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Baidu again online education layout, network’s $10.6 million investment in intellectual class


in successively investment amount after education, the class network, baidu again the deployment in the field of online education.

today, go abroad online learning platform intellectual class exam net today announced that the model has landed A total of $10.6 million in baidu A round of funding, company valuation of $100 million. After this round of funding, intellectual class network layout, team, the content of the product research and development, market operation and deep learning algorithms, etc.

intellectual class network education technology co., LTD., affiliated with Beijing innovation partners was founded in February this year, the former executive of new Oriental school WeiXiaoLiang, less zhai co-founded, corrects its a great wisdom and intelligence class two models, which corrects very wisdom focuses on the “practice” link in the online education, provides online spoken English in the form of crowdsourcing corrects, composition and other services; Intellectual class network is focused on “learning” link in the online education, in the form of recorded class provides study abroad such as ielts, toefl exam training services.

it is understood that this is the third investment baidu in the field of education, is also one of the largest online education A round of funding, and intellectual class net value of $100 million.

the original traditional education training institutions scattered distribution, regional strong, not easy to scale, in front of the technological revolution is facing the change of the industry. At present domestic field of online education is still in an early stage, rapid development. For baidu is also suitable for the layout of the stage. Can imagine, baidu will provide intellectual class network traffic and technical support, and that is of class network in the early stages of development need.

network CEO WeiXiaoLiang intellectual class, besides money, choose baidu baidu can bring intellectual class network involved in their imaginary space on ecosystem: in addition to traffic, many businesses such as baidu baidu video, the brain, baidu baidu cloud ecosystem, baidu direct number, etc all can realize with the combination of online education.

in view of the future planning, intellectual class network will power is in the following respects: one is the depth of the layout on the direction of mobile products and hardware, application research and development is similar to the low, use baidu brain, cloud computing and other support to assist in teaching. Second, rich content plate, such as increasing the cet courses in China. 3 it is O2O layout, the future will be and education institutions and universities form linkage. Four is the depth of the improved learning algorithm; Five, extend the team.


Content marketing desperate situations: interactive content pick up the slack

cloud network hunting note: Scott Brinker is popular marketing website “behind”, at the same time he is Ion Interactive CTO, he is a man of extreme investment is also very patient, his web site there are as many as 947 of the companies, the present difficult situation of the content marketing patterns, Scott Brinker has its unique insights, he particularly likes the future of Interactive content.

recently, content marketing mode in the field of Internet marketing has experienced another wave of development, it as a new marketing mode of the ideal, and help the Internet company to get more subscribers, this is a more civilized era need lean marketing.

the content marketing mode because now pursuing is far higher than the actual value of the income, but is coming to the edge of the darkness. In too many companies, content marketing has become mechanization, just released some wooden articles, incomplete survey, collect some data from a large number of e-books, infographics, white paper and Internet discussion content.

is the direct cause of the above situation, the marketers are afraid of backward advantage content distribution plan, this fear will lead to the sharp increase in the content, the number means that the content of empty, thus resulting in embarrassment, content marketing which has more than not jing, user suffer, marketers are more injustice.

every day, there will be a variety of content marketing is filled with the network, so that any kind of content marketing is one of the success rate of only 3720 points, or lower.

may have marketers will say “this is not our fault.

“attack of the clones” : the content of the wanton use, passive and marketing

at present, in view of the content marketing mode of the battle of life and death of the two core problems.

first of all, most of the content is a one-off. User, as long as a look at this part of content is out of date. For marketers, want to close to the user, need to release new content, so they will do their best to update. But, under the condition of the content is limited, and it is difficult to use different words to describe the same thing. So frankly speaking, even if the large number of content marketing and update frequently, but didn’t say anything, the fact is so cruel.

second, most of the content of the consumption is passive. User or reading, or watching, or listening to the content, but all of this requires time and effort. And the user’s time and energy are limited, once feel vacuous boring, will quit reading. What’s more, in the user’s line of sight drawn before, caocao such a large number of e-books is also available for users to browse and network research content for users to kill time.

in fact, the above two problems through each other. The user has in many ways huge one-time, the content of the passive jamming, avoid like the plague. Therefore, the effectiveness of the content marketing has also been gradually weakened, but there are still many marketers use the means of content marketing is to continue to release more content, it is a vicious circle.

ray of hope: the emergence of the interactive content marketing

however, in the middle of a vast content marketing market appeared a glimmer of light, the interactive content marketing.

interactive content marketing contains the participatory elements, content is not a simple passive consumption, but the user include come in. So there are many kinds of interactive form, such as small, games, questionnaire, evaluation, workbooks, configuration program, calculator, competitions and so on. There are other graphic interactive version of type, such as e-books, fashion magazines, infographics, help users to operate in the form of content rendering.

it all goes well, interactive content would seem to be interesting, but it is not just fun. As is known to all, since the ancient times of education research tells us that “genuine knowledge comes from practice”, to put an ebook on the user’s computer users carefully designed for a small test could be more effective, more quick help user key knowledge absorption, and certainly more interesting.

in addition, interactive content marketing also resolve the “one-off” dilemma.

first, interactive content marketing provides various forms of content rendering and display space, to the user to convey the new idea. This is not just a self-conscious form “in its form, but a really different material reading, express way. For example, the return on investment (ROI) white paper with a calculator function, returns to demonstrate different circumstances; The bittorrent client with an assessment tool to compare view; Can also through the little game sample test to make some common pitfalls.

second, important interactive content with recycling value. Again is not like other people reading your blog posts so simple, but is the interactive content with calculator and configuration tools to users with the repeated use value. This is why content marketing planning, Jay Baer said “woori marketing” (YOUTILITY), he said in his book u-real marketing, “today’s marketing must get rid of the framework of to sell things, to think about how to help customers, for practical use”. That is to say, the interactive content marketing content before the one-sided pursuit of reverse to the value of income level, a truly useful and interactive content of reusable assets, long-term dividends can be obtained.

content marketing: “this is not we need to guide data”

for many marketers, content marketing and potential customer development process constitutes the mobile platform sales system. Is one of the most common type, issued a “limited edition”, like “out of print books,” and “exclusive report”, “new online commentary” and so on, then under content marketing form, to get the visitor’s name, work unit, the information such as email address.

the majority of users of this type of content to see the first reaction is: “this is a trap”.

because in most cases, the so-called “limited edition” end point in a watch found nothing, not originally a few words can tell information exaggeration to lengthy cumbersome ebook, advertising is the explicit euphemistically called “objective research”. Even if in the future marketers don’t want to release such information, the content of the infamous but already save users psychological line of defense.

instead, interactive content marketing through a free value-added model, can overcome the shortcomings. Makes it possible for potential users of the obstacles to the application of content, and assessment tools, the use of calculators or configuration program, there is no any other form. So that the user can immediately find the value of interactive content, and thus established its product reputation and customer trust.

once the customer pull in after, can continue to provide for the user to choose upgrade options, in order to get more potential customer information. For example, in the end of the interactive content evaluation items, can add the personalized recommendation according to user’s score. After the integration of these functions in good, can realize the incredible high conversion rate.

however, interactive content marketing is not only a typical boot record. Passive content marketing, only tell marketers users where is the point of interest, and customers like presentation of information. And interactive content marketing, marketers can get a lot of information from the user’s participation behavior, including the user how to do evaluation, calculator what situation calculus returns, as well as the final option in the configuration program, and so on.

content marketing is to contact record mixed with ambiguous orientation points to marketers, often rejected, “this is not what we want is oriented data”. And through interactive content marketing, marketers can obtain abundant qualification profile and data, then, sales staff can focus on the correct potential users, for their needs special response, like a psychics magic.

interactive content tomorrow: “you are my cloud computing platform”

until recently, interactive content marketing increasingly higher requirements of user customization development, so that the development cost is higher, more time-consuming, establish and maintain technical complexity increases.

however, marketing technology companies are now developing a new generation of cloud-based tool, let not the programmer or unskilled marketers to easily make IT resource application of interactive content, these companies have Ceros, ion interactive, SnapApp, Wishpond etc. And they develop the application of content, not just the Facebook, but have a soft touch web experience, were far more advanced than you might think, can be run on any device.

