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“MX4C” release, MX4 crying

(text/water Yan)

the meizu has just released the plastic version of the MX4 – spirit’s blue NOTE, styling details and MX4 consistent, adopted and iPhone5C same material process of magnesium alloy frame and plastic shell. , but there is a little mistake, incarnate the blue NOTE support double 4 g five modules.

so, incarnate the blue NOTE have almost the same configuration and MX4, even more than MX4 certain parameters.

then price: MX4-1799, the spirit’s blue NOTEZ – 999.

, which one do you prefer?

on integral components selection, although the charm blue NOTE just below the MX4 generation, conference spirit’s blue Bai Yongxiang introduced adopted like MX4 memory (ROM) chip, using the key components to ensure system running speed. Other didn’t say, you know. Field trial, no difference, does not affect the operation experience, even using Flyme4.2 C on customization system.

handle on appearance, each with its own characteristics. But the charm the GFF full of blue NOTE (?) Joint effect than MX4 TOL technology, laminating layer more, low light transmittance, colour is dark.

tilt observation screen, there is a obvious grey border, affect beautiful. This is because the screen borders without staining filling processing, as well as the GFF laminating layer too thick. The concrete can be compared with m 4 black side process.

but the dispensing process of MX4 leaves will stay clear lap dirty side (white).

the screen clear and MX4 gap is bigger, color is yellow, the author thought the camera didn’t fix it, how all yellow picture?

is more influenced by blue no fingerprint proof coating, easily infected with fingerprint. But influenced by apparently more bright blue SAO fashion, plus the price can attract more people.

this is all the difference, and after further process optimization, process flaws are likely to be rapid optimization, especially many consumers more nerve root can’t see the difference. Want to know that there are a large number of users actually don’t even know the splash screen is a quality problem, a thought to brush a machine level just a matter of…

the problem is coming, are you buy the charm blue NOTE or MX4? Parameters, even larger screen.

the meizu have slashed the MX4 line change the spirit’s blue NOTE. And boring for the user, don’t have to worry about can’t buy MX4, but you still want to buy? Within a month ago in fact MX4 offline to store to buy directly. Perhaps the meizu offline channels can attract more small white local tyrants users, a MX4 without hesitation.

can grab? Can get M code? MX4 crying. Meizu is this education market change the position?


IDG capital internal dry: O2O annual summary of C2C

cloud network hunting note: C2C O2O is undoubtedly the two years of the most popular industry vocabulary, we frequently see related startups get high financing, as investment institutions, IDG is also active participant. Recently, the porch ID partners in an internal sharing meeting to share the IDG thinking and opinions about this field, cloud network share out hunting, provide the reference for the readers, and entrepreneurs.

The following for sharing content arrangement:

C2C O2O why “now”, why would happen will happen on the mobile terminal, it will eventually go? This is very important for macroscopic problem.

why C2C services will rise in mobile client?

The first:

about macro background. All the business model in the world are essentially buying or possession of the time, this is never change. Every time a lot of investment or business model opportunities, are basically “people way of time using significant migration and change”. The simplest example of this is the time to watch TV on reading the newspaper, the time to use the computer watching TV, the time to use a mobile phone with a computer.

The second:

about opportunities. Basically large macroscopic changes are in order to solve a wave to solve the problem of bad. Such as the best PC to solve the problem, if baidu as the ultimate form of the industry, to solve the production of circulation, sales and advertising of the manufacturing problem (this is a relatively general summary), mainly in the electronic commerce. Time distribution shift to the mobile terminal, a macro premise is resolved to solve bad and a lot of industry, is the service industry, the third industry, including cultural industry.

– in fact, most of it industry to provide services are based on the nature of individual services for individuals, it is the nature of the industry. But this involves two questions like this:

the first problem is that the supply and demand both sides is not standardized, and with the tangible physical product is not the same.
Second question, the vast majority of C2C services essence are selling some skills or professional knowledge, or provide the solution. Such as the generation of driving is to provide the driving skills and expertise to find their way, generalization to all with the service industry, of course, this also led to a more personal or not the underlying problem.

the vast majority of C2C services, meanwhile, have the characteristics of the two very important.

the first characteristic, otherwise it is associated with the background of “you come to me to”; Second, there are a lot of drive is communication, such as consulting, accounting, law, education, is selling a communication process, through the communication process sales of my professional skills and the service itself.

these two characteristics given the C2C services to appear in the mobile terminal. The hardware characteristics of the inherent in our mobile devices, with location service and communication skills, the two functions are on the PC is not. Under this major premise, China should solve the problem of the service sector will occur on a mobile terminal, at the same time should start from C2C.

move the C2C why O2O service from the first start?

why don’t we go to the cast of B2C O2O service?

because of all the building trading closed loop of this process, the most difficult thing is we the information of both supply and demand for IT, or make IT to give IT the information expressed by the IT information, digital information.

in restaurants, for example. If the trading and service completely encapsulated in experience, the following information must be real-time access: this restaurant how many seats, now many people dining, there will be many dining, the average table a few people to eat to what extent, how long each ate, per capita consumption how long, how many dishes, each dish how much… So that consumers can decision. But the restaurant IT is very challenge problem, and that means the first you have to find the owner, the second do you want to sell IT a smart POS machine, the trading information together, the third after a few would you want and the person of hutch cook existing conditions into the IT information. Its average IT turn determines the are less likely to make a into a deal closed loop.

before ten years time, because the systemic requirement of our country, each and every one of us airlines, has made its ticketing system access to the aerospace and seat, the airline ticket information, price information into a complete IT, this case made O2O ticket industry is possible. Before 89, the ministry of culture requirements, we have emerged in the cinema system of ERP system, making the booking a seat in the cinema this was IT in advance. IT permeates the whole industry, you on the front end to realize that I can’t buy the tickets.

B2C difficulty is determined by the overall level of IT, and in the middle of the attrition rate is too much. Why do we need to throw C2C? The reason is very simple, as an example, see drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi to go, for personal use mobile devices used by the software, if its leverage ratio is big enough, the supply of information may be easy to IT, and on the personal mobile end demand side, too, in this case, to encapsulate, to complete a closed loop.

my conclusion is that, in under the condition of economic interests, C B move more easily than many. Is just like ten years ago, why start the largest and fastest in the middle of the electronic commerce is one of the earliest taobao instead of jingdong? Reason is the same, for C, because you are doing the electronic commerce of the closed loop, IT also needs to encapsulate themselves, is the SKU I backend inventory, sales, descriptions of what SKU, decide how much the price, now what kind of activity, can accept what kind of orders, etc., for IT. The individual businesses, for C, there are subjective initiative into IT.

