Car ownership little announced a $30 million B round of funding, and its highly efficient executive ability within the circle of essential genes is entrepreneurial teams

(article/who 闫森)

the amount little told hunting cloud network in an interview:, it’s not, surprise is here. they recently announced a new round of financing. Continue to burn money for users, and competitors to distance.

overhead and announced to get $30 million B round, GGV capital led, and other institutions. After participating in them A round of agencies also additional investment.

overhead dots are small card technology co., LTD. Hangzhou’s products, the company was established in March 2014. Maintain a little is a mobile O2O service platform of auto after market, maintain a little version contains a merchant and the owner, and merchants version can be implemented on the client orders, receipts, quotation, etc, need merchants system certification. And owner version is tailored for owners, owners can also release the maintenance, the maintenance requirements by merchants bidding price, the owner can pass APP booking order, and can enjoy 1 yuan car wash service.

team said it maintain a little currently covers more than 3000 merchants, mainly concentrated in the north, and wide, deep, hangzhou, nanjing and other regions, the user activity is about 2 ~ 3 times per month, monthly order volume too. Dots in 2015, maintain a plan to expand to 30 second-tier cities.

maintain a little team a total of seven co-founder. Members of tencent + ali, add up to nine times entrepreneurial experience let them little project is called maintain their narrow escape. Washing the car, in addition to a yuan WeChat friends car wash red envelope has been at full speed ahead.

business model, stick to user grafting for profit model, the direction of the team did not give the qualitative. But as long as the user to cut into the back-end services with a stick or has a lot to the exploration of space. The overhead to get the $30 million B round dots from the last round A $4 million investment time just 3 months. Really amazing team up to speed. Execution of effective team is the startup should learn.

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