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Before I go to silicon valley startups Fu Cheng they speak

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don’t want to write it as soft, doesn’t make sense.

5 days ten thousand people sign up, the bonus is only about 300000 more start-up capital. Circle activities most people see the preheating, the heart may have a small irony. It is too little, stunt is greater than the content? Actually unavoidably arouses suspicion.

but in overall 15 will eventually find the purple cow entrepreneurs start roadshow. In the front row seat for entrepreneurial mentor: Fu Cheng Yao Jinbo, Luo Zhenyu, li3 xue2 ling2. In addition to Luo Zhenyu and the rest are ceos of listed companies. ROM last speech really impress people fat. Continue reading…

After packed into incubator, you found that entrepreneurship in “slow”

author introduction: Ashwin Ramasamy ContractIQ is the founder of the company. This site is for those enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide a free service platform, mobile curators plan allows them to look for the outsourcing partners.

Hari is a smart and savvy entrepreneurs, with a start-up company. Sent the mail to me one day, he asked me if there is any need to add a business incubator. I wrote back he said there is no need to immediately. After we talked for more than 30 minutes about it, but now I don’t think I ever so warmly discussed this matter with him. May I thought then save a young entrepreneurs is the heaven gives my mission.

the emergence of the business incubator is to help the business start-up entrepreneurs to understand the Starting Up 101 (Starting Up 101 is for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and community members held a seminar), so as to manage their companies, and their teacher are people had taken part in the business seminar. The role of the business incubator is mainly tells how the entrepreneurs and the right to carry out the work ahead of time, according to the practice, the fledgling company will not only survive in the fierce competition, also in the development of after becomes more prosperous, even reached a tipping point.

on this point, on the opening ceremony of Y Combinator someone has mentioned the concept that is probably say:

in 2005, Y Combinator has developed a new start-up capital business model. These enterprises should first moved to silicon valley for three months, in this period of time, we will work closely with them, helping them as soon as possible to the company development direction, and sells them to investors. These emerging companies need to prepare your company’s statement, has been invited to give those by carefully selecting investors do show, hope to get their money. So in each year’s Demo Day this Day (Demo Day is a subsidiary of Y Combinator startup semiannual Demo Day), the whole event will reach orgasm.

so, as one of the top business incubators, Y Combinator think this is a new kind of investment way. It’s caused everybody’s thinking: “why I said the emergence of the business incubator is not bring these emerging companies help?”

incubator is not as “omnipotent” you think

if the goal of the business incubator is to give these a start-up funding to help rather than – the purpose of this project was to help the company grow, and it is definitely worth a cynical. Emerging enterprise aims to a profitable or can be built using measuring platform, will become a real concept of the ideal development can quickly solve the problem of the sustainable development of enterprises. Money really can grow up in “enterprise” and “development” two aspects of help, but most of these start-ups cannot grow.

the majority of the business incubator is like a centralized project need to cooperate with many companies combined, the cooperation period is N months. In this period of time, every month business incubator to work closely with the project staff, and the cooperation time is often within six months.

Demo Day is a very convenient way, or for all of the business incubator is a business tool is necessary. Those involved in the emerging, however, enterprise must in business incubator in accordance with the relevant provisions, within a prescribed limit to selected companies making a presentation and even completed within the stipulated period, the practice often dispelled the enthusiasm of the emerging enterprises, may even lead these companies astray, let them for their company information fraud.

I mentioned earlier be incredibly ironic thing is that these emerging enterprise to join the business incubator as a shortcut to get financial support. These enterprises obviously ignores the fact that only a small part of the enterprise can get funded (the proportion exactly is 27%). In this quarter funded enterprise, because you is a subsidiary of entrepreneurial incubator is different, your companies the opportunity to obtain funding becomes more uncertain (72% of the 2012 Y Combinator company of emerging enterprises obtain the fund support). I know some of the business incubator doesn’t even have a Demo Day, a group of students “enterprise” their graduation after a year of learning, no company funding.

sometimes incubator can imprison entrepreneurs instead

start-ups often happened a historic breakthrough, always get breakthrough for the future with greater urgency. Even use the standard metric algorithm to calculate the growth of these companies a week, and also there is no way to predict a in the first week of no will achieve great success of emerging enterprises after a year to get their dream of “holy grail”, successful development of their enterprises.

keep in mind that the development of emerging enterprises must strike will, so was able to successfully change their own destiny. This is at the very least.

the problems encountered in the process of enterprise development will not only brings to the enterprise’s running short, in fact, in many cases, they may even cause irreparable damage. The business incubator is unintentionally to instill some common-sense ideas emerging enterprises, and the notion of these errors are often embedded hard to eliminate.

when it comes to products can adapt to the market, some with experience and conclusion instead more helpful.

in a certain sense, practical and realistic to do it better than do the investigation and study on the surface of the surface layer. I don’t know this thing is how to write code that to allow the product to adapt to the market, but, by contrast, to study the problem becomes less effective. Might as well to have a good talk about those crappy MVP and those who seriously study plan who good who bad.

disposable fragmented than have been struggling and the last is also not escape failure result is much better.

as a result, in a hurry to show or unprepared, but obviously the ensuing face and investors to negotiate, there are obvious his own company would not get signal, all these problems with the help of the business incubator is particularly prominent. There are a lot of emerging enterprises directly collapse under the pressure. These can’t afford so much pressure emerging enterprises should be how to do? In my opinion, they should make good use of the business incubator of intangible assets for them.

mentors are busy, most of people are struggling to

my own itself is in a global famous graduate business incubator, and became the company’s a teacher. Last year, I received a business incubator company gave me two emails. Mail contents are told me some instructions I had the latest development of emerging enterprises. In fact, I’m not remember their names, or their company engaged in the business. I gave them on the course for three months, in and after class, no firm has contacted me and told me that their company’s progress. As their company started tutor, I have no contact with them, the feeling is so bad. Ha ha, in fact is the fact that, after I graduated from the business incubator, I have been twice tried to contact my advisor, but are only talked about five minutes, after that, I have never contacted them anymore.

no matter how much these emerging enterprises mentor is famous, or how they are ready to help others, in fact, after the enterprise session, these teachers also can not find a strong reason to convince myself, whether should continue to keep in touch with the guidance of enterprise. In a global network of business incubators, this means that you made it that long mailing list of objects, and you’re just a irrelevant this mail receiving objects. Therefore, the development of emerging enterprises are told that the mail is not a secret, can let the teacher exchange platform and the emerging enterprises, this mail, also will not bring any pleasant feeling to you.