The content of the

this is an excellent marketing model, through the interactive content marketing, we can reverse the current content marketing dilemma, and then turn to a good beginning, really useful user experience will be inspired and entertainment vast potential users.



Morning: apple/flexible equipment patents, best investment in education, etc

cloud network hunting Jan. 7 (text/who)

apple the flexible equipment patent

the United States patent and trademark office awarded the apple a new patent, the technology allows iPhone any bent or folded in the future. The patent is called “soft” electronic equipment, allowing a portable devices, such as the iPhone, arbitrary bending, folding, or other forms of deformation, without adverse effects is sensitive to internal components. Apple’s the patent also contains ductility of external accessories, such as casing or screen glass, with the internal battery, circuit boards, screens and other flexible parts integrate.

apple internal sources, the company plans in 2015 issued a new MacBook Air notebook products, this product will abandon the full-size USB interface, MagSafe adapter and SD card slot standard configuration, in order to provide the user with thin body and hd display.

cloud network hunting imagination: so out of cook is not only to put the apple turned gay, and complete a variety of difficult moves, is it? PS: apple iPhone sale today do not have a lock dec 6 GB version of $649, 64 GB version of $749. 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus starting price of $749. Rich kidney strong friends, can make moves.

wireless charging two standards organization merger

two Wireless charging industry Alliance Alliance for Wireless Power and Powe MattersAlliance announced that the two sides have agreed to the “unity”, aims to build a unified industry standard. A4WP camp’s main backers including Intel, qualcomm and samsung, and PMA camp’s main backers including procter &gamble and starbucks. Two standards organization, said the merger aims to promote the rapid popularity of wireless charging in the consumer electronics market. Another standards organization is Wireless PowerConsortium, mainly supporters for nokia and philips, etc., the Wireless charging standard is introduced by the “Qi”.

. Let merge more violent, and three for one best. Search karma, originally the romance of The Three Kingdoms used to interpret market, as well as the same, even fight cao wu?

ferry launch abrupt end

by capsules of the falcon 9 rocket had planned blasted off from cape canaveral air force base in the United States, but in the countdown to enter 1 minute mission was an emergency stop, to ferry said because of the rocket “secondary thrust vector control drive drift” makes the mission is an emergency stop. The next launch window on Friday, January 9, is expected to launch time est 5:09 in the morning.

uncle musk, don’t take this play, cloud network but attention, hunting for a long time, can’t, like tesla.

MOTO lunar years ago will launch a mobile phone

lenovo mobile business group President who revealed that MOTOROLA mobility will officially sold in China in early February MOTO X cell phone. MOTO X cell phone cost in China will be announced at the end of January. MOTOROLA’s President and chief operating officer Rick Osterloh, after march, will sell the MOTO G and MOTO X Pro mobile phones.

I make money to make money, left hand holding a nokia, right hand holding a MOTOROLA. My nostalgia, or a little excited.

best education, another is red, easy question bank, Glassdoor, art guest, Blue Box for investment

net dragon’s announcement, announced A share purchase agreement, the online education, A subsidiary of best education received A $52.5 million round of funding. The investors including IDG capital, auspicious peak (temasek group wholly owned subsidiary) and the flying animation.

easy question bank announced today to complete the tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, this round of the investor for tencent win-win industry fund, which is the foundation layout for the first time in the field of online education. This round of funding will be used to accumulate the teachers and subject resources, and technology updates, and talent recruitment, etc.

the PMS domestic hotel management system, the company announced another red finish from the China capital of 60 million yuan. A round of funding. This is the April 2014, and other red cyberworks’ investment for being an angel investment after a financing.

U.S. employers to evaluate site Glassdoor claims that the company in the latest round of funding to raise $70 million. Glassdoor the main investor in the latest round of financing for Google capital and tiger global management company. The Glassdoor is planning to expand their business step.

art electricity “art” as it announced, has won many famous investment institutions $10 million in A round of funding, investors not to share it. “Art” want to do is to solve the problem of the ordinary people to buy art, is take the C2C mode.

private cloud as a service startup Blue Box just received $4 million B round of funding. Last October, just get $10 million B round Blue Box. This round of financing is a supplement to the last round, a single person is above the unnamed telecommunications providers, in addition the Voyager Capital, the founders of Collective etc also have cast refs. At this point, the total funds has amounted to $23.1 million. This round of financing income will be used in the extension project, sales and marketing team, at the same time expand channel plan, so that the other service providers for their clients introduced cloud services based on it.

TCL a $100 million stake in wanda commercial real estate

TCL group, according to the announcement and wanda group signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, comprehensively promote the two sides in the related strategic cooperation in the field of business. And according to the disclosure of the prospectus wanda commercial real estate display, TCL’s wholly owned subsidiary xi rhyme investment has paid $100 million for its stake as cornerstone investors. Industry, said the two sides can cooperation or form a complementary advantages, the future more in-depth cooperation may be in multiple areas.

TCL CES in Las Vegas officially from HP acquired Palm brand, the acquisition is limited to the brand, does not involve employees, and other assets. TCL acquired alcatel in years past, originally you are the same and lenovo, lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA, IBM years ago also m&a, etc.


Apes question bank push new products – small apes search topic, photo search for a quick answer

in 2014 is a year of education come to online, focus on the question in the field of K12 class App. Such as search tool “ape question bank”, the student answer UGC mode of “problem”, and take pictures search mode of “outstanding student jun” etc, the online education style is varied. Is not hard to find, in many question type of App play, photo search problem with its simple and convenient operation, more able to capture the user’s demand directly.

recently, — little ape apes question bank introduced a new application search topic, aiming and take pictures for the topic. From my experience, the little ape search interface design is very concise, only provide pictures search function. Little ape to search answer can only share to WeChat, QQ. The relevant person in charge of team tell hunting cloud network, “little ape search problem is simple and convenient take pictures search features seem to have hit the students needs, users are growing fast.”

from hunting cloud network experience, basic accurate identification, answer to present quick response. How did the little ape to search the topic specific layout, and break through the technological barriers?

it is understood that the computer installed the eyes is an important part of intelligent interaction, little ape to search the topic the technological level of using image Recognition technology is one of the most important niche OCR (Optical Character Recognition, Optical Character Recognition), automatic Optical device resulting image examination paper characters, by measuring the pattern of dark and bright determine its shape, implementation of computer text reading.

however, in the “hownet” of 100 junior middle school mathematics subject, evaluating photos found the topic of App search topic and search accuracy of time experiment, test results: the questions little ape to search after the upload, find out the answer is, on average, eight seconds, search the accuracy of ranking first, but it is only 62%.

hunting cloud network understanding, restricting photographed question-answering time has the following several factors: external shooting environment (such as light, camera pixels, definition of the test itself, etc.), the image recognition and search ability of the software itself, title to the software, the number of rich degree (which is also can fit to the key). This view, not only the little ape search topic, all pictures search topic class App on the future development road, there are many need to overcome the difficulties.

