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How to build a 10 billion a month in reading weibo activity

in this paper, the author is department microblogging operations manager

recently on weibo ice bucket challenge, in just 10 days, ice bucket challenge popular microblogging, # # ice bucket on weibo challenge of reading has also broke through 4 billion. Inductive power to the challenge of ice bucket, also happens to be # # with weibo to travel online for a month, combining with the experience of some I do social media, on social media operations and share with you some of the ideas.

I do activities in weibo operation also have three or four years, this is also I did in the third quarter, # # with weibo to travel, at the beginning of the year do fly # # let red envelopes. A month to travel with weibo online activities involved in more than 64 million people, the total amount of reading related topics of 9.92 billion times, compared with half a month of 2.98 billion whole tripled, this for a vertical in weibo is a good result.

do activities also pay attention to the right place, right time and

the days, is to choose the appropriate time, do activities on weibo, when was the first choice to consider what kind of activities do. Just think if ice bucket challenge this activity in the autumn or winter, the participation there is so much that the effect is certainly not so good. For traveling with weibo, too, starting from the summer to the end of the eleventh is the peak season, which covers the summer vacation, the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, this is also the most people will choose to travel time, travel with weibo to choose this time it is accorded with the travel demand, poured ice water over the summer, in summer and golden week travel that meet the timing.

the so-called right, is to see whether this activity is ground, can form online interactive, just on the online activities are difficult to fire up. As ice bucket challenge, not only in the online speculation, also busy in offline, online communication affect more people in the offline, the participation of offline to online communication also more material and content, the interaction to keep the heat. With weibo to travel to a mass discussion on travel on weibo is stimulated, caused more people want a trip for said come away, and these people share more in the process of travel guide, photo and video, which triggered discussion on weibo more again, will the heat of the activities through online. This also drove the active participation of all parties in the tourism industry, such force, was formed from online to offline, returned to affect online O2O closed loop, has realized the right time.

and so-called, is to see all you have to do activities and twitter audience is in line with the crowd. We through the microblogging users to add tags and attention, the content of the release of statistics, found that travel the number of users of weibo industry users first, one of the largest hub weibo has become a tourism enthusiasts, this also let weibo is very suitable for tourism theme activities. With weibo is numerous, weibo users are related with the micro blog have a lot of young, at present, after the 90 weibo has become the largest user group, we have statistics to participate in to travel with weibo users, nearly 50% of them after 90. Nelson pan after 90 consumer reports also show 90 and 70, 80, after is different. Different concepts in 70, 80 after the fight, life after 90 more advocate along with the gender, and look forward to a trip for said come away. 36% of the generic would you like to go to travel in small long vacation after 90, the ratio is higher than 29% of the general population, it is people. Had, geographical and human conditions at present, also have demonstrated the activities based on weibo.

set the reasonable threshold Let users are more likely to participate in the

the threshold of the activity is directly related to the active participation. Statistics show, in the process of user registration, the registration guide each step, you will lose 10% of the users, the user as well as when to participate in activities, the more steps, process more cumbersome, who participated in the activities of the less. Activities, therefore, to design as simple as possible, steps to as little as possible, to as much as possible, easy to operate. On the design of the activity to follow the strategy of KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID), the activity design of core standards, KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP a fool type operation. Ice bucket challenge to participate in the threshold is very low, only need to be a bucket of ice water pouring down from the head, and put the process photographed or recorded video posted on social networking websites, making users are willing to participate in.

ice bucket compared to challenges, took the weibo to travel the involvement of the lower difficulty, in the journey to share photos and video is every traveler often do, we are as a way to participate in activities, not to increase any threshold users to participate in activities, users only need to do is take the activity inscription # # with weibo to travel. Didn’t go to travel for the users, we have a more simple way, the user simply forwarding, comments, and even thumb up with words inscription weibo, can participate in the lucky draw, the lottery is also very quick, only need two or three steps will know whether the winning and get prizes, which allows users to attend the activities more smoothly, to participate in the activities of the threshold is lower.

low threshold, easy to participate in but also attracted the participation of stars and celebrities, with weibo to travel activity attracted a sweet scene from the start, liu language such as stars, with the deepening of the activity, more and more famous stars are also involved. Activities launched a month have their arrival, shang wenjie, ma tianyu, han hong, Ren Quan, hu haiquan 39 stars to participate in the activities, most of them are on twitter to see this activity, active weibo related to tourism, and they released weibo is also easy to cause, a tweet could be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of interactions. If it is a cumbersome process, I think the star is not willing to participate.

the combination of material and spirit award to stimulate the activities will be made more popular

we usually do in the event there will be some prizes, but how to choose the prize also learned. In the set of prizes, we first prize related to tourism, on the awards set selected the global popular tourist routes, on small award we chose the pre-paid phone CARDS and red envelopes. This travel with weibo cooperation with taobao travel, tickets for the event will have a chance to take a red envelope, ticket is a just need, almost everyone traveling need to purchase a tourist attractions tickets, and again on taobao travel has the national more than twenty thousand tourist attractions tickets, this for people who love travel, the prize is truly useful. Even if there is no travel plan, for some people who love travel, prepare for some tickets for price ticket.

