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Which is more economical to buy a car or a taxi to rely on software, what?

Uber really can completely replace the car in the city in the United States to buy? Let’s look at these data.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick maintained their travel service on demand eventually will completely replace the car to buy. He is convinced that one day, all Uber cars appeared on the road can realize unmanned. Technology progress and fierce competition have repeatedly lowered the cost of a ride sharing system in peer-to-peer networks there is no denying the fact that the beneficiary has always been the vast number of consumer groups. So, for the typical American dream and have any special meaning? Means house, car and the child? Or I’ll tell you, in fact is not such.

about two years ago, I sold my 2000 Lexus GS 300, and then replaced by a modern single speed Pure Fix a commuter. Two years later, I still ride a bike to go to work every morning. If the distance is far from five miles, or all of a sudden I don’t want to exercise, I will call a Uber. I have a passion for Uber safety and convenient, the overall quality of their cars are excellent. In particular, as a young black woman, I’m always at ease, because I never have to deal with the police in the Uber car.

because I always doubt that owning a car is a huge and there is no need to financial liabilities, so I did some calculation before I sell the car. Like their discarded DMV, rely solely on Uber, really is feasible? After all, I live in the United States in Los Angeles, the most complex urban transportation, also, this is also a city made of the internal combustion engine. Of course, this calculation is not say so simple, you should not only have a little mathematical mind, still have to Google it from time to time.

annual cost of owning a car

, according to a 2014 survey of AAA in the United States, with a medium car and driving cost is $8876 a year, mainly divided into the following six cost:

l value ($4260)

l fuel ($2130)

l interest ($976)

l insurance ($887)

l maintenance and repair ($355)

l registration fees and taxes ($355)

in small cars, for example: the Chevrolet cruze, ford focus and Honda civic, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.16, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $6957.

midsize sedan, for example: ford fusion, Honda accord and Toyota camry, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.19, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $8839.

in pickup trucks, for example: dodge caravan, Honda Odyssey or kia ka wah, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.21, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $9753.

in large cars, for example: 300 Chrysler, ford Taurus or nissan swift horse, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.21, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $10831.

in large suvs, for example: the ford explorer, the grand Cherokee or nissan pathfinder, gas cost per mile, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: $0.23, total for the whole year (assuming a year driving 15000 miles) cost: $11039.

in luxury SUV, for example: the porsche cayenne, jaguar XK, west sierra or infiniti QX56, tyres and car maintenance cost a total of about: 0.31, for a total (assuming a year driving 15000 MPH) cost: $15250.

l traffic ticket ($75)

now, we add the cost of transportation such as speeding tickets and have a look. Motorists association international (NMA) show that americans pay for their tickets as much as $15 billion a year, the ticket number is as high as 50 million, an average is $75 per person per year. NMA also said the average six years americans will get a speeding ticket, this will let him in the course of his life insurance surcharge of amortization of about $300 every year.

l parking fee ($1300)

according to ABC’s survey, the average American spends $1300 on the parking fee, but this is higher than premium and vehicle maintenance.

l opportunity cost ($2493)

the value of your time, it may be overlooked by the americans a overhead. You spend every hour on the drive can be used to do any of the other more meaningful things, such as exchanging email on a mobile phone, to prepare for a meeting notes, reading the news or research a new topic. These times are you loss of productivity. , according to the bureau of labor statistics data, the American people’s average income is $24.45 per hour, one of the highest income is the public utility service personnel, about $34.45 an hour, the lowest income is unemployed, about $13.86 an hour. In 2011, the average daily commute one-way spend time on the road about 25.5 minutes, back and forth is 51 minutes, is 4.25 hours a week, a month is 17 hours, 204 hours each year. If americans average income per hour can be used to calculate, we is not hard to find, because their commute lost productivity, they lost about $4987 a year. Assume that everyone can use alternative means of transportation, (such as Uber), and on the way, there are 50% of productivity, so the opportunity cost can be reduced to $2493 a year.

all in all, if we add up all the cost, we can find the in the United States the cost of owning a car is about $12744 a year ($1062) a month . The number and consumer reports also perfectly, the latter also estimates that each year for every car consumption is about $9100 (not counting the opportunity cost) – small cars and the prius is about $5000, about $16000 in luxury cars and suvs.

annual expenditure use Uber

it is time for Uber over your mobile phone. Although there are many other on-demand taxi company, we usually use only Uber, because the company more detailed data. Uber, like many of its rivals, as long as you pay 20% to 30% of the cab fare will be able to enjoy the collection of reliable, convenient and costly to a service. If you go to use it anywhere (go to school, to work, and even to club). But first, we need to have a few ideas:

l we live in can use one of the 64 cities of Uber

users only use Uber X l (than take taxi or use Uber Black 20% cheaper)

l user besides Uber X does not use any other vehicles

l users to avoid prices have a flexible schedule

l users in the use of Uber X 50% during the period of productivity

l users wait for Uber X time is around 5-10 minutes

Uber based in Los Angeles fee is $0.8, plus $0.21 per minute and the cost of $1.1 per mile, these you can be seen on valuation table.

