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To see The Times named year 25 great inventions, very COOL

cloud network hunting note: in the past year, those who love the invention opened again which is trying to change the world of imagination? Time magazine has selected 2014’s top 25 best invention, to see if there are you admire in the heart.

01 hoverboards Hendo Hoverboard/$10000

remember the science fiction movie “back to the future 2” appears in hoverboards? Now California technology companies from the United States Hendo, according to the film create physical but Hendo company build skateboard intelligence is about 1 inch high from the ground, and must be a slide on the surface of conductive materials. Battery life for 15 minutes.

02 super smart spacecraft

the United States, Russia, the European Union has failed to first try to go to Mars, but India did it. India launched on September 24, the super smart spacecraft, only spent $7400 m, is not as good as the movie “gravity” of the budget.

03 chaoneng nuclear fusion

fusion have abundant but pure ability, but has been difficult to grasp. But in October, Lockheed Martin formula to achieve technological breakthroughs, said to be in ten years to create small enough to make up for it after the truck fusion reactor.

4 wireless charging

we have unlimited Internet and unlimited phone, but now we have to charge cable. But this year the us wireless electric company successfully used the insertion coil the farthest distance of 2.4 meters. The technology is now in the Toyota, Intel has carried on the experiment on computer and other products.

5 3 d print all things

a machine can make all things, this is really it is not just a dream. The emergence of 3 d printers, let our “want to” become a reality. In the past year, students use 3 d technology to print the physics course of the train carriages, the scientists to print the human organs, 3 d Systems, a company to print the candy box of Musical Instruments.

6 much-anticipated Apple Apple Watch Watch/$349 +

Apple Watch embodies the new concept of smart Watch, touch screen together with physical button. Apple’s surprise, published this year, the Apple of Apple officially into fashion Watch is worthy of exemplary of the year.

7 put privacy first phone Blackphone/$629

we too much personal information on the mobile phone has, in the Internet age, we can’t even find a way to perfect protect my privacy. And Blackphone is a mobile phone of ministry of privacy in the first place, it puts forward the may cause the function of security holes, such as calendar sync. With a higher than ordinary smart phone technology also calls the encryption software, information and browsing history.

08 the raise, the king of the king of the picnic Coolest Cooler/$399

all on one of the most successful Kickstarter project, raise its victory over the Oculus Rift, Pebble, such as hot project, successfully raised us $13.3 million this year. Coolest Cooler this portable refrigerator can store food, beverages, with a mixer, LED, USB chargers, bluetooth speaker, such as tools, such as the bottom of the four wheels make it easy to move.

foreign friends most of the cars and room, go out is its drive to the wild, it is a tool for them is so convenient. And don’t have a car, I really feel… Too much trouble!

09 Lumo guide you standing like a pine Lift/$100


standing like a pine wind, remember always told us television advertising as a child, but now look at yourself, winter has come, huddled nest on the sofa is pretty good. Lumo company invented Lumo Lift posture reminders, let users on clothes with this device as pins. It can analyze the location of the neck and back, the position is not ideal when there is a shock. This product sales volume has exceeded the content goal now, and half of the users are women.

10 BMW do electric cars BMW i3/$41350

BMW this year made electric cars – BMW i3, charge it 3 hours can form 113-177 km, still can make the driver with a pedal and accelerate and brake. I3 equipped with when the car went out of the power supply used car batteries gasoline, solve the customer’s range anxiety.

11 mobile office Microsoft Surface Pro 3/$799

main mobile office, began to make money this year Surface Pro 3 works even want a plaything jun. 12 inches, of the use Office software, can remove the keyboard cover and a fixed base. Mobile office head, want to change the computer is computer, tablet tablet.

12 will elegant smart Ringly/$195 +

the girl at the mobile phone has a big bag to carry, but the trouble is that every time the phone we need to find out the phone from his bag and Ringly ring chuo of the female users demand. Set to accept category, in a worn on the ring of can receive E-mail, SMS, phone call. The first batch of 1000 Ringly introduced in June has been sold out.

13 yes, also can call you take medicine Pillpack

remember to eat what medicine, eat what medicine is really too much trouble. Now has electronic pharmacy Pillpack, it every two weeks to send a patient kit, drugs are in accordance with the date and time of packing is good. Come, now don’t convulsions, eat on time.

14 prevention of blindness in super banana

in sub-saharan Africa there are as many as 30% of children under the age of five risk of blindness, this is because not enough vitamin A in their diet. If add vitamin A in they often use banana, things will get better. And Australia genetic when biologists are rich in vitamin A super banana, it is to solve A major health problem of bananas!

15 powered wheels Copenhagen Wheel/$799

biking is good for the body, but commanding riding a car is a grind. In order to reduce the financial burden on cycling, Copenhagen Wheel had emerged. According to the preferences of the app, the motor can provide help in the cycling process. Sensor will be to test the road conditions, the temperature and potholes.

16 I will not sign language, but can communicate seamlessly MotionSavvy uni/$198 +

San Francisco MotionSavvy corporations to Uni device, this is a special attachment tablet, which USES motion camera and voice recognition, the American sign language is translated into English. We don’t have to afraid of don’t understand sign language, now we are seamless communication.

17 ebola filter Hemopurifier

the ebola virus propagation speed too fast, and developed by Aethlon company Hemopurifier filter cartridges can be loaded on the blood dialysis machine, to restore the body should be balanced, the plants absorb the ebola virus, prothrombin can clear the virus. This product in Germany used a patients once, but really work wonders, cured him of ebola infections.

18 take assistant

take now has become a cultural phenomenon, at least a quarter of americans share on social networking sites. Plaything you when I go out to play, I often see people use take assistant for many people take, the cell phone holder on the autodyne assistant, how many people want to make is how many people at any time.

