Carving ye meng wake: don’t consider prick silk, China’s biggest opportunity is the middle class

hunting cloud note: this article from the brisket, beaver family founder carving carving ye ye on December 14, “China business leaders conference”, edited text content. He thinks that China is now facing the rise of the middle class is the biggest opportunity was brought by the rise of the middle class consumption upgrading. The following part for speech:

in fact I never think that China will be a forever “the dream silk” countries, so don’t believe that lei jun, lei jun specifically like millet such “the dream silk” the product, I just think if this country is always “the dream silk” for the king, there is no future for the country, the Japanese had always relishes the middle class. I just think that China is now facing the rise of the middle class is the biggest opportunity was brought by the rise of the middle class consumption upgrading.

tuyere is a middle class lifestyle

what do you think I do fu the essential oil, carved ye beef brisket, beavers, etc., far see is marketing hype, looking nearly is product innovation, take a magnifying glass, actually we sell is a middle class lifestyle, that’s it. Fu the essence of life is never cheap, but we still can make the whole in the “double 11” inside beauty makeup class first. “Eagle ye flank” has just opened a store in Shanghai, the first day of opening to eat about 700 people, the results on the collar, not the final is 709 people didn’t eat. “Carved ye flank” four people eat to want 600 pieces, wine to the nearest thousand again, why is it so expensive restaurants do so well? And nail, this is a business edge, but it is a way of life, men generally don’t understand why want to nail, but such a seemingly useless things become almost every middle-class women’s favorite consumer behavior, why? Because it is a way of life.

remember, China’s biggest opportunity is for the evolution of the middle class lifestyle. Among the middle service is not good, is also the question what do they need? So many people called me on the net, say you do something bad, I quarrel with “the dream silk” everyday, “the dream silk” always scold me bad, is why sell 150 yuan for 100 dollars. Every day I talk to “the dream silk” spit, quarrel with them. Why is that? Because it’s interesting is the middle class is not willing to sound on the net, he want to see, after watching the judgment, he USES money to vote.

we come back to see food color, flavor, taste only six points, but he didn’t open the taste buds for most people, he is mother’s taste buds flavor or the smell of home cooking, eat to him a little beyond the smell of his understanding ability, he can’t understand. You can’t imagine what the middle class, what they have seen, what is good in their eyes, this is the most important thing. I don’t care about “the dream silk” scold me bad, he scold me bad, the middle class will be over. “The dream silk” care enough, big, cheap, “the dream silk” the business, I never do with “the dream silk” I yell. And for the middle class, he CARES about is exquisite tableware, is to have a formative.

so when you want to clear these, you will go to change some? This time we will be happy to talk about the problem of mission, originally want to talk about feelings, then changed a word call mission, this is or I think entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is have a sense of mission, that is to say what you want to do? Understanding of the service, each person’s logic is not the same, and each service industry is not the same. in the O2O change, and I think a lot, every company can define its business logic behind what’s driving, like consumers seem to show, but not the same idea behind. Cleaning aunt and I often contrast manicurist, nail, don’t you do not see what they have big different, but once you do manicure, you will find that this is the two industries in heaven and earth.

investment the craftsmen of lifelong learning

I like to do is defined, such as what is a craftsman? Three definition, first of all, artisans are knowledge workers. Chef is a craftsman, hairdressing, manicurist is artisans, why these craftsmen positioning for knowledge workers, I hand in effect on the surface, high level of real craftsmen, senior stylist because his eyes OK, not just his craft, he is mental workers. They don’t have the way through the big class education, large introductory education only, you go to lanxiang, learn to look at entry, no craftsman said my craft has been passed, can not learn, after two years of he came down, this is the career of lifelong learning. In contrast, beaver home wouldn’t do cleaning aunt, he is not the knowledge workers, only need large can teach good, the key is that he doesn’t need to lifelong learning.

craftsman is really a good way to solve the employment, a hairdresser do a few hair one day, a day a manicurist also draw a few nails, but when more and more people need his services, he will be more expensive. Industrial products to pursue is to be able to sell much quantity, quantity is the most important. Is the nature of the craftsmen to betray their own time, for them, how the unit is one of the most important time to sell a higher price.

every enterprise has its own genes, and genes do. For my team and I, frankly we don’t serve “the dream silk”, while the large amount of “the dream silk”, affordable, cheap, but the middle class could tolerate higher price, of course, the premise is you must provide a consistent service and value.


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