according to the federal highway administration (FHWA), according to a report of 13476 miles per year on average, American drivers “average commuting distance is about 25.2 miles. You must be curious, because about 13000 miles from New York to Los Angeles two back and forth. Finally, the United States census bureau estimated the average commuting time 25.5 minutes (the longest is 31.9 minutes in Chicago, the shortest is Columbus Ohio 21.8 minutes). Since there is no more data, we can only assume the average commuting time and time can be controlled to other destinations (going to the grocery store, bar, club, hospital, my friend’s house, etc.).

now, we know that the average American long drive 534 times a year, that is 1.47 times per day (2.05) each day. They will spend 13588 minutes in a year for commuters, an average 37.1 minutes a day (52 minutes each day). These figures sounds very reasonable.

to $1.1 per mile, every minute of the day the price of $0.21 and $0.8 per trip, every American people need to pay the Uber basic fare of $427 (534 * 0.8), to calculate the costs $14823 per mile (13476 * 1.1), to calculate the cost of $2880 per minute (534 * 25.5 * 25.5).

l basic fare ($427)

l to calculate the cost per mile ($14823)

l per minute to calculate the cost of ($2863)

in other words, the if you go to anywhere with Uber X, you spend about $18115 a year ($1509) a month . Unfortunately, even if you don’t have to consider depreciation, fuel, interest, insurance, maintenance, repair, registration fees, taxes, parking fees, speeding ticket and opportunity cost, Uber or than driving to spend a little more. So, own and drive a mid-size cars should be cheaper.

what’s reasonable or not, “travel distance” word

the average is a good thing, but actually, everyone is with us to create the model of a series of calculation. In order to help understand, below I compress these two models:

a year with the cost of car=annual depreciation + fuel each year, the annual premium on annual interest + + for repairs to the annual maintenance fee + year + annual registration fee, parking fee + year tax + each year the opportunity cost of a year, a speeding ticket +

a year Uber cost + (how many miles/average commuting distance * 0.8) + (how many miles * 1.1) + (how many miles/average commuting distance * * 0.21 average commuting time)

in this model, we use a intersection skillfully dealt with several variables – in this case, the 9481 – mile – the cost of owning a car and use UberX cost is the same. Suppose you have a mid-size sedan, you spent $12744 to buy it, and you travel 9481 miles a year, then it doesn’t matter why don’t you have a car, their cost is the same.

1 example: (owning a car is cheaper)


one year 13476 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $18115.06.

example 2: (the costs)


one year 9481 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $12744.

example 3: (use cheaper UberX)


one year 5000 miles,

average commuting distance: 25.2 miles,

: the average working hours 25 minutes,

the cost of owning a car: $12744,

use UberX cost: $6721.



in that case, you should understand. for 13476 miles on the American people a year, owning a car will have to pay them $12744 a year, and where to use UberX costs $18115.

however, in less than 9481 miles of americans should consider owning a car is worth, because use UberX will be cheaper.

whether Uber X, UberPool, Lyft, LyftLine or sidecars, decide which cheaper transportation is the only factor you driving mileage. If you and I don’t like, I suggest that you bring your variable into the model to calculate a calculate, to your own conclusions.

(final statement: I don’t have any relationship and Uber)



Lego box $37.19 million B round, millet and led

(word/qing nan)

the domestic investment and financing platform for P2P network announced today that lego box to complete the total $37.19 million B round, millet and led to capital, partners China, temasek’s investment, the intime capital and jade auspicious peak are involved with.

this is also in the earlier this year the intime capital after A round of funding, lego box in the latest action of the capital level.

the news about lego box B round began in a few days ago on the Internet, then the investor is millet and for capital.

block boxes and millet, revealed that both sides will embark on a number of resources in the field of Internet financial complementary strategic cooperation. When it comes to why investment block box, millet co-founder and vice President of flood peak, said the “very important building block box team rich experience in the field of Internet financial and operational ability, and the two sides in common in terms of values and business concept.”

after the analysis thinks, this millet investment lego box is the main purpose, and millet production chain produce synergies, millet financial supply chain. At the same time also can let millet chain of developers to complete capital needs more efficiently.

the data shows, since its launch in 2013, lego box platform on the total amount of dealmaking nearly 2 billion yuan, the top quickly. Although P2P regulatory problems in Taiwan, but relevant policies also gradually began to clear. This is investment institutions begin to choose filling the Internet one of the reasons for the financial sector.

the lego box the raise of funds, in addition to strengthen the team construction, will further expand in risk control, technical support, product development and brand construction, etc., and to expand our business to more industries and regions.


Exclusive lesbian Lespark: les dating applications

(article/’ hope)

Lespark is a dedicated to create a pure les community, exclusive labradors mobile applications. Founder Liao Zhuoying graduated from China people’s university computer science department, engineer saw the Chinese gay market, their products Lespark introduced under the condition of the zero promotion fee less than half a year, more than 300000 users. In June this year Lespark have angel round.

founder Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network a set of data, China’s gay population 70 million by conservative estimates, potential users of more than 40 million. 40 million gay, lesbian, 20 million. In the global scope, the gay market gradually surfaced, is the number of people know also will be more and more big.

as opposed to a lesbian application Lespark Gaypark, comrade Gaypark is their another application, both with high ZiHang far technology co., LTD belongs to Beijing. In relatively mature mode, Gaypark Lespark also has its specific user consumers. At home, a similar Zank, Blued, G friends gay social applications such as the “pink economy” is bringing a new business world.

the future business model, Liao Zhuoying tell cloud network, hunting for application at the same time, attempts to develop O2O offline businesses do. Develop and les related products at the same time, try to do some relevant electricity products.

