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Cold tablet phone pushing 1500 cool new product take out the mobile phone market in the ceiling

on January 13, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool great god has just announced his “Internet phone brand third”, released the X series flagship of the great god brand machine at the same time, a great god X7 and experimental CoolUI6 incorporates some 360 services. Details you can walk to the cloud network coverage, hunting for details.

the cool the great spirit of the new flagship released several is worth thinking about changes and problems:

a: a great god gave up the start-up, 7 inch tablet phone’s flagship product design;

2: this time announced a great god will launch three price X/N/F product line of gear, visit ZhuFangHao said after the meeting in the future will also launch a higher price of high-end models;

3: the minimum price set by the 1599, the great god X7 “1500” in addition to the spot price of N series.

behind the triple action, herald the coming of the mobile phone market in the ceiling, greatly to cloud after atmosphere. And the adjustment of the product line also shows the android ecosystem shortcomings and deficiencies.

smartphones running concept is deeply ingrained, android ecological bad, leading to the road of differentiation in bad go

run points from entertainment rabbit has been heavily promoted by the ray booth after evaluation mechanism, the smartphone and tablet market run points ethos is, has been speeding car, even with all the media has been smashed Michael investment, the fact that the rabbit.

people to run the superstition of the influence of the whole mobile phone industry to be reckoned with, especially the Internet brand mobile phones. People’s understanding of mobile phone quality, has been thoroughly subjugate to run this only partly reflect the performance of mobile phone chips unilateral measures, rather than the overall quality of experience.

as a result, the difference of the domestic mobile phone development become more difficult, is with a heavy shadow layer.

the cool 7 inch tablet phone flagship of the great god abandoned the original layout can be seen, a great god, 1 s even joined the 3 g, 4 g phone, quality workmanship process also of no help.

in the interview, the great god to hunt cloud network brand President, said: “7” the great spirit of 1 and 1 s total sales of less than 1 million units in 2014, more than 500000 units.”

and as a result of the android ecosystem is too open, severe fragmentation, not good to protect the interests of the developers, the android tablet can only use “general version of the application,” road of the differentiation.

all these together, make the smartphone market competition fully concentrated in a few flagship chip homogeneity product price war. In other words, the needs of users from reduced to homogenize sheet is tasted, two to three and so the homogeneity of products on the market popularization have two years time, how many mobile phone users have to buy?

therefore, cool great god has already started to prepare for the Internet brand in 2015 the introduction of the offline channels, dislocation in order to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud network hunting in the previous interview in detail about the situation, you can set a detailed understanding.

market bottlenecks, in 1999 sank to 1500 to save the machine?

2015, as the inference of the domestic mobile phone market in the ceiling, the front also noted that the current user demand is “eintopf experience” android, numb to the original need two or three reduced to homogeneity product portfolio to meet experience sheet is tasted, the manifestation is the mobile phone users will view is concentrated in the end product.

the homogeneity of the mobile phone in the end products on the market popularization have two years time, the user’s purchasing power has been inadequate.

how to improve the user’s purchasing power? Cool great god choice is, on the one hand, adjust the target groups for high-end consumers, on the one hand is to further reduce the price of end products in the original, in order to reduce the price to promote consumption.

inference, the machine configuration to get one thousand yuan are not rob, increase the purchase price or step to 1200, 1500 or so to attract machine for rob to less than one thousand yuan of users, at the same time attract mobile phone consumers in the end, has certain market rule base.

how is the effect, we are currently unknown, but this strategy, combined with the participation of 360 supplement products experience, the impact on the peers. The mobile phone industry will develop into what kind, to see how this week millet layout.

in the end of the phone around.

one thousand yuan machine because of its low price quality, makes the product upgrading of speed, the ceiling is not easy to appear, but the long tail consumption ability is too low.

high-end machine due to the rich man is not bad money, so the upgrade also is not a problem, unless local tyrants sudden mass bankruptcy. And long tail consumption ability.

one thousand yuan machine competition? How can top high-end machine? See you later how the situation.

about 360 in the great god of position, this a great spirit of the conference, or did not give an accurate answer, (after all to do consider ~) for subsequent long term long tail propaganda, on the one hand, the new joint venture appointment has not been confirmed, on the one hand, cooperation detail exquisite precision in business, is the reason that the can’t say more.

but can be finalized that 360 is responsible for the service of CoolUI integration, part of the system optimization, 360, most of the services will be within the first integrated into CoolUI step by step.

360 can also priority to obtain through the great god and cool the supply chain, channel cooperation, to provide strong support for 360 new hardware department.


Intel “grandpa, grandma,” exclusive tablet

tablet for us is one of the most easy to use computing devices, but the American association of retired people (AARP) be sure that older americans would not feel that way. AARP decided to develop a suitable for the elderly their exclusive tablet.

a baby boomer advocates claim to be the largest non-profit organization, just unveiled a $189 RealPad tablet. This kind of tablet is designed to be easy to operation people over the age of 50, and ensure that when they use the difficulties to offer help.