China has many problems, service development,

first, China’s service into unreasonable

this is an important drive in China. In China most of the service industry development time is too short, the service provider, to his money into too little.

how much less? I give you a few examples of the most easy to imagine, real estate agents, real estate agents to the bottom, probably between 15-30%, if you are a one-on-one tutoring, find an institution, assigned to the teacher in about 20-25%, I translate this sentence, you spent 100 yuan tuition, but you just bought $20 teachers – this is the problem between supply and demand.

in the foreign service industry development time is longer, at least in many developed countries in providing personal service single tip of the guild regulations, means to give the recognition of individual service value is relatively high, so the mean is divided into proportion is better.

the second, the Chinese service mode is difficult to do light

why in China and the United States made an example of easy to and Uber, why they are two different?

before easy to in China, those who use them as any one, in addition to the taxi service, how many people hire a taxi outside the car? I think the percentage is very low. But for us, it besides taxi, in a big city is supplied with various levels of point to point transport service, and can be a single and temporary, single or call it a price range and the limit is also very different, so it’s travel is a relatively full development, and has the value of the service industry.

in China you find it difficult to do light almost all such patterning, what light? China only light, there is only one example do is drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi, because the cab driver in this matter, in the first three lines city residents life, your every expectation is very standardized, about what do you think of this car should look like, this car looks like, what head driver, the driver told you what kind of words, the driver is what level, in Beijing, Shanghai and so on are different, what is with the driver felt that the passengers, the average amount to how much of a day, all the things are almost standardized. In this case do a connection tool to improve efficiency, to solve the standardized service this matter, apparently also can improve the efficiency.

in China and the United States, in this type of business model in reshaping the business model of service industry in the United States, there are two kinds, almost there is only one China. China will face the problem is that the infrastructure and service providers are not standardized, enough buyers and sellers expectations are not consistent enough. We Chinese almost all the O2O packaging services, reshape the user-friendly way over the whole process of service, and is not big relations with the line of the original service process. So the light and two modes can be heavy, only heavy in China.

offline services is lagging behind in the third, the Chinese in consumer expectations of

we all in the past few years, e-commerce, Internet finance, Internet education, O2O, C2C sharing economy, these is driving force for the development of the contradiction between supply and demand in China. This contradiction come from our past more than ten years in China, due to our rapid economic growth, lead to our personal or household disposable income has gone up a lot, but the line corresponding to improve the speed of the delivered by the object of consumption is far behind our consumption ability or desired level.

can cite many examples. First, the 78 years ago, because taobao mainstream consumer groups, is about 85 plus or minus a two-year-old girl, was 21-23 years old, the little girl at that stage will be stepping into the society, these people just entering society, they are the biggest demand is what? I put it on the electrical goods class called “primary personal consumer goods”, does not want to buy some cheap, the variety of beautiful, quality force OK clothes line, this is her consumption ability and consumption desire. But in line, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai like zoos and wudaokou wholesale market, it is often difficult to solve.

for another example, the Internet finance is triggered by balance treasure? Actually, in fact, per capita disposable assets investment scale reaches a certain level, you have the demand of the resource allocation. But unfortunately, in China only and checking the two can choose on a regular basis. Also, people have the capacity for consumption or investment, but the corresponding line solution does not give you meet your abilities of consumption and investment solutions.

as a result, the past all the business opportunities in China in the event of two problems: the first question, it do much heavier than that of the United States, the chain, the second thing, once order, development space is larger than the United States.

the reason is very simple, because offline rivals is a relatively insufficient competition, the competition weak enough, that’s why it will be a larger company.

recently for a period of time in the circle of friends is popular a word: do company is billions of dollars of ecosystem, is billions of do platform, make product is billions of dollars. Mean is very cattle taobao company, because it made the ecosystem. But I think, taobao became ecotype company is its strategic advantages and great, basically it embarked on the road is forced, only jingdong chose it yourself, it chose the configuration you to do, but in this position do electricity is needed.

the American village, no matter how famous department store in suburban will open a shop, selling goods, price, brand is the same. But China is not the case, taobao made into ecological company, e – Bay only made into trading platform. It should be said that taobao is forced, said it was forced to reason, China in the same period of the consciousness of the retail industry and infrastructure support is not enough, so I want to build a more friendly to the user, to a higher standard of retail solutions. I almost every link of things, I need to come again, do I need to cultivate and foster or themselves, taobao is propped up, so that the ecological, I think the difference is not big.

jingdong do the self-built logistics, amazon, why don’t you do that? The reason is very simple, because the United States in logistics and production management is mature enough and advanced, so it is in the above plus a trading platform, better match the supply and demand. Jingdong is very painful, it started, it support layer in the logistics industry is not good enough, so it through self-built logistics to encapsulate the user experience.

so I reshape O2O and C2C in China, I am very firmly believe that with packaging services, to integrate yourself.

10 years of friendship, tell me about the feelings of Mr. Luo

Mr Luo is my friend for more than ten years, though I finally did not throw his hammer, I always feel he done it, I later realized that there are some things different. I met Mr. Luo for so many years, Mr. Luo in most cases, more controversial is the universal values, but he basically all argument is based on the premise of, no matter what he said is dirty.

in China, our culture and the people to be more some compromise. If you stick some universal values on their own, I admire idealism, I am willing to different, it is very difficult, said the words, almost no retreat in China. Is old, I think this is a very brave, I would love to become more pure. Absolutely impossible to have such an opportunity in the past, but just happened to travel to China today, after we had food and clothing to this problem, many young people in our society and is willing to at the time of consumer products and services, in which to respect these people or emotional or mental factors, or cultural factors, factors or ideals and feelings, in this, people like Mr. Luo again controversy, at least so that people have an opportunity to do business, and more or less to get a degree of commercial acceptance and recognition of consumers.

to our entrepreneurs, should begin from this time, can do some corrections to the values of the things, can do some more mental orientation or value orientation, while doing these things at the same time, you begin to recognized and accepted by the society, both from investors and consumers.


Le flow: music player to Jane


the reason why the social progress, is due to inertia, because too hot, people invented the air conditioners, and fast because of greed, invented the automobile, who don’t want to use one word will get what they want? I think this is not the brain degeneration of the population, and it is the remaining time to absorb new knowledge, continued to explore. I expressed the concept of minimalism, a model of it is the APPLE, all references to leonardo Da Vinci’s motto is APPLE’s design philosophy (rules) : to numerous to Jane. Le flow CEO lv better very agree with this attitude, so, as a music APP, how it is achieved to Jane?

open music streaming APP, found that the interaction is very bold, it almost overturned previous user interaction habits: not a single button! Users only need to hold the screen at any position, express themselves want to listen to the song, or the mood of now, doing, le flow will information to you within 50 milliseconds. Support the song name, artist name, album name, style, any instruction search verse, etc. Decline in album covers to switch to the next, left sliding cover is suspended, slide can share the social network. Shake to switch to English input, search or type.

no song, no list, without pay, man’s field of vision can be infinite, and finally to flow to your notes, this is the charm of music originally, it should not be given any blundering values and business plan, which, like other works of art, is free and pure, connotation, lu better said: “you can see, at present due to too much entertainment content choice, every one according to personal taste the initiative to go to the new song has less and less, on the other hand, the marketing is in a variety of powerful way to brainwash people, the result is each person a year listening to new songs is primarily a small apple, my skateboard shoes, such as the divine comedy, these songs are not the result of personal interests and values, most of them are the results of the marketing hype.”

can be seen from the background of the flow data: 45% of keywords that song is “random”. In fact, when users say, to express is: “although I don’t know what I want to listen to, but you have to choose from that I want to hear.” But as for the current hardware sensor also can’t do that, but flow team has a lofty ideal, lu better tell cloud network, hunting, we assume that the very far future, sensor has very cow force, you can feel all the parameters of the subtle changes, so, in theory, the extreme music scene can be through a large amount of data and complex algorithm. At that time the “flow” will be only one button:/stop.

music flow line 30 hours in App Store music class ranking rushed into the top 50 free, online 60 hours into the top 20. 48 hours to complete the angel round of millions of dollars. Founder lu better started programming at the age of 6, for professional piano education at the same time, in May this year, set up the raven technology, companies, and the other product lines: Project Flow, is committed to interact in a whole new way to human-computer interaction and interaction more fluent.

