Encore Mini did two things, it will be running Windows 8.1 system tablet with Android tablet as cheap prices, thanks to Microsoft’s free Windows (part) policy. Hardware not too surprising, after all, from Microsoft to Intel everyone insisted that earn a lot of money in this respect. But the company wants to seek new niche in the tablet market, to get growth. And there is no doubt that someone won’t mind always so cheap Windows equipment, although specifications configuration is not very satisfactory.

Toshiba’s another product for the Satellite Radius,11.6 11 inch screen, no fan, adopt similar to Yoga can hang axle design, Intel celeron, pentium chip. Screen resolution is 1366 x768. Full-size HDMI port, start and 2.0 interface, full size SD card reader, also supports 802.11 n single frequency and the technology of bluetooth 4.0. Basic model of system memory, built-in 4 gb memory 500 gb hard drive. The specific price information has not yet been learned.

Encore Mini is now on sale, and the Satellite Radius 11 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year.


is lenovo launched the game notebook products Y70 Touch. For 17 inch screen size, the weight of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), is one of the largest touchscreen lenovo laptop. Screen resolution of 1080 p, ppi was only 127.

according to its high price at $1299, compared with the configuration is not too disappointing. Intel Core i7 processor, the latest Nvidia GTX CARDS, 16 gb of memory, hard disk may be 1 TB hard drive or machinery 512 GBSSD solid-state drives. The fastest GPU is available with 4 gb of memory GeForce GTX 860 m. Support bluetooth 4.0 technology, close the backlit keyboard design even in low light environment also can clearly see the location of each key-press.

802.11 ac transmission technology is suitable for all kinds of machines. There are two USB 3.0 interface, a USB interface, a card reader, HDMI port, and gigabit Ethernet socket.

Y70 Touch will launch in October.


acer published in 2013, a design using Ezel the rotation ASPIRE R7 deformation notebook, but because of its strange trackpad and controversial. In this year’s IFA, acer continuation of the same rotor design, introduced the subsequent design ASPIRE R13, as well as the deformation pattern is small, but size bigger R14 laptops.

the Acer Acer R13 use is called Ezel Aero Hinge double rotor design, can let the computer screen to turn 180 degrees, and provides six different deformation modes. It is similar to dell XPS 12 some. But acer R13 reverse rotation design on both sides of the screen, rather than XPS 12 integral framework, seem to be more portable. When users touch screen or using the keyboard at the same time, regardless of all kinds of Angle is very stable, flip different mode is also very smooth. Acer said, the user just above the induction screen presses the button, the stylus can boot sole Acer Hover Access application software group, start editing functions notepad, or painting.

in addition to the rotor design, acer R13 is also very competitive in terms of configuration. With 13.3 -inch 1080 p, support the pressure sensitive stylus, screen resolution at the same time also has 2560 x1440 high-end models. Processors, including core i5 and i7, 8 gb RAM and 1 TB hard disk. Acer R13 will be on sale in November this year, the price is about $900 (RMB 5530).

R14 size larger. Operation can be 360 degrees, 14 inch screen, only 1366 x 768 resolution, hardware specifications supply 12 gb of RAM, 500 gb or 1 TB hard disk. Has Pentium processor CPUs and integrated graphics is optional, but can also choose to core i3, i5 and i7 processor series. In addition, also contain professional (although a bit low) GeForce 820 m showing a different option. R14 will officially open in October to sell, jump for $599.

acer R13

acer have also launched a series of Android tablets, but our attention is focused on a new generation of full hd entertainment tablets on an assortment of 8. It for $149.99, higher than Toshiba’s $30, but it is equipped with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 full hd IPS wide Angle of view screen, visual effect is better. Use 1 gb of memory and lntel Atom SoC, with 32 gb of internal storage. Equipped with front and rear cameras, micro SD card slot, mini USB 2.0. Also provides a year of Office 365 Personal use free of charge. The product will be released in November.

