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Notability, foreign students favorite king “universal” notes applications

in the past few years, Notability has become a kind of application of the students like it very much, they want to use it to take notes in class of the record of the lecture recording at the same time. This app can be used in the device and the iPhone. From now on, the function of Notability all it intact to the desktop platform, to achieve full platform owned by the user. Now all the user anywhere can access their notes.

Notability by a man named Ginger Labs organization to create, in creating their first pursuit is by a man named soundAMP mobile applications to help people with hearing impairment and solve the problem. At the same time, with the help of the earbuds, it can help to expand the voice of the users around the world. But the company soon realized, can use the iPhone’s recording function can realize the function of other aspects.

they figured out how to synchronize to record the user’s talk audio with the notes of creativity, and Notability arises at the historic moment. It is not only a can save the application of text notes, Notability can also support a variety of input methods. Users can use the inside of the phone and tablet applications to add images and text, you can even through the embedded document and the page content directly to import into their notes. In addition, text and audio can be added to the timeline at the same time.

Notability support users in any designated location to create a bookmark. They can also click through notes jump straight to the corresponding audio. At the same time, notes can also be kept up to cloud storage, the user can access them directly across the equipment. These files can also be exported to other supported file formats, such as PDF, also can be used with other same Notability of users to share files, or automatically added to the user’s Dropbox folder.

the application flexibility and relatively low price point, help it received many different use cases. But according to the founder Fred Mitchell, so far the biggest use group is still in the field of education. Notability is seeking from grade one to the graduate students of all ages. Some teachers even through the app to give students homework, homework can be finished by the software upload sharing to Dropbox folder.

according to Mitchell, in addition to students, Notability also has a number of professionals are using this app, including some architects use application to mark their ICONS, some lawyers have replaced the traditional with it the legal pad.

now Notability was transplanted to the Mac App Store, it will be more useful. By using the up, the user will be able to seamlessly in all their apple devices sync and update their documents, it has brought great convenience to users. Just launched desktop applications, however, the price of $9.99, this price is Notability is usually compared to the $4.99 is a bit on the high side. (note: cloud network editor king hunting mobile version of this app is a sixty percent discount, $2.99)

with school season, Notability is currently ranked first in the apple app store. But this app support students in their laptop to use, so the Notability has a very large group of potential users, this group of users will very likely download the Notability of desktop applications.


Startup guide: how to quickly get the angel investment?

(compile: small white)

when you are with to search for startup capital, angel investors are like god give you unexpected surprises. But, want to raise money from the hand of the angel investors, but also is not easy, at least not as easy.

in order to further understand how to successfully funding from angel investors, we interviewed twelve successful entrepreneurs from the youth entrepreneurship council. An interview, I asked them the same question:

if I want to be successful from angel investors to raise funds, what a thing is worth me to pay attention to?

they answer is as follows:

1. You will be hitting want to jump off a building

there are a variety of reasons can make the angel investors to sell, and at the same time in order to get a “yes”, you have to go to create a series of persuasive opportunity to attract their attention. You may get from those potential investors or positive or negative answer. But remember, don’t let these or affected as a result of good or bad you fight all day long. Because even the best idea, 95% of the negotiation results still can make you depressed. But it is not important, as long as have a definite answer, you can start a business. -,

2. You need to figure out what they want is

angel investors generally only care about two things: first, they’re very interested in the project team and firmly believe that only those members contribute to the development of the project; Second, they are very bullish on the product development space and great prospects. Make sure your angel investors is the investors according to the normal play. Because for a little bit of money paid far more than the value of equity or control such things happen. -,

3. Ready to “be careful”

Poshly investors include some of the permanent angel group. We note that, after the successful bid, these investors like to closely review by investments. Prepared in advance all the financial statements, financial forecasts, references and the evaluation of competitive will help you smoothly through the review process, so as to let you as soon as possible and investors investment agreement. -,

4. But, you also need to “review audit” angels

like investors to review for you, you also need to know about your investors do as much as possible. Each amount jindu has its purpose, more consulting references as well as with the other chat support from entrepreneurs from the investors, it is very necessary. Especially focus on the failure or not achieve expected results of entrepreneurs, and they talk about the story between they and their investors have a good harvest. -,