there is no denying the fact that little ape to search the topic is the innovation of traditional education mode, to ease the burden on students, has very big effect to improve the learning efficiency. And subject to practice as a student the most important part of the daily learning, students have rigid requirements to consult the title and the answer, and combined with artificial intelligence and image recognition to make small apes search App, just meet the demand of the middle school students directly.

small apes search topic
Company: Beijing dynasty rain technology co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”


In 2015, 25 technology start-ups that deserves attention

note: hunting cloud in the New Year, what technology start-ups may be entered into the phase of rapid growth and stand out from the crowd? Here are selected by the American technology blog Business Insider deserves close attention of 25 hottest start-up technology companies. Translated by tencent technology, list as follows:

1, Ginger. IO

Ginger. IO company consists of data science, software engineering, interactive design, of experts in the field of clinical research, medicine, etc, to the researchers, a physicist and health care personnel to provide the corresponding behavior analysis ability, so as to improve the level of medical staff in the treatment of patients. The company involved in big data, health care and mobile, and other fields. Ginger. IO the information provided by the company according to the patient’s smartphone applications, help hospitals and medical staff care patients, detecting changes in the patient’s behavior and health.

2, Spire

recently for a period of time, the digital health is widely favored by investors, although most enterprises still need to prove their equipment and the application effect. One by the potential investors to start-up is the Spire, the company once considered the United States food and drug administration (FDA) approved it as a real medical equipment enterprises. Spire application can act as a very mature action tracker, you can state induction human movement, and the way of breathing. The device using this information, and through the mobile application allows users to better understand the daily activities, consciousness, etc. Spire use although there is no an Android version, but it must have the corresponding ability, to improve the user’s activity ability, relieve stress and enhance the user’s attention.

3, Headspace

there are more than 100 users are using some Headspace applications, to experience meditation and relaxation in the form of a kind of brand-new feeling. This is an excellent application, can locate the user’s schedule, tracking the user’s process, and help the user get feedback information in the process of walking. Users can even use it all on the trip to interact with friends, stimulate the vitality of each other.

4, Canva

Canva is Australia’s a start-up site, the company can make those not stylist USES the tools of drag and drop function to make the graphics. In the past 16 months, Canva 1 million users have created more than 700 design graphics. Canva, moreover, has just launched a new feature that allows users to share and discover the design, so as to let users posted their design work, pay attention to their friends and interact with others. Canva Design institute (Canva Design School) is a new platform, can provide users with more working space and teaching resource center.

5, Electric Objects

the start-up, in New York by jean-claude juncker levy (josh Levine) to create, has developed a computer code named E01. The machine is mainly used to display the user the hd art of the Internet in the home. Electric Objects is also the first to provide digital display, distribution system and integrated one of the products such as works of art. Users can explore and display tens of thousands of kinds of works, including the original works of art, or upload their own works. E01 computers can easily as a wall decoration, also can be used as a vertical decorations, specific style completely controlled by the user through the phone, and reflected in real time. Expect the limited edition E01 products will begin from May 2015 shipment.

6, Simpolfy

Simpolfy is a start-up of the use of technology to engage in political affairs, the products are still in the test. The company is located in Seattle, is a new independent enterprise, mainly by means of science and technology, told its members shall support which one representative or what kind of act, and convenient and its members through the site, very easy to contact with their representatives. Simpolfy mainly for those who use their websites to focus on hard data.

7, Blinkist

users might like to read some good books on workplace, but lack of time. The berlin-based Blinkist company developed an application, to some very popular non-fiction books, the main point to a length of 15 minutes of mobile card reader. These pooled together content can be in iOS, Android devices, and read in any web browser. At present, Blinkist collected more than 500 books, will be increased by 40 per month the content of this book. Users to pay $99 a year, you can get a preferential price Blinkist reader, so that you can read all the books, and listen to more new content by way of audio.

8, Kytabu


Kytabu in Kenya is a start-up, main is to make the digital textbooks, and allow the user to select the mobile platform to buy part or all of the textbook content. So, can let more users according to their own economic conditions to choose learning content and way. In Kenya, about 7.5 million children in regular school of learning, there are 7.2 million children in informal schools. Of course, blueprint Kytabu is most other African countries.

9, Crypho

Crypho is a start-up in Norway, main is to create the network real-time encryption communication solutions. Crypho can let users within a few minutes for their business to create a secure end-to-end encryption communication channels, in the process, the user does not need to install any software. Crypho applications running in the cloud. The user can come from different organizations and networks. In addition, plans are also available for users to use varied, from free account of individual account to large organizations, etc.

10, arg, 3 d

as 3 d printing will micro manufacturing is presented to the public, 3 d scanning is emerging in the eyes of the public. Arg, 3 d is the university of Oxford derivative company, the company developed a portable 3 d scanner, it is mainly used for 3 d mold application and 3 d printing. Arg, 3 d handheld scanner, for example, as a fool type 3 d graphics system, able to capture high-resolution images and color data of the object, and the cost was less than other similar with one over ten of the cost of 3 d scanning system.

11, the Metamind


MetaMind company provides a perfect solution of artificial intelligence, this solution is mainly composed of “deep learning” (DL) support. DL consists of a set of technical support, the technology does not need top experts to knowledge to programming for the algorithm. By contrast, the technology, by learning to observation data, provide natural language processing, computer vision and prediction database related solutions, such as automatic medical image diagnosis, as well as the aspects such as finance, marketing and social media analysis emotion analysis module, etc.

12, Wearable Experiments

this is a highly social driven wearable technology company, the company’s goal is to fashion and technology integration into functional design aesthetics. For example, the company’s new Alert emblazoned on products. For this product, Wearable Experiments company establishment and popular design of hardware, software, etc., and combined with the movement of the real-time data, the data transmission via a smartphone application to jersey. Alert after tshirt again will these data into a powerful perception, can die field sports activities.

13, Ello


Ello in August 2014 to launch a social network, at the time, the social network login only 90 friends. More than four months passed, and now the global millions of users began to join Ello. Global community, the social network should be able to become the scene of people encourage each other and the connection, not to deceive, force, and manipulating others. Ello site refused to support advertising, therefore, also refused to sell user data.

14, Cratejoy


yes, now people are in a “Shared economy” era, which is an important part of the subscription model. Cratejoy is an all-in-one platform, is mainly based on the subscription business model. Cratejoy can help users save time and focus on the real work of transaction, such as business users. Cratejoy includes a network generator, subscribe to the generator and some specially designed for all subscribe to the business and very cool reporting tools. Other useful feature is the “subscribe” and the thought similar to person “discussion BBS”.

15, Alfred


$99 per month, users can use their own personal butler Alfred. In fact, Alfred is like a friendly helper, once a weeks to users at home and help the user to do a good job in a week of household chores, including groceries, freezer in stock, laundry, dry cleaning, sewing, for the parcels, etc. In fact, Alfred was launched in New York and Boston at the end of 2014.

16, Spring


Spring is one of the best application of apple in 2014, it is a good mobile marketing applications. This app can provide a simple way to brands, so that consumers directly using the brands of the existing e-commerce infrastructure companies to shopping. Users to buy any products from brands there shipments. Spring, like Seamless and Grubhub, engine just ACTS as a reference. From the point of appearance, Spring more like them or Pinterst, unlike traditional shopping application. The most exciting feature is, however, when the users use the Spring, only the “brush” scheme, can easily shopping.

17, Fits me


Fits me is to use the robot models and artificial muscles to simulate the buyers to the required shape and size. Fits. Me virtual fitting room can let retailers online shoppers’ interactive experience, and to help shoppers choose the right clothes, reduce their clothes related kickbacks, increase the value of each order.