“old people have resistance to new technology,” AARP’s executive vice President and chief information officer Terry Bradwell said, “they even feel fear for the rapidly changing technology.”

meanwhile, flat as a simple way to connect to the Internet also attract older people – for example, to help the elderly to quickly get the mail, know the weather, health knowledge, and relatives to video phone calls and so on.

AARP to eager to enter the tablet market chip giant Intel to seek help, for elderly users create customized version of the android tablet.

RealPad and ordinary tablet main difference is that the custom proprietary software and special function.

user interface, for example, at the start of the screen provides a larger text and ICONS. A called RealPad the function design of the Toolbar provides fast Internet access for older users, use the help, and other applications.

one called RealQuick Fix function, it can display such as battery life state, also the application of suggests there may be a security risk. Normally, it can fix these problems, a key for additional operation without the elderly. This RealPad also equipped with all kinds of the content of the AARP, including how to use this device and connect to the Internet using guide video.

in addition, RealPad also provides users with 7 x24 hours of uninterrupted artificial customer service. AARP promise, as long as consumers to buy the tablet, that will be a lifetime to enjoy the human help. This is thanks to the emergence of the network, let manufacturers a chance to get a closer look at the user’s usage, so as to help the user to solve various problems.

RealPad have 7.85 -inch screen configuration before and after the camera, with Intel Atom processor, support WiFi connection. Most tablet using ARM chip maker licensing technology, but Intel vow this year to 40 million sets of such equipment installed in its chips. Many of its customers in China, RealPad is specially built for AARP in China.

this tablet design does not solve all problems, affects older users will still be some problem. For example, although RealPad can increase the size of the relevant to the user interface and icon, but have no way to make the text in an application.

“is not a specific function to avoid the problem.” Intel’s new director of business development and market for mobile communications, Jim Bodio said.

RealPad have allowed from AARP and wal-mart’s website to book and is expected to the middle of October shipment. Large retail is expected to start selling this kind of equipment is also in that month, but for this tablet cases should not include it.



Friction, paid dating sounding strange social new play

(word/flat HongGuang)

according to the statistics, the stranger the probability of successful only one over one thousand, who can ensure that the user sent 1000 pieces of information, it’s only a probability of success will happen in their own? When a mature social APP market cannot completely meet the social demand for everyone, it also makes some of the more targeted, differentiated positioning social APP with the survival and development space, the user habit, concepts of small change is likely to overturn the whole social media networks industry. In the face of such seemingly tend to be saturated market, positioning unfamiliar social APP products “friction” is such a new product.

“friction” friction affiliated with Beijing science and technology co., LTD., by zhu was established in June this year. At present belongs to the early products online, and marketing plans in the near future.

with the most strange dating App on the market products, friction besides location-based positioning around friends, more important is it choose the function of the Internet virtual currency as the breakthrough point, and continue to use YY of separate accounting system on the Internet products. Can say in the beginning, the business model of friction was very clear.

is different from the traditional social software point “like”, friction into a function called “flowers”, value, and flowers 3 yuan a flower function to achieve the social virtual currency cash. Friction flowers is a testing tool, and stimulation mechanism. After a price $3 flower away, if not received 48 hours of each other’s response, the system 7 days return account directly. Once you have the reply of the other party, both parties can begin to communicate, solve the embarrassment of chatting up strange dating. Although 3 yuan a flower price is shown slightly expensive, in fact, it provides a crowd out the paying customers selection mechanism, praise the false prosperity behind the bubble burst point, enhance the use of male users threshold, thus improve the probability of successful dating strangers.

friction also provides a kind of “secret weapon”, namely video authentication function. Now dating software status quo is a figure may not have the truth, and the video can avoid the problem of false identity authentication function, can effectively solve the fraud chat, reduce the mistrust of strangers when dating, greatly improve the real degree of dating.

at present, the friction has got love millions of angel investment in science and technology. At this stage, the lack of friction stability of user groups and the size of the market, plan this year in September for a new product promotion, improve users and user-generated content, and the integrated optimization of user groups and information, to produce more features and value-added services, rich line segment. Friction based on its own virtual currency system, the improvement of the profit model of friction will have more possibilities.


time: June 2014

company: Beijing friction technology co., LTD.


cloud network hunting: focus on startup, original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


Easily Shared jingdong and tencent $1.55 billion strategic investment

easily Shared, jingdong and tencent announced that the three parties have reached a final agreement, jingdong and tencent in the form of cash and exclusive resources Shared that easy to invest about $1.3 billion. At the same time, easy car, auto financing Internet platform, a subsidiary of Yi Xin capital will get jingdong and tencent totaled $250 million in cash investment.