in the end, is 11 inches in one board notebook Aspire 11, the Switch has a unique magnetic bearing, easy disassembly, joint, reverse it. Switch 11, there are two different styles, the specification is different also. SW5 resolution of 1920 x 1080-171, using core i5 chip, built-in 4 gbram, 128 g of SDD storage space, 3.0 and 2.0 USB interface. And low order SW5 is 1366 x 768-111 of the resolution, using Intel Atom Z3745 CPU, built-in 2 gb RAM, 64 gb of storage space. There are two USB 2.0. Both equipped with Micro HDMI port, dual band 802.11 n, bluetooth 4.0 support functions. Basic model machine will start at $399, but a higher version of the 1080 p price has not yet been published. This product will be released in October, the revision and the Switch 10 this month that is available for $329.99.


ZENBOOK UX305 carrying 14 nm Intel core M processor, in addition, the 13.3 -inch display is used to design the hardware, with ultra-high QHD resolution (3200 X 1800). The fuselage thickness is less than half an inch, 2.65 pounds in weight. The highest can be equipped with 256 GB solid state drives, 8 GB of memory. HDMI output, 802.11 ac wi-fi, three USB ports and a SD slot. In this conference, however, asus did not disclose any price information on the notebook.

UX305 thin design means to eliminate the computing devices, an annoying: cooling fans. As far as we know, Intel’s official launch the new 14 nm chip technology, and named it Broadwell. Intel is bringing to the market with a new chip technology is a new generation of no fan super Ben and tablets. The most traditional super this, including many with UX305 competition system, is likely to adopt U series Broadwell chips. With Core M compared to a generation ago U series Haswell chip, it can significantly improve the CPU and GPU performance. Now also don’t know whether UX305 will adopt fanless design.

at the same time, asus EeeBook X205 laptop also attracted attention.

EeeBook X205 11.6 inch laptop, Windows 8.1 operating system, the screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Equipped with a quad-core Intel atom processor, 2 gb memory, 32 gb or 64 gb onboard storage. In many ways, the product can say once the seed of netbooks.

of course, it is not and former EeeBook computer brand is exactly the same. They changed the form, use the touch screen, improves the bearing design, but still keep the low-end component, the price is not expensive. Compared with the tablet, developed many netbooks. But you can still see them on some new products published today the influence of the Radius, (especially the Satellite 11 and low-end Aspire Switch 11). By the end of the year, asus EeeBook X205 will be sold in the United States and Europe, priced at $199/199 euros.

EeeBook X205 support 802.11 n wi-fi, built-in microSD slot, mini HDMI and two USB 2.0 ports, adopting Windows8.1 operating system. Original carrying the single-core Atom and built-in GPUs netbooks, speed slow maddening. X205 more modern, in contrast, the component will be able to improve the user experience. Who knows, maybe the success of small cheap Chromebooks, improved version of the hardware, will make the netbook category the credibility of the first step.

Apple reshaping social network? Acquisition Path deal is reached


in the past few years, apple has revealed to get their hands on the ambitions of social networks. Successive acquisitions PolarRose, Spotsetter with Ping but because of poor grades were forced to shut down. However, its desire to peep at social empire did not stop.

today, tech blog PandoDaily quoted people familiar with the news that apple plans to acquire social network Path, “acquisition agreement are basically.” At present, the potential market price is not clear.

this message so be taken seriously, because the person is in apple engineering team, has high reliability.

the people familiar with the matter, and had to buy retain talent closed product model is different, after the completion of the deal, apple will continue to keep the Path brand and business. Foreign media, according to the analysis of the Path is likely to be integrated to the new version of apple in the Messages application.

another also let the news or information accuracy greatly improved. Is said to have ended in the iPhone new product release, Dave Morin, founder of the Path (Dave Morin) to attend and seated himself in the front row. Normally, the front seat is apple to corporate executives and guest.

until last year, the Path is known as obvious social product halo, developing rapidly, and $2011 in 10 million, from $2012 in 30 million, the company valued at $250 million. But in 2013 the Path is turbulent.

company successively experienced layoffs, executives, and the giant takeover rumors. Originally in the middle of 2013 start the financing program (valuation of more than us $500 million) until January this year to complete. It is understood that the investor to the company valuations have fallen to $400 million, investment quota from $50 million to $25 million.

now, the Path in the App Store in the App Store downloads ranking dropped to 1000 away. Besides snubbed by consumers, the Path was also due to the failure to government regulators and apple’s review, in the case of without permission will be users address book back to the company server. Survey by the federal trade commission, company with a $800000 settlement later.