we also adopted in the setting of the chance of low value and high chance of way, some of the activities in the microblog by setting awards is really attractive, even also has room for car, but this kind of activity is too low, the chance of a lot of people just don’t want to participate in, not to mention again and again. We through statistics on weibo user behavior is also found that users for those low value and high chance of activity participation than those high value low chance of activity, and once the user winning, also repeatedly to participate in, the degree of intervention is also higher. A comprehensive chance to travel to this season with the microblogging is as high as 90%, to this end, we also have to limit the frequency of each user can participate in lucky draw for a day, to prevent repeated brush for a few users. We also adopted on the set of such train of thought, last year’s award is the South Pole, this award is really attracted a lot of people to participate in, but for the overall activities of the meaning is not big, we divides the award this year nearly a popular tourist route at home and abroad, every week there are awards, let the world become the theme of the activities, the overall heat and participation than a swim at the South Pole.

there is only material reward is not enough, also need spiritual incentive. Many users don’t care about activities can bring us what kind of material reward, more hope to get more recognition in spirit. We found that in the process of activities, weibo users upload a lot of photos in travel, these photos are good films. For this, we think, whether can recommend these works to stimulate the enthusiasm of weibo users to participate in the activities. We dig good films, to get it out to the weibo mobile client boot screen this weibo attention highest position, this is the first to use for weibo netizen original works as a boot screen, we still work with the author’s weibo account and head. The incentives received very good effect, the first picture of the boot screen, by the activity of the primary account is released, a forward quantity reached nearly twenty thousand days. On August 2, yunnan LuDian after an earthquake of magnitude 6.3, we select a picture of a colorful yunnan as a boot screen, known as “the south of clouds, my heart is with you”, the theme and blessing to the quake-hit areas together, also received very good reputation. It also emotionally close the distance between activities and the participants, let them feel the activity is associated with him, and then share with more people around, led to more and more people participate in.

these are just some of the I according to their own activities in operating experience to share with you, hope I can have some help to you.


Cold tablet phone pushing 1500 cool new product take out the mobile phone market in the ceiling

on January 13, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool great god has just announced his “Internet phone brand third”, released the X series flagship of the great god brand machine at the same time, a great god X7 and experimental CoolUI6 incorporates some 360 services. Details you can walk to the cloud network coverage, hunting for details.

the cool the great spirit of the new flagship released several is worth thinking about changes and problems:

a: a great god gave up the start-up, 7 inch tablet phone’s flagship product design;

2: this time announced a great god will launch three price X/N/F product line of gear, visit ZhuFangHao said after the meeting in the future will also launch a higher price of high-end models;

3: the minimum price set by the 1599, the great god X7 “1500” in addition to the spot price of N series.

behind the triple action, herald the coming of the mobile phone market in the ceiling, greatly to cloud after atmosphere. And the adjustment of the product line also shows the android ecosystem shortcomings and deficiencies.

smartphones running concept is deeply ingrained, android ecological bad, leading to the road of differentiation in bad go

run points from entertainment rabbit has been heavily promoted by the ray booth after evaluation mechanism, the smartphone and tablet market run points ethos is, has been speeding car, even with all the media has been smashed Michael investment, the fact that the rabbit.

people to run the superstition of the influence of the whole mobile phone industry to be reckoned with, especially the Internet brand mobile phones. People’s understanding of mobile phone quality, has been thoroughly subjugate to run this only partly reflect the performance of mobile phone chips unilateral measures, rather than the overall quality of experience.

as a result, the difference of the domestic mobile phone development become more difficult, is with a heavy shadow layer.

the cool 7 inch tablet phone flagship of the great god abandoned the original layout can be seen, a great god, 1 s even joined the 3 g, 4 g phone, quality workmanship process also of no help.

in the interview, the great god to hunt cloud network brand President, said: “7” the great spirit of 1 and 1 s total sales of less than 1 million units in 2014, more than 500000 units.”

and as a result of the android ecosystem is too open, severe fragmentation, not good to protect the interests of the developers, the android tablet can only use “general version of the application,” road of the differentiation.

all these together, make the smartphone market competition fully concentrated in a few flagship chip homogeneity product price war. In other words, the needs of users from reduced to homogenize sheet is tasted, two to three and so the homogeneity of products on the market popularization have two years time, how many mobile phone users have to buy?

therefore, cool great god has already started to prepare for the Internet brand in 2015 the introduction of the offline channels, dislocation in order to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud network hunting in the previous interview in detail about the situation, you can set a detailed understanding.

market bottlenecks, in 1999 sank to 1500 to save the machine?

2015, as the inference of the domestic mobile phone market in the ceiling, the front also noted that the current user demand is “eintopf experience” android, numb to the original need two or three reduced to homogeneity product portfolio to meet experience sheet is tasted, the manifestation is the mobile phone users will view is concentrated in the end product.

the homogeneity of the mobile phone in the end products on the market popularization have two years time, the user’s purchasing power has been inadequate.

how to improve the user’s purchasing power? Cool great god choice is, on the one hand, adjust the target groups for high-end consumers, on the one hand is to further reduce the price of end products in the original, in order to reduce the price to promote consumption.

inference, the machine configuration to get one thousand yuan are not rob, increase the purchase price or step to 1200, 1500 or so to attract machine for rob to less than one thousand yuan of users, at the same time attract mobile phone consumers in the end, has certain market rule base.

how is the effect, we are currently unknown, but this strategy, combined with the participation of 360 supplement products experience, the impact on the peers. The mobile phone industry will develop into what kind, to see how this week millet layout.

in the end of the phone around.

one thousand yuan machine because of its low price quality, makes the product upgrading of speed, the ceiling is not easy to appear, but the long tail consumption ability is too low.

high-end machine due to the rich man is not bad money, so the upgrade also is not a problem, unless local tyrants sudden mass bankruptcy. And long tail consumption ability.

one thousand yuan machine competition? How can top high-end machine? See you later how the situation.

about 360 in the great god of position, this a great spirit of the conference, or did not give an accurate answer, (after all to do consider ~) for subsequent long term long tail propaganda, on the one hand, the new joint venture appointment has not been confirmed, on the one hand, cooperation detail exquisite precision in business, is the reason that the can’t say more.

but can be finalized that 360 is responsible for the service of CoolUI integration, part of the system optimization, 360, most of the services will be within the first integrated into CoolUI step by step.

