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Completely free you from housework: 10 great domestic robots

cloud network hunting note: in 2014, although there is no change big household machine form, but there are still a lot of excellent works of literature and art can let a person shine at the moment, the robots ABI Research analyst Dan Kara combined several domain experts to select they believe that the year’s best ten domestic robots.

seems in recent years to the end, the optimists will swear in high-tech prediction: next year will be the machine’s shine for a year, when people finally can breathe a sigh of relief, push those boring housework heavy burden to the robot.

let robot mopping floors, washing cooking utensils, mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, clean up the cat excrement, cleaning the carpet, also more than, let robot coax children bed, playing with older children, just think about all let a person feel relaxed a lot.

ABI Research robot analyst Dan Kara (Dan Kara) think, that is the end of 2013. Mr Kalla said, “last year was supposed to be all things have change a year – a year again.”

although the so-called family robot revolution in 2013 did not come, but Mr Kalla said last year, some new interesting robot close to the consumers, and no housework family life in the future.

Mr Kalla’s point of view, got Erico guzzo, (Erico Guizzo) and Andrew keane (Andra Keay) echo. The two robot industry has been keeping a close eye on the consumption, the former is a subsidiary of the American association of electrical and electronics engineers Automaton blog website editor, who is the managing director of the robotics industry group in silicon valley. According to these experts recommend, and some primary test, we selected 2014 paragraphs new and noteworthy ten domestic robots.

Neato vacuum cleaner Botvac

vacuum cleaner in the consumer market is a market the largest and the most competitive consumer robots category, and the vacuum cleaner has been constantly improved, is becoming more and more useful. Introduced the earliest style often because too dependent on maintenance people are criticized. (” I have to wash my cleaning robot.” Says Mr Guzzo (Guizzo). When the battery runs out, users will have to pull the robot cleaner to special charging equipment charging, and the user must also move the furniture cleaning robot reach area there. Than the early machines dust collector, this Neato Botvac vacuum cleaner needs fewer people to do clean, and it also has a good ability of dust collection and the thickness of the thin, which makes it able to drill into the bottom of the sofa. And it is the most let I like features are: when the battery is very low, it will suspend work, run to the charging equipment and charging automatically. When more people are looking forward to Dyson (Dyson vacuum cleaner this year, please refer to the similar features. Neato Botvac vacuum cleaner priced between $480 to $600.

grill clean the machine Grillbot

although cleaning grill is a small house, but it is easily irritating. After enjoying the delicious barbecue, people often forget to clean the grill, going to do until the next to the barbecue. Clean the grill is can let a person feel cheerful and of course the premise is your own. Sells for $130 grill cleaning robot Grillbot works like a miniature robot cleaner, but with some scary metal bristles. Regardless of whether they are just used grill or has the cooling of the grill, as long as put Grillbot above, and then start the program, cover, 10 to 30 minutes, grill is clean enough, when the next barbecue can use them directly. Some users report Grillbot metal hair is easy to fall off, the production company, chairman of Ethan Woods (Ethan Woods) for this said, the new design has solved the problem. The device and alarm functions, designed for those who are forgetful, when put the Grillbot on top of a hot grill for too long time, the alarm will ring.

video autodyne artifact Soloshot2

whether for work or for fun and take, if, as long as you still is easy. But dynamic activities, such as sports, dancing, or just stay with you in the yard toddler play to finish filming at the same time, it is difficult to be satisfactory. $400 Soloshot2 consists of an automatic camera equipment and a separate sensor, the sensor can be attached to any object you want to shoot it. Camera equipment make pointing in the direction sensor of the camera. Can take up to 2000 feet Soloshot2 within the scope of any activity, even can take your swimming process, because the sensor is waterproof, Soloshot2 time is 8 hours, the frame of sensor battery life is 4 hours. The only thing you need to worry about is that when you swim in the swimming pool, someone may steal your camera.

pets gum Litter – Robot cleaning machine

on my children a list of chores, clean up the cat shit is the most maddening thing. However, Litter – Robot may make a difference. Its built-in sensors can capture the cat activity a place in the home, then it will spin like a huge concrete mixer, cut large pieces of garbage to screen out, stored into a litter trays. Of course, there are shortcomings: Litter – Robot is a little big, about 29 inches high, before and after about 25 inches wide. So he in small apartment activities may, by the way, it costs $389 is not cheap.

can coax children fully automatic pram rockaRoo

a Pittsburgh company made the this automatic pram rockaRoo 4 mons. It can track your baby’s center of gravity and position every second hundreds of times, and the use of a fixed on the bottom of the pram activity to repeat the baby rocking chair. The action of the company said, the activity chair including “fall at a speed of gravity”. RockaRoo motors is very small, not to disturb the baby to sleep, also won’t interfere with the baby to hear their parents through the device of the internal speaker put out music. For parents of hernia, or for the baby’s parents have unable to sleep, might be worth for this special machine costs $180, but the parents for children age is pretty big, and buy this stuff is really too late.

floor cleaning machine Scooba 450

this aspect, the generalization make domestic robots no company do more than iRobot. IRobot design and manufacture the Roomba vacuum cleaner, drain cleaner Looj, pool cleaner Mirra, and this year’s floor cleaner Scooba 450. The device is worth $600. It will first floor wet, sprinkle with detergent, then wipe the floor and absorb water, and then a final cleaning with rubber roller. Success in all our tests, we only had a little trouble: “Virtual Wall” (Virtual Wall) accessories. The accessories to create a infrared barrier, so that the Scooba from specific areas. However, it casts a too many infrared, that in a small space, the robot hesitate, can’t wipe the anywhere.