“display” success doesn’t make you get financing

if you are on your own in the Demo Day this Day can get financial support feel confident, then you are wrong. To treat this problem as 500 Startups, a partner at Christine Tsai gives this view:

if you think you can be in the Demo Day this Day can get investment, that do you really think is wrong. , of course, I do not rule out your enterprise can have access to the investment, but it is very rare. A Demo Day meaning lies in that you can contact with these investors, get a chance to know them. But if you just to get the purpose of investment, you might as well call each venture capital firm partner, the activities of the organization or directly go to their company. You can also go through the network and investors who are interested in your company development.

no matter where you get the money, its color and value are the same. Has an outstanding entrepreneur, he once told me: “you can give investors a premium, you protect the investor’s premium, until you hit the next investors before his assets are not at a premium. Tasks without Demo Day, relocation and entrepreneurial incubator company make the mark (in case you didn’t get any financial support after the Demo Day) under pressure, you get the money. If you need to face all the pressure to get a sum of money, the money before the money and comparison, its significance is self-evident. A wise man will make the right choice. In addition, you also don’t have to pay extra money during this period to make on your Demo Day to show the samples.

to grasp incubators of “intangible assets”

so why would you think entrepreneurship incubator can help emerging businesses?

, for example, there is a place where I can meet all my customers and potential customers, why don’t I? As long as they go to participate in the activities, emerging enterprise can establish its own brand, with smaller efforts can select their own customers. This is why vc firms are keen to attend business incubator.

and education, business incubator is also need competitive business, here, you can easily find companies that can create great value. You, however, it is difficult to quantify the ordinary of the lack of value the impact of the company to its customers. If a business incubator can give emerging enterprises is put forward to the opinion of the question, can replace funding and an unknown financial support, and it is also the target of the enterprise as a primary task to complete. After carefully considering the premise, there is no doubt that incubator more get the welcome of entrepreneurs.

everyone wants to win. As a result, the number of companies to join the business incubator, in a sense can be seen as to these business incubator service quality evaluation standard. Because there is no other way to prove, so the first stand out from the incubator is the first selection of emerging enterprises. But these companies should bear in mind that if you want your customers to face the choice which one business incubator, obviously you put your customers involved in the business of the game, and it is meaningless. Karma is like a high-end prostitutes, you must first pay to enjoy the service. To apply for admission to the threshold of the business incubator becomes quite high, this will make your customers feel the game is worth to attend.

as I said, all aspects of the business incubator is not necessary for your company to have help, they need only on those factors to measure the success of your company, better than you do. Such as a large number of customers work, like you a good tutor, who will be selected in the bid your internal investment network and so on. That is why it is difficult to easily pull out from here.

so, if you want to choose business incubator to develop your own company, then you can choose the way a full of unknown risks. The rest of the methods not only cheap but also can make your company develop better.



Online health care under the heat wave, in the us healthcare reform changes the wind blow

hunting cloud network (note: the New Year, the Internet technology to “transform” in the field of health care is still our focus, in the future years, medical insurance, medical expenses, etc, and there may be what notable changes. This article briefly predict the Internet for us thinking under the spring breeze of the new changes of medical and health care will be in the United States, which has a high reference value to us.

next year will be good for the health care industry for a year. We felt the small fluctuations in 2014. I expected in 2015, the American health care system will have four core change: health insurance, medicine, medical equipment supply, medical payments.

wal-mart will be your medical insurers

last October, wal-mart online through an online medical insurance trade shows its intentions. However, recently sold insurance not wal-mart as the carrier, and these will change in 2015.

wal-mart’s announcement would have insurance plan for the future provides a clear preview. The pharmacy can provide medical services and some simple over-the-counter purchase for the pharmacy will increase traffic. And about the professional care, wal-mart plans to offer has to 1.2 million employees “Centers of Excellence nessuah brokerage” financing. In this project, if policy-holder to like the Mayo, but Cleveland’s a-clinic, Mercy corps and Geisinger such senior medical center to examine the knee, hip surgery or cancer treatment, so you just need to pay a little for these costly medical bills.

because 5 miles around 95% of americans have a retailer’s retail trade data, wal-mart can by providing appropriate medical service and promote healthy shopping decisions to reduce the incidence of diabetes and heart disease.

digital medical company with pharmaceutical giant cooperation to achieve win-win

although venture investment has been increased five times, but there is still no profit most digital medical company. Digital medical company should aim at pharmaceutical giant them as target customers. Although there are many different between them, but pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises has begun to technology startups seeking solution of the problem.

pharmaceutical companies want to solve the biggest problem is how to come into contact with the doctor and sell drugs to them. Use of trained sales representatives has become the pharmaceutical company at the heart of the sales strategy for decades.

however, a quarter, m.d., Ph.D., and two 5 of all the doctors even more refused to meet with pharmaceutical sales representatives in their own office. Existing sunshine laws forcing each pharmaceutical companies to disclose the money they spend on each, m.d., Ph.D., and thus accelerate the arrival of the problem. Each company for customer awareness of science and technology and the problem of employment relationship is clear, especially the focus on social media, mobile advertising and video company, more clearly how to use these ways.

next year will be a turning point, by pharmaceutical companies internal spending and employment changes quickly. Moreover, the us food and drug administration issued a draft guidance of social media in July 2014. All of a sudden, these companies have network marketing team as well as executive vice President of digital health. So, we see the working in Merck’s kind of like dell chief information officer of the company. The information told me that 2015 will be the pharmaceutical giant is willing to spend money to find those who can really solve the problem of technology companies a year.

amazon cut medical supply chain

amazon with various dazzling commodity sales. Catheters and surgical gloves are still not shelves, but there may soon be. Doctors and the people who are eager to practice like us, they also love amazon brings the convenience to them in life, why not convenient their work or practice?

amazon will start small, and the disadvantages of group purchasing business will be passed on to the doctor. If amazon can express in two hours to give you a roll of toilet paper, it can also express to you within two hours of a pair of surgical gloves and a white cloak. And the total amount of purchase goods will decide whether free shipping, especially when it sells like surgical suture, syringe such commercial higher-margin goods.