18, Bringg


Bringg is a start-up in Israel, mainly by software as a service (SaaS) and the mobile platform to provide enterprises with the corresponding ability to make enterprise have the ability to real-time display the current orders for their customers. In this way, customers can through the map to see deliveryman location, access to relevant detailed contact information and photos of the deliveryman.

19, Carwow


the new trading platform provider Carwow Holborn (Holborn) company is located in London, the small start-ups can give customers an excellent complete shopping experience. The user can through the online program to design their ideal car, however more selectively from the site carefully selected dealers buy cars directly.

20, Satellogic

if the new space revolution will come from a small start-up companies, Argentina Satellogic company may would be one of the important enterprises. In 2014, the company launched three satellites. Satellogic company aims to establish a model of satellites, so that every few minutes to draw every scene images on the earth. So you will be able to provide a real-time image of the earth, including the global business activities and planetary health, social conflict and natural events, etc.

21, Affectiva


the start-up process of the world’s largest sentiment analysis database (so far has more than 230 face images) are analyzed, with extremely mature senior patentability facebook and facial recognition software. Through high accuracy Affectiva technology and data to generate the unique insights and ideas, more about the market research, advertising, education and other industries will have important significance.

22, Exotel


Exotel company is located in bangalore, India, mainly to provide cloud communication services, intelligent tracking for each phone calls, record, and determined the phone line, this kind of service has intelligence analysis function, and then through the API and quickly integrated into the user’s existing CRM system. Exotel is about more than 500 corporate clients, the company found a cheaper way for companies to replace expensive call center.

23, We Are the Pop Up

We Are Pop Up company may help the lessee to the ideal place for quick and easy to find and leasing, including from shops and restaurants to other strange places. Tenant search hundreds of landlord provide places, you can contact with landlord directly by this platform. Through the application, the user can even lease fence, table, shelves, etc.

24, Gimlet Media

Gimlet podcast Media is a narrative nature of the network. nullnullnullnull

Theory of entrepreneurial talent: in 2 million, make up for the 2 billion, how to do it?

cloud network hunting note: lei jun recently in an interview when it comes to entrepreneurship is one of the hardest to find talent, talent is the root of the enterprise competition. Entrepreneurial talent that the cow force, you gave him 2 million can bring 2 million return, how to discover, organization, and motivate such generalship, is every entrepreneur should think proposition. This paper extracts from consulting and king, chairman of Wang Mingfu speech at the annual meeting and jun 2014 partners, about this thesis, there are a lot of dry goods, hunting cloud network share entrepreneurs, for all readers.

the following are the Wang Mingfu speech content, cloud network has cut:

some fund companies to take the initiative to break the original based on business value chain division of labor and process system, implementation of divisional system, encourage employees free combination form team, set up a division, a department can copy a fund, the fund raising and investment, and cooked in a spoonful of production and sales, in their own way of each team, ensemble, demonstrated capable will dry up, can’t allow them to die. This kind of game is what? is a division of labor and process efficiency, complete liberation talents, to the talent to platform and opportunity, let people do, allow the release of the original order of division of labor and process system . Industry more nature, more ambitious talents, is willing to move to companies such as elbow, chasing the dream. This is based on talent deconstruction and reconstruction. This play is successful, the industry competition equilibrium and talent distribution, will be broken, you race again. Originally wins by system of fund company, probably is subject to the system of laboring, run lost. And drop system, wolves, Wolf alone together, in the heart of the new race will win out, punch Lao shifu killed.

angels X, to the 1 million investment C gentleman of entrepreneurial projects, C company went bankrupt, lost money. C your startup to do the second project, also called X gentleman to angel investment of 1 million, but the first item 1 million, loss of light and convert into shares in the second project, so X jun for the second project is invested 2 million to fold into shares. C jun second venture project was very successful, New York listing this year. X into 2 million shares, now worth 2 billion yuan. This is the case, accident, but create a new style of angel investment: lock the entrepreneurial talent, investment of TA lifelong entrepreneurship, until TA entrepreneurial success. Failure of the investment in history, are converted into the final successful projects. angel investment? From investment projects to throw a person. Used to be for a startup project, the future is for the entrepreneurial talent .

appears on the market at present such talent investment fund, a target of a listed company key talent, let them whole system out of business, get rid of its original owner, the stove. Fund investment to them, give them to equity, talents, experience, product, know – how, technology, customer relationship and business models are panning out, quickly replicate a company can be listed. This kind of game is what? Is this naked crossover loot? The loot is too hard, stand up to such a young loot? Rob first, and then of cause, you die, I live. If you don’t talk about regardless of moral, this kind of style, too pragmatic. buy people, not buy stocks .

the investment is on the rise. BAT director level or more entrepreneurial talent, regardless of whether these people’s hands have a mature project, investors are willing to give money directly. A group via A dedicated team for upstream and downstream enterprises, investment in the form of equity cooperation talents, build “A company”. B group, hosted the first in China for high-end talent elite competition “must”, through the selection has the ability to realize the fast development of the enterprise personnel, then this talent to investment in the enterprise, along with funds guarantee safety and investment profit. investment decision basis, from the “thing” to “people” .

made the “house of CARDS” Netflix that HR should be the most important work is all go find , a good talent top 2-3 individuals even top 10 people use. Netflix is the most important is to find talent, promoted the culture of “freedom and responsibility”, let you to do, to the people to freedom, but also require you to take responsibility, can bear. This culture has been generally accepted in silicon valley.

many companies feel that the original industry or practice have not bottom go to, there is no future, must be innovation and transformation. This is not the development issues, is the life and death, the situation is very serious. How innovation and transformation? Rich, have a innovation incubation fund, money in the account, no problem; Building, park, are all ready, set up a small valley, also no problem. But the rich, floor, silicon valley, people? Lack is an innovative and entrepreneurial talent! These people cannot continuously to tenacity, long, what’s the use of money and building and park? Do you make of “silicon valley” is not the hollow? Look, the issue of life and death became the problem of innovation and transformation, innovation and transformation of the problem into the problem of talent . Can’t in talent to kung fu, who don’t also want to realize the innovation and rebirth, no matter how brilliant, can only watched their old, fall, just like that.

room, a lot of the mobile Internet mode, rob the traditional real estate intermediary cake. Tencent, general manager of shenzhen r&d center to participate in the room, vice President of vanke also jumped to a lot of room. Room, many people live, the traditional real estate intermediary companies have to die, the death of the greater the more miserable, the entire industry has to be reversed. Mobile Internet era, winner-take-all, rob is not one of two companies, but also the whole industry. Come up to a real tough rob talents, as long as he looks on an industry, as a result of the whole industry were robbed, alleged subversive.

vanke President YuLiang clearly put forward, the practice of it, hire professional managers, already can not gathering talents, must make business partnership. Vanke 2014 hr line assembly, YuLiang upgrade new concept: talent is the only capital of vanke, one and only. Ren zhengfei, emphasized the importance of talent in his language: “resources will be depleted, culture is the only thing that will be endless. Everything was created by human intelligence of industrial products. huawei can not dependent of the natural resources, only in the mind of people dig big oil field, forest, coal mine… “. It is said that haier is also broken, streamline integration of the industrial organization, encourage internal entrepreneurship, amebic organization. A private information technology company, in some units for grade nine partner, let nine level talents become business partners, who owned shares, attract talent, assets under management in group has reached the level of 800 billion yuan.