when it comes to do the purpose of the product, the founder Liao Zhuoying quipped: “development is the inspiration from friends, my students in the process of making a good cool, friend, one month down, relationship is getting better and better, but unexpectedly found each other is actually a ‘T’!”

in fact along with the social open degree rise, in the future market there may be a male and lesbian serious relationship with marriage as a form of asexual marriage application, the two sides together, make the welfare of the gay market together.

for now, however, this relatively new market, lesbian group was more implicative, social and economic strength is less, more reliance on family and social pressure on lesbian. In the long pent-up demand, lack of open communication channels. Lala market the market far less comrades excavating, is in a state of relatively backward.

and Lespark to do is “have gay men + women at the same time with the user community, let Gaypark + Lespark, common to create synergies.” This pattern is like a Gay products abroad Brenda, walk Brenda – les + Brenda – Gay double product strategy. There are similar female similar applications such as frequently L.

Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network, currently Lespark users is relatively high quality, high proportion of UGC, willing to share high quality content. The user can according to the mobile phone near location to find like-minded people, personal data model are carefully designed. By voice, images, pictures, text and other chat mode, or by Les exclusive community better communication and understanding between the individual user. In addition, Lespark also USES data mining, automatic push the user’s preferred type of users, the future want to create a high viscosity of tribal exclusive lesbian community.

“future young people are more willing to share and activities in different circles. So the future is the trend of the outbreak of a vertical market segments. This is especially true for les. Because of social factors, they more and more people prefer to choose such relatively hidden way of online dating. The market will continue to grow. At the same time around the world, this is a blue ocean, the market is enough big, users with high quality, consumption ability to guide will be big enough.”

at present, Lespark has started to expand business overseas. Lespark future goal: lesbian mobile social tribe. Liao Zhuoying also to make their product positioning “Lespark lala WeChat, comrade Gaypark Momo.” Legs power can be more outstanding, remains to be seen.


time: in May 2014,

company: Beijing high ZiHang far technology co., LTD.


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Apple’s 2014 launch speed reading: no surprise

(/horse relief yi wen)

today early morning, apple product launch was held as scheduled. On the grand carnival, apple previously expected, launched three new products. They are a bigger screen iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus; Apple smart Watch Watch; Apple Apple Pay Pay system. Overall, happy is the product of new performance, jing is in mainland China for start, please listen to xiao yun road from them at all.

iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus

as revealed by hunting before cloud network, a new generation of the iPhone has a bigger screen. Apple is called the iPhone since its launch, the biggest innovation. But did not use a tour before the sapphire screen.

Basic configuration:


4.7/5.5 inch LCD screen;

750/1920 x 1334 x 1080 resolution;

carry A8, built-in M8 coprocessor;

8 million pixel camera Lord;

thickness of 6.9 mm/7.1 mm;

iOS system;

support NFC, Wifi. 802.11 ac, LTE.

highlight window:

appearance and outstanding differences on the generation of the iPhone: equipment around the rounded, rather than the metal cutting process. Overall feeling giving a person the iPhone 6 more rounded (Plus). Although there may be no metal trimming looks more tall, but apple suggesting that the purpose is to let the user experience more comfortable;

a bigger screen, bring more exhibition space. Many future applications will be in view of the landscape display mode of the iPhone, special optimization;

64 A8 processing performance, processing speed increases, power consumption reduced by 50% 25%. GPU processing speed up 50% compared with the previous generation;

M8 coprocessor help undertake all related health track of “transaction”;

a new generation of the iPhone new barometer;

new LTE voice calls function, let the call quality is higher and more stable;

the new sensor, automatic focusing speed 2 times, maximum photographed 43 million pixel hologram. In addition, the iPhone 6 has a digital image stabilization function, while the iPhone 6 Plus adopted more advanced optical image stabilization technology;

apple did not disclose the iPhone 6 battery capacity, but it pointed out that a new generation of the iPhone’s battery life improved: the iPhone 6 Plus can maintain 24 hours of 3 g talk time, while the iPhone 6 to 14 hours of 3 g talk time. IPhone 6 Plus 14 hours of high-definition video watching, while the iPhone 6 to 11 hours.

new called “Reachability” gesture, double-click the decline in Touch ID can make the whole display screen, and display all of the things is at the top.

listing and price:

it is understood that the new generation iPhone will officially begin to accept reservation on the 12th of this month, but China is out of place in the starting state by accident, I’m afraid that will disappoint many fruit powder. Apple said, log in at the end of the world’s 115 countries and regions.

the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus depending on the size of the storage space, a total of three gears. 16/64/128 gb iPhone 6 two-year binding contract price $399/199/299. Bare machine the price of the iPhone 6 did not say, but analysts say may refer to the iPhone 5 s bare-metal price ($849/649/749). (16 g hk for 5588 Hong Kong dollars, or 4424 yuan)

32/64/128 gb iPhone 6 Plus two years of the binding contract price $499/299/399. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 s binding contract price will drop to $99, while the iPhone 5 c will be sold free binding contracts.