medical workers and businessmen will be driven by price and convenience, the power of amazon is financial. Last year, basic operation equipment suppliers Owens & amp; Minor company received $9 billion in annual income. Amazon is not good at let the enviable opportunity without interference, especially these can change the price of the business opportunities.

hospital will be a P2P lending channel

if you understand the medical care payment process, you can also predict the trend. Patients and employees prefer to buy the insurance with high deductibles. As a result, hospitals earn brushstroke money from consumers, is actually the first $17000 from the consumers. And the circumstances of the average income is $55000, most americans are unable to pay their medical costs.

when they don’t to pay for medical expenses, can let a hospital economic losses. Did not pay the medical expenses of patients with will take the form of bills receivable in hospital in the balance sheet, will eventually be converted into high debt. Because many hospitals will use debt financing, their credit reliability is determined by its balance sheet, then urged patients to pay medical expenses is imminent.

this is a question – how can we get enough money to help pay for their medical costs? Many patients are willing to bear the medical expenses, just they are not able to complete the payment immediately. P2P lending company has paved the way for unsecured credit, some personal loans can repay by someone else. This is an impressive progress. P2P lending has been used to pay for plastic surgery procedures and other cash. Nowadays, it can be used to pay for the United States most of the medical consumption.

from the past, changes in the health care is always slowly and reluctantly, but because of the government, those demands, and the broad demands for insurance scale and nursing, it seems that everything is accelerating.

this five prediction shows that the medical and health field of the transfer of power, at the same time also emerge out of the new force to be reckoned with in the, every consumer to its healthy control degree is increasing. I expect, but also hope that in the 2015 leaders in the field of medical treatment and health care can accept more innovation and change.



WeChat upgrade shake, into the deep waters

author: weibo @ ultra micro letter o Internet luo (luochaotmt)

as a communication and social as the main purpose of tools, WeChat basis function has been very mature, has drastically change the upcoming short time. Function in the media, such as O2O yan with plenty of room to upgrade. From WeChat recently some action, WeChat will revolve around 2015 public accounts, shake, final purpose is to let WeChat generous cash flow get a chance, can fathom, 2015 WeChat will vigorously to liquidate, strive to become a tencent new cash cow.

shake upgrade: micro letter can shake to nearby businesses

after the public platform support comments, according to reports coming from the tencent insiders, micro letter recently and will have big version, one of the highlights is to search for nearby businesses, in addition to text search, can also search by a wave around the merchants. The author understands the current WeChat has cooperation with focus media strategy, relying on the comprehensive deployment iBeacon network, support WeChat shake function, the user as long as the focus in the elevator before the TV advertising, can get near the merchant through shake the package. Shake, micro letter envelopes and nearby people, these functions are mix together, build a new O2O marketing model. This small feature, for micro letter always resist marketing, is a huge change, and is just the tip of the iceberg of the micro letter O2O marketing landscape.

the existence of the public platform for offline enterprise net provides a platform of low threshold, low cost, but understand a little of computer knowledge can apply for the public platform, merchants push messages, to provide services. The third party developers micro letter help enterprises to build more public platform. However, WeChat public platform for new users high cost is also been criticized. Channel to the main findings of the public, the past is scan, the passenger flow is more stock of passenger flow, is very difficult to pull the new.

search nearby businesses, shake the merchants, and near the focus of such offline O2O marketing platform for cooperation, would be tantamount to the merchants who opened a new flow inlet. There is no doubt that the traffic for businesses still need to pay the cost, may eventually become a part of the WeChat marketing advertising platform. The merchants in the baidu keyword, buy set-top advertising, in public comments on future advertising budget might give WeChat part points.

micro letter or advertising platform in research and development, broad points be replaced?

once upon a time, people always think the mobile Internet advertising model is a failure, because the screen size, the network speed and user habit, there is a reluctance to click on mobile ads. But with this problem solved, mobile advertising is mature and baidu mobile revenue is above 36%, the proportion in 2015 there will be big breakthrough. Obviously, is the key to the mobile traffic to liquidate year in 2015.

micro letter holds the largest user group of the longest and most user attention and mobile traffic, has the huge potential of mobile advertisements. Had to quickly launch directly reuse the wide point platform, the effect is not ideal, is the main players from the media, a lot of advertising is such as watch, with the mobile Internet, LBS, the relationship between social network is not large, micro letter resources are wasted. It is against this background, according to deep throat, WeChat are developing their own ads marketing platform.

new advertising marketing platform is not only fully mobile, also combining with service characteristics of O2O, LBS and WeChat, one of which is convenient for similar search nearby shops, shake the shops near this kind of function, it can produce keyword search rankings, according to the effect of public advertising these patterns, this advertising platform may become the second largest source of income after mobile game. Broad point of advertising, of course, customer resources and WeChat sharing is possible, application of distribute ads with the same combination of space.

The effects of

? WeChat into liquid deep

micro letter open platform for public comment at the end of 2014, 2015 to upgrade a wave and search functions, can be roughly see micro letter is no longer as in the past to “marketing” so fear, but embrace of marketing, marketing potential release micro letter, this also means that micro letter will soon celebrate new liquid phase, the mobile phone games have already can’t satisfy the appetite of the micro letter, around the platform are yan out of advertising content, application of distribution, search ads, O2O, mobile games, buy electricity, Internet financial and other business model. In 2015, the emphasis may be advertising.

no accident, the micro letter a new generation of advertising platform which the important part is O2O advertising for offline merchants. This will no doubt make the micro letter with baidu such traditional search entry and 58 “intermediate page” advertising platform a huge competition. WeChat and, on the other hand, focus media and other complementary O2O interactive platform, focus on technology and WeChat complementary, use all over the country building iBeacon billboard structures, O2O marketing scenario, the on the resource can be imported into the offline merchants resources WeChat, in fact be O2O marketing integrated service provider.

third-party developers also have a new opportunity. Help enterprises to do micro letter development in the past, just pure technical services. Are more focused on how to perfect the public platform immediately after get quick results, such as how to serve ads to nearby, how to lower costs for potential users. If the micro letter O2O advertising platform, the third-party developers can help companies with good future this advertising platform, completes the marketing micro letter. Is, micro letter marketing is no longer in the stream of Chen anzhi ever fool course, but a solid field of technology, like search engine yan out of SEM, the future there will be a kind of business, called: WXM (marketing) for micro letter, if you don’t spend money, is the WXO (optimization) for micro letter.