this sort of business phenomenon, happen every day. String together, can see “this matters”. I have a lot of enlightenment and thinking:
First of all, these are The Times of looting. Internet technology provides a technical means of implementation, rob the capital provided to loot “burn money”, prick silk counter attack become peoples cheering anecdotes, pirate spirit become a powerful, winning business style. All walks of life are rise up the looters, subversion, the business world, the world chaos, the original place is under threat, the original building structure is hit. Gone with business, everything is in rapid change and relatively stable strategy and organization, not to respond in a timely manner, only a person, can according to the front of guns and fighting, instant judgment and quick response. Whether offensive or defensive, talent again became the first rely on and hope. big fight for all the competition into the talent wars .

second, originally tried to set up the organization structure and process of system, need to deconstruct even off, otherwise difficult to adapt to the current talents competition, market change . This for a long time for us by the management of education, is a challenge, even subversion.

third, vanke YuLiang shout out a sentence “professional manager is dead, business partner era was born”. My feeling is: streamline type and control group was dead, platform and ecological organization was born. Process heavy, orderly, step-by-step, is losing its rapid response ability. Wild growth, flexible, and let it go independent talent in our company, could win, win by a mile. In the field of intellectual labor, this trend has been to see very understand, such as the Internet start-up investment field of information technology, IT industry, investment Banks, lawyers, accountants, designers, etc., according to the concept of business partners, platform and ecological organization, you cannot make a big company, almost made IT big in the history of the company have been hard to hold. Even the vanke, home textile, traditional industries such as haier company, also realized that no business partner system is hard to go forward again.

4, capital and talent: whoever light weight? capital chasing the talent, service for talents. From the investment enterprises, investment projects, invest in stocks, to investment in talent. And the capital, where are you running? Chasing the talent .

5, the organization and personnel: whoever light weight? talent is more important than organization, the organization adapt to the needs of talents, rather than talents to adapt to the needs of the organization . Logic is originally from harvard moved the classic management: strategy, organization, human resources, strategic decision organization, organization following strategy, human resource adapter. Now, it seems, need to establish a new management logic: talent move, organization with talent, organizational adaptation talent, strategy and organization turn around talents.

6, about human resource management, need to move to the talent management


    Out or update the “management” concept, is committed to talented person discovery and maximum value and the maximum efficiency of the play. Organizations around the talent.Not limited to the employees, but the scope of the whole society), from pay attention to “all for me” to “use”, open the talents ecosystem (millet fans to participate in product design, a member of the logical thinking, country garden’s overall sales, private school, and your APP micro think-tank, etc.).Based on human resource management in big data: the human resources management software records and accumulation of individual data, on the basis of the data for personalized management staff. Such as Google HR within established multiple data collection platform, to observe the employee’s work habits and behavior, cultivating human resources management measures. The appraisal of staff, salary, welfare and training, all to individualized treatment according to the data.Four, hr assumptions are changing the basis of the subject, from the human resource management to the talent development.

7. about age: I suddenly realized that the so-called “age”, is not a time concept, is the concept of intergenerational. Concept is the crowd. The metabolism of generational shift, create business and upgrade. New generation enterprises from the new generation of people. Can’t seize the new generation of people, don’t expect the old enterprise transformation and renewal.

conclusion: all want to go back to the talent, in the service of talent .

opportunity and platform for talents and where is the future of the organization, capital gains the tenacity, the cause of his .

entrepreneurs in the heart or the office to hang three picture: business landscape, landscape, landscape. If can only choose three, then hang talent version of the picture.

concerned colleagues will note that I am the evolution of management thought has a few years.

I like to talk about strategy before, my main thought and views, my main topic to communicate with customers, mostly about strategy. In strategic analysis and insight, I still have some experience, provides service to many enterprises, to verify the results.

then, I often talk about organization, to partners, and the disciples, to the entrepreneurs, I constantly stressed from doing business to do organization, clearly put forward the route and jun development: excellent reader, qualified professionals, business experts, professional master, group leader, become the top organizational leader is personal development. There is a situation I see very understand: the development of many enterprises, bottleneck in boss finish from the business experts to the change of the role of organization management . Please to jun E – learning center on demand and business school lessons, I speak of “grow up step by step: corporation organization development and construction article 19”. This class, concentrated the I feel about organization and management. And jun, President of many entrepreneurs say they on demand to listen to repeatedly, more listen to more feel, more listen to more have taste, special point.

this year, I often talk about talent. This year I give a few listed companies management advice, power is from “people”, the customer to talk to my strategy, I talk about with him, the customer to talk to my group, I talk about with him. On the people, people move, organization with dynamic strategy to follow, the effect is very good. I began to abandon “strategy to organization, HR management logic, and enable” – HR – organization and strategic direction of the management logic. About Human Resource Management, I also have a new understanding, from the Human Resource Management to Talent Development, from MAB teaching Human resources Management to the Talent Management or Development.


Carving ye meng wake: don’t consider prick silk, China’s biggest opportunity is the middle class

hunting cloud note: this article from the brisket, beaver family founder carving carving ye ye on December 14, “China business leaders conference”, edited text content. He thinks that China is now facing the rise of the middle class is the biggest opportunity was brought by the rise of the middle class consumption upgrading. The following part for speech:

in fact I never think that China will be a forever “the dream silk” countries, so don’t believe that lei jun, lei jun specifically like millet such “the dream silk” the product, I just think if this country is always “the dream silk” for the king, there is no future for the country, the Japanese had always relishes the middle class. I just think that China is now facing the rise of the middle class is the biggest opportunity was brought by the rise of the middle class consumption upgrading.

tuyere is a middle class lifestyle

what do you think I do fu the essential oil, carved ye beef brisket, beavers, etc., far see is marketing hype, looking nearly is product innovation, take a magnifying glass, actually we sell is a middle class lifestyle, that’s it. Fu the essence of life is never cheap, but we still can make the whole in the “double 11” inside beauty makeup class first. “Eagle ye flank” has just opened a store in Shanghai, the first day of opening to eat about 700 people, the results on the collar, not the final is 709 people didn’t eat. “Carved ye flank” four people eat to want 600 pieces, wine to the nearest thousand again, why is it so expensive restaurants do so well? And nail, this is a business edge, but it is a way of life, men generally don’t understand why want to nail, but such a seemingly useless things become almost every middle-class women’s favorite consumer behavior, why? Because it is a way of life.

remember, China’s biggest opportunity is for the evolution of the middle class lifestyle. Among the middle service is not good, is also the question what do they need? So many people called me on the net, say you do something bad, I quarrel with “the dream silk” everyday, “the dream silk” always scold me bad, is why sell 150 yuan for 100 dollars. Every day I talk to “the dream silk” spit, quarrel with them. Why is that? Because it’s interesting is the middle class is not willing to sound on the net, he want to see, after watching the judgment, he USES money to vote.

we come back to see food color, flavor, taste only six points, but he didn’t open the taste buds for most people, he is mother’s taste buds flavor or the smell of home cooking, eat to him a little beyond the smell of his understanding ability, he can’t understand. You can’t imagine what the middle class, what they have seen, what is good in their eyes, this is the most important thing. I don’t care about “the dream silk” scold me bad, he scold me bad, the middle class will be over. “The dream silk” care enough, big, cheap, “the dream silk” the business, I never do with “the dream silk” I yell. And for the middle class, he CARES about is exquisite tableware, is to have a formative.