Baidu again online education layout, network’s $10.6 million investment in intellectual class


in successively investment amount after education, the class network, baidu again the deployment in the field of online education.

today, go abroad online learning platform intellectual class exam net today announced that the model has landed A total of $10.6 million in baidu A round of funding, company valuation of $100 million. After this round of funding, intellectual class network layout, team, the content of the product research and development, market operation and deep learning algorithms, etc.

intellectual class network education technology co., LTD., affiliated with Beijing innovation partners was founded in February this year, the former executive of new Oriental school WeiXiaoLiang, less zhai co-founded, corrects its a great wisdom and intelligence class two models, which corrects very wisdom focuses on the “practice” link in the online education, provides online spoken English in the form of crowdsourcing corrects, composition and other services; Intellectual class network is focused on “learning” link in the online education, in the form of recorded class provides study abroad such as ielts, toefl exam training services.

it is understood that this is the third investment baidu in the field of education, is also one of the largest online education A round of funding, and intellectual class net value of $100 million.

the original traditional education training institutions scattered distribution, regional strong, not easy to scale, in front of the technological revolution is facing the change of the industry. At present domestic field of online education is still in an early stage, rapid development. For baidu is also suitable for the layout of the stage. Can imagine, baidu will provide intellectual class network traffic and technical support, and that is of class network in the early stages of development need.

network CEO WeiXiaoLiang intellectual class, besides money, choose baidu baidu can bring intellectual class network involved in their imaginary space on ecosystem: in addition to traffic, many businesses such as baidu baidu video, the brain, baidu baidu cloud ecosystem, baidu direct number, etc all can realize with the combination of online education.

in view of the future planning, intellectual class network will power is in the following respects: one is the depth of the layout on the direction of mobile products and hardware, application research and development is similar to the low, use baidu brain, cloud computing and other support to assist in teaching. Second, rich content plate, such as increasing the cet courses in China. 3 it is O2O layout, the future will be and education institutions and universities form linkage. Four is the depth of the improved learning algorithm; Five, extend the team.


Mud – : more than selling sex toys, to teach you how to fall in love

(text/sun ce)

most Chinese lack of understanding of the interest or is not accurate, in baidu search “taste” the keywords, is some pictures of exposure to a larger scale, jiang-tao he don’t think this is a normal phenomenon. Actually appeal range is very wide, appeal reflects people’s pursuit for a better life, optimistic attitude to life and health psychology. Of course, an important part of sex appeal, but all is not the taste.

“mud -” through the way of community combined with electricity to run sex toys, and not just as simple trading electric business platform. Products through traditional FenLeiShi show, allows users to more quickly and accurately find you need toys, for small white users also defines many scenes, through the different scenarios and guide, help users to understand their own bodies, know for their toys.

module includes community and two parts, in the community between users to dating, exchanges between men and women, sex life, such as sexual health topics to discuss and solve. Introduced many gender problems of talent talent plates, such as emotional mentor strike up a conversation, sex skills talent, talent, talent of department of gynaecology, etc. On the one hand, the talent can provide users with more practical content, on the other hand through the fans gathered themselves together, and also give people provides a profitable way. The

“we think of sex and love are inseparable, many people don’t talks in love, or don’t understand the opposite sex idea, have a plenty of married after feeling weak, lost passion, we want to be able to help us better to love, better to have sex. Positioning is a focus for a long time in relationship (love and sex) of a comprehensive community, here we hope that users can get all the answers about relationships, so our way through the UGC, PGC to help users to get the answer to the question, the sexes put these pieces answers together, helps users from the pursuit of female (male) child, love, life the whole steps.” Mud – founder jiang-tao he said.