What the art of “price”, the product to buy how many money?

cloud network hunting note: product positioning, the amount of profit, all this can be directly on price, a seemingly ordinary price behind also contains the wisdom of you I don’t understand. But hard to avoid mistakes in the process of pricing, how to realize the profit maximization should pay attention to what place? Hunting cloud network compiled in this paper, for you to interpret the ten common mistakes during the process of pricing.

pricing strategy is the enterprise to improve its competitive advantage and the critical path of the bottom line. Many enterprises take years by cutting costs , outsourcing , process restructuring, as well as the technical innovation and so on ways to increase income. Through these measures, however, the gains in reducing year by year, in this way, requires enterprises to increase earnings by other means.

today, companies are trying to use custom products , information, as well as derivatives to please have clear market segmentation, to gain high profits. Many companies, however, is only used a simple pricing process, not even sure their profitable customer or the customer classification. Listed below is many enterprises will be on its own products and services of the top ten common mistakes made by pricing.

error 1: pricing is based on cost, rather than the customer’s values

pricing simply refer to the cost of production may lead to the following two results: 1) if the price is higher than that of customer values (subjective) product value, cost of sales will increase, discounts also needs to increase, sales cycle will be extended, eventually lead to profit; 2) if the price is lower than the customer values, indeed it will sell goods, but as a result, the enterprise may not be able to maximize profits.

error 2: pricing is based on the “market”

with the “market price”, the enterprise will be their goods and services to achieve the goal of the commercial. Using market pricing is those failing businesses would choose method, finally make a profit with this method is extremely low. Compared with bankruptcies, management team have to find ways to achieve product and service differentiation, as a certain market partition to create additional value.

error 3: different product lines, unified profit space

some economic policy implementation means invariable, some enterprises want to try the same profits to achieve different product line. And prices law indicates that different customers have different positioning for the same products. For a lot of a single product, when the product price can reflect each customer purchase intention, it’s profits will be the highest at this time. This intention reflects their value proposition for a product, and the profit space with other product line here is completely different.

error 4: not divided to the customer (or error to distinguish)

the customer can according to different requirements for the product. The price of any product or service positioning in different market partition is also different, and different pricing strategy will need to reflect this. Implementation strategy should include the price of your product workmanship, packaging, transport mode, the choice of market demand and price structure of the partition according to different customers, this is in order to be able to get to the added value of these partitions created.

error 5: long time fixed price

fluctuations in price of most companies are afraid of change, so the price as much as possible to keep at a stable level. Smart companies will allow customers to adapt to their sales problems brought about by the price change frequently. In a short period of time, the market is likely to radically change. So for your goods position as the market changes and change becomes vital, and you must through the pricing change to reflect this change.

error 6: sales incentives directly affect the revenue

this is based on the sales incentive measures may lead to a loss of profits, because as a salesman in order to make up for the inadequacy of sales, may lower the price of commodities in the largest extent. This error caused by the price when seller has the right to decide the discount dynamics is particularly prominent. They will always put money on the table said: give you a lower price, then we have a deal.

7: wrong change price without forecast competitor reflect

pricing strategy could not exist out of thin air, must consider the competitors’ action. On price changes, not only need to consider expected competitors’ price change, also need to evaluate objectively the quality of goods and services.

error 8: use of limited resources for pricing test

in the enterprise liquidation profits: there are three basic variable cost, sales volume, average price. Most of the management team is good at cutting costs, but also confident to promote sales. But for the formulation of price, it is more like a black art. As a result, most companies will only using simple pricing process, the same type of enterprises, however, will use a more sophisticated technology, and the pricing process to implement for a minor change cost and real-time tracking control.

error 9: no internal processes to optimize price

hastily convened meeting “price” has become the norm – a last several minutes of meeting is a new product or service pricing. Participants are generally not ready, the survey is limited to a salesman’s anecdotes, or competitors last year’s price list, as well as the financial controller based on various assumptions goods cost structure.

error: 10 by a salesman or other client staff to get the price information

this kind of person is not stable resources, because they get information by the method has certain chanciness, thus they are information obtained may be purely anecdotal. The customer almost impossible for a salesman said that “the truth” 100%. Smart companies will hire people who trained professionals to collect and analyze data to identify and assess their market value.

pricing method is to provide higher profits directly to the enterprise, especially in North America, the role of pricing has not been effective. We believe as Stratinis Pricing Suite that better Pricing mastered the art and have effective analysis software company, to create a significant difference.



Internet financial benefit! Strong elder brother in the sea before the bank said some what?

cloud network hunting note: yesterday, the Internet financial practitioners smile, a big good news. Premier li keqiang to visit the Internet Banks, financial firms sea before and delivered an important speech. Mr Li spoke with what?

the author: attended (WeChat ID: article is)

yesterday, claims to be China’s strongest salesman li after as the premier of the state council, for the first time to Beijing visit shenzhen. In addition to visit huawei, firewood and the guest room, the former sea micro Banks become an important station keqiang’s shenzhen tour. Sea before the bank as the first Internet financial bank, li’s affects the entire financial industry and Internet industry’s nerves. The prime minister here about what?

“and” according to a lot of reliable source will li main speech reduction as follows. Have to say, this is li keqiang, humour, all show humorous inspected at a time.

on January 4 in the afternoon, premier li keqiang, the rate of the ministry of finance, the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry, the China banking regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission and other ministries and the bosses visit shenzhen sea before the small Banks, expressed the hope that the Internet financial Banks in their own way by the reform of the traditional financial institutions, integrated with traditional financial institutions at the same time, cooperate with each other. Can say that one small step for a small Banks, financial reform an important step forward.

every source, jointly by tencent micro Banks thrive in the sea before, in July 2014, is the first to get one of the China banking regulatory commission approved the establishment of three private Banks. On December 12, the China banking regulatory commission announced, shenzhen sea micro Banks before the opening preparation ready, by the shenzhen branch approval for the opening. Micro Banks registered capital of 3 billion yuan, business scope, including absorption, mainly personal and public small micro enterprise deposits; Mainly for individuals and small micro enterprises issuing short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; To handle the settlement at home and abroad as well as notes, bonds, foreign exchange, bank CARDS, etc. Business model, micro Banks located in “a small loan”, service consumers and small micro enterprise customers.