it is hard to see which enthusiasts can take hours to go to record, music is no longer the immersive experience, it is very sad. Let music die, blessings flow.


music flowCompany: raven technology co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


Leo ‘s Pad push open platform, do parents pocket of preschool teachers’

parents favorite word is “don’t let children lose on the starting line.” This concept reflects the parents eager and attention to the child’s education. For these anxious parents Kidaptive is the Gospel. Parents worry to education of children, can be used to help you according to their aptitude.

in 2012, P.J. Gunsagar and Dylan Arena together build Kidaptive company and has released the first paragraph of the app – Leo ‘s Pad. The leading role of this app is Leo, a live in the tree house young inventor in the lab, which contains according to the animated adaptation of many mini games. It downloaded more than 800000, application of keep in five star rating. Is a popular with children and their parents.

of course, behind the successful application has a powerful technical support: using the latest research achievements in the development of psychology a tool, it is to use this app child’s cognitive stages were analyzed, and then adjust the difficulty of the application. At the same time it also toys, when in use, can collect a lot of feedback data.

now Gunsagar and Arena are going to use these data to develop a useful new applications for parents – Learner of Mosaic. It inherited the data of the Leo ‘s Pad, and through the way of easy game (or table) to education of children, is it important to know the various stages of education of the children how to be. These activities are often easily, parents don’t have to worry about have no time to play with the children. Gunsagar’s goal is to turn it into a pocket of parents of preschool teachers.

a new children’s application

Gunsagar met Arena in 2011, when they are engaged in work related to the children. Gunsagar owns a company, like Planes and Tinkerbell children’s film production. The Arena at Stanford university read Dr. (game) and its effect on learning. After they met Gunsagar began to take the time to understand the knowledge of the Arena and the development of the in the mind to learn, and soon recognize that haven’t company to use these knowledge.

Leo and friends. Kidaptive

before Gunsagar only teach their children to ABC and 123, but understanding the Stanford towards skills (such as self-control and cognitive flexibility) after the method of education, he began to pay attention to the comprehensive education of the children.

Leo ‘s Pad is focus on a variety of skills education, to teach children painting or arithmetic; Can also design for training skills through games to improve children’s skills such as classification, the symbolic representation and rotation. The core of these games is “adaptive learning (learners found in the study summary, your final independent the study way) to solve the problem”, it can be adjusted according to children’s performance in the learning process the focus of the game. If your child is very good at arithmetic, the game will introduce some more advanced math concepts, such as group and base. The “adaptive learning” concept make applications according to their aptitude, for teaching.

P.J. Gunsagar and Dylan Arena Kidaptive

parents light assistant

this app is designed to let the children in the activities to consolidate what they have learned knowledge. The design consultant Frog participation and investment – FrogVentures Kidaptive training plan. In talking to parents, the Frog’s entrepreneurial design leader Ethan Imboden noticed a subtle balance of demand: parents generally means absolutely willing to accompany children, unfortunately most of them don’t have time.

new applications by Leo ‘s first Pad data in the understanding of children’s cognitive process, and gives the corresponding activities (including games, activities, or simple topic discussion), many of which are designed by experts or master’s level of preschool teachers. That is to say if your daughter Jessica finished Leo ‘s game Pad for the homemade design, then the Learner Mosaic will recommend her for a kind of call “adventure” can detect many kinds of ability. Can spread a blanket on the floor and then you tell Jessica said it is a river, and then let her to jump into a river, let her out, repeat, and then suddenly you changed your instruction to see if she could keep up. Scholars explained that this game is to delay the children meet.

A Learner Mosaic card. Kidaptive

activity purpose is to consolidate the children learn skills in the application of the game. Scientists Kidaptive Arena explained: “in the context of a specific learning can let the child will learn effective knowledge into their own capabilities, parents teach children knowledge, all hope that they can independently use the knowledge.” The more children to participate in this discipline control of the game, the higher their knowledge into ability.

establish learning platform

Gunsagar and Arena hope Learner Mosaic can evolve into a platform, it can be to get the data from other activity or third-party applications. So, in the near future there will be a to game provides the data of application – when children play games application, it will automatically provide data for these applications, find age-appropriate games for children.

Gunsagar says these study data will be a powerful tool, is also a kind of new mode of education. Will the children’s performance in new applications compared with the data in the original Leo ‘s Pad, Kidaptive platform how can distinguish the effect of a new application.

Gunsagar pointed out that the application platform to improve the market mechanism. “Parents and schools will buy hardware, but they do not know the effect of the hardware. In the identification of with this platform, they can find useful hardware.” Kidaptive goal for learning application market of gatekeeper, growing their own data as well as parents to identify the value of new applications. Applications are now adults, isn’t it?”


Evening: baidu strategic investment Uber, Clever won $30 million B round of funding


baidu and Uber reached a strategic investment cooperation

baidu today announced a taxi and silicon valley startups application Uber in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation and investment agreement. Both sides of the future will be in technology innovation, develop international market, expand China O2O service three aspects to cooperate. Uber taxi service access baidu map, baidu mobile App, such as baidu wallet as payment system will be built into the cooperation. Earlier this month, Uber just announced a $1.2 billion a new round of financing, valued at $40 billion. The news that the strategic stakes in baidu Uber, investment amount or for $600 million. According to this calculation, baidu in Uber for stock which is about 1.5%.

rumors already a long time, finally the dust settles, baidu has a Uber, ali has fast, tencent has drops. We feel back to The Three Kingdoms period, wei shu, three cent world has become, hunting cloud network look only at the end.

cool today’s closing share price fell 9%

cool group today’s closing share price fell 9.392%, closed at 1.640 Hong Kong dollars, dish in the biggest drop of 11.6%. U.S. stocks ended yesterday, qihoo 360 fell $4.13 to $55.52, down 6.92% on the previous trading day. Comprehensive considering various factors, cooperation between 360 and cool short term bearish, the long-term bullish. Yesterday evening, cool and qihoo 360 announced a strategic alliance, 360 to cool a joint venture invested $409.05 million in cash, qihoo 360 will hold 45% stake in the joint venture.

cooperation should not pull the two stock prices? It was my capability, can’t see the doorway of the stock market.

Google in mobile revenue crisis, stock price hit a new 52-week lows

the us investment bank jp Morgan chase, an analyst at arms against Google issued a research report, he lowered the Google revenue expectations. , he said, in the migration from a computer search to mobile search, Google operating disturbing factors, including margins, and competitive pressure from Facebook. After the release report, Google’s share price fell, hit new 52-week lows. See a U.S. stock market system, Google shares fell $18.41, or 3.58%, to close at $495.39. Google’s current market valuation, had fallen to about $336 billion.

Google, hunting cloud network was waiting for you to chase apple, back to full health.

Twitter CEO shares held by the family trust has short

Twitter CEO dick Costello family trust has been selling all the stock in the company. Regulatory documents, according to Richard Costello, 2001 living trust and laurene Costello, on December 15th, 2001 living trust shares sold 141730 shares of Twitter, sold $5.32 million, to draw a series of selling last month began in the final period. The two trust no longer hold any Twitter stocks, selling 425190 shares before Twitter cashing in $17.3 million. Mr Costello I still hold 36028 Twitter shares directly, and 508828 shares undistributed restricted stock.

in the new wave of mobile social, Twitter situation embarrassed, user even less mobile photo sharing tool sets. It’s no wonder that questions the founders and senior, exactly for Twitter if there are long-term confidence.

