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Morning: ali strategic holdings media, meizu 27 again hair, new

on January 13, hunting cloud network (text/who)

ali strategic holdings easy media

alibaba group has recently splurged on controlling the media, both transaction has been completed. Alibaba and easy media to achieve the strategic cooperation on the level of equity, alibaba has a stake in, but will not give up easily media independent public dreams. Easy media cooperation with ali focus in the field of big data.

alibaba group’s official weibo today evening news, according to south Korean media reports of the so-called alibaba alibaba city being built in South Korea’s investment of 5.7 billion, as speculation, as the “fake news”. Well, use alibaba to bo person eyeball, think about also is drunk. Continue reading…

Before I go to silicon valley startups Fu Cheng they speak

(article/who 闫森)

don’t want to write it as soft, doesn’t make sense.

5 days ten thousand people sign up, the bonus is only about 300000 more start-up capital. Circle activities most people see the preheating, the heart may have a small irony. It is too little, stunt is greater than the content? Actually unavoidably arouses suspicion.

but in overall 15 will eventually find the purple cow entrepreneurs start roadshow. In the front row seat for entrepreneurial mentor: Fu Cheng Yao Jinbo, Luo Zhenyu, li3 xue2 ling2. In addition to Luo Zhenyu and the rest are ceos of listed companies. ROM last speech really impress people fat. Continue reading…

Apple reshaping social network? Acquisition Path deal is reached


in the past few years, apple has revealed to get their hands on the ambitions of social networks. Successive acquisitions PolarRose, Spotsetter with Ping but because of poor grades were forced to shut down. However, its desire to peep at social empire did not stop.

today, tech blog PandoDaily quoted people familiar with the news that apple plans to acquire social network Path, “acquisition agreement are basically.” At present, the potential market price is not clear.

this message so be taken seriously, because the person is in apple engineering team, has high reliability.

the people familiar with the matter, and had to buy retain talent closed product model is different, after the completion of the deal, apple will continue to keep the Path brand and business. Foreign media, according to the analysis of the Path is likely to be integrated to the new version of apple in the Messages application.

another also let the news or information accuracy greatly improved. Is said to have ended in the iPhone new product release, Dave Morin, founder of the Path (Dave Morin) to attend and seated himself in the front row. Normally, the front seat is apple to corporate executives and guest.

until last year, the Path is known as obvious social product halo, developing rapidly, and $2011 in 10 million, from $2012 in 30 million, the company valued at $250 million. But in 2013 the Path is turbulent.

company successively experienced layoffs, executives, and the giant takeover rumors. Originally in the middle of 2013 start the financing program (valuation of more than us $500 million) until January this year to complete. It is understood that the investor to the company valuations have fallen to $400 million, investment quota from $50 million to $25 million.

now, the Path in the App Store in the App Store downloads ranking dropped to 1000 away. Besides snubbed by consumers, the Path was also due to the failure to government regulators and apple’s review, in the case of without permission will be users address book back to the company server. Survey by the federal trade commission, company with a $800000 settlement later.


Fuseproject, the use of vc idea in design company

source: entrepreneurship, translation | Yelena Xu

Yves Behar sit between the SAN francisco-based design firm Fuseproject sunny room, behind a huge white board. A leather were on the table in front of his sketch book, above a piece of land in the east a west with his great ideas, sketches and other incipient, anyone can see the things on this. Many stars designer may like protection of state secrets, protect their creativity, Behar, don’t mind. His design studio Fuseproject is like a big open book, open, open.

“we don’t have a secret.” This shocking designer said, with a hint of French chamber. “Painting on the wall are all work in progress, so that the old employees and new employees do jobs, you can see everything. There is no united, class struggle. Our work is always full of fight.” Continue reading…

LOFTER: accompanying record and social interests

(article/’ hope)

social acquaintances are eaten by QQ, WeChat the platform level products, but young people not only stay in acquaintances social social demand, stranger social demand is also very strong. After the current 85 to 85, and even the younger generation, they grew up in contact with the mobile Internet, their understanding of the world and through the social platform to let the world know their demand is very strong, for these people, the most need to care about is not the product shape, but the understanding of them are in place.

