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How to build a 10 billion a month in reading weibo activity

in this paper, the author is department microblogging operations manager

recently on weibo ice bucket challenge, in just 10 days, ice bucket challenge popular microblogging, # # ice bucket on weibo challenge of reading has also broke through 4 billion. Inductive power to the challenge of ice bucket, also happens to be # # with weibo to travel online for a month, combining with the experience of some I do social media, on social media operations and share with you some of the ideas.

I do activities in weibo operation also have three or four years, this is also I did in the third quarter, # # with weibo to travel, at the beginning of the year do fly # # let red envelopes. A month to travel with weibo online activities involved in more than 64 million people, the total amount of reading related topics of 9.92 billion times, compared with half a month of 2.98 billion whole tripled, this for a vertical in weibo is a good result.

do activities also pay attention to the right place, right time and

the days, is to choose the appropriate time, do activities on weibo, when was the first choice to consider what kind of activities do. Just think if ice bucket challenge this activity in the autumn or winter, the participation there is so much that the effect is certainly not so good. For traveling with weibo, too, starting from the summer to the end of the eleventh is the peak season, which covers the summer vacation, the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, this is also the most people will choose to travel time, travel with weibo to choose this time it is accorded with the travel demand, poured ice water over the summer, in summer and golden week travel that meet the timing.

the so-called right, is to see whether this activity is ground, can form online interactive, just on the online activities are difficult to fire up. As ice bucket challenge, not only in the online speculation, also busy in offline, online communication affect more people in the offline, the participation of offline to online communication also more material and content, the interaction to keep the heat. With weibo to travel to a mass discussion on travel on weibo is stimulated, caused more people want a trip for said come away, and these people share more in the process of travel guide, photo and video, which triggered discussion on weibo more again, will the heat of the activities through online. This also drove the active participation of all parties in the tourism industry, such force, was formed from online to offline, returned to affect online O2O closed loop, has realized the right time.

and so-called, is to see all you have to do activities and twitter audience is in line with the crowd. We through the microblogging users to add tags and attention, the content of the release of statistics, found that travel the number of users of weibo industry users first, one of the largest hub weibo has become a tourism enthusiasts, this also let weibo is very suitable for tourism theme activities. With weibo is numerous, weibo users are related with the micro blog have a lot of young, at present, after the 90 weibo has become the largest user group, we have statistics to participate in to travel with weibo users, nearly 50% of them after 90. Nelson pan after 90 consumer reports also show 90 and 70, 80, after is different. Different concepts in 70, 80 after the fight, life after 90 more advocate along with the gender, and look forward to a trip for said come away. 36% of the generic would you like to go to travel in small long vacation after 90, the ratio is higher than 29% of the general population, it is people. Had, geographical and human conditions at present, also have demonstrated the activities based on weibo.

set the reasonable threshold Let users are more likely to participate in the

the threshold of the activity is directly related to the active participation. Statistics show, in the process of user registration, the registration guide each step, you will lose 10% of the users, the user as well as when to participate in activities, the more steps, process more cumbersome, who participated in the activities of the less. Activities, therefore, to design as simple as possible, steps to as little as possible, to as much as possible, easy to operate. On the design of the activity to follow the strategy of KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID), the activity design of core standards, KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP a fool type operation. Ice bucket challenge to participate in the threshold is very low, only need to be a bucket of ice water pouring down from the head, and put the process photographed or recorded video posted on social networking websites, making users are willing to participate in.

ice bucket compared to challenges, took the weibo to travel the involvement of the lower difficulty, in the journey to share photos and video is every traveler often do, we are as a way to participate in activities, not to increase any threshold users to participate in activities, users only need to do is take the activity inscription # # with weibo to travel. Didn’t go to travel for the users, we have a more simple way, the user simply forwarding, comments, and even thumb up with words inscription weibo, can participate in the lucky draw, the lottery is also very quick, only need two or three steps will know whether the winning and get prizes, which allows users to attend the activities more smoothly, to participate in the activities of the threshold is lower.

low threshold, easy to participate in but also attracted the participation of stars and celebrities, with weibo to travel activity attracted a sweet scene from the start, liu language such as stars, with the deepening of the activity, more and more famous stars are also involved. Activities launched a month have their arrival, shang wenjie, ma tianyu, han hong, Ren Quan, hu haiquan 39 stars to participate in the activities, most of them are on twitter to see this activity, active weibo related to tourism, and they released weibo is also easy to cause, a tweet could be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of interactions. If it is a cumbersome process, I think the star is not willing to participate.

the combination of material and spirit award to stimulate the activities will be made more popular

we usually do in the event there will be some prizes, but how to choose the prize also learned. In the set of prizes, we first prize related to tourism, on the awards set selected the global popular tourist routes, on small award we chose the pre-paid phone CARDS and red envelopes. This travel with weibo cooperation with taobao travel, tickets for the event will have a chance to take a red envelope, ticket is a just need, almost everyone traveling need to purchase a tourist attractions tickets, and again on taobao travel has the national more than twenty thousand tourist attractions tickets, this for people who love travel, the prize is truly useful. Even if there is no travel plan, for some people who love travel, prepare for some tickets for price ticket.

we also adopted in the setting of the chance of low value and high chance of way, some of the activities in the microblog by setting awards is really attractive, even also has room for car, but this kind of activity is too low, the chance of a lot of people just don’t want to participate in, not to mention again and again. We through statistics on weibo user behavior is also found that users for those low value and high chance of activity participation than those high value low chance of activity, and once the user winning, also repeatedly to participate in, the degree of intervention is also higher. A comprehensive chance to travel to this season with the microblogging is as high as 90%, to this end, we also have to limit the frequency of each user can participate in lucky draw for a day, to prevent repeated brush for a few users. We also adopted on the set of such train of thought, last year’s award is the South Pole, this award is really attracted a lot of people to participate in, but for the overall activities of the meaning is not big, we divides the award this year nearly a popular tourist route at home and abroad, every week there are awards, let the world become the theme of the activities, the overall heat and participation than a swim at the South Pole.

there is only material reward is not enough, also need spiritual incentive. Many users don’t care about activities can bring us what kind of material reward, more hope to get more recognition in spirit. We found that in the process of activities, weibo users upload a lot of photos in travel, these photos are good films. For this, we think, whether can recommend these works to stimulate the enthusiasm of weibo users to participate in the activities. We dig good films, to get it out to the weibo mobile client boot screen this weibo attention highest position, this is the first to use for weibo netizen original works as a boot screen, we still work with the author’s weibo account and head. The incentives received very good effect, the first picture of the boot screen, by the activity of the primary account is released, a forward quantity reached nearly twenty thousand days. On August 2, yunnan LuDian after an earthquake of magnitude 6.3, we select a picture of a colorful yunnan as a boot screen, known as “the south of clouds, my heart is with you”, the theme and blessing to the quake-hit areas together, also received very good reputation. It also emotionally close the distance between activities and the participants, let them feel the activity is associated with him, and then share with more people around, led to more and more people participate in.

these are just some of the I according to their own activities in operating experience to share with you, hope I can have some help to you.