19 can save electricity air conditioning Quirky + GE aros/$279

Quirky site and ge’s air conditioner Aros. Aros through GPS tracking master whereabouts, according to their distance from home to automatically switch machine, can also record now air conditioning electricity, can effectively for the user to save as much as 10% of the electricity.

20 prisoners relaxed mood Blue Room

Oregon’s largest 200 prisoners held in the prison, the prisoners to 23 hours a day, in addition to his white cell walls can’t see anything, but this experience will improve the incidence of mental illness, can make prisoners have committed suicide and violence. And prison officials began to make some prisoners in “Blue Room” 1 hour coinciding, Blue Room has projector playback desert scenery, waterfalls and other video, this is nature in influencing human behavior.

let the children touch up 21 Osmo/$79

now most of children like electronic products, play it is not a rare thing. But before sitting behind a Pad, don’t move that no child lively. Osmo the accessories for the camera to capture the real target, make the child can echo pattern on the screen display color piece, namely rewarded when put right. Encourage them to move.

22 smart basketball coach 94 looking smart sensor/$200

94 looking smart sensor built in 9 basketball sensor and 1 piece of bluetooth chip, chip data can be transmitted to the mobile phone app, let users make a self-assessment, better for training. Now the basketball had sold 100000.

23 edible packaging Wikipearls/$4 for a pack of two

WikiFoods company in order to reduce packaging waste, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and other foods made from shell, shell integration can only be in your mouth, and environmental protection.

24 art show “brand Electric objects/$399 per frame

Eletric Objects produced a 22 x13 inch flat screen, it can display different pictures, the product can connect to the Internet, can according to user’s mobile phone app to arbitrary switching display content.

25 let the girl doll becoming powerful IAmelemental/$65 for a set of 7

to the girl’s toy, it seems that is not cooking toys, is a barbie doll, on the market for girls, there is no strong, robust action figures of women. So the two mothers Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin start to design the “I am the strong” series of action figures, these dolls represents a different kind of heroism, to encourage girls to strong.

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Radius of a circle: Denver community O2O, personalized needs one stop solution

(text/plain HongGuang)

I come home from work found that the key lost, what to do. Cook in the home not m, and don’t want to go out, what to do; Early to cities to rent a house, had no resources to find a house of his own, how to do? From all kinds of life found in the scene, the social needs of people and spare time gradually become fragmented, but which also contains a huge business opportunities, namely the personalized social demand and mobile electric O2O mode with the combination of community.

recently, a flagship of the concept of community O2O radius of a circle, gradually attracted the attention of the author. Radius of a circle is a community of users to provide local life of O2O mobile electronic business, dominated by the needs of users, with users of voice order, merchants for single way for the connection of all kinds of service life. Hunting cloud network understand the radius of a circle to the services will include fruit distribution, supermarkets, convenience stores and distribution, clothes dry cleaning, bottled water, lock in locks, plumbing, moving to find car, rent and so on all kinds of life trivia.

in fact, the radius of a circle of logic is very simple, similar to telephone order service properties. Open the radius of a circle App, users choose now need service, enter the address, press and hold to talk, send a voice now need service, delivery confirmation, will demand information to the user as the origin, automatically pushed to radius of 1 km to the district of the city’s range provide the service of the merchants, merchants can rob should be on the radius of a circle merchant end a key, to reach an agreement after the two sides can keep in touch. After users enjoy the merchant services, face to face trade payment, users can evaluate the merchant service can obtain the integral or vouchers.

in the whole process, the user can act as demanders and the provider of the dual identity. Users can through the App you need quick and convenient real-time describe services, merchants can also by applying App safe and convenient service for the user, maximum limit to improve the efficiency of the service; Second, the radius of a circle to the user as the center, first demand generated by the user and then single for the merchants, merchants for users to customize special service according to their own needs and to offer, for the center with the user.

however, with the increase of business platform, the amount of data is more and more big, the user needs to search, filter, contrast, tedious operation such as communication, comparison, and radius of a circle is the traditional merchants to provide the service information structured, slam the door a large number of multifarious information, needed into user voice description, merchants single bid. For the radius of a circle merchants grab single way of bidding, the first is convenient for the user’s use, life personalized needs one stop solution, the second most accurate service information and quotation of convenience stores push, making it easy for users to choose a shop with cost-effective.

in addition, the radius of a circle and merchants to establish the good faith for the user profile, integrity evaluation system become radius ring of the premise and guarantee for quality service. Specific to the radius of a circle, business registration, go through the radius circle scrutiny, the user can for each merchant service quality evaluation, also can directly to the radius of a circle to merchant service problem customer complaints.

from the essence, the radius of a circle is a P2P model and stretching, similar to the Uber,. As is known to all, P2P model already deep Internet financial market, car rental market, such as PP rent a car, driving, friends friends car rental, car renting, etc., the P2P’s greatest value lies in the social idle resources reuse, greatly improve the efficiency of the industry. The radius of a circle on the basis of P2P model, embedded social demand combined with electrical O2O business community, community mobile this may be the future of mobile electricity model of a new reference. However, due to the trust mechanism is not sound in China, such factors as the profit model is not clear, lead to the development of P2P model encountered dilemma, but also makes the prospect of the radius of a circle, unpredictable.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, radius of a circle radius of a circle is affiliated with hangzhou network technology co., LTD., the company is committed to subvert the traditional monopoly with the seller, create a service oriented green transparent mobile service platform of life. At present, the radius of a circle, deep tillage in hangzhou, the future will go to Shanghai, wuhan, guangzhou and other places, from entry level to the development of artificial intelligence platform, such as user to a strange city, the App will push the corresponding merchant services according to user’s habits.

radius circleCompany: hangzhou radius circle network technology co., LTD.