lawn mowing machine Robomow RS

most of the housework, even if what also won’t have to ignore the bad results. However, mowing the lawn in person can hurt you. Lawn mowing machine in the field of competition is very big, both brand, also have a start-up, and Robomow RS is the latest one. Set up a lawn mower is a household chores, because you have to circle your yard range, limited range Robomow RS. These is finished, you can let the machine cut the lawn, follow one’s inclinationsly and return to charging device for charging automatically when battery is low. It is electric, so compared to traditional lawn mower, noise is no longer a problem. Analysts of the latest generation of lawn mower machine reliability scores are high, and the electric lawn mower generally do not need to maintain every year, but it need gasoline mower.

learning robot Kibo

toy market is filled with the annoying noise can dance as well as of the robot. However, the Kibo and they are different. It is the children’s latest achievements in science and technology laboratory at tufts university, is specifically designed for children aged 4 to 7 a learning tool, just present in the form of a toy. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Advertisers should focus on the future or social communications platform

a new social communication application is popular, and popularity continues to expand the scope of; As a result, send text messages this way of social communication is out of date. From Kik to Line, from Viber to WhatsApp, social communication application is designed for young people to social media, so to speak. With the continuous development of telecommunications applications, it will become an important part of social media.

application in Asia’s most widely used communication

Line and micro believed the two telecommunications applications have been very popular in China and other Asian countries. In view of this, north American and European telecommunications applications developers are trying to catch up. WeChat, rice chat, letter, ‘smart phones and other mobile devices is the most common and one of the most popular applications, at least in China, India, and other Asian countries.

both for customers and advertisers, social communication applications market prospects are very broad. Of these applications is mainly affected by the younger generation, also said that they have their own a new generation of consumers. And, the popularity of the application is more and more high, advertisers have been unable to ignore.

application for free, and you pay with their own data

many applications on mobile devices are free, but is want to charge for some specific projects, such as related to personal or public interest (you send information there are corresponding to charge), application charge remind pops out. Advertisers can take advantage of this advertising model to find the right customers, users in the process of using the free application, will also feel very humanized – although the human nature is based on business purpose.

this streamlined, removable centered design concept can even prompted several related technical renovation of old. Qr code, for example, it is easy to meet the service requirements of a lot with words and images. Increased and the service network chat reality, people in the use of communication and social media, use a lot of network buzzwords, suggesting that social communication application in the new communication mode is an indispensable part of.

to be reckoned with opponents: Google rise again in the field of telecommunications applications

in the rumor about Google, most attention should be this one: Google will launch a communications application recently, but the customer does not need to set up Google account can be used. If so, given the other services are some input your account information to use, so this is Google made a major breakthrough in the company. However, Google is based on the principle of service to the user’s activities can be traced to a great extent information – this is one of the Google advertising.

as Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the function of the service is being developed to get incisively and vividly. May this service in the industry has been around forever, but now it is very likely is free to use, this is on the Line even WhatApp (annual fee charged by a relatively small) poses a great threat. So it would take this free service from apple still far behind? Anyway, once the communication in the application of the two giants began to implement free services, the beneficiaries are customers, the end result is to make the application more humanized, become a customer friendly communications applications.

Line is one of the most popular with the customers of mobile communications applications, the issue of it at first, its potential customers are likely to reach 1 billion. So, under normal circumstances, any smart marketers want as a customer base – especially when their target customers are people teens and twenties, or even the so-called “generation” in one thousand (people born between 1980 and 1995).

the Line from became the only popular customer communication application is far from it, to achieve this goal, for the most part will depend on your target customers and common customers. And, you have to bear in mind that the people have conformity, such as their tourism always love to relatives and friends have been to place, in which communications applications, the conformity psychology is more obvious.

so how do individual or company began to develop mobile application or social media communication application? It begins with first to understand a new communication model, this model not only contains the communication need SMS terms, acronyms and emoticons and other digital shorthand method; Also includes stickers, sometimes is a dynamic stickers, sometimes is static sticker, but usually these stickers with a consistent style of art; If the two together, the communication mode of the service function will be very strong.

although telecommunications applications has been very popular, but it is still in the stage of development. In the New Year, pay attention to communication application in the related areas of social development is a social network can establish a new social pattern of the key.



The Internet sports market will be the next gold mine

2014 witnessed in the Internet some big acquisitions in the field of household, this year we have seen on the iPhone “bend door” event trigger a war of words, the AI picture processing tools and Microsoft XiaoNa and amazon released home voice assistant hardware products Echo become public hot together; Kim kardashian can be downloaded from the app store.

however, review it over here, here is my outlook for 2015.

game market “media operations”

in the past few years, we can see that Wall Street has been the evaluation for high-growth Internet game company stock, this is because the company has a very fast game user adoption rate and the ability to earn income from core users. However, the mobile gaming industry has grown up. Those who belong to the gaming industry in the sunny days, and countless days of money, has been away from us. In 2015, the game industry will focus on execution.

with the development of game companies mature, with their traditional media companies have striking similarities. Is the same, they also pay attention to brand construction, accumulation of intellectual property rights and large-scale copyright permission. Is because the game company the focal point, the market will need to redefine the game company is: a new generation of media companies.

the United States can be seen from the east to the Asian market as the direction guidance. Japan, for example, mobile social gaming company Gumi IPO in Tokyo, and with it in multiple media businesses on the strength of the received $900 million in market value. Game companies will continue to take control of your own destiny, and began to reassess their market positioning, in order to reproduce this level of success in the United States.

small entrepreneurial firms began to integration, building common ecological

the so-called “killer application” will continue to be elusive, as more companies realize that in the early or middle stage, they can only in their respective fields to solve one or two core issues. Entrepreneurial firms began to ask ourselves, if they only have a sparkle, or whether they can hold up a real business.

in order to survive, the early or middle stage of the company will begin to unite, to provide users with more comprehensive products and services, because they know they can’t cover the user every aspect of life. There is no doubt that we will see some of market integration, but the emphasis will be benefit the end user of the joint venture and cooperative relations. Our mindset is to shift from “create or purchase” for “create or cooperation”.

this change we have seen in 2014. Uber company and company cooperation, for example, their cooperation let users come home after a DJ. Another Snapchat and Square, they launched a Snapcash transfer function. In cooperation benefit most will be those that have bright spots or good products but lack of market penetration to the public means of company. To all technology companies in the proposal: find three with their complementary startup, and then begin to discuss cooperation.