Looking smartphone 2015: life and death “shuffle”

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2014 mobile phone market, has to leave also have new, the main tone is inheritance and improvement , overall a bit dull. 2014 mobile phone industry trough, fight wars, imitation plagiarism and so on. Still has not 2014, we are looking forward to the emergence of disruptive innovation, or even how many exciting places, maybe we are looking forward to already beyond the speed of the development of science and technology at the present stage, that we are looking forward to, to have passion. But we always want to be able to have the appearance of disruptive innovation, always want to be able to have the manufacturer bring us scream, amazing. We can only change the expected in 2015. 2015, I think the mobile phone market will not let us down. Too many manufacturers need to prove himself in 2015 took power product. About 2015 mobile phone market advocate tone, I think is awakening and innovation. Year comes, please allow me to do read a outlook 2015 mobile phone industry.

one, life and death watersheds, WP 2015, rise or fall?

three mobile operating system market share has been the dust settles, mobile operating system in the market share on the history of the PC era, and name just sit above the top of Google rather than Microsoft; In ten thousand the second apple is immovable; The absolute dominance of Microsoft and the PC era can only in the era of mobile operating system using WP system struggling to pursue, in order to keep the third place.

plot turn too fast, so everyone also very attention to WP can rise. The trend of the past year looking I will say “this year will be the rise of WP year”, but the cruel reality always fills in my face. 2015 again, for prediction of WP, I want to say is the 2015 WP, perhaps will be a life and death of WP watershed; In between life and death, WP10 plays a decisive role.

2014, Microsoft’s new CEO after a series of change. And on the WP OS is assembled to woo a big push friend join WP camp; Announced the WP OS free; Released WP phone quick reference design; Completed for nokia devices and services trade, and made a series of adjustment, released Microsoft the company mobile phone brand; Released the first Microsoft the company mobile phone the company 535, originally is the most distinctive feature of the WP all his heavyweight application to Android and iOS (and experience and function than their own platform), in an effort to keep Microsoft applications are everywhere.

the above 2014, Microsoft WP is mixed, said xi is buy nokia devices and services that Microsoft has a high degree of integration of hard and soft power, can make a real competitive flagship product, and WP ecological have more partners; Said sorrow is, according to IDC expects global smartphone shipments will reach 1.3 billion units in 2014, and Microsoft’s market share is less than 3%, compared with the same period 2013 market share decline; WP ecological compared with Android and iOS are still large gaps between; And more dangerous opening-up strategy, let WP original belong to buy exclusive experience (in) other places can also be easily, and partial application experience is better. This causes originally on ecological weak WP system attraction further to fall. In this mixed, need for Microsoft in 2015 with his new Win10 operating system to create a flagship product of WP to prove himself in the mobile market is still competitive; And to attract consumers and application developers into WP camp. And new Win10 operating system compared to 2015, the latest Android and iOS system have enough bright spot, will become the WP and whether Microsoft will continue to watershed in the mobile ecosystem.

2, a new era of hard and soft – manufacturer of complete test and innovation

2014 in apple, fingerprint identification in Android producers have horse; The Android camp for people first and 2 k screen also has use. But the entire mobile phone market is still 2014 trough point, window is quite little, innovation.

2015 strongest with qualcomm Xiao dragon processor 810 series of shipment; Android 5.0 to 64 times, 4 g high running memory, mature 2 k and curved surface screen screen, sapphire glass, and so on. And the arrival of the new hardware in 2014 silent for a time of nuclear war is likely to reignite war, like running with a portion of the domestic certainly willing to in the chip performance, memory and so on hardware parameters on the news.

the upstream suppliers with high performance chip, high memory, running high pixels and the arrival of the better solution, and the Android 5.0 prepared a 64 – bit operating system, innovation may be a stranger will open in 2015. Pictures, hardware, application how these innovation and can play out sparks, please forgive me, I can’t imagine, but what is certain is that absolutely surprise than more than 2014.

at the same time, the test mobile phone manufacturers supply chain controls the market capacity and market influence of the time. Who can use these products first, is for the vendor to supply chain control ability and market influence the best proof.

three, I speak for themselves – the awakening of a prove

2014, samsung shengshi danger; Apple design have been teasing, system Bug now; Microsoft and lenovo complete separate acquisition; Millet millet phone is core hardware products meizu MX4 easing the bit in series; HTC, SONY still troubled, the legacy. 2014 everyone filled, this tone to 2015 don’t spit. In 2015, apple can point to a slot? Zero in on samsung S6 whether in high-end thrive tied with the apple? Microsoft, Microsoft can the company new flagship innovation and mysterious with apple and a machine composed of all the Android stand out in the sea; To hold up the WP system banner? Lenovo’s motorcycle and whether can realize regression, lead the association to overseas, impact on the high-end market? HTC, SONY can pull out the cloud sky? And home-made millet whether can change the declining trend of millet 4, let millet may continue to have a fever, become the domestic the strongest? After the meizu MX4 Pro, 2015 and will continue to easing the bit in how Pro millet; After fully imitate attack with millet, meizu can be looking forward to? 360 & amp; A great god can stir up domestic market? Shut up the old can carefully study the T2 and accepted by the market? And established the coupling Vivo, OPPO cool and will compete with what attitude? 2015, really too many too many manufacturers want to prove himself, to prove myself. Prove that he is still very competitive. And to complete this certificate, need to show the manufacturer an ace under the reasonable allocation of resources, with the legendary weapons of China; They need a great awakening in 2015, with 2015 new products are needed to make a beautiful turnaround.