Amazon stripping Amazon Web Services cloud Services next year?

at a spin-off of The market research firm Edge Consulting Group published a research report pointed out that The Amazon is expected to spin off its cloud Services in 2015 Amazon Web Services, make The latter became an independent company. The Edge, according to its expected AWS profit margin is higher than The amazon’s other businesses. If the split, AWS business can get higher valuations. Edge is expected, AWS sale price can be $38 billion, equivalent to make amazon The total value of $195 billion, that is 36% higher than The current market value of amazon. Amazon’s share price has dropped 25% this year. Part of the reason is that investors in the company the concerns of the meager profit margins. To this, amazon declined to comment.

so bold expected, who gave you the courage? The somebody else the amazon while creating the time is not long, but very few stripping assets. Since 1998, spent $5.9 billion in acquisitions, but only sold $128 million of assets.

Facebook mobile APP development, director of departure entrepreneurship

Facebook vice President responsible for the development of the mobile technology Ondrejka, will leave next week. He used to be a network game behind the “second life” and co-founder of Linden lab. In 2010, he joined Facebook, then participate in the development of the multiple mobile terminal application software, including mobile phone android desktop later failed product “Home”. Earlier, he is also responsible for the Facebook iOS and android client product development. Ondrejka said, the future will have started a new company, the business direction of the new company, is unknown. Whether his departure and Facebook application development plan of these setbacks, is unclear.

Facebook today launched a new feature, users can automatically beautification on Facebook pictures of platform. It can automatically adjust the photo exposure, make photos look more clear, and users don’t need to do anything. Facebook said, if the user like photograph beautification function, so every time after the upload photos will click the magic wand; But if the user didn’t like the function, can also be manually close it.

shake handshandle net jobs: terminal cutting 1/3 substation cutting nearly 200 people

reports that shake handshandle nets are round of large-scale layoffs, cancel part of the substation, the headquarters operation were laid off about 80 people, related substation was laid off about 200 people. Does not deny this, shake handshandle net and its internal employees, said a while ago did get a lot of operating editor, but in the case of division is not informed. The shake handshandle net core senior management team members, including financial VP, dropping the VP, etc., have been leave with the exemption, CEO of just leaving soon.

the cutting part what ah, you wait for annual bonus points less during Chinese New Year, people themselves away. Well, it seems really a big problem, and financial resources to die?

millet, after one plus phones are banned in India

Delhi, India’s Supreme Court has issued a ban against Chinese mobile phone manufacturers one plus, one plus the ban regulations shall not market their products are exported to India, and its sales in India market, promoting his upcoming flagship device. For One plus, this is definitely a big blow, because the company has just celebrated his birthday a week, and have pledged to the media said the company will get OnePlus One to enter the Indian market. Because Micromax filed a lawsuit to the court, according to one plus the move violates the Micromax previously the exclusive agreement concluded with the Android ROM developers Cyanogen, Micromax was primarily to the upcoming online brands in direct competition with Yu and millet and Cyanogen signed an exclusive agreement. Cyanogen says he will not released for one plus in the Indian market push OTA update any system.

India, what’s wrong with you, ah, ban ban the prohibition don’t know a word called? You have your policy, I have my policy, hunting cloud network and millet to see how to deal with.

BeiAng founder’s shelling gree dong mingzhu “you are the thief”

founder BeiAng RanHongYu published an open letter, accusing gree collaborate in the name of a grab air purifier patent. Gree has yet to respond. For the first time for BeiAng and gree about air conditioning equipment research and development in 2008, after the key technology to obtain a good test results, gree unilaterally shut down the project. Later, in 2012, the cooperation in the field of air purifier, gree and listed on the equipment soon put a stop to the project, and in the near future introduced a similar technology of air purifier. RanHongYu when added to the cooperation between the gree BeiAng provide technology applied for a patent, and the core technology for gree. The diddle technical data more worse than millet plagiarism and Bermuda.

well, you are a thief, you are a thief, you and your family are thieves, SB threat of war, hunting cloud network invite the friends sit small wooden bench, watching the melon seeds.

SONY pictures mail reveal Snapchat two recent acquisition

foreign media from SONY pictures by hackers leaked email found several Snapchat acquisition of music and aspects of the plan. Snapchat bought a qr code scanning and iBeacon technology startups Scan. Me, paid $14 million in cash and restricted stock and $3 million and $33 million class B common stock. Scan. Me company in Utah, a total of 7 engineers, after the acquisition, the engineers will leave there in the next few weeks. In addition, a company that makes video camera lenses Vergence Labs also be acquired, the purchase price is $11 million in cash and $4 million worth of shares. The company friends graduate student at the university of California, Los Angeles, Erick Miller was founded in 2011, before appeared in the Washington post and the Wall Street journal is quietly sold. The company’s core product is a known as Epiphany Eyewaer video shooting glasses.

three fat, your electrocuting report! Hackers are really support you, socialism is good.

mobile game developers Playdots won tencent investment

mobile game developers Playdots announced on Tuesday, the company received A $10 million round of funding, by tencent and venture capital company Greycroft Partners jointly led. Participate in this round of investment companies and investment companies established Northzone, founder of TechCrunch Crunchfund angel funds and by CMC chairman li, BBG Ventures President Susan consortium lean, etc. The investment valuation of Playdots more than $40 million.

beauty education application distribution platform Clever won $30 million B round

Clever announced a new round of $30 million in financing, led is Lightspeed, with cast of Sequoia Capital GSV Capital, a famous investor Peter Thiel and silicon valley. After the financing, Clever received $43 million in financing. Clever has been referred to as “Twilio” in the field of education, is one of the YC incubation project two years ago. Founded in 2012, Clever, provides a platform for all kinds of school can be through a single account management all applications. The free service to reduce the school faces all sorts of complicated problems, and to reduce the difficulty of integration application developers.

beauty video technology company InVisage E round

focus imaging InVisage company in the United States announced China sea investment holding group U.S. subsidiary, in the latest round of $32.5 million. GGV capital investment institutions such as, nokia growth fund, Intel is involved in this investment. From the point of public information, China sea holding group after the investment is given priority to with financial business, to participate in real estate and the operation of the energy industry and other strategic investments, and InVisage is its first investment in technological innovation-oriented enterprises. After the end of the fifth round of funding, the company has the financing of $100 million, but still no shipment to market its products. The company President and CEO jess said, want to change the whole quantum film photography, video and imaging industry products will be listed next year, and consumer products carrying the technology will be the latest available at the end of next.

WeWork won a $5 billion valuation

in New York office rental startup WeWork completed a round of more than 355 million dollars in financing this week. This round of financing for the company’s valuation of $5 billion. WeWork for entrepreneurs to rent offices around the United States. He will be the real estate and technology together, make the easy win the investors’ share economy “mode. WeWork currently eight cities in the United States to provide office space rental, but the future will cover more cities. Recently, the company also introduced a independent social network WeWork Commons. The social networks like LinkedIn, provide business social service, but focus on the early-stage entrepreneurs, to provide office space information and preferential service, as well as local activity information and so on.