360 can also priority to obtain through the great god and cool the supply chain, channel cooperation, to provide strong support for 360 new hardware department.


Looking smartphone 2015: life and death “shuffle”

(article/chapter adjacent)

2014 mobile phone market, has to leave also have new, the main tone is inheritance and improvement , overall a bit dull. 2014 mobile phone industry trough, fight wars, imitation plagiarism and so on. Still has not 2014, we are looking forward to the emergence of disruptive innovation, or even how many exciting places, maybe we are looking forward to already beyond the speed of the development of science and technology at the present stage, that we are looking forward to, to have passion. But we always want to be able to have the appearance of disruptive innovation, always want to be able to have the manufacturer bring us scream, amazing. We can only change the expected in 2015. 2015, I think the mobile phone market will not let us down. Too many manufacturers need to prove himself in 2015 took power product. About 2015 mobile phone market advocate tone, I think is awakening and innovation. Year comes, please allow me to do read a outlook 2015 mobile phone industry.

one, life and death watersheds, WP 2015, rise or fall?

three mobile operating system market share has been the dust settles, mobile operating system in the market share on the history of the PC era, and name just sit above the top of Google rather than Microsoft; In ten thousand the second apple is immovable; The absolute dominance of Microsoft and the PC era can only in the era of mobile operating system using WP system struggling to pursue, in order to keep the third place.

plot turn too fast, so everyone also very attention to WP can rise. The trend of the past year looking I will say “this year will be the rise of WP year”, but the cruel reality always fills in my face. 2015 again, for prediction of WP, I want to say is the 2015 WP, perhaps will be a life and death of WP watershed; In between life and death, WP10 plays a decisive role.

2014, Microsoft’s new CEO after a series of change. And on the WP OS is assembled to woo a big push friend join WP camp; Announced the WP OS free; Released WP phone quick reference design; Completed for nokia devices and services trade, and made a series of adjustment, released Microsoft the company mobile phone brand; Released the first Microsoft the company mobile phone the company 535, originally is the most distinctive feature of the WP all his heavyweight application to Android and iOS (and experience and function than their own platform), in an effort to keep Microsoft applications are everywhere.

the above 2014, Microsoft WP is mixed, said xi is buy nokia devices and services that Microsoft has a high degree of integration of hard and soft power, can make a real competitive flagship product, and WP ecological have more partners; Said sorrow is, according to IDC expects global smartphone shipments will reach 1.3 billion units in 2014, and Microsoft’s market share is less than 3%, compared with the same period 2013 market share decline; WP ecological compared with Android and iOS are still large gaps between; And more dangerous opening-up strategy, let WP original belong to buy exclusive experience (in) other places can also be easily, and partial application experience is better. This causes originally on ecological weak WP system attraction further to fall. In this mixed, need for Microsoft in 2015 with his new Win10 operating system to create a flagship product of WP to prove himself in the mobile market is still competitive; And to attract consumers and application developers into WP camp. And new Win10 operating system compared to 2015, the latest Android and iOS system have enough bright spot, will become the WP and whether Microsoft will continue to watershed in the mobile ecosystem.

2, a new era of hard and soft – manufacturer of complete test and innovation

2014 in apple, fingerprint identification in Android producers have horse; The Android camp for people first and 2 k screen also has use. But the entire mobile phone market is still 2014 trough point, window is quite little, innovation.

2015 strongest with qualcomm Xiao dragon processor 810 series of shipment; Android 5.0 to 64 times, 4 g high running memory, mature 2 k and curved surface screen screen, sapphire glass, and so on. And the arrival of the new hardware in 2014 silent for a time of nuclear war is likely to reignite war, like running with a portion of the domestic certainly willing to in the chip performance, memory and so on hardware parameters on the news.

the upstream suppliers with high performance chip, high memory, running high pixels and the arrival of the better solution, and the Android 5.0 prepared a 64 – bit operating system, innovation may be a stranger will open in 2015. Pictures, hardware, application how these innovation and can play out sparks, please forgive me, I can’t imagine, but what is certain is that absolutely surprise than more than 2014.

at the same time, the test mobile phone manufacturers supply chain controls the market capacity and market influence of the time. Who can use these products first, is for the vendor to supply chain control ability and market influence the best proof.

three, I speak for themselves – the awakening of a prove

2014, samsung shengshi danger; Apple design have been teasing, system Bug now; Microsoft and lenovo complete separate acquisition; Millet millet phone is core hardware products meizu MX4 easing the bit in series; HTC, SONY still troubled, the legacy. 2014 everyone filled, this tone to 2015 don’t spit. In 2015, apple can point to a slot? Zero in on samsung S6 whether in high-end thrive tied with the apple? Microsoft, Microsoft can the company new flagship innovation and mysterious with apple and a machine composed of all the Android stand out in the sea; To hold up the WP system banner? Lenovo’s motorcycle and whether can realize regression, lead the association to overseas, impact on the high-end market? HTC, SONY can pull out the cloud sky? And home-made millet whether can change the declining trend of millet 4, let millet may continue to have a fever, become the domestic the strongest? After the meizu MX4 Pro, 2015 and will continue to easing the bit in how Pro millet; After fully imitate attack with millet, meizu can be looking forward to? 360 & amp; A great god can stir up domestic market? Shut up the old can carefully study the T2 and accepted by the market? And established the coupling Vivo, OPPO cool and will compete with what attitude? 2015, really too many too many manufacturers want to prove himself, to prove myself. Prove that he is still very competitive. And to complete this certificate, need to show the manufacturer an ace under the reasonable allocation of resources, with the legendary weapons of China; They need a great awakening in 2015, with 2015 new products are needed to make a beautiful turnaround.