Apple Pay

details about Apple Pay after press reports are true, basic hunting cloud network editor you comb for you to do some important information.

first, Apple will Pay in the NFC and Touch ID, with the help of common finish goods identification, selection, to complete the payment process. Simply press the Touch gently ID with the purchase can be completed payment experience;

second, new Element called the Secure chip, is used to store a user’s transaction total user key information such as credit CARDS account. This means that even if the hacker to steal the user’s account password, the clouds also these payment information cannot be obtained;

third, retailers cannot obtain the user’s credit card information, apple will provide a one-off transactions for each transaction code;

4, so far, the United States Amex, Mastercard, Visa, bank of America, Disney, McDonald’s, Whole Food, Subway, the company, OpenTable relationship with apple or being negotiated.

Apple Watch

when we think of the conference is coming to an end, inherited the “legacy” apple, jobs presented to change the world for us again “One More Thing… “. However, apple for the smart watches, if really can change the time, only to the time and the public to verify.

cook and others not in the conference revealed details of Apple’s Watch. At present, we only know the device configured sapphire screen, with apple custom processor.

highlight window:

back with four sensors, data is used to monitor the pulse and so on human health;

introduced Digital Crown key, similar to the iPod Nano manipulation of the wheel, can complete the return to the home page, expand the proportion of narrow application shows, select applications, such as skin changes;

– very interesting Digital Touch social communication function, when activated, the user can quickly select contacts, and send text, voice, vibration and other instructions;

a similar MacBook magnetic suction charging, watch appearance without additional charge socket;

support Siri voice commands interaction;

apple will appear to the third party application developers provide WatchKit development kit.

listing and price:

unfortunately, Apple Watch will be listed at the beginning of next year, priced at $349, with different material strap (metal, leather and rubber), and selection of different versions (movement).


Hungry for a new round of financing, take-away O2O war and “swan”

the take-out O2O increasingly fierce competition, sold at home and abroad platform hungry to hunt cloud confirmed, the company has recently completed a new round of financing, precise information will be announced at the end of this month.

there are media reports that one of the number of domestic Internet giant for the investors, the amount in the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars. Another news that amount is $300 million more than the end of the rumors, is expected to reach about $1 billion. But from the point of the data comprehensive comparisons, hungry? The round line 3 – about $400 million, $1 billion data there should be a lot of water.

was founded in 2009, the online jingle is its main business. Financing process is as follows: in March 2011 for GSR ventures millions of dollars. In January 2013 from partners China, millions of dollars of GSR ventures; In November 2013, from sequoia capital China, warp/weft, GSR ventures $25 million in financing in China. In May 2014, the joint investment on public reviews, both investors $80 million.

the latest publicly, according to data from the hungry? Coverage has reached more than 200 city, the number of employees increased to more than 2000 people. Orders at the same time, the hungry yao announced the day also to present the growth of the ten times, from accept public comment on the investment of 100000 single shot up to 1 million. Rapid growth of a large part of the reason behind is to rely on capital booster.

at the same time of rapid enclosure, hungry? Are competing with American take-away, baidu take-away rivals in three or four line city’s “subsidy”, even fisticuffs broke staff events, which also sparked controversy. Some media even external attributed hungry? Cut subsidies measures to “capital chain rupture.

although hungry? Top to deny funding breaking news, but in a race with rivals now, hungry? Does need more “ammunition” funds to support.


First film ferry people start, ali pictures play began to emerge

(wen xuan/day)

since June 2014, announced the acquisition of a 60% stake in China Hong Kong listed company culture, then renamed ali pictures and attract CFG stake executives after joining as CEO zhang qiang, ali pictures started a new journey. After preparation of the past, ali pictures, the first official public disputes.

today, ali pictures, announced by the pitch of the movie project “ferry people”, the film will be held by a famous director wong kar-wai producer, jia-jia zhang served as the director, the famous actor Tony leung as actor. This is not only the company changed its name after the first film project, is also the alibaba group into the film and television entertainment culture after the first full mastership film products, therefore also pay more attention.

ali pictures CEO zhang qiang, said as alibaba group in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business mainly to undertake, future ali pictures will be on the Internet and big data business development origin, build to user needs as the starting point of innovation, accelerate the culture resources integration and business development work, build new culture of industry chain operation mode.

alibaba group had been determined, the future will be “happy” and “health” as the main body of strategic planning, and in the content production and distribution, video playback, and made a lot of home entertainment building layout, ali and pictures will be its flagship in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business.

while the appearance of the ferry people can be seen as ali pictures, product line, which consists of a good story as the carrier, is cast with a line written and directed, super cast as forms of product development and operating system, and finally form the audience demand as the core of culture operation.

as the adjustment of business and resources integration and ali pictures product development work also in orderly progress. According to relevant personage, in the list of ali pictures, product development, many movies and TV product development progress has accelerated, is expected in the future, the company will have more products are available. At present, in addition to the ferryman project, ali pictures has bought the princess huanzhu adaptations of novels and movies “Wolf totem” overseas distribution, and so on. Not only around the popular IP acquisitions, ali pictures, also obtained the wong kar-wai, Peter chan and Stephen chow quality director is the future of the right of priority investment of the project, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the director.

big data as the core, to build the whole chain business ecological

in addition to product development and operational aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, ali pictures more will gradually start to the Internet as a technology, under the precondition of big data operations in ecological chain industry development.

the industry recognized as the world’s largest electric business platform and mobile e-commerce platform, ali group with vast accumulation in the field of big data. And according to these data mining and the development, will become the core competitiveness of the ali pictures. IT also conforms to the ma for industry by the IT to DT (video) data era of core development demands.