Internet sports market will be the next gold

science and technology industry to predict how no curve, it has a double meaning. More bold prediction is that the sports industry will be born under a golden boy of science and technology. I don’t mean a sports team, but a supporting platform for service providers or cater to the sports industry.

think, sports provides cover vast audience biggest opportunities, they all do the same thing at the same time. Add like Levi’s stadium on the networking stadium official demonstration and explanation. Technology companies in the aspects of hardware and software of disruptive possibilities are endless.

application in sports venues of geographical fence location technology offers plenty of opportunities for science and technology company, with a group of high quality and passion of the audience. Advertisers are they come into contact with the audience of the highest quality. You can see what they bought, what eat, where they sat, and so on. If a tech company can figure out how to improve field sports viewing experience, it will be richly rewarded.

virtual sports games market will enter a new stage of development, the industry daily competition will intensify. Like FanDuel company and Draft company will continue to expand. And like Fanatics sporting goods online retailers will leap into the threshold of the billion dollar club.

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Inventory: 2014 domestic Internet industry 17 “milestone”

cloud network hunting note: time as the blink, fleeting, 2014 has been to the end, although in this year, China’s science and technology and networking has many not lovable place, but it is undoubtedly offer the numerous achievements of science and technology of China annual. , of course, also can say this is one of China’s science and technology has its place in silicon valley, especially after the listing in alibaba, shocked the world. Here are hunting cloud network editor jun for your reader to summarize 2014 year China science and technology of 17 cases of large events.


1 big events: the Chinese version of “tesla”

to say 2014 first big events, science and technology of China to the United States must be China wanxiang group, luxury hybrid car makers. Fisker was once the world’s most outstanding one of the new energy automobile manufacturers, it is also has been to produce cars ambitious universal on early.

this will give an own luxury car maker in China, especially in high and new technology, dreaming “tesla in China”.

the new owners want to sell Fisker Karma sedan, but it is a difficult task. In 2012, criticized the model car was swept over land, so universal in the way of a dream “tesla in China” still need to work harder.

big event 2: millet into overseas markets

millet in 2013 in Hong Kong, Taiwan area for trial after, finally the overseas market this year, in February, millet have been sold in Singapore.

by the end of 2014, in their overseas markets have been the millet to add to the other four south and southeast Asia countries, including India and Indonesia, the two huge potential market.

into the process of millet is not smooth. Because of patent issues related, millet on December 11 sales, which is banned in India and the global plan in 2014 years is a long way off, Brazil and Turkey and other regions have been delayed until next year.

however, millet sales goal this year is still a staggering 60 million!


big event 3: the pride of the millet into “made in China”

millet is not the first Chinese brand to the world. Lenovo, huawei, zte has sold abroad for tens of millions of smart phones, but the progress of millet fast is that they can’t match, you know millet was only in 2011 produced its first cell phone. More it is worth noting that millet company may be the first to make Chinese people proud of the Chinese brand (m black please wanton spray…… ).

there are some overseas friends, such as the United States, Mexico, Australia, via Twitter or Facebook request millet out in their countries. Millet seemed so the secret of success is its low price and its powerful team, and a truly understand to listen to customer needs humane company (m black please continue deliberately sprayed…… ).

4 big events: one plus phone overseas spanning development

this year, the rise of a new manufacturing smartphone innovation company of China, some of its inspiration from the millet, the company is a science and technology. One plus mobile phone is different from millet, it since the first day of the sale started to enter the overseas market, and it is more like to use close to the original version of the Android system.

but there is one plus phone have several features of millet – incredibly low prices, strong hardware, online sales and strong team consciousness.

5: big events listed on sina weibo

4 month, weibo on sale in America, this is China’s top social media is similar to Twitter, the social media raised $286 million, not $400 million most people expected.

however, in 2014, is a people moving time and energy to the micro letter a year…


big events WeChat beyond weibo, into the e-commerce

the micro letter’s monthly active users has increased from the first quarter of 396 million to the third quarter of 468 million. Application letter has become a social class, in addition to the original features, domestic also started to use it to read news most of the people, sharing photos, follow the stars, and so on. In 2014, WeChat and new added a small shop, with the passage of time, the WeChat will have made outstanding progress in mobile power.

in January, the letter begins to add drops a taxi, a taxi this is a domestic application, this makes a lot of people are the first experience in mobile commerce bring convenience, these people are micro letter in 2013 accumulation of users, of course, another attraction, that is micro letter with payment services, and greatly increase the convenience of mobile commerce.

in March, then can choose brand to purchase goods in WeChat (pictured above). In may, tencent launched with a small company and some big brand stores information news push function.

tencent after this a series of big moves, has begun with the king of Chinese e-commerce – alibaba’s “war”.

big event 7: jingdong listed

in May this year, jingdong listed in the United States, raising $1.78 billion. At that time, alibaba has not set a specific time to market, so at that time, the world is waiting for alibaba, not too much attention to jingdong.

big event 8: baidu in Brazil

as China’s largest search engine company, baidu has arrived Brazil in July, this is baidu company outside China’s biggest market.

in several emerging markets, baidu is likely to begin to challenge Google’s position, such as Egypt and Thailand, also have already familiar with the market, because baidu baidu will look for these and occupy the market in 2015.