5. Woo that only 20% of the angel is enough

the angel investment network gathered a large group of investors has the resources, power, they were there listening to entrepreneurs. This may seem a little difficult — what do you want to put your plan successfully instilled in one of many in the audience. But we’ve won two angels group of investment success. What we do is to simply assume that 80% of people in the room not interested, while the energy mainly concentrated in the remaining 20% — those who will listen to us. But that 20% of the population, is a lucky pool filled with potential investors. -,

6. You must know how much money you need

clearly understand how much you need to raise capital and used to do. Clearly understand why you need so many money, and have the ability to predict when can reach the break-even point. Clearly see your profit model, to find out the loophole. Figure out these questions, in you to investors sell your business plan will make you more persuasive. -,

7. Angel investment is not only a dollar, or your helper

when you get money from angel investors, what will matter is not how much money do you get from him but because of who you investors. Most angel investors once business owners or entrepreneurs, or both. Select a feedback to give you the biggest investors. A passionate investors in startup the road will give you good advice and help, can make your business get twice the result with half the effort. -,

8. To think of yourself as the “buy insurance”

your investors are your customers. Therefore, to treat you like maintaining a sales cycle fundraiser. Every investor long-term training and need to continue to follow up, just like you treat your potential sales customer. Before investors decided to invest in, and after that, when the heart communication is the key to obtain the trust of investors. Every month we will email to current and future investors to report progress of the project, tell them where we need help, we plan to do something again. -,

9. Angel investors are more concerned about why, rather than do

people don’t care what you do, they’re more concerned about why you do so. Share with them as much as possible in your task belongs to that part of the “why”. It is more important than what you are trying to solve the difficulties of. Tell them why you cling to solve this difficulty, tell them what kind of success is of great significance to you. -,

10. Want to find like-minded investors

focus and those in your industry have a certain understanding or experience or very interested investors keep communication. Every investor has their personal experience, if your company’s domain or industry exactly investors have had any previous experience success or investors have very deep understanding and experience, so the possibility of investment attract them will increase greatly. -,

11. Ability can’t loss to the angels on the wine table

they are rich and have a lot of experience – awesome! But this does not mean that such an angel investors is also a perfect business partner. There are many companies to go downhill not because of money or management problem, precisely because of interpersonal relationships. However, entrepreneurs are often easy to ignore one thing: in terms of investment sign his name means the beginning of the cooperation relationship. If it is a suitable investors, you have to spend a lot of time to work with him. So, make sure your investors taking beer test. But first you have to determine your ability to talk about business on the wine table does not lose to your investors. -,

12. Good faith is supreme

potential investors to open to you, loyal to you also. Don’t to investors who may give you investment or those who believe that you will make progress in the near future people hide any information. Once you deceive them, light beatings to you, or your company will likely face prosecution. At the same time, faces the reality bravely and truly evaluate the value of my own company. Many entrepreneurs in the first place because too confident and overestimate the power of their company. -,


Cattle man! 12 months to create 12 “company”

if you have been disappointed to collect less than interesting GIF dynamic figure? Like Oprah (Oprah) wonderful talk live, or who’s ghost and trash to an intimate contact? You should thank god, now called a Gifbook company launched several digital flip ebook (animation), with this book, you can watch anytime and anywhere favorite GIF dynamic figure, not bitter ha ha with computer. And cheap oh, three books just $25.

that sounds like a prank, silicon valley is scripted fortress and technology of TV field. But Gifbook really is a real Internet service. It is formed by Pieter Levels, a 28-year-old Dutch guy, this magical young person and programmers, designers, three jobs, the founder and Gifbook is just one of his many incredible online services. Continue reading…

Yi letter “encounter” function

on September 2, hunting cloud network news, according to sources, the easecredit propaganda will be launched in September “encounter” light social module, will soon meet with the user. Currently encounter has been in the phase of small scale test, is expected to quickly to the market at the end of the test.

from to get the product screenshots, encounter will be reflected in the news page, click browse with sliding card, you can see strangers online at the same time; Sources, easecredit encounter team is working on a new algorithm, can let users have more opportunity to meet the right person, but not limited to the people nearby. Such as timing, charm, dating behavior, like preferences, personal data, and other factors will affect the met, so dating success rate will be greatly improved.

in addition to avoid embarrassment, encounter excludes contacts and friends in the letter, that is to say not meet acquaintances, make social is not at home. In the encounter with a stranger dialog message will not be confused and letter friends, users can set their own personal Settings for more information, photos, let encounters richer interface. In addition if you meet people who are interested in, can express heart through the “like”.