with the support of big data technology, ali pictures to deep mining of mainstream movie crowd consumption demand, consumption habits, such as demographic attributes information. In film dispersing pertains to the means of big data for project selling point and publicity channels, improve marketing arrival rate and conversion rate.

in addition, in the field of development of derivatives, ali pictures will be sent to you by ali data master big movie user demand for derivatives, to user needs as the starting point, cooperate with the merchants of alibaba platform, using the merchant’s experience to develop the audience favorite derivatives.

in the aspects of production and, ali pictures will also develop C2B (tailored to customer needs as the core business and industry) of the model, through the alibaba group’s large data, cloud computing, data analysis and electric business platform, based on the data analysis, product design and can meet the demand of the masses of the film and television. In the future, ali pictures may also be specific consumers make customized products, for example, on the basis of property analysis of specific consumer groups, make conform to different generations, different types, different areas of demand of film.

according to the related resources integration planning, ali pictures will be attached and with the help of alibaba group, the industry in order to perfect the Internet ecosystem, through to the electronic commerce, social networking, interactive entertainment, LBS value-added services, video distribution platform and payment platform, and other important business integration and coordination of the plates, constitute O2O closed-loop movie marketing model.

zhang qiang, said the improved offline channels of the inherent advantages, ali pictures electric business platform will be the important ticket sales channels and film propaganda media, make full use of the flow of taobao for the movie, and through the pay treasure to platform to attract users to buy the tickets.

at present, the pictures are and taobao ali movie together, build a new set of product sales system, optimize the online reservation booking to improve marketing efficiency and film, the development of electricity and the depth of the culture industry cross-border cooperation models, to perfect the traditional pattern of film dispersing pertains and ticketing and supplement.

this means that, ali pictures, business scope will be limited to the field of content production, but to use the Internet technology and distribution channels, implement product more gradient development, the content and the content innovation, investment, production and distribution, as well as derivatives, and other areas of the business development, realizing the industrial chain to use ali group has both advantages and build a complete business ecosystem.


‘s regiment blood, how can rob a head start

focus on buying industry must remember that on May 25, 2011, online is more than a year’s group was held in Beijing “IPO startup news conference.” The bombing of events also let many people’s group and Xu Maodong wore “speculative and marketing” label. Because almost all companies are the secret in the process of IPO, not like the company to agitate.

in the process, a mind-blowing’s regiment in the cold winter, the underwriters to exit, business transformation, cuts and a series of events, group purchase is already fully the industry reshuffle. Three years later, still in the struggling to support’s start going public plan again, and the SEC filed in the United States in the early hours of today morning IPO application.

the prospectus shows that’s listed on nasdaq, the stock code is “WOWO, plans to raise $40 million through initial public offering. The IPO underwriters for the Axiom Capital, an investment bank headquarters is located in Boston, USA.

with the last fired but had no details remain the IPO issue different data disclosure, finally was formally submitted this time, also make some stick old people relieved, finally have a hope. But from the data’s next development was not the light.

on the financing amount of it, almost u.s.-listed shares of $40 million is the lower limit, and for’s eyes are in money management dilemma, is a drop in the bucket.

according to’s group in the prospectus disclosure of financial information, according to the company the first nine months of 2014 net loss of $32.4 million, compared to the same period in 2013 $21.1 million in losses significantly enlarged. More importantly, the first nine months of 2014 net revenue of $20.6 million, compared with the same period in 2013 compared with $2013 is on the decrease. According to the loss of speed, the $40 million raised can be burned off in a year.

after a few years,’s has been losing money, 2011 losses of $2011, $39.01 million, 2012, 2013 losses of $2013. In may of this year’s group chairman and CEO has revealed that the original shareholders team has to inject $50 million again.

9 months, 2014 years ago’s group’s total operating expenses were $47.4 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $43.9 million. Among them, the first nine months of 2014 marketing spending to $8.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 for $2013. Selling, general and administrative expenses of $38.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $35.8 million. ‘s team the first nine months of 2014 operating loss was $32.3 million, compared with the same period in 2013 operating loss of $21 million.

can be seen from these data,’s current operating data was not beautiful, listing has not yet learned of the success of the time. In the long run, even can rob group in the United States, public comments on the IPO, but still faces more challenges in the subsequent development.

in terms of equity ownership situation is as follows: the chairman and CEO Xu Maodong stake is 37.35%; Xiaoyi Niu, beneficial to hold about 80.5 million shares, stake is 17.19%; Jianguang Wu beneficial to hold about 38.1 million shares, stake is 8.13%; Frank, Zhigang Zhao beneficial to hold about 10.4 million shares, stake of 2.21%. ‘s regiment directors and executives in total number of shares held by the beneficial to about 312 million shares, the total stake of 66.61%.

before submit a prospectus, the major shareholder’s group ownership situation is as follows: CDH Barley Limited beneficially owns about 80.5 million shares, holdings ratio is 17.19%; Tianyou Investment Limited beneficially owns about 47.4 million shares, stake of 9.94%.