9: big events on youku traffic reached 500 million for the first time

maybe China’s science and technology and the network market has matured a lot, but there are still a progress space. August of this year’s one thing very good proof, youku, one of China’s leading video site, independent on visits to 500 million for the first time.

10 big events: millet surpass samsung

let’s go back to the millet, from Canalys data analysis results show that, in August, millet overtook samsung in domestic shipments, become China’s largest shipments of smart phone brand.

big event 11: a taxi Uber into China

in August, same Uber into China, try some new things this time Uber, carpooling project, launched in Beijing this is called “people’s Uber”, it will be popularized in other cities in succession.

the service itself is a for-profit, this means that the Uber will not ask for fees from carpooling people.

than Uber in India and Thailand, the infamous American taxi application development quite smoothly in China. Of course, this situation could change at any time.

12: big events into the era of online

this is an important milestone in China’s electricity industry, the Chinese ministry of August according to the latest data, 52.5% of Chinese Internet users are online shopping, a total of about 332 million people.

13: big events listed on alibaba

alibaba today’s achievement, and all the help of online store is inseparable. In September, its size and wealth, the New York stock exchange, and break the record the history of the New York stock exchange listing.

alibaba to raise funds than Facebook public funds in 2012, when Facebook earned $16 billion, alibaba has earned $21.8 billion.

big event 14: China’s richest man, Mr Ma

alibaba founder and former CEO jack ma for the first time on the Forbes China rich list.

Mr. Ma’s personal wealth estimated at $19.5 billion, could be three times as much as he deposits last year ($7.1 billion, ranked eighth).

15 big events: the Chinese into the era of mobile

in October, baidu said China mobile end flow far beyond the terminal flow, this is an important milestone, represents China marched into the era of mobile.

16 big events: refuse to fake

2014 is the year of Chinese companies to stop fake? Peng Bo, vice President of China’s state Internet information office, said recently that China is now “in the direction of the bid farewell to the stronghold, become a country of rapid innovation”. No one is laughing at the point of view, my colleague Charlie Custer also agree with this view.

big event 17: alibaba day trading record, $9.3 billion in 24 hours

a double tenth day, after a crazy shopping 24 hours statistics, alibaba’s two shopping website, taobao and cat) user total turnover of us $9.3 billion ($57.1 billion), which is significantly higher than last year’s record throughout the day ($5.8 billion).

a few weeks later, the carnival is shopping in the United States, obviously, China’s online shopping spree busy a lot than the United States.


2014 foreign Internet industry 14 big failing

allison stayed at the end of 2014, in the past a lot has happened in this year, the major events that ironic. Exposure to startup, short legs, on the other side is made wulitou giants such as Google, apple and amazon. Year end will come, 14 events by hunting cloud network editor jun, who let you have a good talk about the technology of gossip.

14. Google mysterious floating barge end event

remember those mysterious Google barge? That made up the mystery of the floater many container. According to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the first treasure island in the center of the floater in the San Francisco bay, the second is in Portland, Maine coast. Google barge by scientific attention, everybody wants to know what is the purpose of Google. This will become the data center of the future? Or floating retail stores?

it’s a pity, although Google suggests that the mysterious floater is actually a mobile’s new science and technology exhibition hall, but the plan has not San Francisco local barge permission, in earlier this year, so that a floater in San Francisco had to for 80 miles east of stockton, California. Are located in Portland, floater is dismantled after the sent to the scrap heap, the reason was that the local coast guard says the floater will cause fire and other security hidden danger.

the high-profile events but only so an anticlimactic help, it is said that the project budget for tens of millions of dollars.

13. Smart watches blasting (pit) (pa)

to be honest, this year there are a few smart watches Fried hot? 2013, intelligent watches have made some interesting attempt, but also should grasp the opportunity to capture the market this year. Google attaches great importance to this field, especially for wearable devices built a new platform for the intelligent operating system Android Wear.

companies such as samsung, MOTOROLA, LG and SONY, in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, has launched smart watches.

however, the same problems always exist: the heavy hardware and software and disappointing battery life. This problem is let the consumer to spend a bit hurt. (the nut smart watches can standby for five days, by that alone can kill foreign counterparts. And it is the world’s first round smart watches “)

even if Google has been doing before, but foreign media said after evaluation of science and technology, there is still the most favorite products is still not a Google the Pebble smart watch of Steel, the equipment is available in January this year.

maybe by next year, these companies will some understand that only Apple can Watch hegemony in the market.

12. A bad mobile payment platform named process

Isis mobile wallet application released in November 2013. But it’s another ISIS and produced a weak link, which is of the islamic state of ISIS.

nothing want to and a militant groups, point so Isis mobile wallet application cancelled this name in July, renamed Softcard in September.

application name aside, perhaps a greater threat from Apple to Pay. Since October, apple launched its own mobile payment platform, people have paid close attention to with their own mobile phone (apple) to pay deal this matter, so few people ignore Isis anymore.

11. Kinec t be “abandon”

since on sale, Xbox One could do 4 PS, however, several public data are shown to Microsoft’s sales disadvantage. Since then, Microsoft decided to called “unbundling”, so that the Xbox straight One price $One hundred, only $350 can buy a set of equipment.

the key body feeling for the Xbox experience equipment device, now it’s easy to buy one. It’s easy to understand why consumers to a new generation device (with the Xbox One bundle) attitude is a little lukewarm.

today, consumers tend to buy without access Xbox One, so the price is more cheaper, so Microsoft is likely to end in the bulk of the investment on it.