under the terms of the agreement, jingdong will be in the form of new common stock subscription easy car to easy car investment totaling about $1.15 billion, including $400 million in cash and about $750 million exclusive resources; Resources including jingdong involved for easy car contains exclusive open mobile terminal applications, new and used car channel of all the electric business platform, and provide other support core electric business platform. Tencent aspects will be in the form of new common stock subscription easy car to easy car to invest 150 million dollars in cash.

in addition, jingdong and tencent will with $100 million and $150 million respectively subscribed Yi Xin capital newly issued class A preferred shares.

the deal is expected to be completed by the first half of this year. After the completion of the deal, jingdong and tencent will hold easily Shared diluted 25% and 3.3% of the total issued shares outstanding shares. Jingdong will also get a board seats easily Shared. At the same time, jingdong and tencent will also hold Yi Xin capital respectively 17.7% and 26.6% of the shares.

easily Shared in nyse listed at the end of 2010, the company business mainly for the four parts: easy car advertising, easy car used, Yi Pai platform, digital marketing services business. News, easily Shared shares jumped 12% opening, at present, the market has nearly $4 billion.


Cool 360 cooperation fall to the ground, a great god X7 with CoolUI6 release

on January 8, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

cool Internet brands a great god, and this afternoon, just update the new flagship model, the great god X7, relay from the great spirit of the past 1 s models. It was also in the United States today at CES, has carried on the show.

cool officer said that the great god brand in the future will tell F, N, X series, three points on the price: below 1000, 1500, 1000 or so. The great god X7 belongs to the great god X series is divided into three versions – 801 qualcomm Xiao dragon netcom version, full of mediatek MT6595 double 4 g/mobile version.

Why the name “X7”

in this issue, ZhuFangHao said because this phone has experienced seven generations of the engineering machine iteration and adjustment. Is not in the past 7 inch Phablet models, but against MX4, m 4 related flagship machine.

specific configuration:

1080 p 5.2 -inch Super AMOLED screen, which is pure colour aviation aluminum body, before and after the double glass design, thickness of 6.5 mm. 3 g + 16 gb DDR3 eMMC5.0, support to 64 g SD extension.

5 p lens + 1300 w, 800 w, 6 p F1.8 aperture lens, the OSI engineering stabilization rear camera.

system using 360 application service COOLUI6.0 in-depth integration.

screen aspect also provides a broken screen, 99 yuan. Support all of the great god of mobile phone. At the same time support plus 240 yuan and wait for the upgrade.

price: 1599 (mobile 4 g version 2 g + 16 g), 1699 (double 4 g version 2 g + 16 g), 1999 (qualcomm netcom double card double stay 3 g + 16 g)

is another focus of the conference, cool 360 CoolUI6 built cooperation. As cloud network hunting had previously forecast, cool the whole control system construction, and operation, and only responsible for 360 CoolUI6 platform related services provided and optimization, enjoy the cool inlet flow.

with the aid of 360 integrated technical ability, will bring great god products more smoothly integrate the use of the experience, and with the aid of cool the great god of market capacity, the 360 mobile end products will provide a new development space, can step to harvest a lot of small white users, form the platform effect one pace reachs the designated position.

then hunting cloud network will bring you interview, stay tuned.


Evening news: nokia acquired panasonic wireless network, ZhiYun such as the financing

cloud network hunting Jan. 7 (text/who)

nokia acquired panasonic wireless network sales department

nokia communication announcement, said it has completed the panasonic system network technology co., the wireless network of acquisition work in the sales department. The acquisition includes panasonic LTE/3 g wireless base stations system wireless equipment business and related business; Panasonic wireless network department of fixed assets, customers and business contract will be transferred to the nokia Japan branch network. In addition, also includes more than 300 employees to panasonic.

nokia version legal channels N1 tablet on sale tomorrow

nokia released the first android tablet N1. The 7.9 -inch 2048 x 1536 resolution the 4:3 ratio of IPS screen, gorilla glass, the third generation and used the oxidation of aluminum fuselage, the machine weighs only 318 grams, the thickness of 6.9 mm. Performance, N1, with a 2.3 GHz Intel 64 Z3580 quad-core processors. Built-in 2 gb of RAM, 32 gb ROM, running the latest android 5.0 system, with a built-in Nokia Z starter the Launcher. N1 front rear 5 million pixels 8000000 megapixel camera, built-in 5300 mah battery. The N1 tablet Air China edition is priced at 1599 yuan, on January 8, 12 points for online buying, formally on January 28th the delivery.

360 joint venture was established in 200 million and lei

360 officially confirmed, 360, the company has invested two hundred million yuan and lei, the creation of a new joint venture into intelligent router Internet market together. A new generation of 360 large family experience 49 times version optimized routing P1, will be officially listed within one week. It is understood that the joint venture company will be 360, founder of zhou as chairman, shenzhen lei l ‘oudon industrial co., LTD., senior vice President, became the new CEO of the company.