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Automated “piggy Banks” : don’t make money finance site Digit

cloud network hunting note: today’s society, the people in the “grandpa” MAO build saving (of course, the local tyrants always is one of the few, even a small local tyrants). But understand finance children’s shoes are few and far between. So, how to make money, this is a problem worthy of thinking deeply. Have the money? Headstrong! Digit success to raise $2.5 million in seed money, since then open seamless saving mode.


in recent years, we have witnessed countless personal finance software have sprung up arises at the historic moment, most of the application being used to help the user to create a budget, make a better understanding of their own financial situation, and the property that you have to make the appropriate solution.

these software for those who connect each tiny spending and interested in people, is very useful. Of course, those people are only part of a few. But for those of us who often evade or ignore because excessive spending on something and then bring the cognitive load and melancholy, is completely useless.

this is why, in the past few months, I am obsessed with a start-up company called Digit, and became the “fan”. We can realize that the Digit wants to help the user to save money, with no problem to change the mindset of the user to save cash.

in order to accomplish this goal, the company has successfully raised $2.5 million in seed money, and committed to the integration of partnership with a bank, this will make its savings to more seamless.

Digit work

the concept behind the Digit is actually very simple: first, you need to create an account, and then give the Digit can permission to access your online banking account, the company will be from your checking account not plan breath, moved by the FDIC (federal deposit insurance corporation) savings account.

Digit before the don’t need to ask you want to transfer the amount, so its services seamlessly. Digit will “requests in advance”, in other words, instead, rely on is a kind of algorithm, according to many factors, such as it learns through your payment history and spending habits, can decide to move from one of your account to another account the amount of the number.

first of all, the Digit to examine the user on the account the amount of savings, to determine the amount transfer security. In addition, it will also consider the user’s normal wages or payment plan, and length of time from their next payday. Then, it will be by focusing on the user’s daily consumption habits, the user didn’t really pay attention to or feel any financial loss, to determine can transfer money.

in and of itself, Digit and most financial application mode of operation is different, because it’s not too much burden on the user information, also won’t by changing the user behavior in order to achieve the goal that is beneficial to their financial interests.

another weird about the Digit place is that it lacks a detailed data can provide users of mobile application or web site. These data include the user’s consumption habits, capital flows, or the user’s budget for the future.

in fact, Digit website is only a rough outline, it will only show the user the Digit account few details: at present the amount of the account number, after a period of time to save the amount of the number, the average number of transfer amount, and the frequency of withdrawals. If the user is concerned about the information, the website also have about every time transfer detailed list, so each user can scroll.

instead of using the website information and user communication, Digit is mainly in SMS mode. It can be the user’s daily updates every day through different text in the form of information sent to the customer. Most of the time, it provides users with their checking account balances, but occasionally update them within a week or a month save the amount of the number.

you can use a series of simple SMS command to the Digit is required to provide more information. Input “Recent”, for example, Digit will feedback to the user checking account record in the Recent three deal matters; Input “Withdraw”, you can take out the money from your account in full to check at any time.

not to make money “products”

about Digit, I need to point out some matters needing attention, this is the Digit of the potential users need to understand. One of the most important is, the user should understand transfer to their own Digit “savings account” is completely don’t have any interest, it is completely different with ordinary account.

this will no doubt cause some skeptics complained that, if every user put money into all their savings accounts do promotion for the local tyrants. Or more advantageous, compared these users should have the money but to stocks, bonds or any interest than savings accounts (& lt; 1%) high financing channels.

but it is some people will ignore this point: Digit exists, it is because most people in the world is not good at financial management, and even there is no contact with finance.

it store money in the account, so they don’t need or only need a little bit of foresight. It hopes to get the maximum number of returns and minimum number of pain.

to be honest, I have to agree with this view. Since August, I’ve always been a Digit part of the pilot program, and in the meantime, Digit in the name of my saved about 1000 dollars. According to the chief executive of Ethan Bloch said that since the launch of the pilot, Digit in a summer for registered users to save more than $60.

Digit founder Ethan Bloch

about money

Bloch is social media marketing Flowtown of former chief executive of a startup. Flowtown aims to help businesses through the email form will be carried out with potential customers into real customers. The company in 2011 by the Demandforce shortly after purchase, Demandforce then acquired by Intuit. Intuit is a high-tech company, which is mainly composed of financial software, Quicken its main products are similar products on the market the most popular accounting software. For Intuit product team of consideration, Bloch decided to stage a comeback, soon he began to work in the Digit.

in order to prompt service start, he raised by Baseline Ventures (vc) Baseline led the $2.5 million in seed money, even more stunning, also led to Flowtown Baseline vc investment work. In addition, Freestyle Capital, Upside Partnership (a seed stage investment company), Google Ventures (Google vc), Operative Capital, Garry Tan (blog, co-founder of the site, is also the Y Combinator partners), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder), Aaron Harris, Rick Berry, Nate Bosshard, Eric Ries, Joshua Greenough, Randy Reddig, Eoghan McCabe and Ted Rheingold (InVenture’s chief operating officer) and full participation in.

as the company with the main bank partner combination, the money will be used for the development of the team. In this way, can reduce the cost of ACH transfer to a more favorable interest rate. Automatic switching of ACH (Automatic Clearing House) center is the main system of dealing with the bank for payment.

in addition to money, Digit also hire and exposes its list of advisers. These heavyweights are Braintree, a focus on the Internet and mobile platform of online payment gateway provider’s chief technology officer Dan Manges, Square (the field of mobile payments startup) team members early Randy Reddig, growing company (American travel rental communities) global payments general counsel Sharda Caro – del Castillo, and Paul Hastings (Paul Hastings law firm partner Tom Brown. With their help, Digit hopes to make more seamless user experience on “tall” savings.