10. Aereo has become a slaughter the lamb

Aereo seems to have to get offline.

the company using a small antenna to collect free television network signal, users only need to pay a small fee per month, will be able to television signal transmission and networking equipment; But Aereo didn’t pay fee to the broadcasting company. Aereo lost completely at the Supreme Court of the United States: it was convicted for illegal service. The ruling is a victory for broadcasting company.

obviously for Aereo, bell has been sound.

Aereo suffered another attack again in October. U.S. district court at the request of ABC, the services provided by the Aereo issued a preliminary injunction. Aereo issued a statement, but it is dying, Aereo admitted after a few months, after the Supreme Court issued a sentence, the company has tried all possible ways but did not get a result; Just last month, Aereo filed for bankruptcy protection.

9. Dirty taxi services two or three things

where there is competition, there are dirty means. In August, Lyft claimed in the past nine months, pretend to be customer reservation, Uber employees in the company the cancelled Lyft orders, number as many as thousands of times. Lyft think this is a trick, Uber to off their driver, grab customers. Uber says the charges “completely false”.

the trouble is that Gett to Uber also made a similar charges, it thinks Uber adopted a “denial of service (DoS)” type of attack means, and, will the driver of the opportunity to poach Gett Uber. In this case, Uber admits that its strategy “may be a bit too aggressive.

Uber instead of shaping the image of good, in November, is one of the executives showed that the company will use its $1 million to get the reporter for Uber negative reputation, this made the image of the Uber become more deadly. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said executives Emil Michael’s comments “lack of leadership consciousness, lack of humanization, also with the company’s value ideal creed deviating”. Even so, Michael is still a member of the Uber, because Kalanick think “wrong people or can learn lessons from the mistakes of the”.

for the executives of big mouth, is an obvious lesson: don’t be a reporter to attend the dinner talk about fighting the reporter’s plan. You can try it.

8. Not “jump ticket” Tizen

samsung and Intel’s joint development of Tizen smartphone operating system, to adopt operators listed custom form. People think of Tizen as a high-end of the operating system, would have unveiled earlier this year.

but later don’t have any movement.

the Tizen, we only can never too hot in samsung smart watches. Mobile world congress in March, Tizen organizations try to change its strategy, hope to be Tizen system for use in the smart TV and other equipment.

the news that the operating system will be slow to show up its debut next month, but it first for low-end smartphone.

7. Facebook playing with fire, let users creeps

Facebook data scientists announced a mood in the users on social networks is contagious, but the survey is in users unwittingly to tamper with their dynamic News (News Feed), as a result, Facebook into the hot water. The survey involved 689003 users and 3 million messages.

the disclosure again sparked a heated debate on the privacy issues, the public again questioned: Facebook exactly what to do with their data.

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg the official apology to make to the climax. “Obviously we communicate with the public is undeserved, we I’m sorry about this,” Sandberg DNTV Indian television interview in new Delhi said.

so, you know.

6. The scandal of “play house”

“play house” really mean? This is a game across Europe and the United States of big discussion, even can be said to be a war between game players with the game media, discussion involving game media corruption, industrial gender discrimination and abuse feminism and so on many Angle. But obviously, this a dirty, ugly unrest has become a landmark event in the field of the game.


Huaxing capital CEO package every question: whether the investment banking industry will be reversed?

note: cloud hunting in Internet financial channels to change the traditional way of investment, subversion, as a traditional investment banking institutions service huaxing capital CEO package in 2014 phoenix finance summit reflection, whether the investment banking industry will also be reversed?

package from all the “confusion” in the past 20 year investment Banks in the works, business models, such as almost no change, since 1994 investment analysts, Wall Street into a fee has not changed for 7-9% for 20 years, PE billions to billions of fee still did not change. For domestic financial sector, he thinks, if ten years later, the new technological revolution represented by Internet to rewrite the rules of the game, will bring revolutionary boost economic growth. In it, also will encourage Banks to make a change.

the following records for a package every speech:

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, just now Xu Zewei to describe a better financial future, huaxing capital as China’s largest focus on high-tech with the Internet, an investment bank, we are the true believers, Internet financial is a part of us as the most strategic layout. So in the past two years, I saw countless cases associated with the Internet financial, is also a study of many associated with Internet financial business model. But frankly, I see it, the more their confusion, today to not share with you my point of view, I would like to share with you about my confusion.

this confusion comes from where? Feel in the financial world, there are two world, a world made of jersey junwei represent the future, full of opportunities and change the world, you can use a new technology for payment, can do borrow, can do investment, VC can take things we can do on the Internet.

but every time I return to the company, I sit down and have a look at our business, I will feel very frustrated, I was made in 1994 into the line of the investment bank, I do, an analyst at investment Banks in the first year, at that time I use a tool is WET, with the tool of writing PPT, then call PPT, from 1994 to now, also in the past 20 years, great changes have taken place in the world, today we are in what kind of? Us investment Banks from the west into word, PPT or PPT, I do, an analyst at the first year, the main job is to call people, arrange, often do is particularly ineffective work. After 20 years, our company, an analyst at children are children of first-class university, our company still is the same thing, call spend half of the time, date, spend the other half time to do a lot of busywork, they just take tens of dollars each year to do these things.

when I was into the line Wall Street IPO underwriting fees are 7% to 9%, after 20 years later, the underwriting fees today or were 7%, 9%, and every time after IPO pricing home by the time distribution, we played, not to say that the price is high, but on the basis of each investment Banks at the core of the customer as he fight for resources, when I was into the line of 1994 to be this way, after 20 years, is like this. In 1994 for the first time to the nyse’s visit, to see the nyse a lot of people, a bunch of people wearing small vest in the gesture of I can’t understand, after 20 years or so, a bunch of people wearing small ma3 jia3 gesturing. At that time the size of the PE only hundreds of millions of dollars, is divided into 20%, the management fee is 2%, now are billions of assets management, but with the management fee is 2%, divided into or 20%.

so on the one hand, we see a lot of here let a person particularly excited with Internet financial transition, in the Internet to do a lot of innovation, but back in traditional investment banking, 20 years, almost no change, still as before, this is my confusion, are we in this industry is Joe is in the world outside? Our world is not influenced by the Internet? Our industry will not be a new business model subversion?