Roland berger, a former executive joined Letv

the original not rick o wood, executive director of Roland berger management abulimt has joined the music, and music as the controlling strategy planning and management, vice President and director of the presidents office. It is reported that I love you will be entirely responsible for after joining Letv group global strategic planning and strategic operations management, report directly to CEO Letv Jia Yueting. Now see some of the business has been done adjust, such as the same pictures to Mr. Zhang, enjoyed sports to LeiZhenJian, music cloud computing by Dr Yeoh is responsible for the management and so on.

all ZhiYun, zero line for financing

in the field of domestic mobile DSP startup ZhiYun announced the complete amount to $10 million in A round of funding, the investor to bertelsmann Asian investment funds. As early as in its inception in 2012, all ZhiYun announced for quota is said to have super angel of tens of millions of yuan investment, but investors have yet to be announced.

after A round of sequoia capital investment, catering delivery platform zero line was successfully received $30 million in 2014 by the end of the series B financing, led by tecent, sequoia and gobi with shots. This is tencent in the distribution, focus on pure online investment for the first time in the field of food delivery details now has not been disclosed. Zero line will be mainly used for the current financing team expansion, new urban development, and improve service quality, 15 years is expected to cover 15-20 cities.

mediatek push Android TV 4 k TV chip

mediatek and Google announced the common development and carry out of the world’s first Android TV smart TV system of the operating system (SoC) MT5595 single chip solutions. Using the chip of Android TV smart TV to watch movies on Google Play, entertainment, can also with 4 k image chang Android games. In addition, all the Android TV equipment support Google Cast Ready, users will be able to move the contents of the projection equipment to the television.

file transfer of new technology: a solid film qing three seconds passed out

startup Keyssa the development of a new technology that allows users in a short span of time in less than five seconds can complete the transfer of large files, and no plug-in equipment. Keyssa development of the so-called “kiss type connection” technology allows the user to a device with another device gently knock, can transmit information back and forth between the two devices, which to some extent is similar to the near field communication technology, but the transmission speed is faster. In essence, this technique is to use high frequency radio transmission of information between the two devices.

the magic sound will Beats and HTC to court

Beats previous partner magic sound today it to court, accused it stole the magic sound headphone technology research and development, at the same time Beats and HTC contract fraud charges. Magic sound claimed that Beats co-founder Jimmy ai Owen and Dr. Dre intentionally conceals the magic sound understandably scarce headset design and technology research and development, as well as the magic sound ever offer Beats about technology, manufacturing, distribution and the actual sales training knowledge of the facts. The magic sound Noel lee’s chief executive, said a technique used to Beats headphones is developed by the he and the company, and then use by Beats piracy.

the magic sound of lawyer, California law firm Cotchett, Pitre & amp; McCarthy’s Joseph chet said the sound Beats and the magic’s five-year production and distribution before the contract expires, HTC to Beats invested $300 million in 2011; Mr. Owen and Dr. Dre to buy back the company in 2013; And Beats to sell apple again, all of these transactions is shameless behavior, because the Beats in playing tricks of change in control stole the magic sound investment and work. Upon expiration of the partnership, the Beats never will the magic sound for years investment in the Beats is handed over to the sound.


Damn traffic, to the fire scene

note: hunting cloud from PC to mobile Internet Internet transformation, the original traffic economic failure gradually, which is associated with how to build a new business system, around the scene during the build process should follow the principles of how? The following is a source of science and technology, co-founder of Duan Xu share an article, all entrepreneurs to provide experience for reference.

/Duan Xu, exclusive feeds on hunting cloud network

why traffic patterns to die?

the traditional Internet business model based on traffic construction in the mobile Internet appears to be ineffective. PC Internet age, average daily millions of PV can’t make money, keep not to live team is a shameful thing, but in the era of mobile Internet, daily living millions of APP can support a family, a balance of profit and loss is a thing to be proud of. In mobile Internet battle over the entrance, the second APP in the APP before all lack the strength to fight back, squeezed into N screen, as users had no recollection of the zombie applications, not only have no way to become a portal, but almost was thrown out the door.

as a single focus on short time, pay attention to high frequency of the fragmentation of serious equipment, banner AD is outrageous. Dare to put banner ads in the main program interface, the user can run faster than rabbits. Christmas Eve cheat girl still have to buy an apple, say morris, kreis mas, lying to the user is so simple and crude in interface is a plus, people will point in addition to slippery owe hand cramps, estimates that didn’t also what other reason. In today’s a stool to intelligent, flow of the business model is simple and crude, so this is the reason why the hell.

