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Since the media into misery, why don’t you leave “personal online education classroom”?

in recent time, some new services that allow you to build your education courses and promotion on the Internet very easily, as simple as published in WordPress blog and ten years ago.

one of the founders of online training institutions Fizzle Corbett Barr think online courses and other network services is no much difference, just like your own website or YouTube. For blogger blog, they all want to transform the content of the blog into revenues into a bag, “training is the most reasonable extension of the future blogs and podcasts, because in today’s blog or podcast, as a blogger, you may have to teach some netizens.”

Barr first to build a large audience in his blog Think Traffic, on his blog is the theme of the independent online business. But the blog income not through advertising to get profits, he decided to provide users with products and services to make money. In 2010, he has made his “first course”, this project is based on the concept of affiliate marketing, though he waited for 15 months to release it.

“I persuade myself not to spend too much time to do it, because I think people would not be interested.” In fact Barr was wrong. “The first dish” 72 hours of course where he earned $11000.”

he is many, many by his own blog set up their own fan base is one of the entrepreneurs. Them by adding the e-books in the blog and speaking tour for personal income, blog now joined the online course as a new columns, his audience to new column response is good. Here, let me take you to see how they’re doing:

real title is far better than the imaginary title

there is a digital strategist called Alexis Grant, her blog section includes blog, e-books, and professional advice, now also offers course service by mail. But she didn’t sell a lot of the first course, because she took a wrong title “create your own luck”, she also did not describe what she is really something. But now after improvement, the course after repackaging, took a new name “how to become a social media writers”.

she said: “to have specific aim more than generalized content more attractive.”

targeted than popular course attractive

“the most important thing is to choose a theme” director Frank Visciano Udemy content, a market to connect buyers and sellers of online courses, so it should be very specific and the theme of the special, to be able to stand out in the market.

at the same time, he also explained: “you should make sure that you discuss the theme of the Angle is unique, so that it can make some audience excitement.”

all theme in accordance with the scheduled run

Martin Amor is Cosmic Kids Yoga, head of the course is to teach the children how to practice Yoga on YouTube. He and his partners are develop a curriculum for Udemy, if the theme of the course is to teach the children to practice yoga. His advice: “should take a long time to find out what your theme, the theme is used to reveal the correct sequence of information.”

forget things online, calm down and want to know what you really want to share.

early to test your course, collect feedback

Vanessa Van Edwards is a body language expert, has made more than $1 million in sales, but she started to aim at the iPhone in the market of the sitting room, use a cookbook as scaffolds.

when after the success of the test, she felt able to devote more time and energy into the subsequent courses, she advised: “before you do be sure to test your courses.”

Corbett Barr suggest that there is a way to reduce risk is “in the process of pre-sale will find out whether this course is worth to do it.” For example, you can provide a more appropriate discount price, or the market in their unfinished stage of curriculum development, according to people’s feedback to improve courses, finally complete the research and development.

operate well content, do not themselves

many entrepreneurs or expert may hesitate whether to launch network course, SchoolKeep founder Steve took said, a good platform to let you build on your website and marketing courses.

he said: “it’s definitely not suitable for everyone”, many of his clients have hesitated, if they never had lessons, don’t know what to do how to design a curriculum. He explained: “I think it’s need to guide the designer packaging is very beautiful, the course teaching assistant can also participate in the management of course.”

transform fans for students, the students into fans

to have a very good idea to do a course, a writer and designer Sarah Kathleen Peck said that she had promotion course by email, through your contacts to get advice, and asked if they would anyone interested in this course.

she said: if they say no problem, then put the program on schedule. Start to teach one or two hour or two hour workshop, this is your test. If there were 30 people to attend, to send a mail to them said, “very well, I’m on a three weeks of classes, are you interested in?” If the answer is no, so this is a yellow warning.

remember, don’t think you upload after the completion of this course will automatically run to the end of the course.

Amor said: “in a sense you upload is a start, but is not the end, this is the beginning of a promise.”

want to get more, not daring to try

to fix it, without faults, just do it. The worst thing will happen, that’s what you did many things, but no one to sign up, this does not mean that this is a bad thing. A blessing in disguise, you create something for this world, I think this is a very big success, he said.