I’ve been asking myself this question, I have a few specific problems, the first investment bank still needed in the future? There is said at the beginning of investment Banks to solve the problem of liquidity in the market, can help solve a capital market allocation problem. In the Internet s, when the information is becoming more and more peer Xu Zewei also said just now, when a value is only hundreds of thousands of yuan of a person, can with worth billions of people, enjoy the same information, or even close to the same service, whether also need to institutions such as investment Banks play such a role? This is the first question I asked.

your second question, there are the investment Banks, investment Banks are using in big trading platform from Taiwan, the world’s largest trading platform is exchange, China is China’s Shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange, the nyse, nasdaq, still has a lot of otc, there are many do fixed-income trading, this is a platform of investment Banks, we are on the platform to participate in the investment bank’s players. So the so-called exchange really suited for deep things? Today on the nyse’s $500 billion market value of the company is the largest company, the minimum value of the company, the company is the millions of dollars value of the two people to be in the same market? The market also can solve their needs? This is my second question.

the third question, since the financial crisis, said everyone in financial regulation, financial risk control problems, that I also wonder, if all things in the same market, how to solve the regulation problem? This may be a solution. Anyway, these are all I think about some of the problems, I don’t have the answer, phoenix me please come here today, original want to let me share my thoughts, but frankly, I confused more and more in these two years.

although there is no answer, but I have a few basic ideas, don’t think is especially mature, I think first of all, today of the entire financial system, especially we are engaged in the financial system, used in the financial world forever is divided into two pieces, one is the mechanism of market, is a retail market, why want to two piece? Because the agency is to rectify, so have the advantage of information, have the advantage of scale, there are a variety of advantages, retail is that piece of personal things. I think first of all in our institutions to the market, to voting behavior is on behalf of the agency market, I think the world today, this system today, there are too many small, inefficient exist too much is not reasonable, so it should be changed. This is the first.

second, it did not change, because the financial is a public goods, finance is a regulated goods, so we did not be Internet disruptive technology and the industry reform, to a large extent is the rules of the game today, or regulators, in protecting the industry. Without an industry of political influence over Wall Street, more than us investment bank, so our industry is largely unregulated, protection by the just cause have today this business model, as of today, from the world of the old old Morgan, underwriting fees is 7 to 9 points, to this day to the United States listed fees should be 7 to 9 points, to a great extent we are protected by regulators.

but the third point, this is unreasonable, if we do this industry to subvert the real rules of the game and rewrite inside, can promote the development of the whole system. So, I think that the earth is round, so it must be moving, share with you my outlook for the future investment Banks today, I am looking forward to some extent is ten years later, one day like me this kind of traditional investment bankers, it didn’t eat for rice, lost his job, I was a dinosaur, and maybe at that time the world is a better world. Thank you very much.


Foreign players in the eyes of the Chinese mobile game industry: winter is coming!

on the subway, bus, on the table… Everyone in the play mobile phones, China mobile game downloads nearly crazy. However, few paid for players in. Compared to the PC game at marvelous spectacles and immersive experience, players are not willing to the consumption on the mobile phone games. China mobile game market winds in winter will come “.

since apple released the iPhone in the early, everyone is more or less have predicted, mobile game is the trend of the future, especially in emerging markets in Asia – China. The core players did not even own a computer or video games. Experts have predicted that in five years ago, the fate of the PC game will like dinosaurs die, and the mobile games will came to the throne. For entrepreneurs, but also a new cash cow.

objectively speaking, there is no denying the fact that mobile games really got a huge development. In fact, everyone has a smart phone more or less will spend a little time to play mobile phone games, people like me have the games as a core function of the smart phone. I remember in the smartphone before the advent of those dark days, when I sit bus couldn’t play Jetpack Joyride (rocket flying), only bored manner looked out the window.

but I’m still a bit of doubt, in the long run mobile games will really for developers in the ancient countries, distributors to bring a steady stream of profits. And I observed that more and more evidence that mobile gaming market is not so make money they often label.

Numbers don’t lie

in fact, for most developers, China mobile game market no profit at all. Chinese film and television (sarft) released a report in the summer of this year, which reflects the situation is very serious: 92% of China’s mobile games lose money; The remaining 8% is just balance. Part of the report pointed out that only about 2% of China’s mobile game can get profit.

the situation for the development of mobile games run for start-up companies. But for the Chinese Internet giant, this probability is still acceptable. They have the ability to shoulder the cost of the 20 different mobile game development, and look forward to a game or two of which can be only accumulate enough audience and make money. But now it seems that even these big companies also seems to be the financing problems. Sina tech blog mouse in a recent blog, points out that qihoo 360 revenue from mobile game fell nearly 17.2%, while tencent to date there has been little improvement in the field of mobile games.

even if China mobile game downloads go crazy, but it does not produce as much profit as people think. Think of it, at the end of 2013, China’s mobile Internet population has nearly 500 million people, the figure is computer more than twice the number of broadband Internet access. But figures released from computer games, mobile games still far short of. PC games in China, including page swim and swim together, a total of create a more than $10 billion in revenue. The mobile game makes less than $2 billion in revenue. Even in 2013, the game is the most commonly used Chinese smartphone applications, is still so cruel reality.