li keqiang visited shenzhen sea before the time of the bank for January 4, 2 PM to 4 PM. He knocked at the computer here the enter key, the truck driver of prosthodontic is got a $35000 loan. This is slightly opened the bank as the first domestic Internet to complete the first private bank lending business. Neither the bank outlets, also do not have business counter, more secured without property, but rather through facial recognition technology and large data credit rating loans. Li before witnessed the sea after the first lending business of the bank, he went to the bank hall site to communicate with you.

li said, “before the sea micro the bank is the first Internet bank. And I just saw the first business. I mean, not to say that guarantee.” Prime minister, humorous, let the mood suddenly boiling up.

li (turn, “but, I still have a kind of look forward to developing a good – looking forward to you and to achieve your goals. Hope you in pratt &whitney financial aspects, not only to be able to fight our way, provide experience for other companies, is also looking forward to you in your way, by our traditional financial institutions reform; At the same time I hope you and the traditional financial institutions, cooperation with each other. It’s like you, want to trade cooperation as the backing, it depends on the big, this is really to pratt &whitney mass, you call the general public. I wish you success!” Of the property.


sea before the bank’s chairman Karl min ku to Mr Li on the micro explains the sea before the meaning of the logo, the bank said the penguin on behalf of the blood relationship of the bank and tencent, in addition, the penguins are the bulk of the snow and icebound, want to play to the advantages of trade cooperation.

jehan li said: “I just hope you bulk, but I don’t want you in the snow”, a burst of applause. He continued: “the government should create conditions to give you a convenient environment, warm spring! But the dare to the spirit of antifreeze to some, you are the first to eat crab.”

Karl min ku again to li introduced the position before the sea of the four sentences of the bank location — that is, “pratt &whitney financial technology partners in a data storage, small loans”, li said, “what do you want to insist that four sentences do it – no matter at any time.” All the people present applauded again, the atmosphere peaked.

on December 29, 2014, has just launched the bank website domain name for “”, page design is quite simple, “the bank” four characters shown below is “Internet bank” positioning, mobile phone after scanning the qr code, there will be slightly the company introduction and recruitment information of the bank.

The micro

it is understood that the bank’s official website has not yet officially launched specific business products and services. To this, the people responded that the business is currently preparing for process, formal open time will be announced in time in accordance with the relevant provisions. Industry general analysis, the bank’s largest shareholder, tencent to master a large number of customers, the bank will use this advantage, to the personal account sales and retail products. Micro the bank will make the concept of “platform”, will be a small loans for characteristics, focused and dedicated to individual consumers and small micro enterprise, provide deposits, financial management, investment products and services. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation with bank, do light assets business. On the network operation, the bank is not entirely without physical outlets, but the quantity is less, will pay more attention to the mobile Internet.


Evening news: the ant gold charged jun is, Intel Vuzix for $24.8 million

hunting cloud network on January 4th (text/who)

ant gold is suit to prosecute king

ant gold suit to Inner Mongolia jun on the said arbitration commission, pay the capital contribution under this agreement. In October 2013, celestica fund two shareholders at that time, the listed company Inner Mongolia jun is announced, the ant gold suit and celestica fund shareholders framework agreement, the ant gold suit to celestica fund 1.18 billion yuan, and Inner Mongolia jun is also will spend 69.43 million yuan capital and celestica fund.

Inner Mongolia jun is out of the total 4.5 billion acquisition of huatai insurance more than a 15% stake, but couldn’t get the $69.43 million endowment celestica fund, it obviously is not logical. Consider the fear, so, hunting cloud network did not think, more than that, time will slowly pull out.

wanda electricity business new capital injection, the valuation of 20 billion 4 times in 4 months

reports that two Internet outside investment funds will be invested 1 billion yuan, for a 5% stake in wanda electrical contractor. This means that within 4 months of wanda electronic business valuation has amounted to 20 billion yuan, has quadrupled. In 2014, on August 29, wanda, tencent and baidu announced the e-commerce companies incorporated in Hong Kong, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, including wanda has a 70% stake, tencent and baidu has a 15% stake.

Intel’s $24.8 million investment in smart glasses manufacturer Vuzix

Vuzix announced the intelligent equipment manufacturers, Intel has invested $24.8 million in the firm, to speed up the launch of intelligent glasses. Vuzix said in a statement, Intel acquired preferred shares in the company. The preferred stock can be converted into common Vuzix is 30%.

Italian fashion brand said Andrea cooperate with Intel to develop intelligent glasses, fashion and technology together, help the wearer to access information about health and location. Intel and also watch retailer Fossil Group and the brand Opening taking cooperation, development of wearable computing devices, for example with the function of communication, wireless charging fashion bracelets.

wearable devices is a trend, Intel, so hard Google made? Cloud network appreciate your hunting, way of doing things more pay attention to fashion, beauty fashion women, love will be your food?

SONY or will be released at the CES new Walkman music player

this year’s American international consumer electronics show (CES), a sign outside of the Las Vegas convention center, according to new products. SONY Walkman brand will be released. This new product is going to be a SONY classic design, including black shell with radian, golden headset connector, and unusual button layout: play/pause, and the keys are in the side of the switch songs.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, this might be the SONY ZX1 follow-up products, while the ZX1 cost up to $841 in the UK.

alcatel in CES will launch Pixi 3 series mobile phones and cheap One Touch watches

Pixi series smart phones can run Android, Firefox 3 and Windows Phone operating system, the user can free choice. This series of four kinds of screen size: 3.5 inches, 4 inches and 3.5 inches and 5 inches. 3.5 inch version supports 3 g networks, the size of the other version support 4 g LTE network.

“WATCH” will use the similar to Moto 360 circular dial is designed, and the bottom of the screen still leaves a piece of “defect”. The main function of alcatel said, “WATCH” for activity monitoring, notifications and music control, etc. In addition, the “WATCH” will have a variety of colors and styles for customers to choose. As can be seen from the figure, or there will be silica gel and metal strap version.

Micromax plans IPO raised $500 million

one of India’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer Micromax Informatics has started to choose investment Banks, helping the company completed in India’s domestic ipos, plans to raise $500 million at most. The news that the Micromax of Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs have been selected for responsible for the company’s IPO.