Novice: resolve campus recruitment “resume, little” problem

(article/who 闫森)

beginning a new party founder Li Zhonghe meet my aim is to correct it: and they pull hook is different, don’t call us into the campus version of pull hook. If there is similar, it is that we all want to recruit can become simple and efficient.

new party is perpendicular to the campus, only do the campus recruitment. Key selling point is their unique “talent pool” in colleges and universities. Talent pool in every college students through the basic optimal post evaluation, before the interview, the enterprise can see every personality characteristics of college students, ability level, etc. During the interview sasihorfswe self-mockery eloquence is bad, during grinding do yourself before website Chinese talents evaluation only doing a “relatively objective evaluation of” service, try transformation because his friend’s advice, midway departure from the government personnel bureau. Up a risk everyone believe that the future will have the name of the “new party” as the role of campus recruitment service provider began to develop.

to be honest, we for campus recruiting resume situation exactly is a what state is not clear. Sasihorfswe do for enterprises in the campus recruitment, before he told hunting cloud network: there are two problems with present enterprise in campus recruitment market, too many resume, your resume too little. Resume is too much for big companies, is the concept of well-known big company, so relatively received resume will be a lot more to a post will have thousands of letters posted, so enterprise HR can’t do quick response and fast filter. So pull hook net “quick feedback” mode cannot be applied in the field of campus recruitment, can imagine, we see every day on the mobile end 1000 resumes, and constantly with finger click on the “in” or “do not conform to the”, this is how the abuse for campus recruitment of HR. For small companies, because of the influence of campus recruitment resume is relatively small, the overall quality of the corresponding also not too high. So it is hard to chew campus recruitment market. A bite to eat day is absolutely delusion.

so, novice what did the party in the campus market, make them willing to in this is kind of Dead Sea water blue ocean market continued to struggle? Sasihorfswe tell hunting cloud network, since the nature of the recruitment solution is to get the right people to find the right business, then solved: finding the right people, screening out the right person two problems, some pain points of campus recruitment will be a little bit better.

so in view of the first to find the right people, and by using the new party cooperation colleges and universities career guidance center, filtered them real enterprise recommend hiring information to the relevant professional colleges and departments, at the same time, the new party is pushing the butt joint and the recruitment of local enterprises and colleges and universities career guidance, make enterprise, head of the party in the school (that is not entirely university-enterprise preaching a), lets the student in the school to complete the “front” social practice.

sieve out the next step is the right person. After the enterprise information notice to the students at school, and the new party has invited more than peer companies have to do after the practice teaching courses in school, students interested in the CV at the same time to do a new party talents evaluation questions. Purpose to complete the “talent identification”.

the above process finished, the result is that your resume is less, but high consistent high quality and enterprise’s resume and enterprise HR in also need not resume the ocean in search for a needle in a haystack. Small companies also through lecture to let students understand to the company’s vitality and attraction. Extraction volume: sasihorfswe, new party for campus recruiting companies more effective resume, less garbage resume, indirect improve recruitment efficiency.

the new party team only 12 people, half of the people responsible for the technology. Team is currently located in the zhongguancun haidian park management committee and the haidian district government with the support of roaming century (Beijing) science and technology business incubators, and acquire the incubator investment millions of angel investment. Now they are also for the department of education information management information center offers undergraduate talents evaluation services. Running for so long, novice party currently new effective individual users of 3000 ~ 5000 people every day, but because the campus recruitment cyclical is extremely strong, only half a year is the peak season every year. So at this number and compared each year more than 700 graduates, there is a big gap.


new partyCompany: not very technology (Beijing) co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


Positive energy! Won the 2014 CCTV annual charity figures like chao li yapeng

the CCTV network news: on December 5, 2014, sponsored by the China central television “benevolence” 2014 large-scale public welfare propaganda activity party games “CCTV charity night” in the CCTV headquarters. The 12th, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, the all-china women’s federation chairman shen yueyue, the 12th chairman, vice chairman of CPPCC national committee, the national federation of industry and commerce qin-min wang, vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People’s Congress, China concerned about the next generation working committee director gu, the vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee of the tenth, eleventh, huang and other leaders to attend. Vice head of the central television Hu Zhanfan, wei to spring, guangming daily press editor-in-chief hotung equality and the winners, “CCTV charity night” expert committee members, such as, head of the charity together to watch the party. “China central television (CCTV) charity night” was unveiled at a gala 2014 “person of the CCTV annual charity”, salute to the practice of the leading figures of the charity.

packaging: the new “China national capital”

Mr. Packaging is the 10th, the 11th and 12th session of the CPPCC national committee, the CPPCC national committee, vice chairman of China federation, deputy director of the economic commission for shimao group chairman of the board. Under him, so far, shimao group has donated over 1 billion yuan. In 2005, Mr. No joint more than 20 private enterprises sponsored by the Chinese red ribbon fund, and executive director, personally led into AIDS, AIDS is the first line; “5, 2008? 12 “earthquake, donated 110 million yuan, endowed hundred” shimao love hospital “; New home association, founded in 2010 in Hong Kong to the mainland to Hong Kong to new immigrants to provide one-stop services such as life, education, work, for Hong Kong’s economic development and social stability made outstanding contributions, and on July 1, 2011, was awarded the Hong Kong SAR government awarded the highest honor, golden bauhinia star; In 2014, initiated by the good times China charity list, no Mr Won the title of the new “national capital in China”.

the party scene, when asked to do good for more than 20 years the most touched of memory, no Mr Recalled the 2011 with the 10th, the 11th CPPCC national committee chairman, honorary chairman of all-china federation of industry, honorary President of the Chinese red ribbon fund and Mr Huang went to liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province. At that time, he saw a pregnant woman with a child, the couple are hiv-infected people. He was very worried, especially charged women must go to the hospital childbirth, must use the red ribbon “maternal and child block” project. Return when a year later, when Mr No learned that the woman really do what he says, the two children are all in good health, special touched his heart. No, says Mr Do charity and no conflict between the two companies, the development of enterprise depends on a good social environment, entrepreneurs should first think of social returns after a successful career, he will as a lifelong career to promote charity, called for more friends to participate in, let the society more harmonious, more beautiful.

chao: Internet public driver

Mr Chao is chairman and chief executive of sina, weibo, chairman and founder of the micro public welfare. In August 2009, Mr Chao led launched sina weibo, weibo registered users has exceeded 560 million, netizens become the preferred social media platforms; Year 2011 is the microblogging public blowout, “free lunch”, “crackdown”, “love wardrobe”, “ice bucket challenge”, “smiling challenges” and other public welfare projects on weibo got the attention of millions of Internet users and support, also promoted the national policies of major changes; In January 2012, the public interest in the microblogging platform officially born. On-line in three years, the public platform for personal help, forwarding, micro auction, brand flash gave four Internet public welfare products. So far, already has more than 20 million users to directly participate in public welfare, close to 4 million users directly through the microblogging contributions, donations raised 230 million yuan, to some extent for individuals, businesses, public welfare organization tripartite win-win situation.

the party scene, when asked about the micro public welfare value, Mr Chao pointed out, the public welfare is a built in weibo platform for the public service socialization, its characteristic is that everyone can participate in, can share, can spread. Through microblogging pay, can be convenient to donate, also enhanced the transparency of charity projects, to facilitate the supervision of the public. In hot event occurs, the role of weibo, micro public welfare is more outstanding, yoann during an earthquake, the micro public welfare raised 100000 within 24 hours to donate 60 million nt dollars; This global phenomenon “ice bucket challenge” project, just two weeks otherwise it will attract more than 400 people on weibo participation, views more than 40, more than 800 public platform for the most part of ten thousand nt dollars from micro. The future, micro public welfare will play an increasingly important role in weibo, because it can be integrated in all aspects of the social resources, mobilize the whole society to participate, to maximize the value of public charity.

