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Business Solutions

As an accountant, financial planner/advisor or a business looking for financial data for use in self managed superfund platform (SMSF) or portfolio management platforms, the ACIPIO™ range of solutions is your best data source. The ACCIPIO™ range of financial data solutions has been designed to meet the demands of the professional services industry. Fast, Accurate and most importantly the most COMPLETE data service available.

Accipio± MF

Available as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly data streams.

Retail Solutions

Investing during your own time requires access to data that can potentially save you from mistakes in the future. Timely information is what this is all about and your data stream has to reflect the needs of your portfolio, that’s where the Conventus range comes in.

Many of our staff are investors like you so we understand what is required to make key decisions so as to grow profitably. Whether you are an investor or trader wanting quality charting and analysis software, education and support then the Conventus range is what you need.

Market Wrap Up (ANS Solution)

Available as Daily, Weekly and Monthly data streams.

Recent Solutions

Case Study 1

Recently one of our clients was offered an up-date to his current software solution by his software vendor and like most “up-dates” the new software was full of “bugs” (That’s the technical term used to describe errors in software design) This up-date was not compatible with his data file from us (he has been using us and the same program for 7 years) and had no assistance from his software vendor when he called their Help Desk; they just blamed the data and told him to key it in daily himself. Working with our DSD Team we delivered a solution for him and maintain his software, data history and most importantly his reputation with his clients.

Case Study 2

One of our Retail clients had a need for special ASX data feed where he wanted a data that reflected his portfolio without the need to complete any additional data manipulation on his end. We referred the request to DSD who were able to provide the right solution to our client saving him TIME, Trouble and Money.

Introducing WealthMAP™ suite of solutions

New software ensures industry ready for 1.7.2018 FoFA rules

Software developer Trynkett has released its latest version of WealthMAP that will ensure Advisers, Wealth Companies and Industry funds are ready for the new client engagement rules of FoFA due to be introduced on the 1st of July 2018.

Colin Foster, head of data services says the new web-based software is the most powerful client engagement tool available within the Australian market place and completely removes a high number of concerns the industry has relating to the pending FoFA introduction.


“…we have created a complete solution that not only addresses FoFA by providing clients with an annual Statement of Service and Opt-in facility but un-paralleled monitoring of a client’s portfolio across the key aspects of Advice; Budgeting, Superannuation, SMSF, Investor Risk tolerance, Risk cover and retirement planning whilst dramatically reducing internal workload. As WealthMAP is an intuitive and interactice solution, once deployed, client engagement and monitoring task are reduce by over 85% resulting in increased profits”


Some of the key features of WealthMAP

  • Fully on-line customisable Fact Finder that integrates with Facebook
  • Industry first active monitoring of a clients TRUE financial position statement at time of a risk claim, including welfare requirements
  • Superannuation fund performance monitoring & action facilitating
  • Risk profile monitoring & action facilitating
  • Investment monitoring & action facilitating
  • Budgeting monitoring & action facilitating


Are you a software vendor looking to improve the outcome of your solution?
Do you require a specialised data feed for your company or investment portfolio?
Our team of highly skilled consultants can advise software vendors, investment advisers and private clients on many aspects of data including practical strategies, actionable plans and effective tactics.
We also ensure that our clients

  • Stay focused on their ideal data target customer that will increase the return on investment
  • Have the right data positioning, messaging, and functionality that attracts your ideal customer
  • Get a practical data plan that works for your company, defining a strategy to address your current market and any new market segments you want to attract
  • Utilise our expertise and outside objective view to help them meet their data and business goals.

Conventus Range

Vestdata± has development the CONVENTUS™ range of financial data solutions to exceed the requirements of private investors.

No-longer do private investors have to work with limited data feeds as the Conventus Range offers complete daily, weekly and monthly data streaming across the full spectrum of trading.

Using our advanced “digital cross reference” process the CONVENTUS range of data solutions allows for fast and accurate data feeds compatible with the industries Tier 1 and Tier 2 software solutions.

The multi layer correlation process allows you to receive a single data feed that has been collated via multiple sites ensuring a greater scope of data without the need for additional vendors.

An added bonus of the Conventus Range is our ANS solution.
All of the CONVENTUS range of data sets is programmed with our ANS notification tool that provides data alert facilities, market summary activity commentary and a graphical ‘snap-shot’ for instant movement recognition.

Vestdata holds an expansive range of data available covering:

Historical Data
ASX – Historical Data
GICS From Sept 2002 plus (Insight Trader, Metastock & CSV formats only.)
Managed Funds (Insight Trader & Metastock formats only)
SFE/Overseas Physicals
Expanded SFE/Overseas Physicals

End of Day Data
ASX – Stock Market Data
SFE/Overseas Physical Futures
Limited (with any ASX)
Expanded (with any ASX)
Sydney Futures Exchange

All ASX feeds include a market wrap summary.

Retail Managed Funds
Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Before Midnight (Available after 7.30pm A.E.S.T)
After Midnight (Available Midnight A.E.S.T)

Data & Charting Support 
Support Services Annual
Support Plan or per incident

Supported Software accepting our Data 
Insight Trader
MetaStock (and Metastock databases)
Stock Easy
Stock Master
Archer Analysis (Bulls Eye Broker)
Ezy Charts
ProTa and ProTa Gold
Desktop Super
Supervisor II
Custom Software

CONVENTUS – designed to give private investors access to professional data solutions.

Accipio Range

Vestdata has developed the ACCIPIO™ range of financial data solutions to meet the demands of investors within the professional services industry.

Using our advanced “digital cross reference” process the Accipio range of data solutions allows for fast and accurate data feeds compatible with the investment industries Tier 1 and Tier 2 software solutions.

The Accipio Data structure physical design structure of the Accipio Data stream are;

  • ASX/APIR code
  • End of Day,
  • Effective Date,
  • Price reported date
  • Dividend/Distribution Date (1 to 12)
  • Asset Allocation,
  • Dividend/Distribution Cents Per Unit (1 to 12)
  • Ex-distribution,
  • Australian Fixed interest
  • Cash
  • Listed Property
  • International Fixed
  • Direct Property
  • Franking % (1-12)
  • Expanded Asset Allocation

This multi layer correlation process allows clients to receive a single data feed that has been collated via multiple sites ensuring a greater scope of data without the need for additional vendors or third party data input.

All of the Accipio range of data sets are programmed with our ANS notification tool that provides data alert facilities, market summary activity commentary and a graphical ‘snap-shot’ for instant movement recognition.

Available as daily weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly data streams

Accipio – designed to save you and our Client, Time, Trouble and Money

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