Make: into contemporary artists in face of the APP


“tedo tickle” was the first to blend in contemporary artists player to role play and in face of innovative mobile APP, inspired by the face of this June, July, began planning, officially launched in October. Enter, tease, cut face after entering the scene, the user can click on the all kinds of interesting and change, such as the west, three kingdoms, costume, modern, photo studio, poker exaggeration of modelling of each model. At the same time, also provides many people play modes for players and play together. In multiplayer mode, can be funny classmates, friends, family, colleagues, and their favorite male god goddess. All the characters in the scene, clothing, props can be arbitrary zoom in, and rotate 360 degrees or so.

IP resource make use of the art, the world-class excellent contemporary artists elements (IP) into the player to role play and in face of social, entertainment, mobile game in creative and cultural consumption. These artists have Du Xi, brush, etc.

on the establishment of the business model, make is mainly composed of four dimensions: make 3 d printing museum, customize personal image dolls; Tiger sports playgrounds in China, and China’s tiger partners, China tiger doudizhu game development, integrated into the delicate and beautiful artist elements, conception to build the Chinese version of “monument valley”; Offline activities “, make photo studio “, participate in the Shanghai creative bazaar 2 ~ 4/month, increase the interaction with fans, at the same time will be fair organizers held each big theme bazaar, form “tease” brand effect; Book APP that makes the figure forms the input method.

founder Xu Xian, stir technology co., LTD., chairman of Shanghai, jiaotong university master of finance, financial analysts, registered in China contemporary art collectors, entrepreneurs. She told hunting cloud network: “to make a simple summary is: IP resources, gather the best art design partnership of the best professional team, the output of various types of products, such as mobile game, cartoon, 3 d reality print, creative design products, such as electricity, to make the art of arts IP resources, from the fun, interesting, the only, richness, and subsequent diversification development. “at present, stir in October with ali is a lake in the south fund investment. Are entering PRO – A financing (financing 3 million RMB, transfer 5%). The

, make
Company: Shanghai stir technology co., LTD.

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The magic of “shadow” Internet: 100 times faster than Google optical fiber

cloud network hunting note: Google fiber net fast? The answer is yes. However, the “shadow” Internet transmission speed is even more shocking, Google is the one hundred times of the fiber. And its fast transmission speed is also a day, now, just to see the magic of “shadow” Internet.

when Google chief financial officer Patrick Pichette said that Google will provide us households per 10 gb/s network services, people feel the declaration like in science fiction, because it is 1000 times faster than today’s home network. However, for NASA, the speed is not worth.

when the home users to transmit data through the public Internet, NASA is using the shadow Network called “ESnet”, this is the “Energy Science Network” (Energy Science Network) acronym. The network consists of a set of private pipeline across America at a speed of 91 gb/SEC on data transmission, and the network to transmit data is the fastest.

NASA does not intend to spread to households, the technology but it is to use the technology to develop a new generation of computer applications. ESnet, developed by the U.S. department of energy (doe) management, are of great help for projects handling Large amounts of data, such as the Large Hadron Collider, false starts), and the Human Genome project (the Human Genome). ESnet director Gregory Bell said: “our vision is for the world, scientific findings should not be restricted by geography.” At the same time, in order to speed as quickly as possible, ESnet and NASA researchers are testing the network operation technology, the network may eventually commercialized.

in short, ESnet is to find the computer a window of the world.


Another network


the defense department’s ARPAnet was the first nationwide computer research network, it gradually evolved to today’s Internet. But ARPAnet is not the last of the same network. In 1976, the U.S. department of energy (doe) sponsored magnetic fusion energy network project to connect to the present national energy research scientific computing center (NERSC) and other laboratory. In 1980, after the us department of Energy and creates another called “High Energy Physics” (High Energy Physics) network to connect national laboratory for particle Physics research projects. As the Internet is becoming more and more important, the department is responsible for the people to realize that there is no need too much network system maintenance, therefore to combine the above two networks became the ESnet today.

this network for the same. In the early days, the network based on the ground and satellite links. Now, is used in the United States department of energy, the national institute on 17 laboratory and other optical fiber, such as the university laboratory. Since 2010, ESnet and Internet2 (Internet commercialization, was founded in 1995 as the research personnel of the service of non-profit international network) has been leased “dark fiber”, also is the Internet bubble in the 1990 s in the commercial Internet providers of excess capacity.

Internet fast

in November, NASA’s use of the network, the team advanced computer network data transmission speed of up to 91 gb/SEC, the transmission across the Denver in Maryland and NASA Goddard space center, is in the “real world” environment for the fastest an end-to-end data transmission.

in a long time ago, ESnet theory can achieve 10 gb/s data transmission speed. Since 2010, network equipment provider has provided 10 gb of switches. But in practical application, long-distance transmission speed to slow a lot. Because the data is not transmitted through optical fiber for straight line. For example, it wasn’t like the super highway network, and more like the interstate highway system. If you are going to through interstate highway driving from San Francisco to New York, you will go through many cities along, will transform unused road. In the same way, via the Internet or between San Francisco and New York ESnet the same is true with transfer files – data from across multiple hardware system of the city, and the slow speed.