people flocking to download games, and play a lot, but just don’t give money.

is the fault of the population of?

maybe the Numbers above you got a fright, but actually I’m not surprised. I play mobile phone games, game, including China, have been playing. But I really don’t remember when in these games spent money to buy any purchase, in addition to occasionally look at the ads don’t seem to be the conference brought what revenue to developers. At the same time on PC Steam and tencent LOL, I have enough. But for tencent ma, I might have the first child.

part of the problem may be caused by the particularity of the Chinese market: is for mobile game free value-added model of extreme enthusiasm. I can’t imagine any place on earth will like here. Chinese players are often complain that China mobile game developers who too much of a good thing, hope that through the test user tolerance and other way persecuted users pay cost. And the user’s response, is clearly without paying.

but on the other hand, the answer to this question may be more extensive. Mobile games are to fragmentation, XiuXianHua development. This is reasonable, after all, a touch screen mobile phone screen is too small, not suitable for to create immersive feeling, such as loading too grand scene, or provide most hardcore games need control rod module. It also makes users less likely to spend money on it, because the game is fragile, and fleeting, eventually to replace. For most people, mobile games, not something to connect its identity, but just a tool to kill time on a subway. Produce stands in stark contrast to this is PC players often can see yourself in the game, I think it’s two games pay enthusiasm for different reasons, is also a two games income difference is so great.

I also want to say a anecdotes, not accurate data, but also can explain and some problems. My wife and brother-in-law are Chinese, they are my chat very good samples. My wife does not think of myself as a game player, but she’s on the phone with a lot of China mobile games, and often play. This spring, she is a little bit addicted to the game, even spent a lot of time to play the game like candy crush saga. But she not spend a penny on the mobile games. Her brother, see yourself as a gamer, and is a big fan of Dota 2. I am sure he purchased within the game, Internet cafes consumption spent a lot of money.

the winds in winter to

all of these are not want to say what’s the problem with mobile games, mobile games or China do not make money, is not the case. But I think think mobile games will be instead of the “traditional” point of view is too naive, and we may go to China mobile game for a period of relatively cold.

unless someone can come up with a way to make mobile game players to spend money like core players on the PC game, otherwise, I think, PC game will continue to dominate the market.


Get rid of the inherent bias industry, mobile games will become the new “core”

mobile game industry is in full swing now, quite a few people have agreed that it is the “core” gaming industry, to see the senior consultant for game Tadhg Kelly is how to say it. Tadhg Kelly is a senior consultant in the field of play, freelance designer, blog, What Games Are “the founding of the designers.

let’s discuss the problem that “Angle”, people’s understanding of the game industry is usually a one-sided, they often only according to their own game platform as the core, so as to deduce the everything. More and more people are think so and together they form a kind of subculture.

but not all of the subculture is right, for example, most of the game of journalists and YouTuber in that game and computer game is on the question of “core” game is divided, the other (Facebook games, online games, mobile games) is viewed as a leisure and entertainment.

this psychological game industry pattern has meet the media and the developers of the desire for a long time, you go to any game sites can be seen in their dynamic. Literally, for example, Gamespot would headlines were injected “PS4” for a long time, “the Wii U new according to the article,” these are line along the development of the gaming platform. Not only that, this also is those who support the E3 expo site most of the content, as a big news organizations to spread the Gospel of the game.

this “core” thinking mode has just become a practice game grow. Long long ago, games consoles and computers has been continually in the competition for the player to eyeball, players and subculture of self-identification is around them. This passage wants to tell us is that video games have taken over the world. Game industry even than the film industry prosperity, everyone is a gamer. Maybe so, if they don’t let the 150 million “takeover” happen, maybe “core” players might in the past 10 years, gradually developed into a group. They like to hear their master media universe, but actually they are not.

look at the impact on the PS4 are other reports of a new generation of games consoles, game media was excited to see this news will be. Games from many journalists and SONY have ambiguous already a long time, crazy, when they are looking forward to the PS3 issue when it issued, they found that crazy beyond their imagination, so they will continue to do so. In the game industry, this is the ups and downs of tolkien type game strong evidence of enterprise development. SONY (solon) has again and again on the industry (realm) throne (but SONY pay a lot of money to get there).

however, as I said in my Twitter, when you see the apple sold 10 million iphones in a weekend, every quarter sold 1200-14 million, 13.5 million, the figure is good enough? You can also look at samsung, frankly speaking, they sold number once madness. Even Microsoft Surface also reached nearly $1 billion in sales. In contrast, the Xbox One only sold 3 million units last year.

now I know that many of the “core” game fans laugh at those who buy mobile phones and tablet, cannot become the real “game players”. Although those can play mobile device can sell hundreds of millions a year, but the game culture center is the so-called “core” game. The situation looks more like a science fiction.