the appeal electric business do better, including A company xiamen fun “” he, arriving in September 2014 with morning 50 million A round of funding. Then there is the interest of the old electricity “and the hall”, in May 2014, also took the combined investment of 60 million yuan of financing. Mud – from the perspective of user privacy, the current focus on the mobile end.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, mud – will more women into account the user experience and the protection of women, and pay more attention to this male users “fun” is different. Mud – more emphasis on the concept of a fun and love, in addition to the adult supplies, there will be some help to relationship of other goods. More inclined to use only beautiful elegant pictures to attract women users, at the same time, there will be some O2O service docking, including mobile health, answer to the question of the sexual health occupies certain proportion the sexes.

founder jiang-tao he personal experience is more special, graduated from the university 4 years, 08 in September to join huawei company teams, Africa successively in Angola, South Africa, Uganda, experienced by black lanche robbery, a street shooting, and being chased by a elephant in South Africa and other things, leave on September 13 years and return home business. Part of the team members come from ali, companies such as huawei, jingdong.

“our culture is the Wolf culture and focus, focus on the sexes, hoping to help people better understand the relations between the sexes. At the same time, we decided that the direction of the, I think as long as we keep working on it and no one can stop us to become the industry’s first steps. We will keep on doing a sexual communities have higher style, we compare against the concept about the barrel of the gun. “Jiang-tao he said.

cloud network hunting understands, mud – team now plans to angel rounds of financing. Hope to find can identify with the concept of mud – investors, mud – at the end of December 2014, is currently the user some seeds in the trial of a small scale, and no large-scale promotion.

mud –
Company: Beijing love plus network technology co., LTD.

hunting we launched a personal account, micro letter please search micro signal lieyunwang add hunt you as a friend, pay attention to the latest developments in the industry!

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


Honey, mom and dad: netease department again, this time to play pension! Millions of dollars have blue chi vc investment

(text/jing-jing fan)

in the old business is not good, everyone knows. In general is still “young” in the Internet world, this business may not be fun, Internet startup of tves, to play the young man’s beer and skittles, do the elderly market, that is really don’t know how, and but it is big business. Hunting cloud network recently interviewed two former executives from netease, their entrepreneurial projects, middle-aged and old consumer services market.

before talking about old business, hunting cloud network also found a set of data: in 2013, the national working committee office on aging in Beijing released undertaking development, China’s first blue book – the China aging development report (2013). Blue book points out, the grim situation of an aging society in our country, in 2013 the national aging population will exceed 200 million mark, 202 million. Released by China’s ministry of civil affairs on February 11, the full text of the social endowment service system construction “twelfth five-year” plan “(draft) is put forward, in 2020 under the care of the elderly care services in China and life potential market size will exceed 500 billion yuan.

so big a piece of cake, want those who go down to the mouth certainly many, and who really understand the how the mouth?

when it comes to eating cake, have to tell me something about the people who eat the cake. Sun fang lei, lang lai, founder of science and technology, the first former netease property the national general manager; Yan, the co-founder and CEO of science and technology, lang, a former netease property, the general manager in netease for eight years. Two people at ordinary times is “good gay friends”, is also a good partner on the job, starting from scratch, oorganization, do content, play the market, netease housing made into advertising revenue for hundreds of millions of yuan in media portal property.

sun fang lei in an interview with hunting cloud network, according to a few years he had worked in a pension industry group executives involved in some pension program, discovered the endowment industry of Internet business opportunities, think of pension will be after the property has a greater prospect of an industry, and strict click to start a business. To a former senior engineer team set up a complete set of tencent and search technology platform, also from the traditional health care nutrition business to senior senior managers manage the supply chain, has more than two dozen people of entrepreneurial teams. Duly completed blue ventures for several hundreds of millions of dollars in the first round of investment.

with rot has been paid to the word “vertical” Internet vocabulary, sun fang lei has been emphasized that they do is a focus on service consumption platform by the crowd. “We’re not vertical electric company, with vertical electrical contractor to define we are too simple, we around the active people aged 50-70 years old, is a focus on older consumer goods and services of electric business platform”.