4, the new semester, the domestic have to pay the tuition fee – patent war

2014, domestic made proud achievements, the firewood flame high market share from domestic manufacturers combined beyond samsung and LG, to become the world’s first; Huawei, millet and associations in the smartphone market share is second only to samsung, apple, Millet, a new manufacturers such as sesame development now rising, entering overseas markets, and get good grades. But with the arrival of the new semester, 2015 domestic patent should be in overseas markets also have to pay some fees. At the end of 2014, millet, one plus a patent in succession crisis abroad, eat to ban (now seems to have transfer) again, but everything is just the beginning; This began to said the two aspects. One is in the overseas market to encounter patent litigation not only millet, a plus; Other devises the domestic, the overseas markets also get prepared; One is the prosecution of domestic manufacturers certainly not only Ericsson, perhaps other patent giant way to write the letter is sent from domestic manufacturers. For patents, patent quality is not high for many domestic and overseas market of 2015, the tuition fee. At home, it seems that also can smell patent wat cloud, compared with domestic, owns many established domestic patent huawei, zte cool how could miss the chance.

five, from mobile phones to wearable devices

wearable device for spring is said for many years, but seems to be spring hibernate. There has been no, and with the three major operating system configuration is perfect, the three systems on behalf of the product Apple Watch, Moto 360, Microsoft bracelets Microsoft Band, and various kinds of wearable devices in 2014 turn, maybe belong to wearable devices in 2015 spring is really coming. This one belongs to the future of billions of market, perhaps will really open in 2015.

6, mobile information security become a new hotspot

since the snowden events, information security has become a universal attention topic, privacy protection has been the attention; In 2014, the relevant security events are also much more special, millet involved in Taiwan “collect user privacy, back to the mainland” server problems, always play safe brand by the end of domestic cell phone cool had entered the back door. While apple up yan zhao door event is more attention by the whole world. In national information security and privacy protection will become more and more attention today, urge each again, don’t touch the red line again. In 2015, many manufacturers will certainly hit security card this buy.


– seven, the mobile phone market fashion which strong fight war, imitation plagiarism, stunt?

imitation plagiarism and fight wars is an age-old question. 2014, fight wars no less; The wind of imitation plagiarism. Stunt which is strong? Chapter 1799 pornographic and destroy the meizu millet, millet, meizu, lenovo, large coke have imitated plagiarism by poking fun at the broken iPhone 6. In 2015, the fashion question I think that the mobile phone market will be more serious. Force war: the first is dead following the arrival of the artillery Zhou Hongyi in red, the domestic mobile phone market the most basic is one of the qi, the security problem increasingly prominent today, weeks hierarch security card will certainly played loud and clear, and other domestic return must also is wonderful; And millet meizu incompatible trend in 2015 along with the meizu comprehensive attack, estimate two is already making. And other domestic giant, nature was down all possible. The 2015 fight wars will be hot box office if made into a film. Say that finish fight wars, imitation again to talk about plagiarism. In 2014, domestic imitation copy lets a person cannot bear to look at, whether design or product name, full of lane fortress, let a person look at no point of lu. But I think that in 2015, to pick up cheap accustomed to the domestic, it is difficult to see a free change. And comparable SLR, can take the Milky Way, disruptive innovation and so on language not astonishing die endlessly claimed that stunt, in 2014 the domestic market, in 2015, nature also cannot little. The only suspense just stunt technology which is strong?

8, hardware, free time will come?

maybe we was born in a good time, can use very cheap price can buy a smartphone, and with the red rice millet and meizu spirit’s blue. They did two things: one is the machine age bringing smartphones to one thousand yuan, up one thousand yuan is a machine in the class. This allows us to experience in 2015 to one thousand yuan of better machine with more possible. Rumors and millet are preparing to sell for as little as 399 models, thus it can be seen 2015 one thousand yuan machine market prices will bottom again. Perhaps $one thousand machine market 2015 hardware is likely to be in free time.

note: read write 2015 mobile phone industry outlook and see the upcoming innovations and war, really excited for 2015 mobile phone market. 2015, really wonderful!

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Apple Pay is hard to change the pattern of China mobile payment

this paper contribute hunting cloud network readers wang chao WeChat male, super first sound (chao – xiansheng)

everyone is almost certainly this is Apple’s failure product launch since 2007, “to have invented the first ugly” iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, and he did not want to see the Apple Watch, but it is not a problem for Apple, because Apple released this two years at the news conference, one of the most potential product Apple Pay, although only only ten minutes at the news conference, this may be the future Apple’s huge a source of income is also supporting the backbone of the Apple shares.

1, parsing the Apple Apple Pay

at present most of apple’s income comes from profits high hardware sales, a small part from the iTunes AppStore and developers and labels. In the development of iPod, iTunes, as well as the IOS app store download, Apple has accumulated vast amounts of binding credit card users, 330 million people worldwide have iPhone users, this reserve of more than 300 million users is likely to be Apple users Pay.

when the iPhone 5 s to join the fingerprint identification of Touch ID, became an important piece in the field of payment: apple layout belongs to the biometric fingerprint recognition, is currently safe and efficient and convenient way to pay, pay, safe and convenient is a difficult problem, fewer steps easier verify inevitably bring safe hidden trouble, biological recognition to a certain extent solved the problem).

the iPhone 6 release only need to add an NFC chip, the final step of filling the pay, pay a perfect closed loop is formed. In fact Apple is doing just that, and planning for a long time, don’t give rivals reaction time (at this point, Apple is Pay the conference most jobs spirit products), Apple Pay was born young: with VISA, MasterCard and American express’s three biggest issuers cooperation, joint six Banks, covering 22000 retailers.