4, the new semester, the domestic have to pay the tuition fee – patent war

2014, domestic made proud achievements, the firewood flame high market share from domestic manufacturers combined beyond samsung and LG, to become the world’s first; Huawei, millet and associations in the smartphone market share is second only to samsung, apple, Millet, a new manufacturers such as sesame development now rising, entering overseas markets, and get good grades. But with the arrival of the new semester, 2015 domestic patent should be in overseas markets also have to pay some fees. At the end of 2014, millet, one plus a patent in succession crisis abroad, eat to ban (now seems to have transfer) again, but everything is just the beginning; This began to said the two aspects. One is in the overseas market to encounter patent litigation not only millet, a plus; Other devises the domestic, the overseas markets also get prepared; One is the prosecution of domestic manufacturers certainly not only Ericsson, perhaps other patent giant way to write the letter is sent from domestic manufacturers. For patents, patent quality is not high for many domestic and overseas market of 2015, the tuition fee. At home, it seems that also can smell patent wat cloud, compared with domestic, owns many established domestic patent huawei, zte cool how could miss the chance.

five, from mobile phones to wearable devices

wearable device for spring is said for many years, but seems to be spring hibernate. There has been no, and with the three major operating system configuration is perfect, the three systems on behalf of the product Apple Watch, Moto 360, Microsoft bracelets Microsoft Band, and various kinds of wearable devices in 2014 turn, maybe belong to wearable devices in 2015 spring is really coming. This one belongs to the future of billions of market, perhaps will really open in 2015.

6, mobile information security become a new hotspot

since the snowden events, information security has become a universal attention topic, privacy protection has been the attention; In 2014, the relevant security events are also much more special, millet involved in Taiwan “collect user privacy, back to the mainland” server problems, always play safe brand by the end of domestic cell phone cool had entered the back door. While apple up yan zhao door event is more attention by the whole world. In national information security and privacy protection will become more and more attention today, urge each again, don’t touch the red line again. In 2015, many manufacturers will certainly hit security card this buy.


– seven, the mobile phone market fashion which strong fight war, imitation plagiarism, stunt?

imitation plagiarism and fight wars is an age-old question. 2014, fight wars no less; The wind of imitation plagiarism. Stunt which is strong? Chapter 1799 pornographic and destroy the meizu millet, millet, meizu, lenovo, large coke have imitated plagiarism by poking fun at the broken iPhone 6. In 2015, the fashion question I think that the mobile phone market will be more serious. Force war: the first is dead following the arrival of the artillery Zhou Hongyi in red, the domestic mobile phone market the most basic is one of the qi, the security problem increasingly prominent today, weeks hierarch security card will certainly played loud and clear, and other domestic return must also is wonderful; And millet meizu incompatible trend in 2015 along with the meizu comprehensive attack, estimate two is already making. And other domestic giant, nature was down all possible. The 2015 fight wars will be hot box office if made into a film. Say that finish fight wars, imitation again to talk about plagiarism. In 2014, domestic imitation copy lets a person cannot bear to look at, whether design or product name, full of lane fortress, let a person look at no point of lu. But I think that in 2015, to pick up cheap accustomed to the domestic, it is difficult to see a free change. And comparable SLR, can take the Milky Way, disruptive innovation and so on language not astonishing die endlessly claimed that stunt, in 2014 the domestic market, in 2015, nature also cannot little. The only suspense just stunt technology which is strong?

8, hardware, free time will come?

maybe we was born in a good time, can use very cheap price can buy a smartphone, and with the red rice millet and meizu spirit’s blue. They did two things: one is the machine age bringing smartphones to one thousand yuan, up one thousand yuan is a machine in the class. This allows us to experience in 2015 to one thousand yuan of better machine with more possible. Rumors and millet are preparing to sell for as little as 399 models, thus it can be seen 2015 one thousand yuan machine market prices will bottom again. Perhaps $one thousand machine market 2015 hardware is likely to be in free time.

note: read write 2015 mobile phone industry outlook and see the upcoming innovations and war, really excited for 2015 mobile phone market. 2015, really wonderful!

this paper hunting cloud network contributing authors, science and technology industry watchers of the chapter. Views represent only personal, reprint please indicate the source.


Apple Pay is hard to change the pattern of China mobile payment

this paper contribute hunting cloud network readers wang chao WeChat male, super first sound (chao – xiansheng)

everyone is almost certainly this is Apple’s failure product launch since 2007, “to have invented the first ugly” iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, and he did not want to see the Apple Watch, but it is not a problem for Apple, because Apple released this two years at the news conference, one of the most potential product Apple Pay, although only only ten minutes at the news conference, this may be the future Apple’s huge a source of income is also supporting the backbone of the Apple shares.

