CareLulu help parents find the most comfortable nursery platform

for many families, both husband and wife is an office worker for preschool children to choose the appropriate facility is parents the most trouble. Aiming at this problem, Patrick Matos and Evgeniya Usmanov in 2013 founded the CareLulu, for the overwhelming majority of parents provides a day-care online search platform.

recently, CareLulu reap $1.7 million in The seed round of funding, The investment by Khosla Ventures led, CrunchFund, The Startup Factory, 500 Startups with three companies, funds will be used for service development, The future outside Washington can also enjoy this service.

as a parent, and as the founder of CareLulu Matos has described his difficulties:

“we live in is not a city like Washington, my daughter at the age of 4 has been changed in three different facility, and I myself personally visited six such institutions, telephone counseling or even more. Many day care institutions have their own website, but only on the introduction of three two pictures is not enough to make you trust them, and hosting details description very general, there is no plain code marks a price. Before we all have to the door or call consulting, now there are many online services to help parents to find a suitable nanny.”

“is my personal experience, refer to the consumer review site Yelp and the recommended option can help me narrow range of others, sometimes even I don’t have can choose facility, I will know what to avoid those day care institutions. I know CareLulu cannot completely replace the friend’s recommendation, though a friend’s recommendation when looking for a nanny is very practical, but in choosing day care institutions and preschool CareLulu more advantage, because a friend’s recommendation is based on its own needs, and the demand of every family is different, is suitable for the trustee friends not necessarily fit your needs.” Matos added.

CareLulu joint sponsors and chief technology officer Gabriel Marques led his team created a platform that provides search service. Platforms are small family day care institutions, such as KinderCare big day care center. Parents can according to the keywords to screening services, such as “budget”, “service time”, “children ages”, etc., greatly improve the decision efficiency. CareLulu search also supports some special requirements, if a child has allergic problems, parents can also direct search “peanut allergy” find the right host institutions.

CareLulu open to parents free use, day care service providers can also free release information on the platform, the main income comes mainly from day care service provider for the pursuit of the payment for more exposure.

the Washington area has thousands of landing facility CareLulu platform, CareLulu also in other areas of the United States for users with nearly 20 m children custodian information support. As the new capital investment, CareLulu next destination is Los Angeles.


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