ESnet the linked site map

in 2012, NASA by ESnet to transmit data at the Goddard space center and the university of Utah to 98 gb/SEC per second. Earlier this year and Alcatel – Lucent (alcatel-lucent) and BT (BT) in London and ipswich data transmission speed up to 1.4 terabytes per second per second, this is the fastest. The two transmission, however, is to establish a direct connection between locations, but in the real world, this kind of situation very little.

on the Internet and ESnets, transmission lines each station is a potential “bottleneck”, and every part of on line should be ready for transmission of 100 gb. Last November, high-end computer network team finally made the goal a reality. Transmission projects to provide equipment for Britain Brocade sales director Tony Celeste said: “the data transmission and the use of the technical and commercial to keep data in large data network transmission ability about”.

future experiments

at the same time, the network is developing constantly, the constant progress in other areas. The researchers used ESnet probe called the “OSCARS” virtual network circuit, this circuit can be under the condition of no change of the hardware of the complex, to create a complex network. At the same time, they are still in the study we know the DMZ network, the network can not rely on traditional firewall handling security issues, so as to realize the rapid transmission of its data.

these solutions is designed specifically for the few in number but large data transmission activities designed, compared with the commercial Internet is used for the transmission of large number but smaller. Even so, the commercial Internet company there are still a lot need to learn from ESnet. XO Communications, telecommunications company has 100 gb of backbone, is expected to more companies to follow the pace of the XO in the future.

although the near-term home users can’t have 10 gb/s transmission rate, but will mean that the Internet backbone network to improve the capacity of the phenomenon of network congestion has become less and less, although there will be more and more users will stream high-definition video and download large files. ESnet is not stop there. Bell said that the U.S. department of energy has been well prepared for transmission network development 400 gb, at the same time its long-term goal is 1 TB/s network, that is to say, the network 100000 times faster than today’s family to use. Compared with the rhetoric of Google, now just like a science fiction novel.

Source: Wired


A clap a fix: focus on O2O platform in the field of maintenance

(text/jing-jing fan)

life service class O2O market is big, the difficulty is big, attracted many entrepreneurial teams in them. Hunting cloud network today to introduce “a clap a fix” is a family and O2O platform of enterprise customers to provide comprehensive maintenance services. When a user’s computer or home appliance malfunction need maintenance, only need to open the App or WeChat, using a mobile phone will pat fault phenomena, submitted to the platform, the platform will match the nearest maintenance master for door-to-door service for you. At present, only staging, micro letter micro community service platform, mobile App will launch in the near future.

a clap a fix, the founder of WuLi has many years experience in the line maintenance, combined with online operations began to build a new maintenance O2O platform “a clap a fix. System is divided into three parts: one is the client App, used for the repair management, provides the maintenance of one-stop portal; 2 it is to master repair the App for orders, internal communication, technical discussion and mutual assistance, etc., 3 it is the total scheduling server, used to send order, scheduling, settlement and management.

in the chat with CEO WuLi “a clap a fix,” he told me to share a lot of current maintenance for some of the problems in the industry. Perennial maintenance field formation of scattered, disorder and poor development, often let users are not satisfied with the service, service complaints don’t make money, industry development therefore be badly affected.

maintenance industry problem makes the industry all the participants felt the pain, the development of the whole industry is still a relatively low level of state, the important reason of these problems, the whole industry lacks effective and practical means of informatization, although there are some of the larger service provider information management platform, but most of the operators and maintenance master because of inability to separate development of such system, can only use the original method for customer management, maintenance records, financial management, etc. Management means backward, naturally led to the emergence of a lot of problems.

a clap a correction in in this context, WuLi tell cloud network hunting a beat the want to do is to build a good platform for the user to interact with up, similar to the taobao platform maintenance industry. A beat the main service object is a home user, business users and network maintenance and maintenance of master, spare parts suppliers, recycling companies, etc. “We and home appliance maintenance industry association, the electronics market, green environmental protection organizations at all levels, consumer rights protection institutions have cooperation.”

IT is understood that a beat the current maintenance projects include a traditional household appliances, IT digital, three categories of housing maintenance, furniture covers air conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine, lampblack machine, computer, network, server, video monitor, printer, copier and waterproof, leakproof, small family maintenance, etc.

at present abroad two close an App, one is the family repair online intermediary services Friend trusted, another is Geekatoo, by establishing a Geek repository, provide maintenance technology service, also prove that the combination of the Internet is and family services.

WuLi told hunting cloud network, they established a similar cost of platform is divided into e, can be in every single business commission 5-20 yuan, also can undertake various bearing chain (such as KFC, aj vernet laundry, macro top gruel store, etc.) the maintenance of the total, home appliance manufacturers after-sales total package (such as computers, air conditioning, TV) to establish the profit model.

in addition, WuLi tell hunting cloud network, your team will also actively promote the Internet and traditional offline services in the field of resources integration, and hopes to life service teams in their niche O2O vertical development at the same time, strengthen the horizontal cooperation and alliance with as many as possible, with a comprehensive and landing O2O bring convenient service to the user’s life better experience, bring more to the development of regional service providers of the federation.

a clap a fix

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Don’t worry about competition, “open” startups will eventually win

cloud network hunting note: startup “sealed management” should be taken for safety? Closed system not only proved the failure, and light up the red light. For technology start-ups, take a completely public policy is more meaningful than ever before: bring trust transparency; Collaboration innovation; Separation of empowerment.

science and technology enterprise members asked “compared with the open system, the advantages of the closed system where is it?” , most of them will mention such a word: security. Technology has for years been circulated this truth: closed systems rarely corruption, therefore, their safety can be guaranteed, and those with full disclosure for the idea to establish the system of is another matter.

however, in recent months, the concept of closed safer was ruthlessly subversion. Users before the main concern is to avoid their confidential information to hackers or other foreign invaders, and now as the internal institutions, governments, and other powerful, users also gradually realize the importance to protect the security and privacy of personal information.

in the United States, after Edward snowden away the plan of the national security agency, this trend intensified.

at the same time, as the world’s highest rate and one of the most great closed system – apple, also appeared such signs. Up to yan zhao door warning us the importance of multiple authentication.

so, closed system not only proved the failure, and bright red. For technology start-ups, take a completely public policy is more meaningful than ever before: bring trust transparency; Collaboration innovation; Separation of empowerment.