1, parsing the Apple Apple Pay

at present most of apple’s income comes from profits high hardware sales, a small part from the iTunes AppStore and developers and labels. In the development of iPod, iTunes, as well as the IOS app store download, Apple has accumulated vast amounts of binding credit card users, 330 million people worldwide have iPhone users, this reserve of more than 300 million users is likely to be Apple users Pay.

when the iPhone 5 s to join the fingerprint identification of Touch ID, became an important piece in the field of payment: apple layout belongs to the biometric fingerprint recognition, is currently safe and efficient and convenient way to pay, pay, safe and convenient is a difficult problem, fewer steps easier verify inevitably bring safe hidden trouble, biological recognition to a certain extent solved the problem).

the iPhone 6 release only need to add an NFC chip, the final step of filling the pay, pay a perfect closed loop is formed. In fact Apple is doing just that, and planning for a long time, don’t give rivals reaction time (at this point, Apple is Pay the conference most jobs spirit products), Apple Pay was born young: with VISA, MasterCard and American express’s three biggest issuers cooperation, joint six Banks, covering 22000 retailers.

Apple to NFC payments, instantly changed direction and the future of the industry as a whole the payment whether Google dominate Google Wallet, or online payment or Paypal, Square and other main NFC, undoubtedly have to follow Apple’s big steps, not for other, just because it’s called Apple.

apple offline payment using NFC technology, with a Touch ID to encrypt validation, and put the user information in the Secure Element “, to Touch the ID information in “Secure Enclave” principle, the user’s payment information will be stored in the mobile phone within a single chip, apple does not track transaction amount and place the payment information, transaction information Banks and businesses know only. Because NFC payment is match to the POS need to be able to read the NFC chip, transform the old credit card POS machine is a huge project, apple since have so many partners from the start, visible apple under the merchants cooperation negotiations, to pays photogenic put so many partners listed on the stage.

Apple Pay can also be used for online payment, not only through the NFC, directly through the credit card validation fingerprint.

apple to pay the equivalent of tied card, no pool, the concept of transaction is only between merchants and customers, apple act as a channel role, in fact this is similar to pay treasure to pioneering and quick payment. Apple Pay is said to be the charge to the bank, that a huge amount of mobile payment is a big business, may not inferior at AppStore selling software. But it also illustrates the besides pay, apple will not enter the Internet financial sector for the time being. (WeChat WeChat pay in 5.4 with WeChat purse, with pools, WeChat will pay more action in terms of the Internet financial.)

2, Apple Pay for China mobile payment have what effect?

China unionpay is actively contact with the apple, hope to be able to set the standard in China together.

China currently offline payment with two forces, one is unionpay, operators and some NFC manufacturer for promotion of NFC payments; One is pay treasure WeChat waiting for Internet companies to promote sound waves sweep code channel of mobile payments via the Internet.

pay treasure and WeChat by taking a taxi, contribution and renovation stores pay pay war environment, etc., have high NFC payments in calls. NFC camp, unionpay with operators have been initiative, struggle, offline POS machine also can’t on track, unionpay pay while promoting the flash, but no players to join, such as the apple was still in a testing phase. Some originally joined NFC function in mobile phone manufacturers, because of slow to commercialization, have also quit, millet 3 and meizu MX3 has function of NFC payments, successor to millet 4 and MX4 are cancelled NFC module.

since apple support NFC mode, half of the world, at least can influence NFC will set off a tornado in the future. Unionpay positive and shown good apple, naturally want to borrow the apple dongfeng, will pay into China unionpay own NFC flash standard.

my judgment is that the negotiations will succeed, unionpay and apple won’t reach cooperation in China. According to the strength of the apple style, now that have their own standards and closed loop, why can also allow others to say a child. Unionpay position also suggests that in China unionpay to apple assignment is too much, will not be in the interests of alipay when unionpay never adversary. With reference to the China mobile years difficult negotiations with the apple is easy to reach this conclusion.

to contact, since apple to publish with the function of paying the iPhone 6, before release certainly be greeting advantage manufacturers on the market. As far as I know, prior to the release of the iPhone 6, companies such as apple is looking for alipay has revealed some of the major standards.

Apple Pay promotion NFC payment in China can better? Now it seems very difficult.

NFC payments to transform a large number of POS machine, a renovation costs 1000 yuan, at present China’s 10 million POS machine, has 3 million sets of NFC function, light modification cost will be 7 billion, who out of the money?

NFC payments in the chain, unionpay, operators and Apple mobile phone companies want to dominate, unionpay and mobile was unified in the NFC technology standard, now Apple Apple Pay standard came out again, merchants.

Internet companies dominated the sweep code such as mobile payment, pay treasure to purse and WeChat payment is two big players, although there is a competition between the two fundamental purpose is consistent, whether by sound waves or qr code, is a means of connecting the world. Transformation of low cost, are the benefits of the Internet mobile payment through the drops quickly take a taxi, quickly swept the country.

but is not the same as Internet kind, offline payment need to push a lot of patience and time to do, is good at doing to push pay treasure to purse is run faster than the micro letter pay, are a step ahead in the field of public transport and hospitals.

but best offline but not Internet companies, so the mobile payment, from the era of traditional “contractor” and “mason” more patient and advantage. In front of the credit card spending nearly 30 trillion, mobile payment industrial chain may not produce traditional giant, on whether Internet companies or NFC industry chain, can share.

however, although more bullish on the code to pay, and try not to give up on NFC Internet company, pay treasure to purse version 8.0 has joined the NFC payments, with fingerprint payment huawei Mate7 also have cooperation. The balance of the future of mobile payments, regardless of which side to smart Internet companies are not falling.


