Carving ye: how to quickly set off a new brand?

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this article, is the secret of carving the ye not preach, was killed is not willing to write. I can in a short time, will be “carved ye flank” and “beaver house door nail” two brands from start-up to noisy, rapid valuations reached 1 billion, to a large extent with the “measures”, thanks to the Internet, “rapid detonate” martial arts.

carved ye brisket and beavers manicures, actually didn’t spend a lot of promotion of money (” too much “money equals less than one million), a very short time, a large activities, make detonated spread of Internet, there is still a bit of a” methodology “. So, I will publish this layer under the “internal work experience” – four sentences, 20 words: hardware or software, software that is experience. Advertising content, content or entertainment.

in fact, this a few words is one of the little black hand behind logic thinking, Wu Sheng classmate said that as early as two years. After I have changed, become I set off a new brand on the Internet at the core of marketing ideas.

hardware or software is software that experience

the first two sentences is actually a word. So-called “hardware or software”, in fact, most jobs students understand, in his mind, software is the soul, the exquisite hardware is actually for software services, and software? Is experience. Is beautiful, comfortable and pleasant experience – the soul of the dishes taste, i.e., but, what do you think I spend a lot of thought to do hardware, barbecue beef brisket or xue fan in carving ye, those exquisite tableware, wonderful plate, smoky atmosphere, even put salt in the pot, is inserted in the pebbles on the four tube, four kinds of taste, even the napkins, there is a story of yongzheng ye YuBi Zhu Pi…

although “software” is the soul, but can’t touch, can’t show via the Internet, at this moment, just need you to pay attention on hardware. Beaver home is do the door of the nail, nail process how to show? Ok, we made a move nail saloon car out! The hardware is big is… William yesterday sent a weibo, won the 30000 forwarding, 20000 comments, why do you think? In addition to William sentiment is high, in fact, more importantly, the nail “hardware”, perfect expounds the concept of we move the door nail, nail art, and the “hardware” whimsical, bully you haven’t seen, so everyone is willing to forward desperately.

precisely, the Internet, you have to find something you have never seen a “hardware”, visual system, full of novelty, and then through the hardware show, to illustrate your software level characteristics of “experience”. And this kind of “soft” mode, the most persuasive, convincing you to “experience” is by the spectrum, is spent mind, though, she also only just see the picture on weibo or WeChat.

secretly saying, it is time consuming and expensive hardware! We build the China’s first, and only a nail art car, full cost 2 million, curtains cushions with that level of hermes, just a diamond… But then again, the 2 million buy hard, actually can’t buy much, but the car at the core of the charm lies in: it has been elaborated “the beaver” the door nail art concept, and have high pretend bility, tone, spread – you can think about it, if I spend 200000 converted a guangxi wuling vans, li xiaolu, Zhang Xinyi they are willing to come up a manicure? And happily show off tweeting?

advertisement content content or entertainment

then say after two sentences, “advertising content” what mean? Personally I think, at present a lot of traditional advertising is a waste of money! Don’t say after rates now, even I, before the rates are “highly attentive”! Are fucking phone led to the fragmentation of time, I already hard to continuously for an hour reading a book to read, I don’t even 45 minutes show the same way, always miss in the middle, open the phone to see micro letter under the brush weibo… What cause? Cause you more and more impatient! As long as your advertising is not “content”, not “catch”, quickly turn off immediately, and without hesitation.

weibo please star advertising, I see a lot of the focus is on a watch, is the feeling of “advertising”, I owe, every time to see comments, hey hey, to be honest, almost half is scold, scold star how advertising in money.

you guess we nail the beaver home car large promotion, so many star hair thin, does anyone called? A nothing is impossible…… But the vast majority is novel. There are a lot of people ask, how about to this mobile nail car, also want to experience the experience – look, this is the power of “advertising content” and “hardware or software” annotations.

my experience is: please star cost, should be a third below budget, and two-thirds, should be spent on “content”, is creative and content, is the creation of the hard and soft one, is a powerful and unconstrained style of imagination. (trust, willing to spend money, smart people have a plenty of ideas not ye more, can be purchased from carving ye…… Countless strange ideas every day I use out?)

the last sentence, “content as entertainment” this sentence, I really want to cry! In fact the William forward 30000 calculate what? We had expected 100000 forward! It is war crime… An emergency, a critical point “entertainment” can’t use, a star’s agent has just killed, lead to critical point, time of emergency, are not allowed to change other operations possible, sad dead.

to the previous example. Carving ye beef brisket is a classic case of “leave a few hand encounter sora aoi”, sora aoi in the right flank opened the day before to eat noodles, then leave a few hand “encounter”, and ask everyone Japanese conversation what to say… That night the tweet 60000 forwarding, directly on the microblogging hot search list, “crossfire” really brave. So, please make star can’t stay silly kua product really works… Viewers are not stupid, no one forward such advertising properties. But entertainment, love everyone! Wong said the divorce weibo, what do you see hundreds of thousands of forwarding, everyone is going crazy. Universal entertainment era, “content is entertainment!”

so when these four tips together, it can be changed decayed for magical, get rid of the vast majority of weibo advertising pale comments and forwarding, and even see through after abuse consumers. And, more importantly, David ogilvy homonyms: “advertising, should be the display of brand image, and each time the advertising, advertising should be the last time the stack” — the four tips to understand, in fact I think is David auge d ogilvy extend the core idea of the network era.

in the Internet age, what are the fails. You can all night, but the hard part is continuously ensuring “temperature” brand. See “Chinese good voice” so many of the small stars, although a household name after the program, but then what? Rapid drop, go unattended to. Network brand that is where I think the hole – you need to quickly spread, timely, but more important is the logic behind the brand: your brand advocate? Brand that is promised, what are you going to in the process of detonation, transmit information, how to promise?

beaver family is actually these they figured it out, bold to open up. From the mission and vision, from strategy to operation, clear core to spread and combat all around this – the results? Result beaver home nail has daily average of 2000, and the guest unit price is as high as $150 +, shanzhai beaver family model? Door-to-door beauty re-scheduled week two, the days are desperate for a single in 100, the third is still in shock daily average of 30 single… One not careful, repeated, fu in pure YouJie myth: we are greater than the sum of the second to the tenth.

just want to clear these commercial logic relationship, to get the hardware or software, software that is experience. Advertising content, content or entertainment “developed to get incisively and vividly, power all show. Of course, you don’t want the most is that your competitors want to clear these, ha ha ha ha… Goofs off and put in the hard make microblogging marketing, always the fastest to death. So, when you forward this article, the first half to your Marketing Department, send you the second half of the core layer, and hope that your competition, always see only the first half, accelerate the burning.

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