Apple to NFC payments, instantly changed direction and the future of the industry as a whole the payment whether Google dominate Google Wallet, or online payment or Paypal, Square and other main NFC, undoubtedly have to follow Apple’s big steps, not for other, just because it’s called Apple.

apple offline payment using NFC technology, with a Touch ID to encrypt validation, and put the user information in the Secure Element “, to Touch the ID information in “Secure Enclave” principle, the user’s payment information will be stored in the mobile phone within a single chip, apple does not track transaction amount and place the payment information, transaction information Banks and businesses know only. Because NFC payment is match to the POS need to be able to read the NFC chip, transform the old credit card POS machine is a huge project, apple since have so many partners from the start, visible apple under the merchants cooperation negotiations, to pays photogenic put so many partners listed on the stage.

Apple Pay can also be used for online payment, not only through the NFC, directly through the credit card validation fingerprint.

apple to pay the equivalent of tied card, no pool, the concept of transaction is only between merchants and customers, apple act as a channel role, in fact this is similar to pay treasure to pioneering and quick payment. Apple Pay is said to be the charge to the bank, that a huge amount of mobile payment is a big business, may not inferior at AppStore selling software. But it also illustrates the besides pay, apple will not enter the Internet financial sector for the time being. (WeChat WeChat pay in 5.4 with WeChat purse, with pools, WeChat will pay more action in terms of the Internet financial.)

2, Apple Pay for China mobile payment have what effect?

China unionpay is actively contact with the apple, hope to be able to set the standard in China together.

China currently offline payment with two forces, one is unionpay, operators and some NFC manufacturer for promotion of NFC payments; One is pay treasure WeChat waiting for Internet companies to promote sound waves sweep code channel of mobile payments via the Internet.

pay treasure and WeChat by taking a taxi, contribution and renovation stores pay pay war environment, etc., have high NFC payments in calls. NFC camp, unionpay with operators have been initiative, struggle, offline POS machine also can’t on track, unionpay pay while promoting the flash, but no players to join, such as the apple was still in a testing phase. Some originally joined NFC function in mobile phone manufacturers, because of slow to commercialization, have also quit, millet 3 and meizu MX3 has function of NFC payments, successor to millet 4 and MX4 are cancelled NFC module.

since apple support NFC mode, half of the world, at least can influence NFC will set off a tornado in the future. Unionpay positive and shown good apple, naturally want to borrow the apple dongfeng, will pay into China unionpay own NFC flash standard.

my judgment is that the negotiations will succeed, unionpay and apple won’t reach cooperation in China. According to the strength of the apple style, now that have their own standards and closed loop, why can also allow others to say a child. Unionpay position also suggests that in China unionpay to apple assignment is too much, will not be in the interests of alipay when unionpay never adversary. With reference to the China mobile years difficult negotiations with the apple is easy to reach this conclusion.

to contact, since apple to publish with the function of paying the iPhone 6, before release certainly be greeting advantage manufacturers on the market. As far as I know, prior to the release of the iPhone 6, companies such as apple is looking for alipay has revealed some of the major standards.

Apple Pay promotion NFC payment in China can better? Now it seems very difficult.

NFC payments to transform a large number of POS machine, a renovation costs 1000 yuan, at present China’s 10 million POS machine, has 3 million sets of NFC function, light modification cost will be 7 billion, who out of the money?

NFC payments in the chain, unionpay, operators and Apple mobile phone companies want to dominate, unionpay and mobile was unified in the NFC technology standard, now Apple Apple Pay standard came out again, merchants.

Internet companies dominated the sweep code such as mobile payment, pay treasure to purse and WeChat payment is two big players, although there is a competition between the two fundamental purpose is consistent, whether by sound waves or qr code, is a means of connecting the world. Transformation of low cost, are the benefits of the Internet mobile payment through the drops quickly take a taxi, quickly swept the country.

but is not the same as Internet kind, offline payment need to push a lot of patience and time to do, is good at doing to push pay treasure to purse is run faster than the micro letter pay, are a step ahead in the field of public transport and hospitals.

but best offline but not Internet companies, so the mobile payment, from the era of traditional “contractor” and “mason” more patient and advantage. In front of the credit card spending nearly 30 trillion, mobile payment industrial chain may not produce traditional giant, on whether Internet companies or NFC industry chain, can share.

however, although more bullish on the code to pay, and try not to give up on NFC Internet company, pay treasure to purse version 8.0 has joined the NFC payments, with fingerprint payment huawei Mate7 also have cooperation. The balance of the future of mobile payments, regardless of which side to smart Internet companies are not falling.


Mud – : more than selling sex toys, to teach you how to fall in love

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most Chinese lack of understanding of the interest or is not accurate, in baidu search “taste” the keywords, is some pictures of exposure to a larger scale, jiang-tao he don’t think this is a normal phenomenon. Actually appeal range is very wide, appeal reflects people’s pursuit for a better life, optimistic attitude to life and health psychology. Of course, an important part of sex appeal, but all is not the taste.

“mud -” through the way of community combined with electricity to run sex toys, and not just as simple trading electric business platform. Products through traditional FenLeiShi show, allows users to more quickly and accurately find you need toys, for small white users also defines many scenes, through the different scenarios and guide, help users to understand their own bodies, know for their toys.

module includes community and two parts, in the community between users to dating, exchanges between men and women, sex life, such as sexual health topics to discuss and solve. Introduced many gender problems of talent talent plates, such as emotional mentor strike up a conversation, sex skills talent, talent, talent of department of gynaecology, etc. On the one hand, the talent can provide users with more practical content, on the other hand through the fans gathered themselves together, and also give people provides a profitable way. The

“we think of sex and love are inseparable, many people don’t talks in love, or don’t understand the opposite sex idea, have a plenty of married after feeling weak, lost passion, we want to be able to help us better to love, better to have sex. Positioning is a focus for a long time in relationship (love and sex) of a comprehensive community, here we hope that users can get all the answers about relationships, so our way through the UGC, PGC to help users to get the answer to the question, the sexes put these pieces answers together, helps users from the pursuit of female (male) child, love, life the whole steps.” Mud – founder jiang-tao he said.

the appeal electric business do better, including A company xiamen fun “” he, arriving in September 2014 with morning 50 million A round of funding. Then there is the interest of the old electricity “and the hall”, in May 2014, also took the combined investment of 60 million yuan of financing. Mud – from the perspective of user privacy, the current focus on the mobile end.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, mud – will more women into account the user experience and the protection of women, and pay more attention to this male users “fun” is different. Mud – more emphasis on the concept of a fun and love, in addition to the adult supplies, there will be some help to relationship of other goods. More inclined to use only beautiful elegant pictures to attract women users, at the same time, there will be some O2O service docking, including mobile health, answer to the question of the sexual health occupies certain proportion the sexes.

founder jiang-tao he personal experience is more special, graduated from the university 4 years, 08 in September to join huawei company teams, Africa successively in Angola, South Africa, Uganda, experienced by black lanche robbery, a street shooting, and being chased by a elephant in South Africa and other things, leave on September 13 years and return home business. Part of the team members come from ali, companies such as huawei, jingdong.