“encounter” lighter product shape, product design into the stranger social many elements. According to sources, “encounter” also designed some measures to prevent harassment, such as message cannot continuously to strangers, and prevent malicious harassment item added to report.

this year in terms of product innovation, in borrow carpooling, ask features such as push users growth, encounter as we continue to explore important attempt to strangers in the field of social, the personage inside course of study analysis, strangers are the rise of social each mobile IM for the cake, encounter will probably bring easecredit user the outbreak of a new round of growth.

Apple’s new child prodigy, 15 small handsome boy grant goodman

Apple and Google, the two giants in the smartphone market in the empire, has put the war spread to the industry on the search for the “emerging talent” : yes, that’s the age of 13 for their genius for mobile application development.

last year, when Apple will be pre-loaded iPhone “tubing” (YouTube) applied to remove, 14 New York teenager Grant Goodman (Grant Goodman) seized the opportunity: quickly developed a called Prodigus free advertising video applications, realize the iPhone video online without playing at a high speed. Prodigus was already his second iPhone application development, recently conducted a third app – he called “iTap That” of the development of the game, and even formed a company called Macster Software company to operate the business. Next week, however, small business owners began his high school life will step out of your business!

he said in an interview: “if a person can start at a young age, that he will be better than those in their 20 s to have an advantage. In general, the human mind will be more flexible when young.”

nowadays, the popularization and application of intelligent mobile phone shop for developers to open up the existing market, provides many opportunities for them, and Grant is only one of this generation of young talents. In general, Google last year spent more than $5 billion in the developer; While Apple inc. spent as much as $10 billion – plus the cost of 2008 since the launch of the app store, this number will rise to $20 billion.

now, for the sake of the development of mobile operating system, Apple and Google are getting a child prodigy. Such as Apple have been reduced in 2012, its annual worldwide developers conference attendees of age threshold: from 18 years old to 13 years old; In addition, the theme of the conference on students scholarship, Apple will also for young winner a registration fee of $1600. In this year’s conference, Apple introduced a way to simplify the application development process of a new programming language: Swift, and a total of about 100 entries is scholarship application developers from a minor.

while Google I/O developers conference in June this year launched a youth program: recruited 200 teenagers aged between 11 to 15 for half a day’s training, to introduce them to the inside Google developers use some of the basic development tools.

although Grant is a Apple scholarship winners, but this does not prevent him to develop a Google glasses is used to display the battery application of allowance. But he admitted that he prefers to do development for iOS devices, because of the iPhone developer and the focus on the characteristics of the concise let him very “crazy”. To this, the mother of genius Becky Goodman said, though programming summer camp, and the computer equipment is very costly, but can get joy and satisfaction in the process of looking at her son in also value: “we are not filled with looking forward to spending his training to become the next mark zuckerberg, we only hope he happy.”

mountain castle peak building outside the building, outside these gifted children have their own heroes: Nick D ‘Aloisio. 12 years old start programming of British boy D ‘Aloisio in 17 years, and he sold his mobile reading application Summly $30 million for Yahoo company. (cloud network editor: hunting and media said after seeing reports of Summly li ka-shing, namely email to Nick said interest in the application, when the boy is only 15 years old… ) on Apple’s worldwide developers conference in June this year, D ‘Aloisio small paper also because to Yahoo company developed another news reading applications, has won the design award.