so when you want to clear these, you will go to change some? This time we will be happy to talk about the problem of mission, originally want to talk about feelings, then changed a word call mission, this is or I think entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is have a sense of mission, that is to say what you want to do? Understanding of the service, each person’s logic is not the same, and each service industry is not the same. in the O2O change, and I think a lot, every company can define its business logic behind what’s driving, like consumers seem to show, but not the same idea behind. Cleaning aunt and I often contrast manicurist, nail, don’t you do not see what they have big different, but once you do manicure, you will find that this is the two industries in heaven and earth.

investment the craftsmen of lifelong learning

I like to do is defined, such as what is a craftsman? Three definition, first of all, artisans are knowledge workers. Chef is a craftsman, hairdressing, manicurist is artisans, why these craftsmen positioning for knowledge workers, I hand in effect on the surface, high level of real craftsmen, senior stylist because his eyes OK, not just his craft, he is mental workers. They don’t have the way through the big class education, large introductory education only, you go to lanxiang, learn to look at entry, no craftsman said my craft has been passed, can not learn, after two years of he came down, this is the career of lifelong learning. In contrast, beaver home wouldn’t do cleaning aunt, he is not the knowledge workers, only need large can teach good, the key is that he doesn’t need to lifelong learning.

craftsman is really a good way to solve the employment, a hairdresser do a few hair one day, a day a manicurist also draw a few nails, but when more and more people need his services, he will be more expensive. Industrial products to pursue is to be able to sell much quantity, quantity is the most important. Is the nature of the craftsmen to betray their own time, for them, how the unit is one of the most important time to sell a higher price.

every enterprise has its own genes, and genes do. For my team and I, frankly we don’t serve “the dream silk”, while the large amount of “the dream silk”, affordable, cheap, but the middle class could tolerate higher price, of course, the premise is you must provide a consistent service and value.


Silicon valley startup accelerator mainly showed a trend of the three


futurists, Singularity University (Singularity University) co-founder Peter Diamandis said that we live in a belongs to the golden age of entrepreneurs, more powerful now than ever before using exponential growth technology, to solve the major challenge facing mankind.

singularity university is known as the “ivy league” from the future. It encourage entrepreneurs to bold imagination, its college of business graduate programs more like tall, every year from global recruiting screening outstanding entrepreneurs, for 10 weeks of summer training, course content almost covers the latest cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, network and computer system, etc. Involved in the project entrepreneurs through a variety of ways to help at least 1 billion people over the next 10 years.

for ordinary entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial vision and looking for the singularity university project seems a bit far away, especially for those who haven’t start the project, with only half forming, idealistic, imperfect idea of entrepreneurs and how to better help your ideas may be your first consider the problem at present.

in Beijing, creative, but still half-formed, most first-time entrepreneurs will choose 3 w places such as coffee, looking for display platform, listening to the experienced entrepreneurs to share its entrepreneurial experience, and expand the Internet network resources.

in silicon valley, half forming project teams will have more options, they can join the emerging business college such as rip hero institute (Draper University). This school is by the venture capital firm DFJ (DFJ) founder Tim Draper (Tim Draper) founded, for those who are not ready for entrepreneurship of college students, or not ready to into the incubator and accelerator of entrepreneurs to provide a buffer of time.

Draper said she founded a Draper the purpose of University is to cultivate entrepreneurial “hero”. He thinks that college students at harvard and Stanford business school can learn a lot of cases, and skills, but he seems to lack something, he hopes to make up by the school.

a lack of this stuff can be reflected in DE rip hero academy school motto of “constantly failure, until success,” Draper University may be the world’s most encouraging failure of one of the college. Here, the experimental study is crucial, entrepreneurs will be asked to try all kinds of new things, continuous trial and error, and allowed to keep on trying until entrepreneurs don’t be afraid to try it for the team to prepare the future can be more comfortable with failure.

in addition to rise up the wind of a business school in silicon valley, the most pertinent to the booming business incubator and the accelerator. Incubators for entrepreneurs to provide places, allowing you to stay longer, can network here, learning and development; And accelerator is usually a short-term intensive training, high strength, it will be to single-digit share exchange small amounts of money and guidance.

the accelerator 500 Startups in silicon valley, founder of Dave McClure tencent technology interview said that overall, startup accelerator in the future there will be more innovative. Now booming accelerator, most can be washed out in the next few years. They have to with some existing 5-10 years of accelerator in competition, it is very difficult, “the more recent emerging accelerator is more and more focus on a particular area, more specialization and the distance, such as media, health care, and cloud services.” Dave said.

startup accelerator three trends

trend: specialization, vertical. Emerging startup accelerator prefer specific vertical, such as health care, cloud services, such as virtual reality

in recent years, the medical Health industry constantly emerging emerging business incubators, such as Rock Health, Startup the Health, the Blueprint Health, etc. Is currently the most pertinent to resources abundant StartX at Stanford university, the well-known silicon valley incubator Y Combinator start-up project also popular Internet health care this year, big companies such as ge is increased the investment in this kind of incubator, would like to share in this huge market.

the amazon cloud platform service AWS recently founded cloud service incubator at home, at the same time introduced the amazon AWS Activate start-up acceleration plan, provide cloud service for free for start-up companies. Microsoft has launched a cloud accelerator for start-ups provide all-round business resources, such as office space, Windows Azure cloud computing platform and related services.

last week, Google map (weibo) has just announced its support for virtual reality through the street; Intel recently just investment Avegant company to develop a Glyph virtual reality helmet; Facebook after with a $2 billion takeover of the Oculus immersive virtual reality helmet manufacturers. As the silicon valley giant IT layout field of virtual reality, the world’s first virtual reality incubator River, recently, by the vc institutions Rothenberg Ventures. River will be regularly invited leading experts in the field of virtual reality to direct attention in the field of the vertical entrepreneurs.

trend 2: differentiation. A startup accelerator to clear its unique value orientation, is likely to stand out. Incubation quantity and cycle

the silicon valley’s most prominent several accelerator including Y Combinator, 500 Startups, satellites, etc., their positioning determines its differentiation. Familiar Y Combinator hacker culture, is a paradise for programmers; Go global route 500 Startups are better at marketing, design, and the story; The biggest feature of satellites tutorial system mode is very perfect.

to maintain the survival of startups satellites are usually only choose the most potential company, selected from more than 4000 applications for every year 1% of the project, each probably around 10, they will get the tutor’s high attention, and get from 1 to 10 instructors more hand-holding. Founder David Cohen’s original intention is to focus on quality, to ensure that the incubation of every company to be successful.

compared with satellites, the investment philosophy of 500 Startups have significant differences. Founder Dave McClure tencent technology interview said that “we are small investment and incremental investment strategy. Small investment, a large number of startups first, and then through the market evolution picking good startup, we selectively to make additional investment to these winners.”

500 Startups at the same time may be the most internationalized and diversified in silicon valley startup accelerator. Dave appointed melvillo greater China partner last year, the latter will recommend some domestic high quality project to silicon valley to speed up the training. Melvillo tell tencent technology, in the amazon AWS cloud create the contest this month just have a start-up company called Fiberead is selected.