“our culture is the Wolf culture and focus, focus on the sexes, hoping to help people better understand the relations between the sexes. At the same time, we decided that the direction of the, I think as long as we keep working on it and no one can stop us to become the industry’s first steps. We will keep on doing a sexual communities have higher style, we compare against the concept about the barrel of the gun. “Jiang-tao he said.

cloud network hunting understands, mud – team now plans to angel rounds of financing. Hope to find can identify with the concept of mud – investors, mud – at the end of December 2014, is currently the user some seeds in the trial of a small scale, and no large-scale promotion.

mud –
Company: Beijing love plus network technology co., LTD.

hunting we launched a personal account, micro letter please search micro signal lieyunwang add hunt you as a friend, pay attention to the latest developments in the industry!

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


New taste: fresh electricity of reverse thinking, based on the recipe ingredients of choose and buy

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at present, the entire electrical dealer market of fresh style is varied. Such as cats, jingdong, shop no. 1 day, based on their electric business platform into fresh business; Such as wal-mart, rt-mart, yong hui traditional retail companies such as supermarkets, from offline fresh stores cut electricity; And traditional logistics enterprises, based on the cold chain logistics system to build fresh electricity, such as the motion; And new more vertical fresh electricity, such as youth, delicious cuisine king groups such as the development momentum is also very strong.

the author discovered that no matter what form of fresh electric company, the product of logic is to buy food home, based on the ingredients of the choose and buy recycled into the menu. While hunting cloud network recently a called “new” product, break through the conventional fresh electricity core thinking logic, based on the menu to the choose and buy the ingredients.

specific view, new taste (XinweiCook) is a young white-collar oriented western food production, food distribution site, can provide users with recipes, food package, such as ordering and booking service, to solve the problem of modern people early, middle and dinner food brand electrical contractor. New taste originally founded by founder Steve Ge back in 2013, in September 2013 began trial operation, constantly to collect user feedback during trial operation, improve the product core functions, and in April 2014. 2014 w angel investment.

team head hunting cloud network interview said that “new smell by the industry for more than 10 years of professional cooks delicious Chinese users against development, simple, nutrition, safety of recipes, and provide order in PC and mobile terminal, from food, seasonings, spices, and so on according to the menu to the user, user even without any food base can make delicious food at home.”

Fried duck breast with blueberry sauce

new flavour looks more like a recipe sites, but the kinds of western food is limited, but the common western food category, such as steak, pasta, fish, etc. New page design simple atmosphere, every dish has a separate page rendering, rendering the content includes the information of the dish (price, text introduction, need to use the equipment, cooking difficulty and time, and to provide the PDF download recipes), tips, pictures of all materials, and the details of the production process.

team leader said, “the use of the user process simple and convenient, first of all users in the site multichannel exquisite dishes of choose and buy a recipe; According to the user to choose a new flavor dishes, all the ingredients needed for the user, ready to cut, cleaning work, such as volume, packing, delivery to your door; The final user per step illustrated in simple production method, can make class restaurant food at home.”

the whole, is a new flavor provides menus and direct purchase of ingredients in food web site. Service based on the combination of the online services, online: home page of delicious food recipes photos to attract users to purchase desire, add appetite, cause shopping box, payment; Offline: new taste distribution precise ingredients for the user. Team leader convective cloud network, “the new flavor choice ingredients was originally a distribution to a 5 star international hotel, guarantee the freshness of the ingredients and safety issues, and express will choose to cooperate with the third party cold chain logistics, Shanghai inner ring 2 hours fastest delivery, rest one day in advance reservation can also ensure timely delivery.”

it’s not hard to find, and the new pattern of similar products, such as the young prince, warm food and so on, all have in common is the recipe combined with fresh electrical contractor, but their starting points there are still some difference. As young monarch play homely Chinese food, since the pattern, and warm food are main baked goods, everyone is walking differentiation competition itself. And compared with the traditional recipe is O2O, new flavor of the advantage of one-stop service mode and the use of user experience, new taste will core competitiveness on the online product development and operations.

at present, the new flavour has extended out of Shanghai, in Beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou and other big cities can day delivery. New taste, of course, also will encounter such as insufficient supply, market acceptance is uneven, the category of limitations, logistics and so on a series of complicated issues, but there is no denying that the new mode is worthy of user acceptance. In hunting cloud network point of view, new taste maximum value is another fresh electricity, from recipes, western food order of raw materials, to provide users with the convenience of western-style cooking dinner at home.

“in 2015, the new flavor will introduce heating ready-to-eat bags, to meet the needs of urbanite lunch, and further optimize the operating costs of all the profits to the feedback to the user. New taste will to provide convenient, delicious and nutritious food as a starting point, finally become city people diet solution flow entrance.” New taste team finally said


new flavorCompany: Shanghai fe trade co., LTD.