Nick D ‘Aloisio

“I hope in the future I will be standing on the podium.” A 16-year-old boy from the interview to say so. This named Douglas Bumby young accompanied by grandparents drove all the way from British Columbia, Canada, arrived in the United States to attend the meeting in San Francisco. To scholarship application, he spent more than 70 hours burnish their applications, added some features, such as a function can be accurate to second age count.

it is worth mentioning that Douglas, the first app works – Just Go! , a running with a stopwatch in during the meeting, also formally on Apple app store. But because of the age threshold, the application can only be registered in the name of his grandfather.

in fact, you are under 18, the developer of the product cannot be released within the Apple’s app store, so many teenagers developers choose to use the name of the parent or other guardian to register. Although Google’s app store has not set limits in terms of age, but also requires developers to a credit card to register children, virtually also give do not credit card caused a certain.

Douglas admitted that he sometimes being laughed at in the school is a nerd, but he doesn’t feel foolish, instead, like at the conference and exchange, the tech-savvy even met a from Australia peers Jason Pan as a business partner. Yes you read that right, that is, business partners, the two hit it off, quickly set up a company named Apollo Research, and set about to jointly develop the application of a named Slate by them. But let Douglas more headaches, minor developer is still difficult to have drawn the attention of the investors and customers: “I even a bit older.”

don’t assume that a child prodigy apes are necessarily male program, there will be stand out from the heroine, Sarah, 21, Rust is one of them. The same as Apple scholarship winner of Sarah, unlike their peers would consider to open early career don’t give up the University life, instead of steadfast completed at the University of North Carolina (University of North Carolina) studies, and is considering pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. But indifferent Sarah also feel shock for the fast development of peers: “they absolutely too smart, smarter than most adults still likely. Visible age is not a necessary condition for success.

15 Ahmed Fathi said in an interview that his hometown self-study app on the iPhone in Egypt: “because my computer teacher is not clear what programmers do; My friends think I’m crazy, from time to time to ask, ‘what are you doing? ‘”, he says, since two years ago his uncle taught him to create web sites that day on, he became interested in programming. Through the tutorial video on the tubing, and programming q&a site search result of Stack Overflow, he learned how to make the development of mobile applications. This month, he is in Apple’s app store launched a for the drivers on the road and the rider application – Tweader tweets to read.

still, to participate in the Apple developer conference let Ahmed Fathi open up horizons: not only at the San Francisco, also visited the Apple headquarters and Stanford university campus, and even participated in the local a special high density for the development of new software cooperation activities: programming marathon. After a series of experiences, Ahmed, gives a simple but profound summary: “the people here are very love technology.”

Ahmed Fathi

Source: WSJ

To enter the game consoles? Millet, tencent, or will bid for Ouya

(/horse relief yi wen)

, including millet, tencent, China’s Internet technology giant, recently is open source host game system development with the United States and equipment manufacturers Ouya, acquisition negotiations. Although the two sides haven’t reached a substantial offer, but sources say that the technology giant hope through domestic host game market lifted “dongfeng”, enter the game host field.

Ouya is launched in 2013 games consoles, using a custom version of the Android system, is the first to open platform game. Product project in 2012, founded by senior professionals Julie Uhrman game, and invited the designer Yves Behar cooperation design projects and product manager Muffi Ghadiali together form a work team. Ouya within a month of time, through Kickstarter raised $7 million, finally for a total of $8.6 million development fund, once as the site have always longed for was the second fund-raising project. Development kits have been ship on the end of December 2012 to game developers. Ouya not only made his $99 game consoles, building hardware and software are also committed to the integration of open source host game ecosystem. Currently the platform has brought together more than 40000 developers, a total has more than 900 games.

after, millet and Ouya to discuss cooperation matters. If the successful cooperation, the Ouya platform of nearly 1000 TV host game is expected to be introduced in millet and millet boxes and other products.

Ouya Android in the field of strategy is to be the host of the game. Through an open, low-cost strategy to challenge Microsoft, SONY and nintendo. But unfortunately, Ouya market performance is not ideal. In view of this, for today’s news, hunting cloud network editor you think there are suspected of Ouya hype. However, we do not rule out the possibility of the bid.

first of all, millet and other people on the rush to make sitting room entertainment program, to avoid huge streaming media editorial policy risk, to host a game is a good idea;

second, host game market despite the relatively small, but high customer loyalty and spending power. This for tencent game such as “power”, is a very lucrative field. In view of the development of the domestic giant lack of game consoles and manufacturing experience, acquisition of a shortcut.

we will continue to pay attention to this event, for you to make a follow-up report.