, according to a report of Newzoo 2015 mobile game industry will be in terms of income than game machine industry. Yes, you didn’t listen to wrong! A small game application (it may be paid, but more is free of charge) to bring the game industry has a long history, large bowl off the throne. It also don’t finish calculate, mobile game industry in 2017 will also with revenue growth of 30%, giving more established PC game in the shade.

when you think that involved money is amazing, but its influence is the most striking. Video games and computer games are usually between $40 to $60, this requires players to work hard to earn more money. Mobile games, by contrast, is a astronomical fee of $5, usually is $2. And, “hardcore” also need to use the equivalent of mobile game players to play the game, and 30 times as much money to every once in a while to update the gaming devices.

when mobile games are everywhere now, whether we can also say video games and computer games is the “core”? We should think about this sentence? Mobile games will not slow down. Unknowable suffering it is not a bubble, it will eventually return to reason and have loyal players, it has experienced the high Renaissance, stagnation, exploitation and a few times. However, people still crazy to download the mobile application, their tastes have never changed. I would be happy to announced that mobile game is the core of the now.

it can against the analogy and film and television, cell phones and as alternative film TV did not produce, “core” may be expensive, that can be seen everywhere. But I don’t agree with this view. In film, TV mode, the user to choose between them is often see his mood. This is different from the game, because the players need to pay money to buy the game platform. This difference is like liked music and high-end music hardware, this is a more difficult choice.

as a result, the old “core” become the new “experts”. When the old subculture in once narrow tracks found their position, host game won the recognition of the mainstream. It’s also one of the mobile game is now facing. Have to do now is to make mobile game development and publishing more artistic and creative. As I mentioned last week, HBO show mobile culture.

this change and its potential mining brought many problems to the developer. One question is whether the mobile game is setting up a large number of new “core” players (seems to be so) – people who can say was gaming. Another question is whether we need to find a suitable media industry, to start around mobile games. This is a very strange question today, but I still have to say it again, it is largely “Angle” problem. We think this is strange because we haven’t see that coming.

but the third question is whether mobile games will become a bridge to reverse the game industry bias. If I was a woman in the game, I really want to ask if I know the devil is there, if I still in situ don’t move (as men in the game, in fact, I also will ask so)? I will disturb their conservative views and old gaming platform, or looking at a brand new start? Steam in the age of people really care about the iPhone or Android users?

as I said at the beginning, this is a “Angle” problem. When Gamergate around looking for regeneration method, didn’t find anything but reveals the core, the quality of the old is disgusting and unbearable. It is smaller than it looks, demand more and more expensive. When mobile games become the new core, new games and with stand the gossip?



Mule trail logistics: to take a taxi patterns change freight logistics industry

(article/who 闫森)

efficiency, in what way too much. The Internet to transform traditional industries, the most significant is a taxi. Di di and fast price fight let people have adapted to the mobile phone take a taxi way to travel.

back to the logistics industry, truck driver looking for goods, the owner to find the driver to have is a common phenomenon, although have logistics scheduling company going to dominate the logistics information, but a lot of information intermediary also indirectly raise the logistics cost.

mule trail logistics to do, is to dispel the information opaque, let the truck driver can directly with the owner on the butt. The freight under the premise of risk control for the owner and the owner to build direct trading platform, lower costs for goods and freight charges. At the same time let the driver master can return the goods to avoid empty phenomenon.

the whole, usually car (goods) looking for cargo distribution is how a process. General long-distance transport vehicles more than 80% are individual vehicles, the logistics company will undertake the primary source of transferred individual vehicles, normal 40% to 50% of the total amount of freight charge as an information intermediary. Virtually mediation has earned a lot of cost in the whole logistics. So model via the Internet, can transform space is very big still.

mule trail logistics positioning is for yourself: wisdom logistics software. For the logistics companies, shipping companies, distribution station, the third party logistics, the owner, the owner provides query logistics, logistics management, logistics options available sources of information release, bidding, logistics lines information release, etc. At present, the mule trail has to all parts of the country distribution station, freight information, options available sources of information, the owner of online orders, can choose the carrier vehicle, vehicle bidding and return empty bid greatly reduce the freight. Mule trail to do is based on the logistics information of the Internet trading platform, is committed to provide logistics owners looking for goods, delivery vehicle trading services, etc.

and a taxi after class software, the audience the most easy to accept the best way is to push. Mule trail in logistics is currently looking for a marketing specialist and APP sales promotion. Ground to contact truck drivers, hold them to register to use and help businesses to complete data entry and information. Telephone sales commissioner, you will need to collect customer information, develop new customers, establish archives improve customer information database. Early method to push the product easy to come into contact with the audience, vice President of E generation of driving and 58 in hunting cloud network public class and the share of a product family shows, early is to push their products go route. Ground and the effect is remarkable.

mule is logistics, founder and CEO Song Rui lanting set before potential special assistant to President, early at PWC also mobile Internet industry management consultants, a master degree in university of California Berkeley. Team members from gravels, jingdong, alibaba, such as the Internet, the logistics company, the team has more than 7 years or above experience of logistics operation Montana and product manager. Company currently has obtained IDG capital A round of investment, angel investment for very serious fund.


mule trail logisticsCompany: Beijing branch network technology co., LTD.

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Video industry to integrate the sohu officially announced the acquisition of 56 nets

on October 31, hunting cloud network news

the latest messages are received: sohu has internal mail, said it had agreed with all company, to everyone’s com into sohu video sector. At the same time, com internal also released the related email. Said the sohu video management team will soon be in 56.

news network CEO skillful 56 future will leave, but will stay for a period of time delivery. According to industry insiders speculated that the deal price may be higher than before coming from $12.9 million.

since this year, 56 net has been seeking to prostitution, and the Internet, the video industry company has been in contact, including mango TV.

com founded in April 2005, the main UGC video sharing, similar to the soil, the copyright video competition white-hot stage still adhere to the UGC and the strategy of PGC. In October 2011, everyone company wholly-owned acquisitions com for $80 million. After that, the 56 network performance is declining, and no apparent breakthrough in development.

56 in sohu acquisitions, the industry pointed out that the current sohu video development is good, does not need to be injected into other resources, the acquisition of 56 to 56, “my show” show business.


not at present the business, but the market is growing, the profit objective. Flow of platform and because everyone is limited, to show that need a lot of resources to promote the products, if the lack of power against their own survival, in the most sold during the period of integration is the best way.