is emphasized and the traditional vertical electrical business is different, “honey, mom and dad” is not the focus some traditional industries, products, and has three parts: first, cooperation and brand, do your own shopping (or brand official authorized distributor); Second, and companies to jointly develop products; 3 it is to soon to import health products from Hong Kong emailed straight goods overseas buy business. Commodity types include health and nutrition tonic, massage care appliance and is suitable for the elderly and the consumer electronic appliances use fall into three categories. Among them, health tonic nourishment, will be the main products of high frequency to buy, like the maternal and infant milk powder or diaper. In addition, in terms of delivery channels, honey, mom and dad’s logistics is cooperating with the third party logistics, the main motion package mail delivery.

although honey parents do is in the business of the old, but choose from “the children for parents pick good things” of this demand. Sun fang lei remember last month made a special trip to wangjing soho to stranger stranger founder Tang Yan scriptures, Tang Yan also use consistent manner of straightforward question: why do you want to be middle-aged and old about Internet marketing? Low degree of middle-aged and old network, after all, children buy so strong love certainly is consumption demand. “This is certainly a relatively less popular in the market, but space is huge. After our consumption object is 70, 80, especially women. We have done sufficient research, between 25 and 35 years old, average monthly income in 6000 yuan of above urban women, on average every 1 to 2 months will be for parents and in-laws to purchase a product or service, in the Spring Festival, father and mother’s day festival, a year for parents to buy a single twenty times abound. This frequency as everybody the growth of the age and the increasing consumption and women.” Yan told hunting cloud network.

honey parents differs from other one aspect of the electricity will be determined and the community, property, sun fang lei think community and property is the most can arouse the enthusiasm of the elderly. For honey, mom and dad they possess rich resources of real estate, with vanke, Beijing urban construction, such as developers to build cooperation, has been welcomed by property developers and property. “Large developers face strengthen community service requirement, want to open the gap from the property to do the community service.”

now, honey, mom and dad are started on New Year’s day home “spring fair” activities, in addition to the traditional online and mobile world, a large part is within the community to the ground, to communicate directly by more frequent, long thoughts, learn more about their children and their parents “have you ever thought that the future we can be in middle-aged and old suppliers in the field of consumption community O2O?”

“children to a parent’s love, is a kind of emotional needs consciously, but full of choice difficulty and inertia. So we stepped up efforts to develop the APP, in addition to the existing electrical business, also want to add more for children family relationship management module, strengthening service.” Sun fang lei told hunting cloud network.

for honey parents long-term development vision, yan to hunt the cloud network said: “overall, besides a few product such as WeChat, with the rapid development of China’s Internet dividends, most of the elderly over the age of 50 is difficult to benefit, we expect to build service guide and direct consumption of professional platform to their child parents” honey “, the future can let the elderly in China also share the dividend of the Internet development, improve the quality of life.”

for vertical electrical contractor, whether on the vertical, or vertical category, eventually face is a niche market, meet the need of user segment, so you need to do enough professional and a unique niche, pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of the growth. For honey, mom and dad, how to get user trust, put a chain of supply chain do deeper, more professional and operation, management, and other details still need to continue to explore.

honey my parentsCompany: Beijing lang lai information technology co., LTD.

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New taste: fresh electricity of reverse thinking, based on the recipe ingredients of choose and buy

(text/plain HongGuang)

at present, the entire electrical dealer market of fresh style is varied. Such as cats, jingdong, shop no. 1 day, based on their electric business platform into fresh business; Such as wal-mart, rt-mart, yong hui traditional retail companies such as supermarkets, from offline fresh stores cut electricity; And traditional logistics enterprises, based on the cold chain logistics system to build fresh electricity, such as the motion; And new more vertical fresh electricity, such as youth, delicious cuisine king groups such as the development momentum is also very strong.

the author discovered that no matter what form of fresh electric company, the product of logic is to buy food home, based on the ingredients of the choose and buy recycled into the menu. While hunting cloud network recently a called “new” product, break through the conventional fresh electricity core thinking logic, based on the menu to the choose and buy the ingredients.

specific view, new taste (XinweiCook) is a young white-collar oriented western food production, food distribution site, can provide users with recipes, food package, such as ordering and booking service, to solve the problem of modern people early, middle and dinner food brand electrical contractor. New taste originally founded by founder Steve Ge back in 2013, in September 2013 began trial operation, constantly to collect user feedback during trial operation, improve the product core functions, and in April 2014. 2014 w angel investment.

team head hunting cloud network interview said that “new smell by the industry for more than 10 years of professional cooks delicious Chinese users against development, simple, nutrition, safety of recipes, and provide order in PC and mobile terminal, from food, seasonings, spices, and so on according to the menu to the user, user even without any food base can make delicious food at home.”