Fiberead is a cross-border project, mainly to help English composition books published in China, including e-books and paper books. Founder runas Jiang told tencent technology, they will be in January in 500 Startups in silicon valley, for 14 weeks. “Choose 500 Startups is hope it can give us an endorsement, attract like Ben Horowitz’s silicon valley famous author” runas said.

three trends: multinationals shift strategy. From start-ups mature after the acquisition, to early stage start-ups

these days, almost every week with a multinational company cooperate with startup accelerator or buy its area of a start-up company, Nike, Microsoft, Kaplan, Disney are cooperate with a startup accelerator satellites, such as, Microsoft accelerator, with Nike + accelerator in Kaplan (Kaplan) education technology accelerator and Disney accelerator.

these multinational companies will work with start-up as the key to innovation strategy, they are not alone, according to general electric company released “global innovation trends survey”, the report says 85% of the respondents said big enterprises, such cooperation can be targeted excavated from start-ups innovative electronic, to explore the possibility of more, and make up for a lack of certain aspects of creativity within the enterprise.

so why this trend? Why big companies are willing to jump out of the comfort zone and start-up companies establish cooperation? Read the innovator’s dilemma, “a book reader will find that the author christensen professor at harvard business school believes that many market leader was knocked out in a wave of revolutionary technological innovation, the fastest for subversive innovation type many times from start-up companies, they will jump out of the existing framework to think about the problem, the result is unexpected, market awareness there might be too late.

silicon valley accelerator plug-in & amp; Play recent momentum of development, the main reason is they docking large enterprises, a group of big companies such as IBM often to the accelerator, face-to-face communication with start-ups. Saeed founder? Echoed (Saeed Amidi said, multinational companies will past startups such as development of mature, then its bid to gain valuable technology, applied to their products.

but things are different now, such as plug-in & amp; Play for retail and media industries introduced corresponding accelerator project, every project has a big company sponsored at present, these sponsors for entrepreneurs to share their experience in management, and provide a certain amount of money to support the development of the project. “More importantly, they’re start-up company is directly involved in the early stage.” He insisted.


“Mouth” is more and more good domestic mobile phone manufacturers

(text/Lin Zhang)

cloud network hunting note: this is Chinese native smartphone brand outbreak of a year. And market share is the first title that matches the major mobile phone manufacturers “talk”. Compared with apple, etc; “XXX” the king of a kind of slogan with rotten, these two phenomena has become the domestic mobile phone manufacturers of common “strange phenomenon”…

huawei honor last week brought us a already, easing the bit in the iPhone 6 Plus and I disruptive innovation brought by the conference, conference released annual marks – huawei huawei glory glory 6 Plus.

early to see if the machine name, and reminds you of the familiar apple home Plus next door, but it can be said, calling it Plus not because 6 Plus apple house next door has a shipment, also not because of my product can do it “the big, big, the small, small, faster than fast, design the perfect” and call Plus, such goods with only 6 x; Call it 6 plus because it takes us to rethink the direction of the scientific and technological innovation, to rethink the pictures “. So this Plus represents huawei disruptive innovation. Does for disruptive innovation, we shall not discuss, after being product, consumer experience feedback is the best evaluation index. But for the conference, there are two things I think is very interesting: it is compared with the parameters of the apple, the second is the king of all kinds of pictures, making words, heavenly Kings, the king of days. And this also is very common in interesting points in domestic.

“fake apple” blouses sit: refuses to run a points

huawei honor to join the conference with apple more than seeing is believing; Of course, no one’s surprise, huawei honor 6 plus comfortable seeing is believing to relentless easing the bit in the apple. Whether in the screen contrast, saturation, heat dissipation, body weight, proportion, the fuselage display strength and take photos. Huawei honor 6 plus “significantly better than apple”. Similar to do such kind of easing the bit in contrast, huawei is not the first, nature also won’t be the last. Domestic conferences and contrast (apple) seem to is a required course, huawei, former home of millet, meizu, too, and the innocent is in in cutting-edge industry or a certain function ZanYangZhe widely by consumers. Actions poking fun at easing the bit in any other products, even cause a quarrel among firms war, based on the logic of no more than two points, one is the advanced nature to show their products. Second, from marketing, to get attention.

how to show the advantage of their products, the contrast of intuitive nature is the best choice. My processor are better than you, so I’m better than you. My camera pixels taller than you, so I better than you, my screen is larger than you, so I’m better than you. Although focus on mobile phone knows that parameter is a component unit of the entire mobile experience, is more important than the parameters of the system and function optimization. Balance is a mobile phone on the parameters and experience. But why the manufacturer still dare to use parameters to bombard consumers directly? Because in China, domestic a few years down the parameters of the tireless education has achieved remarkable effect, most do not understand mobile phone consumers parameters after these years of education, understand the significance of the parameters. In the eyes of most consumers, parameter determines how well a product; The higher the parameters, mobile phone on various aspects of the performance is better; User when the choose and buy the product, parameters would definitely on purchase decisions have a significant impact, that is why the millet quarrel with the 1799 war, millet bite a meizu MX4 using mediatek processor is not released. All hard to publicize their products parameter is how advanced.

in borrows this recruit, actually has said many times, the so-called borrows: by external force or others’ advantages of resources to achieve their marketing goals or effect. to see this definition, people must be suddenly enlightened, manufacturers both in the industrial design of imitation, or on the comments out of line, or parameters on easing the bit in; Or war with his fight, and so on, using all of these help from marketing, using their products with a strong product contrast, attract consumer’s attention, the attention both admiration and ridicule, which is the key, the focus is on rising awareness, making the popularity of product diffusion, manufacturers by boat across the river, so as to achieve the purpose of lend chicken unripe egg.

the above two points, intuitive easy, economic and beautiful, is shameless, but also understandable. But this seems wise, but it cannot hide their weak, lack of reality. Confident and strength, in the heart has its own world, why clings to others, itself is benchmarking, why even bother section of the boat across the river, lend chicken unripe egg?


hype hype, can change some fresh word?

every domestic conference, we always hear such as photo, night, the king of Kings, the king of days later, the little prince, disruptive innovation, seconds kill, comparable SLR vocabulary, such as how to promote the product of the sublime. Now the domestic a conference, few what the king of the you are embarrassed to say you are in the conference. A conference, pile technology, piles of seconds to kill, the king of the piles, not for consumers to create a “so that the machine, all I have, ask for anything?” Belief.

every conference I have such doubt: domestic know represented by the power of these words is in a what kind of heavyweight? Manufacturer of all kinds of word games, exaggerated propaganda, let the consumer to products have very high expectations, but after being with consumers, many cell phone practical experience, is a stark reality, propaganda and the actual effect of severe fall; Publicity forever can only exist in someone’s home, own it, can only blame you will not use it himself.

and the propaganda and the actual effect, serious difference, the refraction is the excessive marketing domestic capacity beyond the product itself, this is not only for its own brand irresponsible, more can be said to be a fraud to consumer. Consequences of such actions, can only be mistrust of the number of domestic consumers.

domestic handset “first title” the value of how much?

to domestic, this year should be a cause for celebration, total share from domestic manufacturers over samsung and LG, to become the world’s first. , according to Gartner 15 in the third quarter of this year global smartphone sales report: huawei, millet and associations in the world’s top five smartphone makers in three seats occupied, second only to samsung apple. This year is a year of domestic rise, comprehensive in the world, but see this single family ranks the 345 data, I have not a trace of excitement, investigate its reason is: although domestic handset shipments first,, but the reality is using the power of the national contrast to samsung, LG. The first, is unity is strength, but it seems that more is the irony. Won the first this year, but still did not change the domestic in the low-end consumer heart, a copycat awkward position; Domestic priority in the consumers’ mind is still less than the first. Domestic still can only rely on low prices to build market, domestic is still facing a serious don’t match the market share and reputation. Moreover some domestic strong push concept, do the excessive marketing beyond the product itself, let consumer trust not to its;

we can’t deny the great progress of the few years, but we cannot because there are more progress you will ignore some out of nature’s way, shield indulgence. For domestic, sincerely hope that they will be able to more on the products take a state of mind, to do less on advertising hands and feet; In front of consumers, be yourself and don’t get lost in the cheat and lie; In the sea of competition, relying on efforts to innovation, rather than go to imitate a shortcut to plagiarism. For domestic, criticism and ridicule are love, just love the way is different, and I am willing to when the dislike of critics.

this paper hunting cloud network contributing authors, science and technology industry watchers Lin Zhang from god. Views represent only personal, reprint please indicate the source.