li yapeng: I am also a patient’s father children

Mr Li yapeng, who is one of the most famous actor in China, once he stood in the Chinese film industry’s highest point, and a devotee of China charity and public welfare. In 2006, he initiated and founded the smile angel foundation. Smile angel foundation to build China’s birth defects in children’s medical assistance system, each year in xinjiang, Tibet and other relief for the poor children in remote areas; Smile angel in May 2012, Beijing children’s hospital was set up, start of 0 to 16 children with cleft lip and palate has more continuity department cooperation treatment plan. At the same time, initiated by Mr Li yapeng, Beijing academy of Chinese culture development foundation was formally established in 2012. College Chinese culture development foundation adhering to the “resurrection of traditional culture in life, the influence of traditional culture revival” tenet, with ruling comb “elegant, elegant cultural transmission, the drive of life” as the direction, is committed to innovation and traditional cultural heritage, make the traditional culture into the present life, to innovation and development.

the party scene, when asked about doing charity power, Mr Li yapeng admitted smile angel foundation for daughter, this is fate, he did not escape. He also recalled that her daughter do surgery, oneself can’t stay in the operating room, but went to the hospital for a walk in the garden. He said he would make a wish at that time, hope to help ten thousand children in the lifetime to complete the operation. To his delight, as of the end of the party, the smile angel foundation set up eight years has completed the full 10800 children in salvage surgery. At the scene of the party, Mr Li yapeng thank to eight years of staff, complete heavy work on each other hand in hand, jointly cope with the challenge of skepticism expressed gratitude. Mr Li yapeng said he was willing to stick to a lifetime, insist to the last moment of life, so to him and his daughter is the most meaningful.

this year’s “person of the CCTV annual charity” includes two rare disease Wang Yiou and Huang Huan. Wang Yiou is a “porcelain doll” (patients with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as “cartilage disease”); Huang Huan is a “blue lips”) (pulmonary hypertension patients. Them of their patients respectively established the porcelain doll rare diseases care center and Beijing love a sight for sore eyes rare pulmonary hypertension disease care center. Wang Yiou push “ice bucket challenges” at home, 12 days successfully raised more than 800 ten thousand yuan to charity; Huang Huan committed to call for expensive drugs should be brought into the health care, and have been successful in Beijing. At the party scene, no helper when Wang Yiou reviewed from the establishment of organization, little-known team stable by now, the national pay attention to the life changes of rare patients and their families, Thanksgiving all give rare diseases groups concerned about people and the strength of love. Collected Huang Huan because the body cannot come to the scene, the host OuYangXiaDan specially to in wuxi city, jiangsu province people’s hospital ward, for she had brought a trophy and a blessing. Huang Huan said, she just a small part of, without your help, she would not live now. She would like to use “CCTV charity night” platform to all the people who love her say thank you.

won the 2014 “person of the CCTV annual charity” award and was born in Tibet, since the childhood is funded by the Chinese people’s liberation army air force love donations, actively join the army after “spring bud girls” support work, doing everything they can to feedback society women jade zhuoma; In 31 years helping more than 600 person released after serving his sentence, the 10th, the 11th National People’s Congress on behalf of, shanxi ying hui put education base founder Han Yaqin; Long-term care about supporting the construction of “water cellar for mothers”, from 2006 onwards, every year, and his wife donated a “water cellar for mothers”, even after his wife died still insist on giving shu-lan hu and innovation development “the relief map”, yi cloud (public Internet) social innovation center co-founder Mr. Wan. Their advanced deeds and good deeds, and to promote social morality, promote social harmony, practice the socialist core values and realize the great Chinese dream set up the charitable character benchmarking, won the wide support and recognition from all walks of life.

central television announced Hu Zhanfan party fundraising total 233 million

the central television announced Hu Zhanfan party fundraising total 233 million

branding charity gala gathering the most warm love power

2014 “CCTV charity night” party for entrepreneurs and the public love charity organization has set up a platform for the cooperation and communication with the bridge. The party scene, they are generous, brought New Year gift for troubled children.

in March 2008 China charity federation launched the large-scale public welfare projects – “love” a piece of paper. Project is waste accumulation funds through donations, in view of China’s ethnic minority areas of poor families suffering from congenital heart disease children launched a charity relief efforts. So far, the country to carry out the “paper” love action to raise donations totaled 29.36 million yuan, 6 congenital heart disease children, 348 people, the other 3070 people. At the scene of the party, permanent director of the China charity federation, the press charity promotion association, executive director and secretary-general Mr Xu ytterbium hin for the children brought rich contents of package: one is to carry out the “paper” love, spread the charity culture, cultivate thrifty virtue; 2 it is to help children with congenital heart disease, the establishment of children’s illness rescue “emergency” fund; 3 “paper love” is opened the donation site, make information more transparent; Four is with bank jointly issued “a piece of paper” love card. The whole package is expected to value 100 million yuan!

this year is the 25th anniversary of the hope project, the Chinese society in the most extensive, most scale and social influence of the charity project, raising money 10.072 billion yuan, funding 4.95 million rural families are financially difficult students continue their studies, finance building hope primary school by 18396. 2014 “CCTV charity night” party set up special tribute link, review the development process of project hope, all the participants to the project hope to award this year’s tenth “CCTV annual charity figures” trophy. Award presenters identity is very special: they are the first from China hope primary schools, jinzhai hope primary school children, shortly before they had just received the political bureau of the CPC central committee and state council premier li keqiang’s reply. Mr Wang xudong, deputy secretary-general of China youth development foundation and love entrepreneurs on behalf of all the hope project participants received this special honor, also is the children thank you deep inside. Prime minister li keqiang, says Mr Wang xudong letter mentioned in the “for all the happy life of poor children to create good hope” is the dream of every person heart persistent. In 2015, youth foundation will launch micro school plan “project hope”, pay attention to teach children in deep mountains; “Project hope” happy football, let every child in the cultivation of football sports personality and training skills; “Toy story” hope project, focus on left-behind children; Project hope will be the first time in 2015 in areas of science and technology, start the “youth science and technology innovation fund”, due to its founding fund donors, comrade deng xiaoping paid, so also known as “xiaoping fund”, expect more teenagers use technology to create hope. China youth development foundation and love enterprise brought a total of 43 million yuan.

“care package” of China foundation for poverty alleviation project started in 2009, aims to promote to solve the defects in the sound body beauty education in poor areas children, successfully set up “transparent, convenient, interactive” donation platform, promote the development of the national welfare. As of December 31, 2013, accept the social donation project is 320.2564 million yuan RMB, including 1.62 million personal donations, unit 150000. Programs reach 29 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions) 478 counties, 10161 schools and 10161 students, and 6549 families. At the scene of the party, the China foundation for poverty alleviation, deputy secretary general Mr Hong-tao Chen announced that in 2015, the project will continue to focus on “care package” and is committed to solve the shortcomings in the quality education on children in poverty-stricken areas, promote the development of the public welfare undertakings. Project will through constructing transparent and convenient platform for the public, to encourage more individuals and units to participate in, to raise 30 million nt dollars, mutual care for 300000 children in poor areas.

in 2000 by the all-china women’s federation, the Beijing municipal government, China central television host, China women’s development foundation to undertake “sympathised with the west? Share a mother’s love “s love and large-scale public welfare activities, raise money 116 million yuan, is used to set up a” land of love, water cellar for mothers “project fund, and started implementation in 2001. Accumulated by the end of 2013, the project construction fund 800 million yuan, built nearly 130000 “water cellar for mothers” and more than 1600 small concentrated water supply project, solve the drinking water of nearly 2.2 million people, benefit coverage 24 provinces. At the scene of the party, vice President of China women’s development foundation and secretary-general, says ms Qin Guoying “water cellar for mothers” more than a decade’s greatest contribution is to make benefit area people drink clean water, and make the local people’s health level, income level have been greatly improved; Local women’s family status and social status were improved greatly, has a high voice; The villagers have become more unity, harmony, village CunMao so there has been a huge shift. Ms qin also and love entrepreneurs and representatives announced sent $30 million gift for the children.