from competition for entry to the competition scene

ali and tencent has deeper thinking in curry favor with the user. They know, users and the influence of the mobile terminal to really push back sister principle is consistent, is to build a she has reason to be demolished is my sister. So they spent a lot of money, in order to build a user take a taxi, then pay with their logical tool to pay. Drops and fast competition, in essence is ali and tencent on construction payment scenarios. Another Chinese Internet another has proven business model – an example of the game. Build a scenario, it would have to make the game designer for big R to pay to play really, think about it, if not carefully designed pay those points, does not have the scene using human weakness, users from pockets can pay so good? True when all my people are sicong, rich willfulness.

leading position in the current domestic mobile Internet, notting have is not to build the scene. Devoted to devoted to envelop the micro letter into Wall Street, the most essential reason is that he helps users to build a distinct and micro letter stranger dating scene – about guns. Millet in establishing their empire of intelligent hardware at the same time, also all or forget to build a user can use the millet mobile phone for a variety of operating scenarios. The success of tencent game and its importance to the construction of the social scene affect gameplay associated, ali is through their own perfect ecological service all the time to build pay treasure payment scenarios. As the upcoming scene revolution, puts it, the Internet for the flow rate and inlet, and the mobile Internet era for the scenario.

need to cover for scene, but need more ingenious methods

behind a successful APP must have its own set of methodology of constructing scenarios, but these methods would follow a few core principles:

a, the process of constructing scenarios to natural

360 mobile guards when receive insufficient flow remind message will guide users to buy flow package, that flow package buying scenario building is very natural, let users are more likely to accept, and assistant teacher younger brother mobile gate every day constantly push on downloading applications to users notice, is to let a person tired. Scenario building should, therefore, naturally, the user feel down and trigger appropriate conditions, rather than out of thin air. Recent article “outside WeChat accurate message service” article, mentioned people are already using some open news such as text, to help build scene, is also a kind of more natural, not provoke the user antipathy to marketing scenario building forms.

2, build the more specific the details of the scene, the greater the impetus of user

ctrip had cooperation with Pacific insurance sales flight delay risks on its APP, but not many buyers, the main reason lies in the construction of ctrip bought insurance scene is not specific enough, lead to the low driving force to the user. Imagine that you are buying one flight ticket, APP will display the purchase risk button at the same time give the flight was delayed rate is as high as 75%, the user purchase rate can improve? Author of the force of habit, Charles, Charles duhigg think reach (cue) is a key link in the process of habits, and in the embodiment of the reach of more specific content, will help to strengthen the impact of the user and the formation of habits.

three, build scenes should use external contact more

it is well known that a mobile phone there are up to 80% of the APP is not used by users think of at ordinary times, so even within the application designed very perfect scene construction system, but the user is not active use, these scenes will not affect the user. In the mobile phone use environment, there are a lot of scenarios, with contact. Location information, notification bar messages, messages can be as the contact of the scene. And text messages, it is most abundant as scenario-based touch point content, is forgotten by the people of one of the most thoroughly. Can use bank bills SMS, easily construct an installment payment, can use the ticket SMS, construct a destination hotel, you can use utility bills SMS, to build a mobile payment, let the user get into the habit of pay with pay treasure or WeChat. Read your messages, you can easily come up with a lot of scene, but have not been built all these scenes, squandered the by, everyone has for the entry of the mobile Internet, slug. But the major mobile phone manufacturers and super APP has already begun to movement, lenovo’s latest products have been launched in my address book scene text function, provide contextualized service model is a start-up company small source technology, cooperation with the manufacturers to develop their plans have been ranked in the second half of the year. This shows, in 2015, under the trend of the smartphone market growth is slowing, vendors for these can provide a better user experience, also can better build your O2O closed-loop enthusiasm service is how.

bloodthirsty shark always can smell a faint smell of seawater, vigorous petrel, always felt the rain will come in time. In this rapidly changing IT, only has the keen insight, to the next wave comes to adjust their attitude, or even an unbeatable vessel may also be overturned. Depend on the flow of PV age has in the past, based on the scenario trigger (SceneTouch) scenario era has come, if the giants are still stuck in the past, don’t embrace the scene, was after the wave on the beach is minutes away.


CES this year, a great new products take the lead


although the CES show no longer like before a few years become a blockbuster, but its effect is still important, also in this year’s booth in a great new product appearance, we first come to businesses today released new photos first.

Intel released the fifth generation of the Core chip: range increased by 1.5 hours

this all-new Intel PC chipsets, mainly used in notebook computers, desktop computers, and combined computer products (i.e., tablet PC and kandy super this product), is scheduled to hit the market in the first half of 2015. Compared to the fourth generation of the Core chip products, by the fifth generation of the Core chip of laptop battery life by 1.5 hours. Want to know, apple MacBook Air 13 inch product is adopted by the fourth generation Intel Core chip, apple said the battery life of the product up to 12 hours.