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Morning: millet denied acquisition rambler, win in the workplace, I love to learn loan financing

hunting cloud network on December 26 (text/who)

millet denied that is interested in buying rambler

millet company foreign denied that is interested in buying or walk in. Millet company relevant personage of response is “no matter”. Have a headset industry revealed that, millet could acquire rambler, even if not to buy, can also be in sharply. Rovers last week announced a “quasi planning material assets reorganization”, most were suspended 30 calendar days, it seems to confirm the millet in the accuracy of the rambler. Rambler “if millet, perhaps hoping to in TV and earphone products and enhance cooperation.” Report said.

spluttered pa dozen face there. Cloud network think hunting, medicine can eat, words can’t blather, one thousand achieved, you are god?

Liu Jin introduced heavyweight shareholders JPM, billion-dollar valuations

Liu Jin welcomed by major shareholders JPM, valued at $10 billion. For what Liu Jin, it is important to have adequate capital, more is to convey the meaning of partitioned offering signals. According to the judgment, Morgan Stanley 5% stake to 5%, is the future of the IPO Liu Jin lead underwriters, and private financing approaches listed before do not rule out round, further optimize equity governance structure. Liu Jin business is moving forward rapidly, is the greatest heavyweight domestic Internet financial platform.

I win in the workplace, love to learn loan financing

I win in the workplace is an IT professional education web site, was founded in 2009, by adopting the combination of the original video + has its own platform model, to provide users with complete sets of the forefront of IT technology education, had earlier in 2013 to obtain very angel investment fund 2 million yuan, the current content has covered 80% of the IT professional field.

installment shopping platform for college students’ love learning borrowed “10 million angel financing. Love is a college student to learn loan installment shopping platform and consumer brands in stages, in August, is launched, the end of September, broken millions of sales. Through the website platform, users only need to provide student id card and id card consumption staging.

college students group, publicity costs relatively lower. Preparation of business friends, hunting cloud network can only help you to be here for a while, waiting for you to start-ups forming, we’ll help you report.

apple/reverse AirPlay patent

Apple has just won the United States patent and trademark office granted a new patent, the patent can make content displayed on a portable device, which can let the Apple TV broadcast content on such a position fixed equipment, real-time synchronization to the iPhone, such as the iOS device. In addition, it also supports the Apple TV interface mirrored to iOS device screen – perhaps this is Apple recently changed the Apple TV interface.

the so-called high-tech, is unable to experience, heart ah. Collected hunting cloud network is unchanged, striving, apple a full set of equipment, can be called Steve jobs.

Facebook brand home page redesign

Facebook is part of the Pages (brand home page) to test the new layout, aimed at convenience stores in the video section with large size highlight video. Visitors to brand home page can real-time view someone else’s comments. The new test interface also changes the previous album type video list, favour the video list of standard layout. In addition to the video length and title, users can directly see (Like) and traffic statistics. Pages also set the playlist for related video.

new interface allows businesses focus on Facebook at least, not suggest user to access YouTube channel. Think can also understand, like all kinds of social software, website, China know would say, after my micro letter.

the assassination of Kim jong-un, north Korea accused the us thumb up

24, SONY pictures entertainment company through the Internet platform of the controversial film “interview”, a day earlier than theaters, is north Korea has condemned. North Korea strongly condemns the film, accusing SONY pictures entertainment “abetting ACTS of terrorism”. Asked if he was going to watch the film, the President of the United States golf holiday in Hawaii barack Obama smiled and replied: “I’m happy for release it.”

the more you don’t let to see, the audience want to see more, plus the screen size, one ticket is hard to find. Hunting cloud network in baidu cloud find lots of resources, friends to search see, feel the malicious capitalism to socialism.

hacker attacks PSN and Xbox Live online game service

a group of hackers on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online gaming service attack. PSN status page displays current service for online, but the official Twitter support page has admitted that some users may login problems. On the other hand, Xbox Live page show the login service is not available at present. In other words, the user can’t use now Xbox Internet function. Hacker groups “Lizard Squad,” said it was responsible for the matter, said the two online services are paralyzed under the organization of the attack, claiming that until one Twitter message is forwarded 100000 times will not stop.

both SONY and Microsoft has said that the two companies are working to fix the problem.

miit: encourage what to broadband market

the ministry issued “notice about to open the broadband access to private capital markets, and encourage private capital to a variety of patterns into the broadband access market. Ministry of industry and puts forward three models, one is to encourage private enterprises to build a broadband access network infrastructure needed for the business, and with their own brands to provide users with broadband Internet access. The second is to encourage private enterprises to capital cooperation, business agent, network post-commissioning maintenances a variety of forms and basic enterprise cooperation, share the benefits. Three is to encourage have Internet access service business license (ISP) of private enterprises, from basic telecommunications companies hire access network resources, with their own brands to provide users with broadband Internet access.

speech: I got China telecom broadband, a year after the contract expires must hold my identity card to the local business hall teardown formalities, otherwise continue to charge by the month. Younger sister, you had to deal with the online order, you didn’t let me go to postal service hall with my identity card, and a broken fiber optic cat, you lost the move, you dare to nearly five hundred, who give you courage. Resolutely resist telecom, starts from me.

operator for the first time to the virtual operator provides 4 g resale business

China mobile has been fully opened to virtual operator 4 g network and provides 4 g resale business. At the same time, China mobile will provide new 4 g packages to virtual operators, in speech, short MMS, traffic, WLAN and other business to provide comprehensive package, module, unit price resource pool model, and set up according to the market mainstream prices change in a timely manner to optimize the mechanism of virtual operating the wholesale price, which is open to the virtual operator based operator for the first time so far 4 g resale business, after all is 3 g business. China mobile will strive to achieve all 17 in the first half of 2015 the formal commercial number allocation of virtual operators. Suning interconnection is moving and alignment and is expected to open the 4 g network before the Spring Festival.

cloud network wait for ali communication sent out hunting them roughly 1705, 4 g, decisive give up China telecom, you wait for users continue to negative growth!

Microsoft will shut down Beijing mobile phone factory dongguan

Microsoft mobile phone in Beijing and dongguan factory will closed in the next three months. And this is the original nokia mobile phone production base. This is part of Microsoft’s global 18000 job cuts. Shut down the factory is expected to more than 1000 employees will lose their jobs, and led to a part of employees. Microsoft in December 17 formally notified the factory workers. Microsoft requires employees to confirm signing before January 6, 2015, if the employee didn’t accept the company agreement will unilaterally terminate labor contract, standard compensation according to law. Allegedly, Microsoft to these employees redundancy is “N + 2 + annual bonus”.

touch officially closed the Shanghai branch of science and technology

touch technology in internal announced the closure of Shanghai branch. After touch Shanghai branch is mainly responsible for Japan and South Korea deputy products (mainly “Hello Hero” and returned to Gumi “brave front”) and “mortal cultivate immortality” mobile game operation. Understands from touch technology, the closure of the Shanghai office of decision very suddenly, employees had not received the relevant notice, but are now talking about the branch off after they receive severance, and other issues. The touch will be cut 10% of science and technology, the purpose is to shrink the game operation front.

the water game, estimate is also associated with Chinese people eager mood, playing games is to blow out, ‘you gave me half a day, also didn’t get into the business, not rushing to let a person tired, uninstall it.