Fried duck breast with blueberry sauce

new flavour looks more like a recipe sites, but the kinds of western food is limited, but the common western food category, such as steak, pasta, fish, etc. New page design simple atmosphere, every dish has a separate page rendering, rendering the content includes the information of the dish (price, text introduction, need to use the equipment, cooking difficulty and time, and to provide the PDF download recipes), tips, pictures of all materials, and the details of the production process.

team leader said, “the use of the user process simple and convenient, first of all users in the site multichannel exquisite dishes of choose and buy a recipe; According to the user to choose a new flavor dishes, all the ingredients needed for the user, ready to cut, cleaning work, such as volume, packing, delivery to your door; The final user per step illustrated in simple production method, can make class restaurant food at home.”

the whole, is a new flavor provides menus and direct purchase of ingredients in food web site. Service based on the combination of the online services, online: home page of delicious food recipes photos to attract users to purchase desire, add appetite, cause shopping box, payment; Offline: new taste distribution precise ingredients for the user. Team leader convective cloud network, “the new flavor choice ingredients was originally a distribution to a 5 star international hotel, guarantee the freshness of the ingredients and safety issues, and express will choose to cooperate with the third party cold chain logistics, Shanghai inner ring 2 hours fastest delivery, rest one day in advance reservation can also ensure timely delivery.”

it’s not hard to find, and the new pattern of similar products, such as the young prince, warm food and so on, all have in common is the recipe combined with fresh electrical contractor, but their starting points there are still some difference. As young monarch play homely Chinese food, since the pattern, and warm food are main baked goods, everyone is walking differentiation competition itself. And compared with the traditional recipe is O2O, new flavor of the advantage of one-stop service mode and the use of user experience, new taste will core competitiveness on the online product development and operations.

at present, the new flavour has extended out of Shanghai, in Beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou and other big cities can day delivery. New taste, of course, also will encounter such as insufficient supply, market acceptance is uneven, the category of limitations, logistics and so on a series of complicated issues, but there is no denying that the new mode is worthy of user acceptance. In hunting cloud network point of view, new taste maximum value is another fresh electricity, from recipes, western food order of raw materials, to provide users with the convenience of western-style cooking dinner at home.

“in 2015, the new flavor will introduce heating ready-to-eat bags, to meet the needs of urbanite lunch, and further optimize the operating costs of all the profits to the feedback to the user. New taste will to provide convenient, delicious and nutritious food as a starting point, finally become city people diet solution flow entrance.” New taste team finally said


new flavorCompany: Shanghai fe trade co., LTD.

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Lightning expenses: the first submit an expense account management software, service at startup


the people flock together, followed by nature, the entire 2014, start-up companies flocking to O2O. Also has some to avoid crowded highway, one tree Bridges, cloud network to introduce the hunting is a service at startup, aimed at innovation project of enterprise expenses reimbursement – lightning.

in October 2014, lightning reimbursement received millions of RMB angel rounds of financing, venture capital investment institutions to day. On January 9, 2015, the first domestic free in view of the business enterprise cost management App – “lightning reimbursement” officially released online, ios, android users can download. So far, the country has thousands of businesses are starting to use flash to submit an expense account. Entrepreneurs demand for various business support tools seem to also become increasingly urgent.

yes, access to the chase: submit an expense account is a lightning of the services and products, the purpose is to solve the enterprise of traditional reimbursement for examination and approval of inefficient, not in a timely manner, statistical analysis, cash problems, such as the loss of lightning reimbursement for examination and approval of mobile, bills electronically, real-time data analysis and automatic generation of expense account, etc, are in different link saves time, improves the efficiency.

method of use:

1. The managers “lightning reimbursement” APP download or registered web side, the only ‘micro letter binding code.

2. Employees focus on “lightning reimbursement” public accounts’ WeChat binding code. This time can set the hierarchical relationship between them, according to the enterprise organization structure, set up their expense account should be submitted to the who. Once has the expense, through the micro letter photo function to upload documents and select the project, can be a key generation expense account, submit for examination and approval.