After the meizu MX4 before you need to seriously consider these questions

cloud network hunting on September 3rd (word/water Yan)

science and technology circles of the long-awaited meizu MX4, finally yesterday flyme4 issued together with the latest version of the custom system. All sorts of rumors, suspense now settles, delicate do manual work design and the performance of the fate of function, price that grabs an eye, and so on. Many details with precisely the rumours before, to become the first haven’t release has fully exposed the meizu phone.

it all came too fierce, many people may also get confused like hunting cloud network xiao yun, question? Praise? Worry? Support? Hand without your head. To be sure: : meizu look is ready to fall cruel-hearted screwing this time.

about MX4 specific parameters, I believe most of the readers have a certain understanding, xiao yun here as a “nature of the porter”, again to go into a:

design process: aviation aluminum magnesium alloy frame borders one (0.03 mm glue buffer dangling screen structure design)

screen: 5.36 -inch JDI IPS screen, 1920 x 1152 resolution, screen accounted for 80%, 2.6 mm border.

network type: 2 g/3 g/4 g (five modules, dual 4 g)

WLAN function: WIFI, IEEE 802.11 n/b/g

system: Flyme4.0 (functional integration has reached the beautiful miui even higher level)

processor: eight nuclear MT6595 (four nuclear architecture A17 + 4 nuclear architecture (A7)

run points: 46124

RAM capacity:

2 gb

ROM capacity: 16, 32, 64 gb optional corresponding price (1799, 1999, 1799)

memory card: MicroSD card extension (128 gb capacity)

rear camera pixels: independent ISP 20.7 million pixels (fool camera, professional regulation, beauty is adjustable, 25/SEC shoot, 4 k camera… )

flash: double color temperature dual LED


3100 mah a day and a half life ()

build on such a price set such a configuration, independent to view MX4 is undoubtedly an excellent production, worth buying. But if someone wants to make a horizontal contrast, the ratio of still can give a person falls on many of the tangle.

cloud network hunting today’s inventory is to hope for the majority of virgo, avoid ocd, let your life be suddenly enlightened, this passage forget pain choose .

phone design process

believe many media are keen to point out that – MX4 copy has not yet released the iPhone 6 appearance. The forehead. But also it can be seen MX4 adopts the latest technology.

machinery production technology in the mobile phone, the latest technology to choose good production is not much. So in high-end machine (especially the domestic brands) we often find a outstanding design, continuous released next few phone is this kind of design. Reason is that they adopted new components of the same design.

MX4 although looks too dark, in the photograph is ugly, but from the point of the real machine, complete process design is very delicate and exquisite, you most likely to take lateral comparison of 4 meters, was sent a few class in front of the process.

then launched and the white version, local tyrants gold version, perhaps can sweep the dark atmosphere. So everyone is the first to rational knowledge: what color do you want?

more new phones

prior to the release of the MX4, meizu boss Bai Yongxiang has signaled, meizu next to a month to release a new handsets. When to end? All the five new handsets in wong tai sin said after release, perhaps the meizu month came to an end when the groom “menstruation” strategy.

so, at present the MX4 just a standard edition, we can confirm back more innovation function version of the MX4 with different positioning. For like fully functional, be short of one cannot, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, it should consider in advance. For readers to buy more practical product, also waiting for two days.

the meizu phone anyway don’t rob, even if the meizu policy changed, should also is a policy in line, not so no conscience.

core parameter confusing point

the first core parameter is MT6595 CPU. This may be a lot of people holding don’t put the pain points, after all, mediatek “shanzhai king” reputation. This for how all uncomfortable virgo, think twice before you buy.