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Is more interesting than the company, new nokia just released two new accessories

in 2014 ifa conference has just ended, nokia has a few very interesting new accessories and two new the company mobile phone photograph echo – a leisurely can show the wireless charging pad and a notification will phone wirelessly share the device to the TV screen.

the nokia this pad, the official name of DT – 903 wireless charging pad, it is like other pad works and the principle is the same: turn on the juice and then connect your mobile phone can start wireless charging. It also has a very cool place: when bluetooth connection with mobile phones, in the mobile phone has a message to push, pad automatically light screen. If your mobile phone in charge, and you stay in other places, if you need to shows the cell phone has a message, it will be a very practical technology.

another is also very practical: it would be appropriate to remind you need to recharge the device. If put in my pocket of mobile phone is in low battery state, pad vibrate remind you need to recharge the in front of the phone. The pad with Qi wireless charging standards, can apply to any intelligent models, but we can’t determine whether light push for non – the company mobile phone screen is applicable.

there is a very magical function mirror screen equipment, namely the company mobile HD – 10 wireless screen sharing. It is only the size of the ice hockey is a black circle, can on TV via HDMI connection, and be able to play any content on the company mobile phone screen. It has the NFC (near distance wireless communication function), just click the connect the phone’s screen could have finished the process of mobile phone is connected to the TV. After connected, we can by sliding the phone’s screen synchronization to share photos and video on TV.

this “projector” also comes with a black NFC (near distance wireless communication function), the size of the device like a poker chips, you can put it in any position of the room, through which you can by clicking on the cell phone to connect to TV set up. This means that, from now on, you don’t need to go up into the hands of the TV set to match your equipment, the equipment used in the meeting is more convenient also. Through such a wireless connection, for example, you can more quickly paired device, in the meeting are need to be in on the big screen to display the contents of the can quickly realized.

this is quite similar with apple mobile phones and apple TV, but nokia device does not include such intelligent function and cloud service. But the good news is that nokia this projector is more cheaper. Nokia forecast starting later this year at $102. However, the industry is expected to set a wireless charging board at about $78.

it is important to note that current converter and pad of IFA technology conference in Berlin and new nokia 735 and 830 at the same time the company appears on the company mobile phone the company.

source: CNET


Not online has won a $80 million investment, the amazon five challenges Jet

note: hunting cloud believe you’ve heard the project launched a small angels, but have never heard of before as online. 80 million investment. According to after hearing, founder of interpretation, some people think that it will be have the potential to be launched over the past 10 years the most ambitious of e-commerce sites, and even let amazon CEO bezos of anger. The following for Re/code coverage, tencent technology translation:

if from the point of view of advertising, seems to have become the best in the field of the current e-commerce industry website. The site created by a co-founder of, has raised $80 million in investment. However, has not yet officially launched. Some middle-level staff have been added to the site, in fact they also didn’t exactly know what these shopping sites through what way to carry out the work. Under such circumstances, the Jet will attract the investment of investors as well as many employees, mainly with the company’s chief executive, mark raul (Marc the Lore) won the trust of the parties concerned. Raul had to sell the parent of maternal and infant products website Quidsi to amazon, market price of about $550 million.

a few days before, raul talked about the new company. After hearing the raul’s explanation, some industry insiders believe that has the potential to be a thing of the past 10 years to launch the most ambitious of e-commerce sites. This sounds a little weird. People can not help but ask, really? This would allow the amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) angry? May, of course, but in any case, indeed reflects the raul’s ambition.

from the point of view of high-level, is trying to re-establish the Costco membership club models in the network. is an online marketing market, on this site, like the online shopping website, and other hundreds of similar sites such as the size of the retailer can sell their goods. Jet website will sales ranging from sports equipment to the cleaner to cereal to everything, sneakers, etc.

consumers to shopping on Jet website, every year will have to pay the membership fee of $50. In return, the Jet will these members return shoppers usually expect discounts: network the lowest price, and has always been like this. According to Jet estimation, this approach can make an average consumers save $150 a year.

in the present process, the Jet will try to attract consumers on the amazon site, as well as to attract consumers who don’t often online shopping. Here are Jet site plan of 5 kinds of schemes, Jet through the five kinds of schemes to implement the initial dream, including called Jet, Anywhere in the program. This is raul publicly for the first time and Re/code talk Jet Anywhere.

the first scheme: cheap

raul said that Jet website commodity prices, on average, will be better than all the other sites (including amazon) overall price 5% to 5% cheaper. Therefore, raul also and part of the industry on Jet website and other website of diapers and cleaner to compare the prices of goods such as, it has been proved that the price of is lower. , industry insiders and online search the Sonos Connect equipment, concurrent now for $301, the price of this device is much lower than the price of all other e-commerce site, while in other e-commerce site, the lowest price is $349. Members of the club like Costco can at a low discount prices to sell goods, mainly because consumers always buy wholesale goods. However, this is not the Jet method. So, how can Jet bear such high discount?

raul said, when retailers selling goods on the Jet, every sales to Jet a commission. The specific amount of commission according to the product type and is not the same, but is more or less of this amazon commission mode (amazon extraction percentage range from 8% to 15%). Next, the Jet will receive these commissions, and then use these commissions to fund all discount consumer first. Jet plan is only as the only profit channel through membership fees, rather than to sell the goods from the site to get commission as its revenue streams.

raul said: “we are on the website of all basic goods sales in accordance with our cost price, at most only a little bit higher than the cost.”

number two: more discount

this is the beginning of the discount strategy. Raul said that if consumers ordered a few items at the same time, so they can save the cost of 10% to 15%. Is the way it is, if consumers ordered many items at the same time, Jet technology will be behind the scenes to search, to find a retailer is one of the two goods in warehouse. If this is the case, then the Jet system will automatically apply for more discount, because it to the user delivery cost effect will be higher.

the Jet system will also be looking for a warehouse closer to home consumers, so it can give consumers shopping play more discount again. All these happened behind the scenes, and shoppers in the shopping cart to add more new product, you will see more discounts shown in heaps. Raul said: “is not to say that the way we delivery more intelligent. In fact, we are to show the real deep economic factors. If we will be announced the discount more transparently to the customers, so we can effectively increase more effective order.”

there are more price cut. If user use credit card or bank card to pay, rather than a credit card, so the Jet will also be able to play more discount, because if consumers do not use a credit card payment, the Jet will only need to pay for less payment processing. In addition, if a user will tell E-mail address to the sellers, that also can get more reduction opportunities. Every retailer to provide a business Jet, decide which goods order what kind of discount can be obtained.

the third way: fast delivery

if the order price is not less than $35, so consumers can enjoy the free shipping discount. If the order is lower than $35, so consumers will need to pay $5.99 shipping fee. Orders for most commodities, often in three to five working days after the performance.

however, for consumer goods, such as paper towels, grains and toothpaste, etc., it will take less than two working days to Jet aspects can the goods sent to the hands of consumers, this very much like Amazon Amazon Prime service, but also does not charge any additional fees. Jet was able to do so, mainly because the company has two warehouse (soon there will be three), the geography effective area to store these goods.

in addition, the Jet also believes that shoppers really hope, also need to get these goods faster. At least compared with the camera or a toy car, consumers always want to get faster paper towels, grains and toothpaste and other similar products.

