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Around the SMS build consumer scenarios, this also is good business

(word/Yao Hongxi)

often immerse people in the field of science and technology communication is clearly a phenomenon: with the rapid rise of mobile social networking tools such as WeChat message is yesterday’s news, send several years of decline in the number, in most countries are similar. But what is undeniable is that messages are still many mobile phone users to communicate important information carrier, more important is when many business to deal with are still heavily reliant on SMS, from this perspective, SMS will continue to be a long-standing business form. Continue reading…

Seven cloud entrepreneurship hermas, power change traditional business operation

every day, there will be new products and services, and dramatically change the way product development and management mode of IT companies. Innovation is everywhere, nordhal s, but always attractive.

hunting cloud network editor gentleman seeks the welfare for everyone, in this send you carefully selected seven startup enterprise cloud service, help you look at the rapid blueprint of innovation, speed up the pace of innovation, and then beat the competition, promotion of high quality customer service. The seven companies are faced with the challenge of business operation together, and at the same time to create a new era of IT lay the foundation. Continue reading…

MARS Internet business innovation competition started

organized by the matador at the time the media (DoNews), jointly organized by Beijing mobile silicon valley, di kai investment, 25 of investment and financing institutions strategic cooperation in 2014 Internet startup marks – MARS Internet innovation entrepreneurship competition) (hereinafter referred to as the MARS competition launched in Beijing.

during the competition, the matador at the time the media will provide more service and support for entrepreneurs. At the same time, as competition in conjunction with Beijing mobile silicon valley will be a series of encouraging policies, provide industrial support for start-up companies and team, support science and technology innovation, talent support, financial capital support and preferential policies more minutes. Continue reading…

Easy to raise network, aiming to raise forms the underlying service ability construction business opportunities

(word/qing nan)

the raise pattern as pratt &whitney financial after a kind of form, received wide attention both at home and abroad, successively has superior network, call time, raise the dream-seeker network projects, such as with jingdong, taobao, suning electric daqo platform to intervene. In this kind of innovative financial form gradually to permeate more niche, began to create new business opportunities.

easy to raise net is such a new venture company, focused on the raise professional service ability construction of the chain business. Is easy to raise the cloud side, easy to raise a rubik’s cube, easy to raise a think-tank and raise led and other four business. easy to raise a cloud for the partners to provide project resources quickly raise access open platform of the services, project party simply application and configuration can quickly all the raised platform has its own exclusive and move the tool to raise. Easy to raise a rubik’s cube designed to integrate Internet financial products and network channels, to create an Internet financial ecosystem. Easy to raise a think-tank output special and comprehensive executable solutions, help partners to achieve the rapid growth of the Internet financial intelligence. Easy to raise led is easy to raise and famous investors jointly launched the project brought the fund raise, led to raise all partners on the network platform of high quality the raise. Continue reading…

This goods is called “wonderful work” to win the favor of business affairs personage of wireless charger

cloud network hunting on November 5 (text/WeiQing editor/water Yan)

wireless charging due to its “koala” characteristic, can save a lot of desktop intertwining lines, bring more convenience, has been the tech world attention, also has been happy to see, use and popularization of technology. Smartphone a battery is not durable, prepared a charging treasure, the vast majority of people would hate to go out, also the prince hunting cloud network editor mobile phone no electricity, need to carry a “tail” to add a piece of mobile power supply, all kinds of wire winding frame also is drunk.

recently, wireless charging and mobile power supply, if is not so much. All foreign famous raise KickStarter launched a wireless mobile power supply, called QiPack Chinese translation for “exotic”, it is also the world’s most thin wireless mobile power supply. Continue reading…

Mail swim: reverse thinking stresses the B side, business affairs is cut into the cruise tourism industry

(text/plain HongGuang)

in recent years, along with the international market, tilt, make Chinese cruise tourism development momentum, has become the new ways and new areas for China’s economic growth. According to the Chinese transportation association cruise boat branch (CCYIA) statistics show that in 2013, in three major cruise in Shanghai, tianjin, sanya cruise port of entry and exit of China up to 1.06 million passengers, up 165% from a year earlier, the domestic market strong demand for cruise product led to the travel agency product sell like hot cakes. Online mail swim in May this year, focusing on the cruise business affairs is cut storehouse management system and multi-channel platform API that can be understood as a simple B2C cruise business affairs management platform, from the B end cruise tourism market, provide information support for the cruise industry development.

founder sun jie, eight years of operating experience in product design, online travel in cruise line and free business operations, had in the service of the travel and letter to escape line network. Swim in entrepreneurship research found that despite the power of travel agencies and online travel companies enter the market, in the form of affairs, but compared with hot sales of affairs is a travel agency sales approach is to stay in the original stage, and the industry don’t have a standard cruise business system to integrate product resources. Sun jie and his team will see after the cruise market huge business opportunities and market gap, just choose entrepreneurship mail swim, sun jie convective cloud network, “the future world cruise center in China, the cruise industry needs an information integration platform to accelerate the industry development, and mail swim product positioning is the bridge of cruise industry resources and distribution channels, provide information support for the cruise industry development.” Continue reading…

One meter part-time: through business and part-timers payment side

(article/who 闫森)

the campus part-time market exist forever, the current college students looking for a part-time information already not to 58 and market. Crooks and intermediary part-time information posted on campus can not over, let alone have to polish eyes select online.

hunting cloud network previously reported a part-time on campus market product, positioning is the campus students part-time information platform, the information on the confirmatory, part-time cat is by doing part-time jobs to screen out unreliable part-time information database. But there will always be omissions, so stupid way on some. Continue reading…