but actually want to be king “shanzhai” the monument after more than ten years to fail, also need good technical strength. Mediatek is cheap solution of the road, but says people do not performance excellent high-end products. Same as qualcomm 28 nm HPM technology, the size of the ARM of the latest technology, and about the architecture A17, also does not have an expert not dare say that the kernel, after all, the best power consumption than in the swinging.

the GPU kernel is also with the latest kernel PowerVR series. Now to check the data USES is G6200, compared to apple A7 processor adopts G6430 belong to a series of a portion of the gap in performance, power consumption, but the difference is not big, the chip area can be made smaller. Under the latest IP technology, frequency, gap is almost trivial. With Xiao dragon 801 enhanced the speed of the Adreno belong to a level of 330.

and the other to worry about the ISP, audio DSP is done with independent chip , there is no need to consider the stand or fall of mediatek. But actually mediatek hard on video decoding, independent audio DSP adaptation technology is very good. To know in the era of functional machine, mediatek started to worry about these.

so worry about the quality is good, hold not to worry about millet cell phone shanzhai is a reason. , is used in samsung’s CPU processor performance all excess, entertainment rabbit ran a points figure a secure line .

the second core parameter is running memory . MX4 running memory is 2 g, the latest flagship horizontally compared with other domestic manufacturers, and even old flagship has reached 3 g. MX4 really behind on this point.

MX4 field trial, the background to open a dozen app, also did not feel caton. Optimization of flyme don’t have to worry about. here is going to test the virgo: is the universiade more important, or memory, the design process is important. (under the same price, MX4 memory reached 32 g)

violently strong function of practical

4 k video recording, various professional regulating function of photography, 40 t cloud storage, embedded security center, the weather, the yellow pages, voice service and so on with the third party cooperation, these functions need it to be? Useful?

the first hardware of 2070 w megapixel camera, 4 k on the video recording, temporarily is useless. Didn’t the phone’s screen 4 k 4 k video recording doing good? Pixels of 2070 w, 10 M on TV show is not complete, what’s the use.

but if the phone up to three years in two years, 4 k, such as television, cell phone started to shoot wide application, such as these are useful.

, and integrating the system into the multi-function, useful? Indeed, most applications rarely used. They have the biggest significance is that spare nothing turned out to watch the feeling is very beautiful. Other, millet to do the same.

but meizu do actually still quite restrained, integrated into the basic applications are common, not commonly used service is more integrated into the secondary features, operate more like a game, too.

phone life fever

mediatek fever life want to do good, after all, has been the target of low-end market. Meizu official also claimed that MX4 life reached a day and a half a bit longer time. In the subsequent trial really machine, xiao yun obviously feel the phone is too hot . But after all, xiao yun lined up nearly an hour to get a mobile phone.

but before xiao yun have a lot of tour groups to try this MX4, opened more than a dozen app background, on the set is set directly into the result of “high performance model”. Specific normal use fever, everyone still refer to the following review.

intelligent third-party hardware

intelligent household hardware and wearable devices is a hotspot of the past two years, millet bracelet killed camel price also caused the market a great earthquake. The meizu offer an olive branch to everybody: “you just do, I’ll help you sell!”

the meizu is cooperate with several new hardware manufacturers, including a period of time before all BroadLink curated by millet. Now buy MX4 can simultaneously at a low price to buy inwatch intelligent hand ring, sapphire cover board, display time, Ghost drones, BroadLink intelligent socket.

after the want to discount, this time the choice, there is much more relaxed.

this release MX4, can be said to be “meiyou fill regrets” tour, many previous meizu was criticized for defects by solving one by one in this time, once in place. Products of considerate heart to beat, even the entire conference looks more mature than in the past, and a more “interesting” “ground”. This is xiao yun saw the ground product launch, no business-like.

the tongue flicking straight, skinny, not fat paper o.. Just how good the food is not too clear the meizu, worry is a new intelligent hardware, ecological health monitoring equipment, suddenly and hard to imagine, and threatened to contracting Mr. Luo. At this point, the meizu misia mystery for head out of the event. Is love? Are baby?

after the meizu and hammer strikes, misia could face a red, lower the head, with his natural breath voice said: “in fact, the somebody else is also a fat paper.” “Yes, fat paper difficult get fat.”