We can make with haier U + soil, why “asymmetric cooperation”?

weibo @ ultra micro letter o Internet luo (luochaotmt)

recently, soil science and haier U + platform, intelligent household opening laboratory in Beijing for developers to provide the necessary research and development of creative design, equipment, technology, environment and other resources to support. The cooperation in the intelligent hardware unprecedented: haier is the old hardware giant, soil is just emerging entrepreneurial teams, is to forget; Strength is sea er home appliance household, soil is wearable devices as the main team. Can achieve this “asymmetric cooperation” and intriguing.

smart home each dry lack of standard

smart hardware is a system, rather than isolated item. The system can sense the environment and the user, connectivity, linkage type of response, giving people more comfortable, simple and smart life. But the most intelligent hardware only can be connected to the Internet, by mobile phone App remote control, can put some data synchronization to the cloud, in addition, there is no much practical significance, is far from intelligent, core reason lies in the intelligent hardware players is numerous, the Internet giant, as between the entrepreneur and hardware company, there is no uniform standard Can’t interconnectivity between each other, exchange data sharing and service, do not give users a good product and service experience.

so, the most important is intelligence household industry has been a lack of a strong platform to provide a DE facto standard or protocol, let different vendor products can be based on the standard and platform for connectivity. As the largest home appliance giant haier, to intelligent hardware transformation and the most active.

haier launched in March 2014 U + intelligent life open platform, U + intelligent life open platform is a set of intelligent household standard, through an open SDK, API interface, and cloud platform can not only make haier can interconnectivity between its intelligent home appliances products, also can let other third-party equipment and services to join U + platform, realize the connectivity, data sharing and service.

choose the soil of deep significance is haier more to bring the entrepreneurs

U + intelligent life platform for haier has a future. In addition to make haier has its own intelligent household products users have a better experience, real intelligence, will also help haier to build an ecological, begin at the bottom of the intelligence and physical league in the world in the future they hold. Haier U + intelligent life open platform landing, you need the support of other hardware player.

relative to the Internet giant, entrepreneurs are more likely to be “win”. Very simple, baidu, jingdong and ali player has a corresponding intelligent household health and intelligence platform, to a certain extent can think they compete with haier U + is relationship. Haier joint laboratory, do U + select soil, it is because of U + need close relationships with entrepreneurs, haier should bow humbly and dimension is not so big players in hand, flexible learning entrepreneurs play and create customer’s mind.

soil is well-known wearable equipment start-up, because a skip events in the industry has a wide range of visibility. Unknown, soil, main members of the team is mostly hardware geek. Wang Wei had a meal with the author revealed that wish to build a lab. Some pit, one is the soil, meet some frustration experience sharing for entrepreneurs, 2 it is to want to use the geek promotes the communication of commercialization and share in a guest creative thinking, 3 it is with an open mind to the connectivity between different hardware products, rather than each to each.

soil laboratory, want to do, haier U + want through opening laboratory to entrepreneurs to join U + ecology, exploring an effective ground model, coupled with both advocate open mind, against a closed ecological system, success will come together.

smart home are not isolated, and wearable, intelligent, healthy, intelligent vehicle

soil strength is wearable device, main product is based on the smart watch e-ink screens, haier U + position open platform for the wisdom of life, haier’s strength lies in the user’s home. Look do not have too big to do both. But the haier’s appetite is bigger, do is intelligent life, covering all aspects. It must be out of the scope of household, because part of family life for only one time – although it is the most time.

smart home is not isolated, the future control of smart home interactive terminal, not only the phone, will also have a watch, bracelet. Also, since they can interact with household, naturally, some with intelligent car or something intelligent hardware interaction. Or go back to a problem: connectivity, not only the electrical appliances to connectivity between, all intelligent hardware connectivity requirements, the physical world will be a huge of sensor network connectivity.

but watch has extraordinary significance: because you can completely replace the intelligent hand ring, and close-fitting associated with people, watches can have interactive terminal, information equipment, data upload and personal ID identification equipment himself in the watch the future users can use voice control lighting, home appliances, automobile, can receive reminder from various devices, other devices can use the cloud for watch data-aware user who is it? Where are now? What kind of personalized needs?

U + cooperation with soil, haier, is the traditional hardware companies and a geek, entrepreneurial team cooperation, is also a smart home giant cooperation with wearable rookie, final purpose is to promote more products achieve interconnectivity in lab. It’s not hard to guess in haier U + with soil, after the successful cooperation, there will be more intelligent hardware team will receive a haier an olive branch.


First you want long-term wearing smart meter: Withings Activite

as long as my hand what is wearing a fresh thing, people around you always ask this ask that. Colleagues will wonder what smart it is watch, or bracelet. Girl friend ask me why it looks so ugly, then I will reluctantly took off. There are so few, such as Moto 360, wearing when asked by strangers on the street or in the subway is the watches they guess. (” yes, yes, is it; Well, it is quite handsome; Sorry is not convenient to borrow you wear “… )

no one will ask me about Withings Activite. Anyway, it looks like regular tables.

this watch I have wore for a week. It is a standard of wrist watch, bracelet is intelligence. It can track your sleep patterns, steps and activities, priced at $450, really beautiful: carefully polished sapphire table cover, leather, stainless steel. From the point of appearance, it with the traditional watch.

it completely is what you want, without any specific place. We can’t peep smart watches from it – because it is not even smart watches in the future. It is just a piece of table, looks more like a century ago the ancient timepieces than Apple Watch. And Activite, or similar products, is doomed to be almost watch industry trend in the future.