transparent equals trust

to avoid a financial collapse, due to economic abuse and GMI, a rating agency, released a year 100 most trustworthy company. Its position is trust from the transparency, even if the news is bad, the company in the list also allows shareholders to know in time, thereby reducing the uncertainty of investors, to a large extent, it also makes the share price is more stable.

that year, deng xiaoping put forward the “science and technology is the first productive force”. And now, the technology is judged with drug industry in today’s most deceptive. And what this means is that technology start-ups from ripe to stand out in a closed system, adopt open this decision for investors and customers completely can yet be regarded as a coup.

this may means to provide more performance and financial data, advance planning good long-term goals (or, more flexible, more worth watching measures), also need to take the initiative to inform mistakes or near misses. From this point of view, I think it is seems to be a headache, but over the long term, it will strengthen the relationship between the company and investors or customers.


collaboration innovation

in recent years, most people talk about some of the startup if not do data disclosure, will not survive. Wikipedia is a clear example of the same case and Waze acquired by Google in 2013. Waze traffic information submitted by users to recommend the quickest route, and also according to user’s route update at any time. Imagine if Waze is your release these information rather than using both free and collaboration mode with infinite power, so how much will reduce efficiency?

investors in IFTTT (If – This – Then – That such companies are also under a big bet, bet on the future will depend on the internal connection and many public interaction platform and equipment. When many technical innovation company considering how to fight, get it and then take charge for it, IFTTT is strategic positioning themselves as the upcoming iot platform.

in September, the savvy and long-term strategy for the company won a $30 million investment. Imagine, if the company follow the closed, the mainstream of vertical integration mode, establish a only to IFTTT certification facilities work platform, the result would be like? Early may achieve some success, but it will inevitably be replaced by a more open provider.

due to the choice of interference is more open, not a closed system is safe.

even if such closed giant Microsoft now also to recognize the value of resources open collaboration, recently announced that the open server port net framework, at the same time will it to the Mac and Linux. Startups make “human wall”, such as the sole partner or limit, most likely herald signed his own death in the book. Apple is a successful exceptions, but history suggests that is not friendly cooperation technology will lag behind others, because of the collaborative innovation is its “shielding” in full swing, and it is blissfully unaware.

, for example, if apple decided to declare the competition in virtual reality, it will have to struggle alone, the samsung (or Android operating system), the Oculus Rift (or Facebook) and the virtual reality of network developers in the world will be united front, hand in hand.

those who feel completely is “irreplaceable” company only need to look at the list of long list to choose from, some is considered the most institutionalized service agencies in recent years also appears in the list, the currency to replace the traditional currency, household 3 d printing instead of the traditional manufacturing process. Now Hong Kong Firechat can help protesters around the Internet service provider. Due to the choice of interference is more open, hardly a closed system is absolutely safe.

the separation of equal empowerment

as for Waze, imagine if it take charge to the user submits information mechanism, so, it will face what kind of dilemma? Commercial real estate is doing this for years. The largest information provider ACTS as is the world’s commercial real estate listing monopoly of information transmission, by asking their brokers and agencies to collect the information they area, and then integrate the information provided to people in need, and charge a fee to them.

now selection of free and open information platform of threatening the existence of already long established information provider, want to come and take it for granted.

Internet ignored an important factor in commercial real estate industry: the Internet can let all of us become strong. In the world of Google, encyclopedia salesman is, you don’t need to rely on private information of enterprises must have its sell-by date.

if you are the innovation of the enterprise on the basis of other companies can also be collected and free leaked information to build out its business model, then, you will be looking forward to will soon will happen. If you still can survive difficult? Are you really want to stand out?

choose depends on yourself, to give up is also the selection

the company business philosophy is to choose a fully open or closed? Best time is in the company set up the first few months. For a select closed mode at first, and then select open mode, it is going through a tough time to change the company culture, and risked being those earlier open competitors to take market risk.

what’s worse, the company in the industry there is almost inevitable. In early supporters clique over the years has been designed for Makerbot contribute, Makerbot suddenly weaken its open-source 3 d printing hardware.

if you must choose a, open for technology startups should be a wise choice. These new ventures represents a rare opportunity to like apple or SONY decades ago to establish the deployment of a successful vertical control strategy. When it comes to relationships, innovation, and eliminate competition, in order to ensure that you have a place in the future, you should do is most by theory of completely open.

campus politics still apply here: each bosom secret can’t make friend, not arbitrary road.

Source: TC


Come enjoy pin guest complete C $50 million in financing, DCM led

constructed at pin guest today officially announce complete C $50 million in financing, by DCM collar, A wheel investment institution IDG capital, B round collar had the school to continue to cast, huaxing capital as the financing the sole financial advisor.

constructed at pin was founded in December 2011, currently has more than 7 m registered enterprise users, active users and subscribers are at the same time maintain acceleration of growth. Since 2014, the sales revenue continues to double every 3 months of growth, the number of employees from earlier this year, less than 50 people have been growing to 250 people, the agent increased to 100.

is the official announced that this round of financing will enjoy pin of dispute is to accelerate the upgrading of the guest to provide funding. Layout in advance at the same time in the market, finally finished at pin of all enterprises “connections” vision.

it is reported, this month at pin guest has launched between upstream and downstream enterprise service number off of the system, will be launched next month to partner service agents as the core management system, designed specifically for sales enterprises to achieve full marketing marketing assistant will be launched in the near future. When a user coverage after reaching goals, constructed at pin guest will open at the core of basic services, for the connection between the enterprise and the enterprise, the connection between the enterprises and users.

constructed at pin guest CEO rasch said: “we never define themselves as a simple enterprise software company,” tool + platform + ecology “is the whole of the development of our future goals and vision. This round of financing cooperation with IDG and aurora borealis again at the same time, the introduction of the famously vision precise DCM, is that we achieve “connection of all enterprises” important milestone.”