3. The employee a key generation expense account, the system automatically collects the same paper, and remind management of examination and approval, managers can look at anytime and anywhere, the expenses of examination and approval. Through the expense account will be automatically sent to a mailbox, employees and post a ticket as long as the printing on his expense account. Was relieved to fill in this one, the data will be more accurate.

other functions:

1. Spending statistics: the home page can see according to different statistical period (day, week, month, year) according to the categories of spending accounted for.

2. The calendar spending: spending a day, according to the paper.

3. Ratio analysis: the company’s expenses spent on what project/personnel, and what percentage of the take up?

at present, small and medium-sized enterprise cost management is part of the is staff reimbursement. For friends in the company, the internal cost management is difficult. Common people take turns to buy food, buy groceries, are generally not take turns to, who will go to buy, who was paid, then small notes on his own name, to a colleague, month found salary, along with all the expenses. Found in wages, in what was supposed to be a happy thing, tube zhang is the most busy, first to sort all your receipts, neat to the corresponding colleagues name, and then calculate the total amount of each person. The boss wages to tube zhang’s colleague, and then pay treasure to the corresponding person.

finally introduce, lightning reimbursement CEO yu zhen atlas, 32, this belongs to the second startup, has many years of experience in business services and business consulting; A former north soft huizhi investment management co., LTD., vice President, director of Beijing’s investment and financing department of the soft exchange, ernst & young, a senior consultant; Electronic information engineering of shandong university undergraduate course, master of software engineering, tsinghua university. Lightning for the development team has many years of enterprise management consulting, financial management and technology development experience, and long-term for entrepreneurs to provide management, financing and financial advisory services. Product design on the basis of financial compliance focus on simple and efficient, easy to use, and balance the needs of management, employees and financial personnel.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, in addition to the development of the free “lightning reimbursement” APP, Yu Zhenhuan belongs to strong and brand to have a complete set of offline services “lean” charge to an account, mainly for clients to provide professional services, bookkeeping agency client mostly for high growth of start-ups. Cost is 150 yuan a year,

lightning reimbursement
Company: strong and injection start-up technology (Beijing) co., LTD.

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A – P – P – L – E data processing: apple how to let customers love it?

the well-known Apple fans are very enthusiastic, thanks in part to Apple’s retail stores insisting on providing perfect services to customers. Business Insider net interviewed Carmine Gallo, he had just finished for the Apple on the feelings about customer service book “experience Apple”, he told the website revealed how about Apple retail stores will do interesting inside so perfect customer service.

the irony is that Apple does not agree with the “constantly recommend they don’t need the service to the customer”, and that is exactly what Comcast, China mobile, unicom, telecom giants such as willing to do.

the Apple store employee will be trained to follow a short name A.P.P.L.E customer service guide, it is these step-by-step guide to customers so satisfaction.

Approach with a personal, warm welcome

A – to one-on-one reception and hospitality warm

the Probe politely to understand the customer ‘s needs

P – polite understanding customer requirements

the Present a solution to the customer can take home today

P – develop a customer can take the product home that day solution

Listen for and resolve issues or concerns

L – listen carefully and solve the problem of customer concerns or

End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return

E – farewell and to express customer again

we noticed from the specification p neither represents “force (Push) customers to buy more expensive but useless service” nor “let customers waiting (Postpond) three hours until the closing”. In fact, Apple is more of a training employees to be truly helpful and able to listen carefully to customer needs and to the people to solve the problem. Just it’s a pity that such a very simple but effective idea has not set up in some industry.


