Cars have A $20 million round of funding, warp/weft, joint led source

domestic personal second-hand car trading platform good car easy today announced that it had completed A round of funding, for $20 million, capital coalition led by the partners China, source, become A fund, Ming and potential capital.

data show that all cars belonging to Beijing good car easy information technology co., LTD., founder Ken peng, website was launched in July 2014. Positioning in a 100% personal options available second-hand car trading platform, trading vehicles must be hand car within eight years. Good easy provide free on-site testing services in perfect condition, check after the success of the car will send the information to the website and other second-hand car platform, sales consultant will be accompanied by buyers car, after the success of the deal will be charging a percentage of the fees to the buyer.

before the announced A round of funding, have won A good car angel financing of millions of yuan, but did not disclose specific information in detail.

under the O2O boom, around the second-hand car trading, subsidy startups. Optimal car eslite announced in July by nearly $10 m A round of funding, all car recently announced A $20 million B round of funding.

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