The blowout? Lack of sex education App

hunting cloud network October 16 (text/teng tree g)

although unavoidable should give me a little trite, to cater to my big “hunting cloud network” ethics as the mainstream media, but helpful hints about the front – there will always be energetic, not regularly reveal this article the author’s deep well temperament.

in Microsoft doing users commonly used Microsoft’s official information “software” push, filled with observant to notice that the education channel in marked the location of the top the epicenter wide network of wuhan on October 14 news: hubei wuhan in September this year in the elementary school issued a sex education teaching material – a book named “life education”, and as a subject.

it is said that the book illustrated, scale bold, among local teaching staff and students’ parents caused great repercussions.

wuhan five piers fifth-grade ROM. The teacher said: “we think the reader is quite scientific, practical, illustrated that attract children. Every inside there is a little story, close to the child’s life, they feel very interesting also want to see. Rather than have some books, hair down children into the bag, then throw in the home.”

and some concerned parents say: I think this is a little more of the scale of the “life education” exceeded our expectations, for example, illustrated on the storyteller of women’s physiological structure, physiological change has carried on the detailed introduction, looks more like a physical science article, that for primary school students, is a bit too?

in this press release by each big media spin and reproduced, the sense of smell, has always been keen to watch is the first discovered in this paper, we hunt hidden behind of the cloud network has been paying attention to the problem of two social responsibility peaks of collection —

one, traditional media role in popular science in new media platform in place of deep thinking and reveal;

the cross-platform mobile intelligent terminal app ecosystem existence education class/sex enlightenment.

in this two clues, today we stand on the position of intellectuals to deconstruct the information behind the news. Long-term since, affected by traditional Confucian “see no evil, sex sounds, no evil, evil,” the concept of Chinese parents, will uniformly live talk sex as a “disaster”, naturally take the processing means of sealing and dodge. Under such sexual pressure, the vast majority of children’s sex enlightenment from informal official paper way, such as pulp fiction and adults to work, and there are some yellow hidden underground products such as magazines and picture books instead of sex games become the main litres of teenage sex enlightenment order information carrier.

so, the children in the so-called “of the United States, almost smile, recruit, not to also do not go to” the classical aesthetics in love, always can’t see the anecdotal or dirty on the books of that kind of direct and explicit.

so, the modern media as the multimedia populist grass-roots “, now the children don’t like the ancients, easily because of the opposite sex and love, a simple encounter is apart they received is far more directly than the content of the paper is the most exposed of audible and visual images and interactive online games, virtual social circle bold dialogue products and so on media.

this is due to the so-called “ban’s skill in case of, jie yan to set the” principle of the mainstream, even science level, the traditional sexual enlightenment also must be shy to skirt around in terms of his attitude.


this kind of model not only can’t give a good education environment and also pass not much real knowledge, on the contrary, will make the formal sex education show itself a self-abased from black, will force the child to find ways to adult education itself, and then lose all guide and guidance role.

today’s domestic famous sexology scholar ms li had to unscramble foucault and sex to soften the barriers constraints have tied their own countrymen. Tall is, in the book, Ms. Li yinhe deeply and do it straightforward to interpret foucault sexuality history works of the classic spectrum method, learning and “Reich proposition” and “Nietzsche’s proposition”, restore to the people with a formal academic amplifier on building model of sexology.

and the wuhan body first demonstration of the educational reform, is not only the traditional education in the face of multimedia education in place of a mess of the self, more can be seen as a kind of test the waters, is beneficial to its app design developers to better understand the sex enlightenment paradigm.

it is the second main line, let’s look at what are now several big mainstream system platform localization app sex education application. First is ios, parent-child sex education class in the app store do the comparison of typical app is “you”, this on the iPhone, ipod touch and the support are ver. In order to show our elegant, small make up directly into a traditional is introduced.

GuJiHui grandly promotes Hong Kong’s first called “protect you” sex education Mobile App, the youth volunteer group “dolphin” righteousness to adolescence for theme creation, object to eight to 12 years old children and their parents.

in the process of the game, players have a teenage breeding characters (avatar), through the two respectively by the combination of “sperm Egg” and “birth control” as the design concept of “Happy Egg” and “Hungry Sperms” little game points accumulation and growth. Players may interact with these games, the cumulative scores, make its breeding character development gradually, and puberty physiological phenomena, such as height, shoulder width, long out of the nucleus, hair, breast growth, grow acne.

in addition, the cumulative scores can also be thought bred role earning growth of fittings, such as underwear, chest circumference, sanitary towel, bathing suit, acne cream, sex education books and so on, for all aspects of the role of puberty growth ready for.

another feature of the game, is to encourage battles between parents and children, let the children in the process of interesting ways to absorb knowledge, parents can also through the game content, discuss with children easily adolescent life, psychological changes, it will be at home when the implementation of sex education naturally more handy.

the other sex education enlightenment app there are some in the rack, but mostly Japanese foreign language such as English version, the “shame culture” of the Japanese in the sex enlightenment is worth our using for reference.

then we in the android platform, the regular education class app has only a software called “children’s sex education TV version” completely on the topic, the content is basically a “goo goo forces” series theme animations play continuously. Well even though the video quality, content and form of expression, have fun, but it didn’t jump out of the duck, and is aimed at young children, for the education of elementary school students ages is missing, is also a lack of interaction.

here must make it clear that the android software circle more disorderly, we only see enlightenment education software localization, for famous sexy tube pro we adults abroad applications such as reference.

we finally see bb10 system, it’s only half an app. Is the NFB. Said he was handicapped, because he is just a fun science video applications, but there is some sex education under the education channel related small video, too good, I often recommend to friends is filled with a great application.

wait wait, if a guest officer asked why I skip wp8 platform. I can only very reluctantly tell, though really can have, this also is not really… Only from a third party video platform into a “sex education” one minute video entry, rather take out… And not for teens in…


The struggle to online education: three kinds of mode to improve user engagement

abstract: this article is available online course learning platform Thinkful, co-founder of Dan Friedman’s experience to share. Online education in popular today, he unveiled a false prosperity, cover the deep concern of the industry. Although many sign up, but only a few real completion. How to improve the participation of online education, the author puts forward three kinds of modes for reference.

three years ago, Sebastian Thrun recorded within its at Stanford university to teach a course in artificial intelligence, and upload to Internet platform for the number up to 180000 students in online learning, Sebastian Thrun himself at the same time also on his road to “reform of higher education”. Soon after, founded by a computer science professor at Stanford university, two free Coursera large network public course projects, to achieve democracy education Udacity private education organizations, and other similar institutions have also said it would provide high value free courses, in order to solve the problem of students heavily indebted and economic difficulties. Since then, more than 8 million students in the network course registration.