LG to release the second generation of curved surface screen mobile phone scratches can self-repair

LG launched G Flex 2, this is the second generation of the company’s Android curved surface screen smart phone. Flex inherits the G the surface appearance of the Flex 2 G, 5.5 -inch screen, equipped with brand new xiaosaurus 810 processor, 3000 mAh battery, 2 gb or 3 gb of RAM and 16 gb or 32 gb of memory, a 13 million megapixel camera. Based on the Google Android 5 Lollipop operating system is running, the interface reserved the LG themselves to make changes. Compared with the previously published G Flex, G Flex 2 also reduces the overall curvature, make it doesn’t look like a G Flex crescent. Another major improvements is, self-healing Flex 2 G is equipped with plastic shell, can be recovered in a short span of time in less than 10 seconds scratch marks, and improved in terms of earthquake resistance and durability. G the Flex 2 will be on the market in South Korea by the end of the month, then quickly sold around the world.

samsung many electrical appliances product appearance

today’s conference, samsung has released SUHD TV television, Tizen operating system platform, washing machines, induction cooker, speakers and other new product. Among them, the samsung SUHD TV appearance and Tizen of operating system platform developed to become a full focus.

new samsung SUHD TV including JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 three series, with 48 to 88 inch size nine. But in the event, the specific price and time to market is not released. In addition, all 2015 samsung Smart TV will pick up a new Tizen operating system.

panasonic launched Firefox based OS 4 k of high-definition TV

panasonic in 2015 international consumer electronics show today to release the Life of the next generation based on Firefox OS + Screen 4 k ultra hd smart TV. Mozilla cooperation with panasonic has created a Firefox OS based innovation, interactive and can be customized user interface, since this spring will be used to release the panasonic brand new Life + Screen TV. Through cooperation, the user can more easily into their favorite program, including real-time TV program, application, the content on the web site and other equipment. At the same time, in the panasonic TV based on Firefox OS will be allowed for the first time in the TV screen shows remind from the application, and in the future, also displays information from compatible Internet appliances.

asus product main light

asustek chairman jonney shih published the ASUS Transformer Book Chi and ZenFone 2, ZenFone Zoom three versions.

among them, the ASUS Transformer Book Chi is the world’s most thin seal Windows laptop, at the same time can also be transformed into tablets. The ASUS Transformer Book Chi three sizes to choose, ultimate T300 Chi with a 12.5 inch screen, 7.6 mm thin plate is equipped with high speed and has the outstanding energy-saving efficiency InIntel Core M processor; Lighter type 10.1 -inch T100 Chi thin plate is only 7.2 mm, built-in ultra long-lasting batteries can be used throughout the purposes; While T90 Chi is ultra lightweight 8.9 inch model, weight 750 g, selling price from $299, is expected in February on sale.

ZenFone2 is posted at CES last year ZenFone after an Android mobile phone again, equipped with upgrade PixelMaster image processing technology, the latest 4 gb of RAM, and 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, 13 million pixels PixelMaster camera, aperture of f/2.0 lens, as the zero lag, the user can take pictures of high resolution, cost price 199 dollars respectively.

ZenFone Zoom is the world’s most thin at the same time carry 13 million pixel camera model with 3 x optical Zoom lens. 10 units applied in the rear camera lens design, up to 12 x digital zoom, a built-in optical image stabilization (OIS), and combined with a revolutionary laser automatic focus; In addition, the ASUS ZenFone Zoom also have professional model set freely, can manual fine-tuning control ISO setting and shutter speed, priced at $399.

HP released two mini PC

HP issued $180 of Stream Mini PC. Stream of Mini size and Intel NUC fairly, the cy young 2957 u processor, equipped with 2 gb DDR3L/1600, 32 gb m. 2 SSD, a gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.4 HDMI port, headphones and microphone dual function interface, and SD card reader, support bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 n and 8.1 with Bing for Windows operating system.

meanwhile, HP also released in appearance and Stream Mini Pavilion Mini is almost the same. Pavilion Mini USES pentium 3558 u, equipped with 4 gb of RAM, a Stream of Mini 32 gb m. 2 SSD with a 500 gb hard drive. Along with the mouse and keyboard, Pavilion Mini for $319.

car class: the more advanced energy technologies, the automatic car driving and interaction technology

a Mercedes? Mercedes Benz will be on display at CES this year officially own automatic driving concept car, seen from the forecast figure, Mercedes this automated driving concept car with fashionable modelling, vehicle line is very smooth, at the same time the design of the face before join in slightly concave. Tail, the car taillight modelling slender, tail lines slightly have administrative levels feeling. Overall, the car would use a very sleek body lines, and into the aerodynamic design.

BMW will launch a new concept car at CES, BMW plans to introduce a new laser lamps, connected to the camera, sensors and driving assistance systems, it is understood that the vehicle will use the OLED (organic light emitting diode), the thickness of only 1.4 mm. In addition, BMW plans to show the latest “remote valet parking assistant system”, drivers need to drive to the parking lot entrance out of the car, through the smart watches automatic parking.

the audi plans to its world debut at this year’s CES launch two new cars. Audi official says, will be carried out day, audi in the connect Internet technology, automatic driving technology, user operation and display technology, information, entertainment systems and lighting the development of science and technology, audi revealed that they will only display matrix laser lights and the revolutionary “new audi Q7 have control and display concept”.