LOFTER is a way of promoting along with the gender record in interest for social point of social products, users can easily find like-minded people. By Posting photos, text, music, video, realize the daily record, sharing, interactive content. Continue reading…

Two questions to help you determine whether the talents with your company

want to recruit outstanding talent is looking for. As the interviewer, from your resume to interview for an hour or so can allow you to form a first impression on someone, but impression is not necessarily accurate, only after several months of practice you can know whether he had chosen the right person.

for the interviewer, “read” ability is very important, I often read books about body language or discuss with other entrepreneurs tips to improve this ability.

when I was a student in an academy of art, I would help recruit students each year. Applications of thousands of people have to pass by two teacher and a student (me) is responsible for the interview.

I like interview others, because it asked me to analyze and record the others in a short time, and my opinion will affect the decision of the final decision – influence people life. Teacher’s opinion, of course, more important than me, most of the time I play the role of adjusting the atmosphere between teachers and students is the interview. Continue reading…

Litle rule: all the “small company” guidelines “big law”

user Traffic (Traffic), the user viscosity (Traction), user scale Growth (Growth), we all know that these three words is a prerequisite for success. When we had just established a company, the first is to seek our customers, this will attract user traffic, keep the user viscosity, promote the user scale growth (hereinafter referred to as the TTG) these three aspects. In some cases, we are willing to pay for attracting user traffic. In most other cases, we worked day and night in order to let the TTG this development model organically.

when we read the co-founder of success, such as Yelp, Pinterest or WhatsApp, about their story, we may find themselves shocked by their operating ability and wisdom, but we often forget our true should know – how the startup will TTG perfectly combined with the work. Of course I to success for any how a startup method is to don’t have any prejudice, but as a founder of the theory analysis model, described in the “from good to success” approach is unable to meet us. We need more mathematical formula in the form of advice. Continue reading…

Social media public relations crisis, the company how to solve?

the children’s shoes often login Twitter might have hair wrong state embarrassing, probably short into a circle of friends to do mate woman in the butt, shortly after crossing this thing is gone, too. But have you ever thought about a brand or a company sent you a wrong state or announcement would lead to social effect how? How will they change as the situation of “opportunity”?

there is an old proverb says “has news is better than no strong”, mean for brands and companies, some attention is better than no one concern, reported the news is surprising or even negative. This statement is debatable, of course, but in social media mistakes can hardly cause any positive emotion. This usually and scandal, an embarrassing incident, and human resources issues related.

in today’s digital era, in this regard, the company is on time and money to increase their circle of friends in public recognition. How to talk about, talk about with what attitude, which content of information and entertainment value, and what is social media should report, which should not be reported, and so on, these are metric.

although it has been attention to every detail, but social media is still expanding with brand and advocates an important link of the recognition, both in improving clothes, organic food products and the quality of the new music, or offer a similar 24/7 customer support of science and technology news or personal training services. Continue reading…

Don’t! I loved the NOKIA of the company

(text/Lin Zhang)

life is like a journey, care about is not the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood. – to nokia

well there is no way, scenes and village. – to Microsoft

a, NOKIA the company , should not be forgotten in the scenery

has never been so serious like a brand, that love me, love my dog, why? Maybe are based on the industrial design of jing, maybe is a 41 million – pixel touched, or dare not to follow courage. Chose a remote rugged road, no one involved in remote. So all the way scenery is more brilliant.

today, NOKIA, the company has ended its journey, Microsoft the company to undertake a new chapter. The company’s history is also in the future, carrying on the memory of the former and the latter. Now let me take stock in NOKIA, I think that is representative of the company era of mobile phones, they are the company, 800920720925520102, 0152, 0930 and 730. Continue reading…

The company sold another record, Surface or will close

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to Microsoft has just announced fiscal 2015 Q1 earnings, Microsoft last quarter revenue more than Wall Street expected. Of the company, Surface, such as the Xbox hardware implementation business are increased significantly, while Microsoft business cloud services revenue doubling.

Q1 Microsoft’s total revenue of $23.2 billion, year-on-year growth of 25% last year, the average diluted earnings per share to $0.54, slightly more than Wall Street expected; Continue reading…