Antivirus search engine Google to become hacker “try” new tools

in these before releasing new software company, Microsoft, apple and they will be tested code, to ensure that the software running, and check whether there is a bug. And hackers and cyber espionage, too, if you are them, you should want to see in the most are the Trojan virus exposure of his own to storm victims system. And, more importantly, you don’t want to victims of antivirus engine detects you put those malicious tools.

so what should you do? You will submit your code to VirusTotal let it to you for the first test, if can pass its testing, So want to stolen So easy. Here, you might want to know whether VirusTotal is a what kind of god, don’t worry, we will talk about it soon.

you have such a doubt for quite a long time, hackers and national spy before the official opening of the malicious software, will use Google antivirus engine test, but has not been true. Not long ago, the independent security researcher Brandon Dixon tracking several high-profile hacking group, including two high-profile national hacking team, in their by VirusTotal hone code technology, development of tradecraft, Brandon Dixon caught them a present.

“VirusTotal against being used,” Dixon said: “this is really a satire. I never thought a country would use a public test system for such a thing.” VirusTotal is a free online services, founded in 2004 by Hispasec Sistemas founded in Spain, in 2012 and was bought by Google. It set including Symantec (Symantec), Kaspersky (Kaspersky Lab), security (such as f-secure) kill soft launch of more than 30 kinds of virus scanning program. The researchers or others if found suspicious files in a system, can be uploaded to VirusTotal, see if the scanner is to identify it as malicious files. But VirusTotal this in order to protect the system and the existence of engine, but inadvertently give hackers provides opportunity, allowing them to adjust the test their own code, until the code can fool anti-virus tools.

Dixon has for years been to upload the file data for online tracking, now he has identified some hackers and hacking team, they have been using VirusTotal refine the code.

he is able to do this, because each a file will be uploaded to the VirusTotal metadata. These data include file and upload time, still can store the IP address of the uploader is compressed, by IP address, we can know in which country these files are uploaded. Although Google hid the IP address, prevent user information, but through the hash, we can still know which several files from the same IP address submitted. And, oddly, Dixon monitoring several hacker groups like to submit the malicious code with the same IP address, don’t understand the word of a wily rabbit has three burrows.

use of their own to create a set of analytical algorithm of metadata, Dixon found some documents submitted by the patterns and rules, he speculated that the metadata belong to two well-known network spy team, one of the points should be haunted by Iran. Dixon has spent months of observations of these organizations, they use VirusTotal gradually perfect code, soon, the scanner is more and more difficult to detect these after grinding of malicious software. Dixon watched them closely, and in some cases, Dixon can predict when they will attack, and even when users suffered attacks – when he saw some once again tested code appear on the VirusTotal, when some victims found them on the machine, and submit them VirusTotal test.

as to Dixon is how think of metadata research VirusTotal so instead of means, that is because there are security researchers repeated the hackers use the site as a testing tool. Until now, he still not willing to publicly discuss his research on metadata, he knows that it will make hackers change strategy, more difficult to catch them after the fox’s tail. But he also said that the current VirusTotal database has enough historical data, enough for other researchers to study and find out those he didn’t find the net. So not long ago he openly developed code, the code can better analyze metadata, so others can also began to study independently.

Dixon said, get data can find out the hidden BOSS this upgrade is not exist. “Find out they are a very difficult thing, when I just begin to pay close attention to these data, just a confused, very anxious to grab land, I don’t know what I should look for, also don’t know how the hacker is tempered, until I find a hacker.”

Dixon track to Iran of an unknown hacker or hacking group, in the past only a month in June, file upload about 1000 virus, thus acquired a lot of the soft kill experience. In some cases, they can always keep not hair, until the successful completion of the adjustment, to bypass any anti-virus software.

now hacker groups on VirusTotal activities have been exposed, but there is no doubt that they will not converge, will continue to use this engine, just will change the way, let you more difficult to find them. Dixon happy about this. As long as the security company to determine who test on VirusTotal malicious code, they can find the opportunity to find their clues, grasp the features of them, before these code drop out, create good corresponding defense mechanism.