Activite (pronounced Ac – ti – vi – TAY) origin of Switzerland. “Swiss Made” (Swiss) two words on it long white list box has written three times, there are two tables. In addition to the factors of marketing gimmick, swiss-made really is a very thing: “Swiss Made” this identity is under the control and filtering of Swiss government ability is qualified to use, only the elaborate design, excellent quality of the highest clock way to win the title.

this honor, Activite is well-deserved. Its beautiful appearance, assembly is rigorous, and watch body was pretty tough. It almost completely cover the dial on the exterior of the stainless steel dome sapphire, almost not visible from the front. When I was in June and Withings CEO, Cedric Hutchings filed this watch, he repeatedly stressed with me, and to use the hyperbolic glass off the table, according to the glass surface reflection. When later several positive direct light to the glass surface, I didn’t understand what he meant. Although in most parts of the surface, unless I look from the front, hyperbolic glass will only reflect more to see the hour. I don’t mind anyway – I am particularly fond of the dial of this watch tactility, smooth, rounded. I would hope to Activite can be thinner more flat.

I to Activite only complaint is that it is too thick. Hooked on my sleeve, thick enough to coat, or an unfortunate stood next to me on the subway of cables. I didn’t say it, it’s body is too thick. In fact it is only 36.3 mm in diameter and weighs 37 grams, men and women with money. I even think that consumers are more likely to think it is too small.

give me the measurement of this Activite only in brown leather strap also thin and fine workmanship, and obviously better than last year I bought my Seiko watches a lot better than the leather strap. Currently the strap is only men and women make code, and my wrist is average thickness (strict) was wearing. Withings, the amazing thing is that their products are the same with the men and women all appropriate no acosmia feeling. But should also have a lot of people think that the attached strap not appropriate.

on the black and white circular dial Activite, there are two dial. First and ordinary clocks and watches as the hour (but not including the date, that I was sorry). The dial concise beautiful, on the edge of a circle with a total of 12 scale, with Withings logo at the bottom of the twelve o ‘clock, at about six o ‘clock the reads “Swiss Made” two words. (don’t forget the somebody else is Switzerland? I bet you won’t forget! In the right of the dial, and the other a dial. It also has the scale, but from one to one hundred. This is Activite watch body only one can make you realize that it is a high-tech product, also because the dial, it is no longer just an ordinary watch.

if you have the iPhone, Activite can watch the data synchronization via bluetooth to Withings’ health monitoring applications. (heard that Android version is coming soon. This is the place where the watch high-tech. So no matter when you wear a watch, it will track your activities: your steps, sleeping, swimming and so on. It is not a professional fitness equipment, it is a simple track.

you can’t see its working process. The only visible is the second on the dial pointer changes between from 0 to 100, tells you what percentage you today’s goal is reached. Within five minutes after setting (such things as you need to use a paper clip to start the watch and will watch to connect to your iPhone, then turn the dial on the phone to adjust the time on the watch – after that you will no longer need to do any work on the watch. All set, each phone’s personalized Settings, there is a lot of background work Activite, automatically. I really hope I can have more opportunities to adjust the watch… Of course I don’t think it’s now working mode is also very good.

the design of the watch that you will always wearing it, never leave. Its batteries (really just ordinary watch battery life for eight months, while the boxes also throw in a spare battery. This watch is waterproof, wearing bathing it completely no problem. But, of course, you have to change your leather strap to the silicon TAB with boxes. After it has a silent alarm clock function, point-to-point will vibrate, so you can wear it to sleep. But I never wear a watch only sleep: sleep wearing such cold metal watch I will be difficult to fall asleep. In addition, this alarm clock is really annoying. You can’t turn it off, you have seen their vibration 30 seconds it on your wrist, such as automatic stop. In it vibrate when I really can give it directly to the room on the other side – really, don’t laugh, especially early in the morning is so annoying.

to keep track of all your activities, you are must be some health monitoring applications. Application has a very sweet and lovely chart record in your activities and sleep time, when you achieve your goals will also send you badges. You can also add buddy on Withings application, competing with each other who go far or thin. If you still use Withings indicators at the same time, Pulse fitness wristbands or Aura of sleep tracking device, they can help you to record more accurate and more comprehensive data, then the summary to the health monitoring applications. It can also import data from the RunKeeper and similar applications, and then sent to the Apple Health applications. The more you accumulate data records, health monitoring application can play its role. It can tell you the path of the today is less than your average walk every Wednesday, or you need more exercise to improve the quality of sleep. You can also give the application programming, let it remind you drink more water, sleep early, and so on. These remind just like your mother every night when he called you to sleep, I personally very like. This reference was not particularly impressive, but it has all the features you need, but also in constant improvement.

but, of course, these applications are actually and Activite doesn’t matter too much, the only contact is of watch will put all of the data record and input system. It is on the surface of the sapphire crystal glass touch device, after finger touch, pointer position will change, pointing to set make confirmation of your time. The surface of the glass is also the only one who can control a watch and to touch. In a sense this is very inconvenient, because all control you through your mobile phone, even the adjustment time. But the design is very practical. Because Activite is just a rigid data recorder, you never need to upgrade it to get new features. Withings can upgrade the firmware of the watches make reading more and more accurate, but it can also upgrade Withing application do all things. Most smart watches, especially high price to a certain extent after will encounter a problem: why do I want to buy a more than one thousand in one year after the upgrade of the watch? Activite I wouldn’t have a problem… Because it does not do anything, don’t even try. Your phone will update a year later, Withings will update its application more than once, and with the application of updated quickly improve the performance of your watch.