Toyota will be shown in the CES with the function of unmanned vehicles. Toyota show driverless cars prototype with radar and vision equipment is a lexus LS 600 h. Through these devices, the car can detect other cars, lane line and light, so as to make it in the absence of the driver in the street. The car at the top have installed the Google in its driverless cars installed in the laser system.

will show on the exhibition company new ford Sync3 vehicle-mounted multimedia entertainment communication system, ford’s new model on sale this year, will be equipped with Sync3 system. Sync3 compared to the previous generation of quick, run more smoothly, function also get great improvement. In addition, it looks more intuitive interface, can better integrate smartphone applications. Sync3 biggest changes, however, rise to the surface, it abandoned the MicrosoftAuto, instead, the QNX operating system.

Volvo will be released in the CES is a new kind of bicycle collision warning system, it is understood that the system when they tested the vehicle and the distance between the rider too close or impending collision, drivers and riders will receive collision warning.


Inventory: 2014 top ten venture projects abroad

hunting cloud network (note: the emergence of creative even faster than the mushroom growth, but we are still in the numerous achievements of screening, picked out the ten in our favorite innovative projects that appeared in 2014. Our choices range from hardware to software, the Internet can be connected to any place, change the way we operate equipment.


Product Hunt: record brilliant innovation project startup

Product Hunt is a search for the latest and best start-ups aggregation class community. Launched in late 2013, after the team got the first step in early 2014. By the Andreessen Horowitz led the $6.1 million after A round of funding, the product with the iOS client, podcasts, is A search for institutions and exchange ideas. Who know how powerful it will become in 2015.


Hello : can change the way you sleep, computer hardware

by Thiel Fellow and James Proud of Hello company, its main product is a testing data of sleep health equipment. It consists of a Sense of ball on the bed, and a clip on your pillow Sleep Pill. Sleep Pill can track your mobile and send the data to the Sense, the latter is to monitor indoor temperature, light, sound, and the particles in the air. This set of system for your sleep situation were analyzed, and then through the iOS or Android applications, and in your sleep cycle is reasonable that a stage to wake you up.

Sense is a great success in the raise stage, eventually raised far more than the initial setting of the target of $100000 ($2 million). If you would like to ask what makes it different from all other claims that the system can monitor your sleep? We think is: “-they hope you not aware of how the quality of your sleep, still more to let you understand the relationship between sleep and health.”

Kwikdesk : let your secret is always a secret

when Kwikdesk was launched in November 2013, we described it as “Twitter and Snapchat combination”, but by the photographer and entrepreneur Kevin Abosch company founded in 2014, but further. It’s the second product, OneOne, is a can provide “private and difficult to touch” text information application.

Kwikdesk very seriously, they want to create a truly elusive communication goals, OneOne directly on the device end the information encryption and decryption. Is used to encrypt the key will never be sent somewhere else.

the snowden incident, Abosch first secret product concept is attractive.

BRCK : one can make the network connection to anywhere in the world of magic box

company Ushahidi crowdsourcing map from Kenya as a spin-off of the start-up, BRCK designed a sturdy box, can make the network connection to the remote parts of Africa. The $199 worth of BRCK equipment has been used in 140 countries. You just need a 3 g card or connected to the company’s vMNO, can give 20 equipment to provide a wireless signals can be Shared. It also has an external GSM antenna ports to enhance the signal.

BRCK in the summer of 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign won $1.2 million. In addition to the connection issue, BRCK can also deal with unreliable source of electricity and difficult environment. If power failure, it will switch to use up to eight hours of built-in battery, and it can use solar panels, car batteries, computer or wall outlet to charge. They also developed a cloud of the equipment for remote management and an API sensors connected to the connection with other equipment.


Slack : the application of can change the way of team cooperation

Slack is a can talk of the application of communication and collaboration, it aims to let between teams use online businesses in real-time chat channels to communicate with each other, to create a private team and send the message directly. Only from the point of this description, it seems to be crazy, the company set up by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, has been in the latest round of $120 million in financing, won a $1.2 billion valuation. Not only that, but there are many companies continue to introduce the internal communication writing system.

it is reported, Google, apple and twitter have use Slack for communication between the project team.