Morning: ali strategic holdings media, meizu 27 again hair, new

on January 13, hunting cloud network (text/who)

ali strategic holdings easy media

alibaba group has recently splurged on controlling the media, both transaction has been completed. Alibaba and easy media to achieve the strategic cooperation on the level of equity, alibaba has a stake in, but will not give up easily media independent public dreams. Easy media cooperation with ali focus in the field of big data.

alibaba group’s official weibo today evening news, according to south Korean media reports of the so-called alibaba alibaba city being built in South Korea’s investment of 5.7 billion, as speculation, as the “fake news”. Well, use alibaba to bo person eyeball, think about also is drunk. Continue reading…

Which is more economical to buy a car or a taxi to rely on software, what?

Uber really can completely replace the car in the city in the United States to buy? Let’s look at these data.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick maintained their travel service on demand eventually will completely replace the car to buy. He is convinced that one day, all Uber cars appeared on the road can realize unmanned. Technology progress and fierce competition have repeatedly lowered the cost of a ride sharing system in peer-to-peer networks there is no denying the fact that the beneficiary has always been the vast number of consumer groups. So, for the typical American dream and have any special meaning? Means house, car and the child? Or I’ll tell you, in fact is not such.

about two years ago, I sold my 2000 Lexus GS 300, and then replaced by a modern single speed Pure Fix a commuter. Two years later, I still ride a bike to go to work every morning. If the distance is far from five miles, or all of a sudden I don’t want to exercise, I will call a Uber. I have a passion for Uber safety and convenient, the overall quality of their cars are excellent. In particular, as a young black woman, I’m always at ease, because I never have to deal with the police in the Uber car.

because I always doubt that owning a car is a huge and there is no need to financial liabilities, so I did some calculation before I sell the car. Like their discarded DMV, rely solely on Uber, really is feasible? After all, I live in the United States in Los Angeles, the most complex urban transportation, also, this is also a city made of the internal combustion engine. Of course, this calculation is not say so simple, you should not only have a little mathematical mind, still have to Google it from time to time.

annual cost of owning a car

, according to a 2014 survey of AAA in the United States, with a medium car and driving cost is $8876 a year, mainly divided into the following six cost:

l value ($4260)

l fuel ($2130)

l interest ($976)

l insurance ($887)

l maintenance and repair ($355)

l registration fees and taxes ($355)

in small cars, for example: the Chevrolet cruze, ford focus and Honda civic, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.16, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $6957.

midsize sedan, for example: ford fusion, Honda accord and Toyota camry, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.19, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $8839.

in pickup trucks, for example: dodge caravan, Honda Odyssey or kia ka wah, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.21, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $9753.

in large cars, for example: 300 Chrysler, ford Taurus or nissan swift horse, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.21, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $10831.

in large suvs, for example: the ford explorer, the grand Cherokee or nissan pathfinder, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.23, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $11039.

in luxury SUV, for example: the porsche cayenne, jaguar XK, west sierra or infiniti QX56, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: 0.31, for a total (assuming a year driving 15000 MPH) cost: $15250.

l traffic ticket ($75)

now, we add the cost of transportation such as speeding tickets and have a look. Motorists association international (NMA) show that americans pay for their tickets as much as $15 billion a year, the ticket number is as high as 50 million, an average is $75 per person per year. NMA also said the average six years americans will get a speeding ticket, this will let him in the course of his life insurance surcharge of amortization of about $300 every year.

l parking fee ($1300)

according to ABC’s survey, the average American spends $1300 on the parking fee, but this is higher than premium and vehicle maintenance.

l opportunity cost ($2493)

the value of your time, it may be overlooked by the americans a overhead. You spend every hour on the drive can be used to do any of the other more meaningful things, such as exchanging email on a mobile phone, to prepare for a meeting notes, reading the news or research a new topic. These times are you loss of productivity. , according to the bureau of labor statistics data, the American people’s average income is $24.45 per hour, one of the highest income is the public utility service personnel, about $34.45 an hour, the lowest income is unemployed, about $13.86 an hour. In 2011, the average daily commute one-way spend time on the road about 25.5 minutes, back and forth is 51 minutes, is 4.25 hours a week, a month is 17 hours, 204 hours each year. If americans average income per hour can be used to calculate, we is not hard to find, because their commute lost productivity, they lost about $4987 a year. Assume that everyone can use alternative means of transportation, (such as Uber), and on the way, there are 50% of productivity, so the opportunity cost can be reduced to $2493 a year.

all in all, if we add up all the cost, we can find the in the United States the cost of owning a car is about $12744 a year ($1062) a month . The number and consumer reports also perfectly, the latter also estimates that each year for every car consumption is about $9100 (not counting the opportunity cost) – small cars and the prius is about $5000, about $16000 in luxury cars and suvs.

annual expenditure use Uber

it is time for Uber over your mobile phone. Although there are many other on-demand taxi company, we usually use only Uber, because the company more detailed data. Uber, like many of its rivals, as long as you pay 20% to 30% of the cab fare will be able to enjoy the collection of reliable, convenient and costly to a service. If you go to use it anywhere (go to school, to work, and even to club). But first, we need to have a few ideas:

l we live in can use one of the 64 cities of Uber

users only use Uber X l (than take taxi or use Uber Black 20% cheaper)

l user besides Uber X does not use any other vehicles

l users to avoid prices have a flexible schedule

l users in the use of Uber X 50% during the period of productivity

l users wait for Uber X time is around 5-10 minutes

Uber based in Los Angeles fee is $0.8, plus $0.21 per minute and the cost of $1.1 per mile, these you can be seen on valuation table.