4 kinds of solutions: help shopping guarantee supply

raul said: “this is a very simple brand promise. Consumers pay $50 a year, to purchase any goods can save money.” Feeling that sounds good, but also has a problem: Jet website once launched, but the sales quantity will be millions of, at the appointed time, how can the Jet to let consumers to purchase each item can save the cost of commitment? To this, raul believes that his company had the answer. If consumers on the Jet website search a product, but failed to find the goods, then Jet companies can still make consumers continue to order the goods. After that, the Jet website will help consumers to purchase the goods, but also provides consumers with some special discount, however, raul did not disclose specific number of such discount. This strategy is worth attention, because it is unclear what the Jet will be how to implement this strategy on a large scale.

5 kinds of solutions:

this is a final solution. Every large online shopping sites had never want to be able to sell these through its own store or website channel sales of commodities of the popular fashion brand products of the company. Amazon in this effort, however, ended in failure. Jet aspect also knows about it, they may also face the same fate.

however, Jet has introduced an affiliate program, called “Jet Anywhere”, the program will offer rewards to Jet members, as long as these members in affiliated with Jet Anywhere retailer website shopping plan. For example, if the members of a Jet site at Gap or j.crew (that is, the so-called raul has signed a contract with Jet Anywhere project cooperation of the two brands) website to buy some goods, then shoppers will receive a Jet integral card, can exchange and the volume of 20% to 30% of the value of the goods. Raul said: “this is a special kind of reward, this allows consumers to easily buy goods in our web site.”

in general, the value of the Jet proposal sounds impractical, difficult to achieve, perhaps this was the case. However, for an entrepreneur, it is full of great opportunities, of course also faced with enormous challenges. Amazon, for example, may be on their website the same popularity as the Jet website commodity big price cuts, and may be treated as, to squeeze the Jet from the industry. In addition, the Jet may also found that the company’s business model is difficult to attract many U.S. consumers, as more users want to get a faster delivery service, or a Jet of a wide variety of discount method makes consumers dazzling, overwhelmed. In any case, any one of these reasons will make Jet face larger the struggle to survive, and only by the membership fee is used to implement the company’s profit way will face a bigger dilemma.

maybe, raul’s concept of the cost is very expensive, and lead to can’t perform. After raul said that Jet company has plans to spend $500 million over the next five years time, used for marketing. However, for many in the industry question, raul scoffed. In the eyes of raul, Jet completely have the ability to challenge amazon website.


Ma: jingdong will become a tragedy in the future, directional problems

note: hunting cloud have always is famous for its fine strategy under the leadership of Mr. Ma ali, be good at layout, don’t care about gain and loss, in the sight of all domestic most valuable Internet companies. In his view, whether WeChat Lucky Money or tencent teamed up with jingdong, is just the tactical level, no real threat to ali. For jingdong, Mr Ma is thought there is a huge problem, its model outlook pessimistic. The following content from a rich web:

published in the latest, co-authored by Mr Fang and liu wei “alibaba of being wild”, the author referred to his chat with Mr Ma, ma talked about their perception of rival jingdong, quite surprising. Ma concluded that jingdong model there is a huge problem, outlook pessimistic: “the jingdong will become a tragedy, the tragedy is the first day I just remind you, not me better than him, but the direction of the problem, this is can’t… So, I kept telling everybody in the company, don’t go to touch the jingdong. We don’t then your dead lai.”

when the whole industry and social habit to ali, tencent and baidu together, in order to BAT, collectively, in ma’s heart, is no longer the tencent and baidu as the same opponent. Mr Ma believes that ali will rapidly as the strategy for the gap with tencent and baidu. This thesis, for many people, certainly feel ma too pretentious. Listed on the same day, in fact, ali value not only transcends the tencent and baidu, and the sum of the cauldron beyond tencent and baidu. The market value of listed two months later, ali has almost 2 times that of tencent, baidu’s four times as much! Ali, tencent, baidu is not a class, but the formation of 1:2:3 class 4. Ma by listing, the lead, began to lead China’s Internet obviously. And in his mind, the gap in the future will also be further apart.

for people with ali strategy, as well as a variety of questioning and criticism, Mr. Ma said: “we are through the layout of the 15 years, gradually formed the network effect. It is the power of strategy. Listed we have done several times before, many people began to shout look not to understand. Another three to five years, a few people understand me in the market? Even the old lady understand the strategy I saw it in seven or eight years ago. With what I buy now, you will understand? I said before, in 2008, a real building was built by the window, the door together. You only have a small house built, is built from scratch from a brick; And advocate material, like a skyscraper, is not to do, just suddenly came so big things, it is because have done before.”

the subject nature and talked about the WeChat Lucky Money boom during the Spring Festival, and ma exclaim, “Pearl Harbor” panic. As far as I know, ma really frightened at that time, the company has also been greatly trembled. Although be ma for sniper WeChat has now been almost silent, but at the moment, jack ma, but more calm. Now ma can easily said, going back and forth is a smokescreen. Ma believes that tencent is strong in products, micro letter really badly. However, ali and tencent, ali to build an aircraft carrier fleet, WeChat just aircraft level of products. Mr. Ma said, from QQ to micro letter, tencent’s aircraft upgrades. But, aircraft can often upgrade, carrier can’t update frequently. Carrier is composed of multiple fleet, its strong combat effectiveness is not from a single aircraft, but the overall strength! Today, if there is no search baidu, baidu? If there is no micro letter, tencent tencent? If there is no taobao ali, ali? Baidu and tencent if there is no search and micro letter, just finished, and ali is taobao today.

jack ma think whether WeChat Lucky Money, or tencent teamed up with jingdong, is just a tactical level, the ali no real threat. Ma said: “today China’s strategy to win, we are higher than that of tencent. Micro letter today with the public comment on cooperation, the public comments didn’t come up with anything; WeChat work with drops, also didn’t see anything; Today WeChat work with jingdong, more stupid, so this way just to see the capital market. We all feel pity yourself. If today I don’t go to see the layout of the five years, eight years later, eight years later died. I found a lot of companies, including tencent, there are a lot of problems on strategy.”