three years later, nothing has resulted from the vigorous reform are: participate in registration only half of the attendance of the students, some even just heard of a course; Only 4% of the students to keep learning and graduation. Open and large network courses (MOCC) in the audience is a person who has obtained a college degree, it also makes the status quo of higher education “change” promise become empty talk. MOOC course provider the explanation is: free course completion is not an accurate measure of success for this reform. But as a for-profit colleges and universities of the SAN jose state university in an experiment also show that the network curriculum mode of teaching efficiency is lower than that of the traditional model.

but then again, the result is not surprising. Online learning mode in early before they can solve the problem of learning channels: 8 million people registered online courses, plus iTunesU downloaded over 1 billion times, we really can feel people’s demand for online courses. But we did not feel, these online classes can be as effective as traditional teaching, and even more effective than traditional also? Behind these questions is to focus on a more difficult problem: engagement.

if you are a network course student, it’s easy to stick for maybe you will find: the exhaustion of a long day work, “I want to learn a new skill!” The sacred goal often follow turn off the web page is in limbo. Online learning also requires students to attend and pass the test, but the test not only need to do is good for students, also need to let students enjoy it. Now, some Internet companies, large enterprises and institutions of higher learning finally get online education in which direction the development of the real: the study in reasonable price levels to promote a substantial step forward. And as for the development goals, there have been three avenues to promote its implementation: tutor system, retention, marketing and new form of practice teaching.

in the first place, people have long known that one-on-one tutor teaching much more efficient than the collective teaching. Attention focused on a tutor to teach, can make a person at the right time focus on the right questions, so as to accelerate the process of his study; Establish the real teaching relationship and the same teacher can also give students bring the sense of responsibility. In personalized online education platform Thinkful, students in the class teacher the day before the study will be a peak. Because of that one-on-one teaching relations, makes the students want to reach more learning goals, and this desire is so into more efficient learning. And Thinkful is trying to apply this kind of social pressure to each week of the teaching work, so that can be used to study all the time in the future. In fact, in some cases, we need to respect the person remind yourself: to study the bone, again difficult also to chew on.

second, learning and marketing should be preserved. Has a series of methods, such as email, phone call and push messages, are able to ensure that the students can continue to participate in the existing network course learning.

network storage Dropbox online application in this respect is worth learning. When the user opens the enterprise cloud service application Dropbox for Teams of page, Dropbox will send an email to users: “thank you for using Dropbox for Teams! But you may not have fully understand these Dropbox for Teams function… “. At the right time to present a network for the user class products, online learning platform can help users to gradually develop good study habits. Sometimes, we need to just to remind myself: should spend more time to study.

once again, in the network platform to help the user’s computer and phone are immersive learning experience before, to achieve “practice teaching of” new technology is also impossible. In the 1960 s, famous psychologist, Jerome Bruner promote one, known as the education theory of constructivism, think students should be under the guidance of teachers, through the way of study, and intuitively to master complex theory. And this kind of try and fail, and then by a mentor to guide teaching way in the right direction, proved to be a effective way to drive students to continue learning.

however, we also not clear is that the “leading” into such as sandbox game Minecraft or head-mounted display Oculus in the “new bottle”, can harvest ten times than the original even higher learning effect? In fact, Minecraft applied learning approach has paid off; In the article published, Thinkful for Oculus equipment procurement, in order to use it to promote practical teaching. This new immersive virtual learning environment can hold the attention of students, is a traditional textbooks cannot do.

the last there is a commonly used those education institutions “good way”, effective, but in the long run is deadly: reduce the difficulty of the class. Management of network course platform company found course completion rate is lower, then take the important teaching material of “quick fix” cuts to raise completion rate.

Udacity at the beginning of the creation, its initial difficulty with Stanford university disciplines corresponding curriculum difficulty remains at the same level; Nowadays, there are many on the Udacity subject only need to spend 40 hours to complete. Imagine, spend a week of kung fu can let Stanford give you the credit of a discipline, the brand-name colleges and universities face also go toward where put? Go on like this, in the near future we may indeed be able to hear such as network course completion “rapidly improve this kind of” good news “, “but never one filed a high completion rate low behind the difficulty of the class.

to some extent, the so-called “progress” for the whole industry is a kind of hurt, because not learn real skills, it didn’t work and can’t find a job, the marking time and can not get promotion, low capacity of the staff to improve work efficiency. Although we don’t want to do look at for-profit colleges so decline, but in the report said the expedient beautifully in the long run save nothing.

as said earlier, the channels for the future of online learning is not the problem: the real problem is how to make use of existing knowledge to complete the line will be able to finish the job, at the same time, combined with the content that can only be completed online, together to create the most these learning experience. But no matter how to mix, the nature of the most necessary factor has always been that several: to explore the way and thoughtful personalized experience from practice, strong faculty support.



Parent-child education APP, “king” fix bear children

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fun is children the most easy to accept, and actively participate in a learning mode.

king want to do is this model, the king is a parent and child interactive integration of social relations, family education mobile APP, green children’s products are mainly positioning 5-16 households, aims to build a new system of education of science education.

not bear a child, only lazy parents. Interactive education application is the trend of The Times. Now, parents increasingly busy, more and more precocious, increasing the gap between parents to children. “I am not an educator, but I was a father”,, “says founder YanYongGuang for children education problem around scriptures, diverse methods mixed and disorderly, looking for a scratching his head. In the mobile Internet industry unique professional sense of smell, he decided to make a short answer out effective education products.

king focuses on building is that parents and children grow interactive integration of social relations, family education system, in the interaction, realize efficient way of education. Considered the child grow the comprehensive demand, king the team developed a unique training mode and modes of relationships between parents and children. The system to provide the “punishment” and “reward” two options. Each option is subdivided into them, life, moral character, such as parents can click on the corresponding to plus or minus points for the child, score set within 1 to 30 points. The last child points can change the value of the goods accordingly. The rationalization of reward and punishment mechanism, help children to set up the correct values. Personal growth of the child the event log and teach children to keep his promise, understand the significance of convention. At the same time, between parents and children will be to a certain extent to avoid unnecessary quarrel, parents dote on behavior also have a certain degree of restraint.

king founder YanYongGuang tell cloud network currently hunting king is the most primary version 1.0, only the main rewards, punishment and the function of exchange gifts. In the new version 1.5 will join several interesting features, such as medal hall, pocket, etc. Medal pavilion is mainly used to improve children’s sense of honor; Pocket Banks through the child to get gold COINS that freedom of choice in the bank a deposit or current account, to cultivate a child’s financial management consciousness and the ability to choose. In addition to this, and he worries, New Year’s money, friends birthday, such as module, are the characteristics of attract kids continue to play.

king team is currently 4 people, including three have in school-age children, the other one has a rich experience in the field of children’s education application development. King pattern is free system platform at present, membership services and businesses advertising model, hardware products will be involved in late qing children’s intelligence, make green children’s favorite cool product and robotics education platform, train the next generation’s interest in high-tech research and development of intelligence and ability.

but also belong to the king of the primary stage, has now completed the iOS V1.0 in both English and Chinese versions, the android platform will be late, and they are also looking for the angels, in the field of education funds for expansion and product promotion team.


company: shenzhen king technology co., LTD.


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