Startup ideas for VC is not important!

hunting cloud network note: entrepreneurs before startup, must first to think about what you’re doing, idea is produced at this moment. Idea is important? If entrepreneurs have a very good idea, whether can easy access to investment opportunities? Some entrepreneurs in order to prevent others “plagiarism” idea, when talking about financing also requires a VC to sign confidentiality agreement, VC and how do think about this matter? Author zhi-chao sun believes that ideas for VC, isn’t important at all. To see his opinion.

the author: zhi-chao sun (WeChat ID: game_developer)

today met two extreme contrast of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur details required to show BP signed NDA before, said before the introduction to angel investors, looking for friends to do the same thing. Another entrepreneur, very open to show their own ideas, although very strange flower, but they decided that the first no one copy, the second this is why they can success.

business model is important? Of course! Entrepreneur in the venture in proportion to the most worried about things before, respectively is: there is not enough money, for industry in business direction or not sure, can not find a suitable business partners, worry no awareness, worry to find customers, continuous innovation. In fact? Entrepreneurship and found the most difficult things in proportion to row, respectively is: find business direction or put into industry error after startup, financial liquidity problems, find customers, disagreement with a partner, without innovation products and enterprises without awareness, etc. Chosen the wrong direction, it’s to late!

first for the former. In the field of business as cruel as combat, when an entrepreneur thinks his lack of confidence to win a 6-5 in direct confrontation, in plain English, he also don’t have enough courage to think I can plan to perform to the best.

a VC received every year tens of thousands of copies of a business plan, more than 90% are reproducible idea or plan. If the two companies with similar ideas for VC, VC finally decided to invest in A and B refusal. If signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement), B may be taken for granted that VC to copy their ideas to set up A company, then VC trouble is likely to be sued.

VC operation process is the process of building trust, between entrepreneurs and investors must build up mutual trust. If the assumption that partners will breach of trust from the start, it is a bad start, let alone the result.

for startups, no threshold have? We should not have to find ways to build what things make others can’t copy, because the copy is the “stop”. The only way is to create more things to let each other go to copy. ,

can copy everything in the world, the only thing cannot be copied directly go is “speed”. You go ahead, people will copy in the back. If someone is copying you panic, you have “done”. Do companies, the best is not someone say you how great, but someone said nothing, just silently to go home, the next day to make a copy of your things. And because there are better in behind, you feel “exciting”.

of course, at the beginning of the contact with VC, there’s no need for entrepreneurs to give too much details to VC. If the details of the VC demanded to know too much, so may suggest that the other party: we already a business partner?

on the other hand, if you really think your idea is a jewel of great price, then maybe can not find the VC, since can’t afford to confidential leakage loss, just don’t let it have the chance to leak.

to summarize: VC does not sign the NDA, is everyone knows the law, don’t really have to explore the significance of.


again for the latter. Sound preposterous idea at the beginning of the last big did not a few. “Put your own house or a room to strangers”, what do you think I’m not sure, but someone whose founder Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia initially when making a presentation, most VC think this idea is too ridiculous. Silicon valley famous leading investors Fred Wilson wrote articles to explain why he missed the chance of an investment, when YC Graham was also an attempt to persuade Fred investment, but because this idea is so weird, Fred finally chose to give up. He was very sorry.

also, burn after reading social tools, isn’t it just sounds funny, too?

sounds ridiculous but sometimes might just meet the needs of to a certain group of users, and it sounds more ridiculous idea early more rare rivals, relative to the greater the chance of success may also. But… This idea can finally success and absurd or not don’t have any relevance.

the key to success, depends on how entrepreneurs can be noticed that the average person ignore the key, can have some degree of expertise or know how. On the entrepreneurial projects, “the key is the only you know what, but other wise men did not focus on the”. Like for the founder of reality, they have a long time at my friend home and spend the night with a stranger, so they know and believe that this new experience can be fun. If you can’t answer that question in front of the very specifically, I find it hard to believe that you go in the right way.

most of the time, the success of start-ups appear, because its founder to see other people does not see, and in their opinion is obvious. Later, they may find that they found before that idea is, indeed, many other blind spots, and from this point of efforts began. But when successful entrepreneurial company officially launched the moment, most of its innovation is unconscious.

Google’s Larry Page to just search the web, but unlike most people, he is a leading technical aspects of knowledge, which made him not only found the shortage of the existing search engine, also know how to improve. In the next few years, Google’s problems become everyone’s problems. When all the other people to realize the importance of search, Google has been firmly in a favorable position.

if you are in a certain area, the core competitiveness to match, will have the power of the infinite, learn up will be very easy, make you like a duck to water in this area. The idea itself, far less important.


Undertaking the “transparent”, let the “brothers” know everything?

for start-up companies, whether the employee public company data? Open to the public media? Founders debated. Open data can be Shared experience; But after the fear of public can lead to loss is a global phenomenon. Maybe, only for the company’s employees’ right to know is the most suitable.

in recent period of time, it seems that people are becoming more open, everyone is willing to put the life to show on the Internet. Once upon a time in the evening to eat what, to have just had a quarrel with her boyfriend… Even if, in fact, the network security still lags far behind the change of the situation. The recent “sex photo” has illustrates the problem.

however, there are still some things are hidden in the public eye. In the working population, for example, salary is still a taboo subject, and with good reason — the topic will cause tension in the workplace.

recently, the issue of transparency in the field of entrepreneurship became her cause celebre.i already. Thanks largely to Buffer, SumAll, such as American companies, they were led to this Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne phenomenon known as “transparent” by default. Or, in a nutshell, completely transparent. According to the description Gascoigne, this is one of the Buffer the highest value of the enterprise culture:

in the Buffer team, we have a full salary, transparency, and through stock options, each member of the team all know each other’s salary and equity. Are along the way, we will share company fund-raising information, sharing our interest, and even share a bank balance. In fact, our bank balance sheet and income figures are open.