the perceived ali’s competitors, foreign, of course, is amazon , domestic jingdong, of course. For amazon, Mr Ma is quite admire, he said: “the amazon is one of the world’s great companies, once I and bezos (amazon group chairman and CEO) the two gates home, he knew that the two of us, not rivals, but we’re both very competitive. Both born yu heap cements, if the United States have a alibaba, amazon can still live? United States because there is no alibaba, let amazon survived.”

with jingdong, jack ma, let me very surprised, he concluded that there is a huge problem, jingdong model outlook pessimistic: “the jingdong will become a tragedy, the tragedy is the first day I just remind you, not me better than him, but the direction of the problem, this is no way. How many people you know jingdong now? 50000 people! Alibaba is slowly grow up, it’s only 23000 people. Add up to 25000 people. Why don’t you know I do delivery? Jingdong 50000 people now, warehouse nearly 34, ten thousand people, deserve to go up 2 million packages a day. I now to deserve to go up on an average day 27 million package, what concept? Ten years later, China will have 300 million packages, every day you have to hire 1 million people, 1 million people that will kill you, you tube to try again? And it is 60% of income in zhongguancun and taobao, it can’t be that a large number of its own on the Internet. So, I kept telling everybody in the company, don’t go to touch the jingdong. We don’t then your dead lai.”


Tired of playing with pat: images, video games for the role play

(article/who 闫森)

if you have been unable to find pleasure in spelling software on the face of face, tired of the magic also the camera turned themselves into comic books. Then you can try another stir. Change your own entertainment application scenario. Jump out from the images to video.

stir is a big head video production application. Simply speaking, in the face and the user by your own or another’s image can be implanted industries, amused, blessing, parody, the divine comedy, and so on the different video content.

user is very simple, take pictures, choose hair style, choose the video template, the output video and share it directly.

use head to deduce all sorts of characters and plots, the user into the scene in the video image is actually innovative entertainment. To make products of the core is really on the accumulation of the team. Technology in addition to the head, is at the core of how the character image into the video scene, the scene will not make the person has noisy jerky.

hunting cloud network understanding, make belong to big brother culture communication co., LTD in shenzhen’s products. Team after the development of UG video to specialise in the wedding industry business online video production system. In 2013, launched its online video production platform 99 mv. Simple: using avatars for specific video scene, multi-purpose at the wedding video, baby to grow up, video CARDS, etc. So on the scene image fusion, the team has a strong technical accumulation.

in addition to the head, make a video scene is also very important, so the copyright problem that nots allow to ignore. Make template will shoot video scene based on entertainment hot spots continue to update, but so far these templates from more professional video provider. Team, said in the future as far as possible to avoid low quality video or encountered copyright pressure, make film has already started to work with designers to jointly launch video scene. Now make take hangzhou bay angel angel investment, have been obtained.

to amuse take
Company: shenzhen big brother culture communication co., LTD.

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PC game undead: providing customized hardware services “money” riches

cloud network hunting note: although laptop computers become more and more popular, the game industry as a whole in the mobile terminal development, but will not be easily defeated PC game. Two hardware startups TechGnome and Xtreme Solutions not only saw the potential of PC, also can’t be realized only by hardware retail, so in addition to hardware, also to provide customers with personalized custom services.

start a business is never an easy task, especially in the absence of physical products can be defined under the condition of your company. Go this way in the field of science and technology hardware especially hard, a lot of startups are considered for some unique products in the research and development, the lack of clear product is, however, these startups in common.


Long live the

PC game

two 24-year-olds Eugene Cheo and Gabriel Lee recently opened a call TechGnome Asia company, they have described it as providing service also provides a mix of hardware, mainly take the PC game enthusiasts, its good sale of related equipment, to want to build their own custom game device is too lazy to ourselves or not too will operate the customers with one-stop service.

Cheo said the company’s tenet is “designed” for you, Lee and he is actually make the product according to the requirement of the customer, rather than sell ready products to customers. “You will find some old brand although there are a lot of customers choice but are still limited in a specific range.” Cheo explained. He said recently there is a demand, customers want strange PC devices such as multiple graphics, color theme or water cooling device.

you might be curious that how a company for home desktop computer is how to operate in Singapore, after all, Internet cafes all over the place. Cheo said the popularity of Internet cafes to stimulate the demand of custom gaming computer instead, customers often TechGnome to buy than they used in Internet cafes obvious good computer.

“I think there must be a lot of game players think the performance of the computer in the Internet cafe and a far cry from their standard.” Cheo said.

Cheo and Lee are playing games in Internet cafes, in most cases it is not very happy memories, there is always a player drops or midway through computer card dead, because they are not in the best running status. “This game players for us it’s really annoying.” Cheo explained.

“we want to do is for customers in striking the right balance between price and beautiful and it does not affect performance.” He said.

but in today’s laptop gradually occupy the mainstream, PC game is more important? “Nothing can really beat the PC game.” Cheo replied, “they are customizable, from a certain extent is never out of season, almost always have to upgrade. If a game notebook out of date, it would be like? It can only be deposited stays in a corner.” Most performance better, according to Cheo PC game are cheaper than laptops, and merits of laptop does not have such as overclocking and extra RAM.


hardware retail is not enough

Jeremy Soh runs another want to hardware companies in the development of service classes. Soh is Singapore’s technological enclave forest square a game hardware stores Xtreme Solutions, owner of the shop with the other shop does not have a peripheral and brands, including from all over the world ranging from 60 to 108 keys of mechanical keyboard.

Soh from 2011 began to sell the game in the goggles, 2012 started selling computer game with water cooling device. It recently started selling water-cooled computer desk, let you see will buy buy buy!” The sort of.

Soh is considering providing services. He told us that 2015 Xtreme Solutions will have a team specially designed for the core of the need to customize system PC players services, like TechGnome. “We are in the game to the society has higher demand closer.” Soh said.

the game industry development may be moving to the end, but the game desktop seems to be still in a period of time in the future occupy the important position. The two startups is proof of that.