Twitter native video service details

according to the file online exposure, “Twitter” video player can host the longest 10 minutes of video, for there is no limit to the file size, will initially supports mp4 and mov file format. However, the player can’t edit the video. In addition, Twitter video player does not support YouTube or other video web site hosting, support only the content of their service.

in order to fight against YouTube, you are also pretty spell, your eldest brother to go, worry when hunting cloud network can have lost momentum?

departure tide in the New Year, the first wave of start-ups

sohu, senior vice President, fang in internal sent a thank-you note, officially ended in sohu’s 11-year career. For leaving reason, fang says: “March 14 years I suffered severe depression, always can’t work for the company, during is much better now, but it is also the said leave.” Had earlier reports that its because of the body to rest.

net qin in Twitter, in a news release announcing the company enterprise communication director Kim Titus decided to retire, and said, “I wish he plain sailing” in the field of entertainment. Kim Titus is net head qin, senior director, business communication, to join the network in samsung electronics is responsible for the pr department before the qin dynasty.

the original alibaba group vice President tao ran to quickly take a taxi, served as senior vice President, will be entirely responsible for marketing, public communication and business cooperation, etc, and directly report to the chairman and CEO Lv Chuanwei.

on the eve of jingdong’s listed suspicious of the joint chiefs of staff chairman guo-qing zhao jingdong, in the financial industry, the Internet wave of entrepreneurship. By chongqing department store, sunshine property, wumart holding, the bank of several joint investment of listed companies, such as guo-qing zhao as chief executive.

the mobile payment service providers of Square design executives brokaw, departure, according to the analysis may be related to product line change. This suggests that the rise of apple in the mobile payment market has been the impact on the industry produced a chain reaction.

New Year new atmosphere, cloud network hunting New Year wish you good luck to.


Financing hui 】 【 a week: startups drones, P2P Beepi used car

New Year the first weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, the day pigeon interaction for $13.97 million in hangzhou and grain

hangzhou grain science and technology ( is a focus on health management, mobile health information technology developers, software, remote monitoring, provide a wide range of health services, etc. The company has obtained 13.97 million yuan A day pigeon interaction round of investment, transfer of 26.28% shares, which become the second largest shareholder at hangzhou and grain.

2, hundred million as A GGV capital $10 million series A investment

Ehang million navigation ( is a technology research and development, product has Ghost intelligent air robot, etc. GGV investment. Recent hunting cloud network put, the depth interview Xiong Yi refer readers to the follow-up report.

3, mass new used car for $ten million series A investment

new used car ( is A quality O2O mode used cars retail terminal services platform, to provide second-hand car purchase, sales, after-sales maintenance and related financial and insurance products integrated services, the company in June for peace innovation investment fund series A investment of ten million yuan.

4, from the net the eagle fund led millions RMB Pre – A round

from the network ( is a WeChat and web based recruitment service accounts, make enterprise internal recommend ways for recruitment. Beijing hundred million macro modest technology co., LTD. Its products. At present, from the net the eagle fund led millions RMB Pre – A round of investment.

5, all car received A $20 million round of investment in China and weft source capital led

all cars ( is a main personal options used car trade service platform, through professional inspection to completely eliminate accident car/blisters, provide the comprehensive assessment for every car, support will buy after warranty service, etc. Beijing car everyone’s product information technology co., LTD. At present, all cars get partners China and source of capital for $20 million series A investment.

the foreign company

1, the video conference service platform MeetonVC finished 203000 pounds of the raise funds

MeetonVC ( was founded in 2012, is a British provide cloud video conference service startup, can let the people in different countries to enjoy high quality mobile conference service, the company has won 203000 pounds in CrowdCube to raise funds.

2, India gained $3 million investment in online education platform SuperProfs

SuperProfs ( was founded in 2001, is an Indian online education platform, which can realize the seamless docking between students and professors, curriculum is the main features of all content in the form of the high-definition video taped. The company has received $300000 venture Capital, by IDG Ventures India and Kalaari Capital joint investment.

3, used car P2P trading platform Beepi received $12.7 million B round

Beepi ( was founded in 2013, is a P2P model of second-hand car trading service platform, Beepi promised the owner can provide used car sold within 30 days, and get at least $1000 in revenue, or Beepi will buy this car. The company has received $12.7 million B round of investment, by yuri milner, Scott baumer and AngelList joint investment.

4, daily necessities Instacart grocery delivery service for $210 million C wheel investment

Instacart ( was founded in 2012, is one of the main “one hour delivery” mobile shopping platforms, hatch is also 2012 summer YC team. At present the main daily groceries such as cooked foods, such as alcohol and tobacco, fusi, selected items from the local grocery store, and then release to mobile phones, users can buy goods directly from the APP.

5, personalized recommend dining service MangoPlate won A round of investment

MangoPlate ( was established in April 2013, South Korea’s a start-up company providing personalized recommend food and beverage service, users can according to the editor and a prominent blogger recommend looking for personal favorite dishes and restaurants. The company completed A round of funding, in October by SparkLabs Global Ventures and Softbank Ventures Chesapeake joint investment.

hunting cloud network entrepreneurship is a focus on innovation, new products new mode of science and technology, media reports for entrepreneurial teams free products, hope we can help the power of startups get higher rates of awareness, commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit. Let startup the more violent.


Tencent has invested in which companies in 2014

cloud network hunting note: recently, stripped of his top position by alibaba, tencent has become China’s second-largest Internet companies. But at the same time, tencent is one of China’s most dynamic risk investment institutions. When ali baba, however, in cases with a lot of investment success grab the headlines, it is due to improper early investment fell and shrines. Of course, this is not to say that tencent has not obtained a good market share. This year alone, tencent company attended the nearly more than 30 rounds of financing, of which about half of the seed wheel, series A, or B wheel. This means that tencent three times the average monthly investment. Roughly calculated that a total of 39, investment amount between $70 and $9 billion.
According to ITJuzi database and our own archives, according to the time sequence, the following is tencent’s investment projects this year, translated by building wai:

rich figure securities

is a rich figure securities for stock market investors display real-time trading platform, is also a financial news website and BBS financial experts. In January, rich figure securities accepted tencent thousands yuan investment level.

south China city

the hong kong-listed Chinese companies operating develop a large logistics and trade center. Tencent invested heavily in the south China city: twice this year January to invest 800 million Hong Kong dollars ($103 million), September 11.5 billion Hong Kong dollars ($193 million), tencent acquired 13% stake in south China city.