according to the federal highway administration (FHWA), according to a report of 13476 miles per year on average, American drivers “average commuting distance is about 25.2 miles. You must be curious, because about 13000 miles from New York to Los Angeles two back and forth. Finally, the United States census bureau estimated the average commuting time 25.5 minutes (the longest is 31.9 minutes in Chicago, the shortest is Columbus Ohio 21.8 minutes). Since there is no more data, we can only assume the average commuting time and time can be controlled to other destinations (going to the grocery store, bar, club, hospital, my friend’s house, etc.).

now, we know that the average American long drive 534 times a year, that is 1.47 times per day (2.05) each day. They will spend 13588 minutes in a year for commuters, an average 37.1 minutes a day (52 minutes each day). These figures sounds very reasonable.

to $1.1 per mile, every minute of the day the price of $0.21 and $0.8 per trip, every American people need to pay the Uber basic fare of $427 (534 * 0.8), to calculate the costs $14823 per mile (13476 * 1.1), to calculate the cost of $2880 per minute (534 * 25.5 * 25.5).

l basic fare ($427)

l to calculate the cost per mile ($14823)

l per minute to calculate the cost of ($2863)

in other words, the if you go to anywhere with Uber X, you spend about $18115 a year ($1509) a month . Unfortunately, even if you don’t have to consider depreciation, fuel, interest, insurance, maintenance, repair, registration fees, taxes, parking fees, speeding ticket and opportunity cost, Uber or than driving to spend a little more. So, own and drive a mid-size cars should be cheaper.

what’s reasonable or not, “travel distance” word

the average is a good thing, but actually, everyone is with us to create the model of a series of calculation. In order to help understand, below I compress these two models:

a year with the cost of car=annual depreciation + fuel each year, the annual premium on annual interest + + for repairs to the annual maintenance fee + year + annual registration fee, parking fee + year tax + each year the opportunity cost of a year, a speeding ticket +

a year Uber cost + (how many miles/average commuting distance * 0.8) + (how many miles * 1.1) + (how many miles/average commuting distance * * 0.21 average commuting time)

in this model, we use a intersection skillfully dealt with several variables – in this case, the 9481 – mile – the cost of owning a car and use UberX cost is the same. Suppose you have a mid-size sedan, you spent $12744 to buy it, and you travel 9481 miles a year, then it doesn’t matter why don’t you have a car, their cost is the same.

1 example: (owning a car is cheaper)


one year 13476 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $18115.06.

example 2: (the costs)


one year 9481 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $12744.

example 3: (use cheaper UberX)


one year 5000 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $6721.



in that case, you should understand. for 13476 miles on the American people a year, owning a car will have to pay them $12744 a year, and where to use UberX costs $18115.

however, in less than 9481 miles of americans should consider owning a car is worth, because use UberX will be cheaper.

whether Uber X, UberPool, Lyft, LyftLine or sidecars, decide which cheaper transportation is the only factor you driving mileage. If you and I don’t like, I suggest that you bring your variable into the model to calculate a calculate, to your own conclusions.

(final statement: I don’t have any relationship and Uber)



Before I go to silicon valley startups Fu Cheng they speak

(article/who 闫森)

don’t want to write it as soft, doesn’t make sense.

5 days ten thousand people sign up, the bonus is only about 300000 more start-up capital. Circle activities most people see the preheating, the heart may have a small irony. It is too little, stunt is greater than the content? Actually unavoidably arouses suspicion.

but in overall 15 will eventually find the purple cow entrepreneurs start roadshow. In the front row seat for entrepreneurial mentor: Fu Cheng Yao Jinbo, Luo Zhenyu, li3 xue2 ling2. In addition to Luo Zhenyu and the rest are ceos of listed companies. ROM last speech really impress people fat. Continue reading…

In order to reduce the pain of snapping up the iPhone 6, apple will push virtual queuing system

(/horse relief yi wen)

the annual new iPhone starting period, we always see in apple store in long queues, waiting for the fans. Some of them in order to get the first of a new iPhone, don’t mind “camping” in front of the apple store, waiting for early. In order to reduce the pain of fans waiting for process, apple may be on Friday the iPhone 6 sale Japan, introduced virtual electronic queuing system.

in brief, this virtual queuing system, is the original paper line card, moved to intelligent devices such as mobile phone. According to the background and the current inventory waiting for the number, the system can real time to wait for fans, prompt information (via text message or email). With that, the fans can be more scientific and reasonable arrange their own time. Although earlier, to get the number of consumer also need not silly to stood in line, but the virtual queuing system, but it can let them waiting for, for other activities more comfortably.

this information is found in apple’s latest retail shop assistant training materials. We don’t know whether the virtual queuing system will be launched on the Chinese mainland.

it is understood that the iPhone 6/6 Plus 26 this month, starting in the mainland. A new generation of the iPhone while modelling let a lot of people are not satisfied with, but the powerful features of the latest service, let all competitors gasp in admiration.