when they share the content on the website, after a strange things happened – tens of thousands of jobs to apply for. In just a month of time, they received 2886 job applications. People seem to appreciate frank and authenticity of the founder of the company, are trying to establish himself as a mainstay in the fledgling company.


against radical transparency

although transparency as a positive trait has been widely recognized, but surprisingly, only a handful of startups really do that. At least, not so the degree of “complete”. Mark Suster is Upfront Ventures, a general partner, in an interview, he points out, that’s because as an entrepreneur, he is one of the core responsibility is to create a company under pressure.

according to Suster description, create a market value of billions of dollars in start-up sounds is not granted, the enterprises need to prove that he can make people “dispel doubts”, so the rest of the team can believe founder vision:

the founder of the mentality is different from ordinary people. In the face of uncertainty, they have a strong ability to accept criticism and accept the risk; They are not afraid of failure of the individual, also won’t like ordinary people have a deep humiliation.

we are going to face the cruel fact, when the company in a very risky attempt, ordinary workers is likely to wait for the company’s future, even if the company is on track, also can have workers to choose jobs.

especially asians, they risk aversion is born. In Japan, for example, most children aspire to be big company – that is, from the success of living a life of wage earners.

in these areas, to join a start-up company itself can be regarded as a great adventure. Asia’s founder, unwilling to disclose the information inside the company, because as long as there is a bad sign, they will jump ship.


Asia shouldn’t hidebound

surprisingly, now it is time to prove that these is not altogether a cliche. We talked to some Asian start-up founder of several shows that the company’s transparency depends largely on their employees.

“culture of transparency in general is not easy, because it allows the free flow of information. When set an example for each thing, founder of the freedom of expression, the employees get and realize the implication that he didn’t need to be shy about anything, also don’t have to worry about making mistakes. “Recent takeover of the founder of Zopim Royston Tay said in an interview that” eliminate restrictions on speech that all the data are on the table.”

for Tay, if in violation of the employee’s right to know, can lead to problems like a snowball. To do this, they often together in the staff meeting to discuss the company’s matters, including financial, the upcoming competition, vision, and so on the core concerns.

Zendesk CEO with Zopim team

they went public on everyone’s salary, nearly Tay this idea in his HR team only run once:

our investigations have been carried out for different people, including my former girlfriend and wife now. Obviously in Asia, respect the right of privacy is very important, discuss wages to make some people feel uncomfortable. But more important is should be pay the transparency of the process, we use what kind of compensation standard and compensation and employee relations in the career development.

one could argue like Zopim open to all the employees is a very unique situation – before the buyout by Zendesk, most of the employees is the company’s internal shareholders or option holders.

Indonesia start-up Bukalapak is also the same. Bukalapak CEO Achmad strongly agreed that Tay Zaky said: “you can’t control the staff, you can only be awarded their power, the right to know is the power of the employees in our company. I’ll share information to all the staff, such as sales, transport, or any company, even if is an office assistant.”


put talent they should be in the position of

Zaky believes that such extremely take a fancy to collective idea in Asia region, in addition to the company data, transparency is vital, it can be more shangdi to build relationships. For this reason, the Zaky not only open to share data within the company, he also support open to the public – that is completely transparent:

I share everything, because I believe in the power of an ecological system itself. I believe that if we are able to share the key information to the media or public, will help us to the growth of the ecological system. I’m not worried about competition – I only hope the ecosystem can grow. In Indonesia, and even in Asia, the startup ecosystem hasn’t been forming. In my opinion, the valley do better than Asia, because they are more open to the data. If everyone can share their experience, we are able to learn more.

translation platform Gengo headquarters is located in Tokyo, also in the same way to develop their long-term “open data initiative, CEO Robert Laing from their platform to share a wide range of business data.

Roger Chang, the founder of Pirate3D, also like the above situation, firmly support full disclosure information. “Work in start-ups is a risky thing, because it may be a decision-making mistakes will lead to the bankruptcy of the company,” he admitted: “some of our employees with family support, so only the right thing to do is give them right to know, to help them make informed decisions about their career.”

Pirate3D team

however, for the public, the media, in particular, he is more cautious:

“it’s not that I don’t think the public is reliable, but the media is mostly” the title party “, published at random out of context.

when it comes to the external communication, Chang quotes Socrates famously said, “this is the truth? Is white? It is necessary?”

fear “transparent” is the common around the world enterprise

in the general case, Chang will abide by the “rules” of Asia, the founder of Asia are often reluctant to open too much, because “they believe that someone will copy your ideas”. But with the increasing number of experiences, Chang found they will usually accept the idea of sharing more.

“maybe because they know that the hardest part is the concept of the executive,” he explained: “if your thought is so easy to copy, maybe it wouldn’t be a very robust business model.”

in the same way, Tay frank to admit that asians “character more silent, so may intuitively against ‘full disclosure’.” He quickly pointed out that their American counterparts are not much better. “On the contrary, we saw a lot of examples, it is the founder of the United States are more willing to deal with the problem alone. Restaurant Sherman is a sad. “He recalled the Sherman suicide last year.

Tay on this point is correct. In addition to the leader, such as Buffer and SumAll, few other start-up companies in the United States to achieve this level of transparency. Contrary to popular belief, fear of loss is not the patent of Asian startups, but global.

integrated all these reasons, want to make public a full range of a startup business information is difficult. Willis Wee was the founder of the Asian technology, he look at it like this: is it true that whether internal or external public employees, everyone is necessary to know all things? Perhaps, transparency is good effect to the company’s employees, they who is the most care about the company’s development condition, right to know will make them more happy more worked hard.