drops a taxi

in January, tencent in drops a taxi C round of financing is one of the tencent two consecutive high finance case this year. This taxi software after won a transfusion tencent, alibaba investment with rivals express a taxi launched in the market competition, and won the China’s vast market. Drops without stop, received the tencent in December after another $700 million in financing, makes drops a taxi after a taxi Uber’s second largest software in the world.

all loans

in January, zhi letter to the social capital and tencent lending site for $130 million in A round of funding. To the best of our knowledge, this is the biggest amount of A round of funding this year. Everyone from competitors do their best, trying to break into China has rich profits, and the rapid growth of P2P lending market, to capture a slice, but everyone is borrowed at present is still one of the biggest market share.

ke ling navigation farce

the majority stakes in alibaba is willing to buy gold at the same time, tencent acquired ke ling navigation theory. In January but the buyout by tencent online maps and navigation company how many money, took tencent is unclear.

star and interconnected

in the portfolio of tencent, QQ and micro letter may be more prominent social product, but tencent is also a the biggest game company in China. In January, tencent to star Internet investment of tens of millions of yuan, in July, star and connected to 1.44 billion yuan ($232 million) bought a bunch of toys. So, tencent in the mobile gaming products have three titles.

flash master

although flash master for smartphone users provides tools, but it is the main product is Android permission to obtain and install the application of different version of the operating system. In February, tencent to flash master B wheel first tens of millions of RMB funding.

With cheng travel network


with routine travel network, also known as 17 u, is one of the biggest travel booking website in China. In 2012 led the B wheel, in February this year, tencent has also conducted 5 million yuan ($US80700000) C round of investment. Ctrip also after two months, with $200 million for cheng D round travel network.


another high-profile investments is tencent to billions of dollars investing public review, and won the public comments on a 20% stake. While E round made public comments on the net into the micro system.


this is likely to be tencent’s most famous investment this year, jingdong is second only to China’s largest direct selling market of e-commerce giant ali. Just two months ago, JD implementation so far, China’s largest e-commerce IPO were overtaken by alibaba (later), tencent invested $214 million for a 15% stake in jingdong. Like public comments on the net, JD has been integrated into the micro letter.

business treasure

tencent did not because with the marriage of jingdong stop chasing the dream steps of e-commerce. In march, its $one hundred million investment in the grass-roots people provide affordable products and convenient and efficient service for mobile e-commerce site.

CJ Games

this year big a transnational investment project is a $500 million investment amount for south Korean mobile game developers CJ 28% stake. Some Korean favorite messaging applications, such as KakaoTalk, tencent also have shares.

le ju

r, e-house China subsidiary, in March, from tencent’s $180 million investment, tencent has won 15% of the shares.

four dimensional figure new

the digital map service company established as early as 1997. Tencent acquired one of the largest map company in China in May – new four dimensional figure, with $187 million in exchange for a 11.3% stake.

optimus prime

in May, tencent to RMB 150 million ($24200000) for B round optimus prime. The studio, play PC game, and do hand tour.


tencent contributed to the anonymous social applications of $36 million in a new round of financing. But this does not mean that whisper will land on China. In addition, tencent, in 2013, has invested in Snapchat, but also has no plans to introduce it to the Chinese audience.

58 city


58. com is one of China’s biggest online classifieds site, only the market network can compete with them. 58 city listed on the last October, and then in June, for $736 million to tencent sold a 19.9% stake. In September, tencent has bought 58 $100 million worth of shares, makes the stock accounts for 24% of tencent

have product

tencent and jingdong Picooc (have) made B $21 million worth of investment. Picooc (have) the most famous intelligent hardware devices may be the intelligent human scale. In addition, it also plans to soon will launch more small tools, including fitness wristbands and blood pressure.

e washing bag

e bag wash is China O2O laundry chain laundry for prosperity run the application. The company in July for the seeds of tencent’s $3.2 million round of investment, in November and obtained the tencent’s $20 million investment.

three Interface

this cloud based artificial intelligence and machine learning tool for the seeds of tencent company $5 million round of investment.


across an is a qualification exam sites for college courses. In August, tencent launched B round to its investment of 30 million yuan ($4.8 million).



with a $814 million joint venture capital injection of tencent and baidu dalian wanda group. The aim is to accelerate achieving three companies in the field of mobile payment. Wanda owns a 70% stake, while baidu and tencent segmentation remaining.

e home clean

tencent, the second time in the field of O2O investment is to invest main domestic service e home clean. In September, tencent wheel on the A $4 million investment.


the headquarters is located in the virtual reality of companies in the United States won the tencent seed round of investment of $5.2 million.

clove garden

clove garden is the largest health care network community. Tencent to clove garden invested $70 million in September.

I boring

I’m boring is a specifically targeted at Chinese tourists to travel online travel agencies in the United States. In September, I won the tencent, led by the us $20 million B round of investment, morningside and capital.


24 tencent and other investors to a 107.1 billion yuan ($17.44 billion) to buy into China’s largest state-owned oil companies. Each company can have as many as 2.8% of the company, but did not reveal details of the amount of tencent.

red dot live

red dot is a live allows anyone to create their own program to others listen to Internet radio website. Red dot live in September won tencent series A investment of $3 million.

registered network

tencent, in October to about $100 million this medical websites C round of investment.

China lotsynergy

lottery, as one of the few in China has one of the formal legal gambling game, is very popular. China lotsynergy is manufacture and sale of lottery tickets of equipment and system of company. Tencent, in October, for an undisclosed amount to buy enough China lotsynergy (CLS) 7.53% stake.

pocket shopping

tencent and tiger fund with $350 million for the mobile e-commerce market application of series C financing.