Slack is like Dropbox, Google and Twitter. Users are using Slack can easily insert tweets, pictures can be downloaded. In addition, Slack also has many convenient features, such as Slackbot, can be set to auto reply or dig into some of the routine tasks. In spite of this, now it is not perfect, we are still waiting for the follow-up development possible.

balze : a bike for you to establish “the bat signal” company

cycling can be a dangerous business, an enterprise innovation balze in London, designed to produce some products to make it more safer. Their first Laserlight, has been launched in early last year. The original waterproof of this product will be in front of you pavement project an image of a bicycle, so that we can make the bike more high visibility, especially in those who is often the place where the car driver’s blind spot.

balze founder Emily Brooke and cycling enthusiasts, statisticians, related consultant, bus company and psychologists have developed this Laserlight. After the company launched a Laserlight, through Kickstarter Laserlight activity income plus Index Ventures and Richard Branson family investment funds, raised $500000.

Spring : addictive dangerous shopping application

when we first saw the Spring, by satellites and David Tisch co-founded the iOS application, we determined the application is very simple and easy. Slide gently only a couple of screen, can complete the purchase a commodity, it can be dangerous for shopping crazy but for all the other people is very convenient. In 2014 was “Tinder for X” years of innovation, Spring this app is equivalent to the electronic commerce world Instragram or is not “pins” Pinterest.

Spring now can only be used in the United States, but we can be sure that if it globalization must can usher in outbreak in 2015. It is each big brand integration: it with Warby Parker, Band of Outsiders and Hugo Boss brand cooperation, through the pictures of press close to life and the advantages of simple purchase process, it would beat other shopping application.


DWNLD : can turn any site into native applications

DWNLD can be understood as making native applications “WordPress”, through the application, the user can create local application to replace people depends on the current situation of the mobile web. It’s content in the web site features into their own content management system, and then generate a local application based on the content. Users can use different templates, fonts and colors to build the app.

DWNLD also allows users to add a lot of media files to the app, such as photos, video, dynamic picture and those who are born to be used to show the things and so on. If you like this app, you can push it to the apple’s app store. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Personal credit registry open gate, ali tencent, etc. 8 the company take the lead in dancing

(wen xuan/day)

today is China’s Internet financial history is crucial for a day, because the central bank for the first time let go of personal credit registry system access gate, allowing business institutions involved.

in the afternoon, the central bank’s website published a notice, sesame credit management co., LTD., tencent inquiry co., LTD and so on eight institutions to be prepared for the personal credit business, time to prepare for six months. This means that after the preparation, the eight official involved in the central bank business company personal credit business.

the eight institutions respectively sesame credit management co., LTD., tencent inquiry co., LTD., shenzhen sea before credit reporting center co., LTD., peng yuan credit co., LTD., chengxin credit ZhiCheng credit in co., LTD., co., LTD, la cara CDG credit credit management co., LTD., Beijing co., LTD., etc. 8 companies for the first name. Credit sesame belong to ali ant gold clothing company, tencent inquiry under tencent group, this also means that the two giants will again be a frontal PK in a new field.

high-speed Internet financial development, counterparty more by business institutions to spread to the individual end, for the construction of personal credit system as the foundation for the development of the industry is very urgent, more correct and comprehensive information is essential to the healthy development of the Internet financial, it should also be central to the Internet giants such as ali, tencent stretch out the “olive branch”. Because of using the Internet tools can achieve 24 hours a day record, extension type, the data is wider, more can be said to be a good complement to the central bank personal credit system.

lateral comparison, the good faith of the people have to issues. Optimistically, the ultimate goal of personal credit reporting system is to build “the good faith society”, and thus formed the user on the basis of daily consumption, borrowing such as reference, today reference range is from the traditional banking institutions to the broader Internet wide range extension.

for credit system, the ant financial already have plans. This from the alibaba group chairman jack ma in late October the insurance on the opening ceremony of the speech. At that time, he said, China is now no shortage of finance, but a lack of consumer, the young and small enterprises credit system, ali and small micro financial aims to build credibility system.

credit business attracts a lot of companies to participate in, not only can promote themselves to carry out financial business forward on these platforms, behind also contains large business opportunities. According to several brokerages, mature credit market development in China is only personal credit business scale will reach 100 billion, far more than the current size of less than 2 billion. The current personal check my credit report before twice a year for free, query for the third time charge per 25 yuan and above.

at present, alibaba and tencent have personal user data on the Internet end more, but the main focus on both ends of electric business and social respectively. In comparison with social data, based on the trading behavior data contains more accurate and more extensive information associated with the credit, the meaning of credit business. So for now, ali department has been in a leading position in terms of personal credit.

as ali is the ant gold clothing subsidiary credit sesame, has a very broad sources of credit data, data processing in more than 30 pb (the equivalent of 5000 national library the amount of data), which contains the user online shopping, payment, transfer and personal information such as all aspects of data. Plus the ant gold served for many years the accumulation of data processing ability, engaged in credit for its laid a good foundation.

after the ant gold suit was XinYongHua try to data in a variety of business, one of the most typical ant micro lending business, according to the data on the user in the platform to its credit, a user to apply for a loan without collateral and collateral. Introduced in 2010 to March 2014, has more than 70 small micro enterprise loans 70 yuan.