Evening news: love learn loan, the financing toys Xiong Weishi, extension, medical, etc

hunting cloud network January 12 (text/who)

installment shopping platform for college students love to learn the wheel A $40 million loan financing

staging platform college students love to learn loan has recently completed A round of funding. Insiders disclosed that love to learn the financing amount to us $40 million loan. In December 2012, love to learn get angel financing loans. Installment shopping platform as college students, love to learn loan formally launched last August, and at the end of September sales of millions. The platform user threshold is rather low, college students consumption only with id and student id card can be easily by stages.

smart teddy bears firms raised $400000

a smart toy bear maker has just received $400000 in seed investment, but also attracted $716000 of booking order. Toy Xiong Weishi (Teddy the Guardian) released last year when the first generation product, can be in the hospital monitoring the vital signs of children. The new products are planning to use mobile applications can understand children’s heart rate and body temperature, compared with other monitoring methods more easily accepted by children.

MatchMove Pay for Japan’s Credit Saison investment

Singapore mobile payment platform MatchMove Pay announced recently received a “significant” investment, led the way for Japan’s financial services according to plot Credit Saison, according to sources, the investment amount to about $30 million, also GMO Venture Partners, a Venture capital is also involved in the investment. Company to obtain the investment will be mainly used in two directions, they will invest half used in product development, the other half of the money will be used for the expansion of business around the world.

billiton rui health gain fortune venture capital being A round

service animal hospital of the third party testing platform completed from fortune venture capital is 10 million yuan RMB A round of funding, valued at 80 million yuan. Rio tinto ray detection is specialized in animal disease diagnosis technology and product development and production, its ray detection provides testing services including biochemical and routine inspection, medical, genetic and genetic testing, immune detection, microbial detection, etc.

ali in the investment of 5.7 billion, to build “alibaba city”

incheon is currently on an investment consultation with alibaba, common financing plan of 1 trillion won (RMB 5.73 billion) in the incheon free economic zone construction of island forever 1 million ㎡ large shopping centers, hotels, logistics center, etc., make south Korean city “alibaba”. Related, according to people familiar with the “alibaba investment incheon free economic zone can significantly ease holds the government’s financial crisis, although in incheon is actively negotiate with alibaba, but did not formally identified investment.”

bao cheng shares will increase 2.46 billion acquisition of video game company

if treasure share scheme set to raise 2.46 billion yuan, mainly used for the acquisition of tao le network technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. And Beijing zhonglian film and TV culture transmission co., LTD. 100% stake. Tao le network is founded by tencent co-founder has li qing game company, and zoomlion transmission is made “little time” and other films. Bao cheng shares resumed today.

Beijing will be transformed street lamps for electric car battery charging pile

Beijing has carried out reform pilot lamp charging pile, through the street lamp energy saving after transforming power saving capacity to support electric vehicle charging. “Street lamp + charging pile” model is expected to solve limits the popularization of the electric vehicle charging problem. At present, the first batch of pilot has begun to transform street lamp charging pile, is located in changping district of Beijing in dense north road 88 streetlights on transformed from the traditional high pressure sodium lamp LED lights, to save the enough capacity to support a dozen pure electric car charging at the same time.

The 2015 global innovation grand prix, in view of the project is likely to lose, they are to have any meaning?

(article/who 闫森)

entrepreneurship roadshow is a what state now? Roadshow, the high quality project too little. Including investors and entrepreneurs to some of the time is in a pattern, just everybody tacitly.

exactly speaking, there is no power out of the roadshow good projects. But, in a scene, if international entrepreneurship competition they may think about it. Does domestic entrepreneurship competition a lot of international competition.

by cheng jing mother fund launched its 2015 global innovation awards contest, be a good entrepreneur activities around the world. Officials say overall activity, has nearly 10 start-ups to participate in the grand prix. Hunting cloud network is the global entrepreneurship services partner in the entrepreneurship competition.

this contest in order to “innovation, capital and internationalization” as the theme, were set up in China, the United States, Israel, Europe, Latin America and other global more than one division, which in China is divided into north China, east China and south China division. World’s division of primary and semi-finals will be June 1-2015, during the global innovation awards the finals will be held in Beijing in August 2015, at the same time will also be international business festival held ten thousand people.

but to a focus on startup, the service startup hunting cloud network media platform, we do not focus on which projects will eventually get pure cash award $1.5 million (not total equity). Instead, we focus on what doesn’t qualify start-ups as well as the team behind. Because we have got used to lift the trophy winner. And for those who don’t know if I may be the green leaves of entrepreneurial teams, they participate in the meaning of the event cannot be stopped.

in view of the roadshow failure of entrepreneurial teams, organizers of cheng jing interconnected or and other entrepreneurship competition organizers of different measures. The whole, more inclusive, and more humanized.

roadshows and website backstage entrepreneurs project data in detail, cheng jing will be as much as possible in the case of not involving trade secrets to participate in the investor has a full understanding. roadshow unsuccessful does not lead to lost connection and platform in the investment institutions. Offline access to much. The worst is special investment agency personnel to the project team, give advice. Or just entrepreneurs to shine on the pyramid, the competition meaning will be discounted. the purpose of this competition is to connect the world. For entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs, overseas investors do communication, communication, do the collision of ideas on entrepreneurship.

the cheng jing global innovation awards in addition to setting the pure cash award $1.5 million without equity returns, ChengJingJia into mother also offers the promise of $15 million investment fund, participate in the innovation of cooperative joint intention of incubator and VC investment is not less than 150 million dollars.

this contest, actually can be seen as both local VC at sea, and entrepreneurs to view out to sea. Angel investment abroad is the institution, and the more China or personal angel investment to give priority to. Hope that domestic personal angel investment institutions to angel investment development, the competition can play a role.