Activite worth learning place lies in, join data records stored inside a function is actually quite simple. It will reduce battery life, but you don’t have much impact. That, of course, also do not need to watch any changes on design or compromise. This basically is a process of adding, just don’t do any changes, will let you the meaning of the wrist band that watch is no longer in a monotonous clock.

if the things that smart watches, that it is I have seen the most “intelligent” smart watches. Activite real significance is that it shows the watch to enter the market in the future the minimum chip, a similar clock looks similar to the price shall be the minimum bottom line. Now that the watch can be as alarm call you get up, so why can’t it to silent mode of vibration? Why can’t I go swimming, change the strap is wearing watches in the water, before launching process and let it tracks my swimming? The obvious is feasible. And personally, I think, these functions will catch on quickly, like the second hand. Rolex, Timex and Bulgari these designer has completed the most difficult part: make an appearance elegant watch. Withings did, and it is proved that do the other part – the part of the high-tech, don’t need to make any compromise on the beautiful.

yes, just see the price, many people will lose interest. But if you want to buy a good watch, so this is the default choice. But don’t cry because it is “the best” is the latest to spend $450 to buy a piece of Withings Activite, also don’t because it has the function of the unprecedented, or if you want to and friends to show off to buy it. This watch both high-tech and as a traditional watch it all done very in position. It will give you the feeling of your love is a cherish watch, but not you buy on a whim, in a year or two on the shelf. So few people will recognize this watch, and they will tell you it is a good watch, not with you about your wrist cool what bracelet or a computer.

smart watches from the mainstream market still has a long way to go. But if it is a “smart” watches? Anyway, I’ll take it.



Interpretation 360 2014 mobile phone App industry, predict the future trend

yesterday, as the country’s largest mobile distribution platform and China mobile game first platform, 360 mobile phone assistant and 360 mobile phone game jointly issued “China mobile industry trends green book 2015” and “China mobile game industry trends green book 2015” two industry reports. Report comprehensively and objectively describes the current pattern of China’s mobile Internet market, to App developers for the future development direction, and the mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers products research and development, provide the conclusion of great reference value.

overall, the report for more than about 70 application category segment detection analysis, it is concluded that the important information: in 2014, social, tool downloads, largest App entrepreneurship environment difficult; The user’s choice of an App is becoming more and more picky, intelligent hardware, mobile financial rise; Domestic mobile Internet users gender institution and cell phone use seniority structure has changed significantly.

a, social, tools downloads, largest APP entrepreneurship environment difficult

report, according to data released from life, social, tools App accounted for the highest, the quantity in the TOP500 accounted for nearly 30%, is the most popular type of App developers eyes. Corresponding, App downloads accounted for, video, social application and tools of the highest.

figure 14 q3top 1:20 500 list

from the shortlisted for the 360 mobile phone assistant TOP 500 list can be found that the mainstream App market pattern has formed as early as in 2012, 68% of the TOP500 App before 2013. Analysts believe that the traditional Internet giant with first-mover advantage the earliest to enter the market and occupy the market is relatively easy, and the App latecomers if there is no strong background, barriers to entry will be more and more high.

2, intelligent hardware, mobile financial rise

the report data show that since the first quarter of 2014, China mobile application online quantity to maintain rapid growth, in contrast, software App growth rate obviously, the game class is beginning to slow, it can also look to tour industry is in after the previous boom began to rational return. From the point of application of on-line respectively, tools, video application still occupies the largest proportion, photography classes used in the first quarter of 2014 at the same time gradually replace beautification application class, become one of the online for the highest percentage of 5 kinds of applications.

figure 2: China mobile application online trend

the report data show that the intelligent hardware class App downloads is to present a gradually rising trend, as in the third quarter of 2014, zhou downloads has exceeded 80000. Finance financial class App along with the Internet hot, in the past four quarters downloads presents slowly rising trend, the current week downloads has topped 1.34 million, as the financial services App to become all kinds of financial product distribution channels, and even some deeper financial value chain from the Internet platform, the future development potential is tremendous.

three, mobile Internet users form change, lower-tier cities quickly improve

, according to the report data in the past four quarters, China mobile Internet users quietly changed, and the sex ratio of the proportion of women is obviously rising trend, the mobile Internet sex change will bring the new enlightenment for the general application developers: a lot of the autodyne, shopping, beauty of women, sharing application will be popular among female users.

as mobile Internet demographic dividend gradually disappear, the novice players and gradually reduce the proportion of ordinary players, on the contrary, the number of mobile Internet senior players are rapidly rising. This change indicates the user for the choice of application will be more and more strict, part of the user experience is poor, poor operation of application will be eliminated quickly.

figure 3: China mobile Internet users age distribution change

the report also provides in the fourth quarter of 2013 to 2014 in the third quarter of China’s mobile Internet users change of the division of the data graph, data show that China’s first-tier cities in the second quarter of 2014 users, the proportion of the second-tier cities for the first time rose to 32.6%, and keep to Q3, it also conforms to the current have produced a lot of this phenomenon in view of the first-tier cities emerging App, the report predicts the future one year this phenomenon will gradually spread to the second – and third-tier cities, mobile Internet users for the cut and thrust to explode across the country.