A photo sharing application Snapchat style look in October, won A $20 million tencent led A round of funding, followed by sequoia, H capital, ZhenFund and innovation works.

huayi brothers

a ali joint investment company and rarely seen tencent, and huayi brothers is one of them. The television and movie production studio based in Beijing, received the “three-horse” investment of 3.6 billion yuan ($581 million).

everyone express

the express delivery company obtained from tencent and banyan tree fund $15 million in A round.

same Creative Lab

tencent game studios like to invest in South Korea, as if to break its domestic market. Tencent and two other consortium jointly invested in the game studios, including tencent to pay $110 million.


the Dots in the United States from tencent and Greycroft Partners invested $10 million, resolutely out of its parent company Betaworks.

tencent company in December with the Japanese game studios Aiming signed an agreement, but tencent invested an undisclosed sum.

outside the mai di

outside the mai di is responsible for many important stores across China, including starbucks, burger king, and a few public WiFi at the airport. In December, mai di from tencent and public comments on the net won the 30 billion yuan ($49 million) in the series C financing.


a us-based Kamcord can make a SDK mobile game developers to join in their game video recording function. Tencent company took part in the company B round of investment, investment amount of $15 million.

we will update the list by the end of the year, join now.


Evening: apple patent application for stylus, Inovalon submission IPO

on December 31, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple patent application for handwritten pen, not on the iPhone to write on

the U.S. patent and trademark office released a new apple’s patent, electronic stylus. Apple offers a name for the patent stylus “communication”, through gyroscope, wireless communication device and a built-in storage chip to transmit written content to the iPhone, such as the electronic equipment on the screen. And its both in the horizontal, vertical, or volley, can complete by hand.

apple before about the stylus has applied for patents, this time should be no more than. Hunting cloud network believe that in the near future you will be able to buy the product, after all, money, apple won’t don’t worry.

fast sowing prosecution inspect bureau of shenzhen end of the trial, sentencing nativity

fast broadcast company of shenzhen market supervision bureau issued a 260 million yuan ticket to shenzhen intermediate people’s court. Today announced at the end of the trial, the shenzhen intermediate people’s court after the court collegial panel will review in accordance with the time without prior notice. On June 26, 2014, the shenzhen inspect bureau to fast company repeatedly infringement, to 260 million yuan.

we said goodbye to the striker, and this year, didn’t also the fast sowing, felling happy. But the most unhappy for quick seeding, 260 million yuan ticket, ha ha, hunting cloud network smiling without a word.

medical data analysis company Inovalon submission IPO

medical analysis and data technology service provider Inovalon documents submitted to the securities and exchange commission, said the company would be $500 million IPO. Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and citigroup will serve as chief Inovalon IPO underwriters. However, the company did not disclose the specific number of shares and stock sales.

it is understood that at present the tentative financing amount is to calculate the related cost, eventually IPO may adjust.

“one stop” intelligent parking application for tens of millions of yuan angel investment

smart parking application “one stop” tens of millions of angel investment, investors were not disclosed. “One stop” parking service is to provide mobile phone software, which can realize the surrounding parking lot parking query, mobile phone pay parking fees, parking lot to find a parking spot, etc. In April this year, “one stop” and pay treasure to cooperation, the user can stop payment through the pay treasure to purse. In July, “one stop” cooperating with baidu map, a new version of baidu map to increase the function of “real-time” parking lot, users can quickly find side parking free parking space, check the parking fee, also can use baidu map accurate navigation and a car park entrance.

liu: jingdong will be launched in 2015 equity the raised platform

jingdong group’s founder and CEO, according to liu jingdong in 2015 at the beginning of the end of the first quarter, second quarter launch equity the raised platform. , he says, because the stakes in the raise involving regulation, jingdong is close communication with relevant government regulators, hope to be able to launch the equity of some innovation the raise pattern.

we know, there are five jingdong grand strategy, namely, technical, financial, O2O, channel sinks and internationalization. Let’s see what can play out in 2015.

samsung rob A9 order processor, push MilkVR applications, released two new product

although it is uncertain whether the apple iPhone in 2015, new is iPhone7, but the arrival of the A9 processor should be iron nail nails. At present, several, including samsung, TSMC, chip makers are struggling to compete for this order.

samsung to Gear VR virtual reality wearing equipment adding new features, launched a new application, called Milk VR can bring 360 degrees have immersive video. Samsung is still attract developers to develop applications for the device. Gear VR from samsung and Oculus cooperation, and need to rely on the Galaxy Note 4 provide complete experience.

new super this is the latest product ATIV ATIV series notebook Book 9 Ultrabook, thickness of 0.45 inches (11.7 mm), weight of 2.09 pounds (0.95 Kg). Is expected in the first quarter of 2015, version 4 gb of memory (128 gb built-in SSD) for $1200, a version 8 gb of memory (256 gb SSD) $1400.

ATIV first nest One 7 is samsung screen desktop all-in-one. New ATIVOne 7 equipped with metal frame and curved back shell, USES a Windows 8.1 operating system, the standard Intel core i5 processors and 8 gb of memory, at the same time the SideSync 3.0 software pre-installed. Will be listed in the first quarter of 2015, priced at about $1300.

the hon hai is developing flexible OLED panel

South Korea’s LG Display announced at the CES exhibition a 7.5 mm thick thin liquid crystal TV, again to challenge for OLED. China hon hai will move into the flexible OLED panel market, and has set research and development can be bent into right Angle bend (90 degrees) of the OLED panel products. In 2016, and plans to delivery of samples and small quantity production.

LG Seoul police executives were a cup of tea, do you make? Don’t be too unbridled, of little use, competition but also need not to destroy the somebody else ah, you can buy come over later break. Still strive to innovation and enterprising, this is not, can be bent on the Chinese side panel also in progress.

the launch of budget version 3 d scanner $600

the us technology company Matter and the Form and development of 3 d scanner is likely to be the cheapest on the market of 3 d laser scanner, the scanner only price only $600 (RMB 3721). This product by “read” laser scanning object, then form a 3 d cloud, the user can use the cloud print into 3 d objects, can also be modified on the computer.

well, budget version, you can consider of it. Ha ha, hunting cloud network want to print a cloud, hey hey.

jinshan and male Wallace, China security enterprises group signed a cooperation

male kingsoft cloud group officially announced and family security products manufacturing enterprises strategic cooperation agreement, in the future, all family security product deployment in the kingsoft cloud group, and will save time Justin yu store video files. Users will be able to real-time monitoring by mobile end home or remote interaction with his family.

kingsoft released a statement, announced more group games common management framework agreement with China. Golden hill software provides the game content, related updates and technical support; China more group to provide business services, including but not limited to, web sites, software products, PC and mobile platforms, etc, and with an exclusive license or jointly run the form of games, game, promotion and management.

will be across the years, friends have excited? Cloud network hunting I wish you all a happy New Year! Next year will show more enthusiasm into entrepreneurship, come on!