Capture the heart of the enterprise users Windows add 10 two-factor authentication

hunting cloud network reported on October 28th,

in order to let each big company cios interested in Windows 10, Microsoft’s determination to reform to the end. Launch of the new security features: login OS need to two-factor authentication.

Microsoft pointed out that in recent years, the frequent intrusion systems and steal data, need only a single password authentication of the security measures, has become more and more insecure. Windows 10 rolls out new security features, designed to remove only a single password authentication process. With this dual certification, malicious hacker intrusion system will have to master two kinds of information, such as need the password and phone dynamic messages.

not only such, Windows 10 will enhance enterprise all aspects of security. Such as: identity protection, access control, data protection, threats, etc. Jim Alkove wrote in a blog post: “since the customer security is mentioned in the conversation, we will through the technical preview Windows 10 to announce our maximum availability and security of the operating system.”

“we think this solution, which will increase the function of identity protection to a new level, because it USES multiple authentication. It only depends on the as smart card or its own operating system and computer equipment, does not require any additional auxiliary safety equipment.”

more specifically, Windows and allows the user to the registration information, with the second authentication information can be a PIN or biometric input, such as fingerprint recognition. “From a security point of view, this means that the intruder need a user equipment and user credentials, and it is the user’s PIN and biometric information.”

user credentials can be one of the Windows key, also can be provided by the equipment in the existing PKI system.

Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Accounts to support this new user authentication system. “Businesses and customers may use Microsoft’s online services, as long as you can in a very short period of time to replace a single password authentication with multiple authentication.

Windows 10 also can well protect the user’s access instruction code, actually this is also part of the validation process. So that the system can be to Pass the Hash such hacking technology, has a strong ability to resist.

with Windows 10, we aim to eliminate the use of architecture solution caused by the attack. This solution is to put the user’s access token placed in a safe container, managed by the Hyper – V technology. New solution can prevent the device token are extracted, and even the kernel problems of one thousand Windows itself, it can also be solved.

on information protection, it Windows 10 have the technology to avoid data loss. It can be the difference between personal and corporate data, enterprise data protection is to rely on.

Windows can protect corporate data means: it can automatic encryption enterprise applications, data, E-mail, web content and other private information. Because it is through the enterprise of the company to monitor network location above the content.

Windows Phone also will use DLP technology, under the protection, file will be overwritten.

IT managers can set the rules and control which application to access enterprise data. Windows 10 also enlarge the control of VPN, in order to better protect the employee data on the device.

“professional personnel can through the App – allow and App – deny list, have the right to determine which application to access VPN. But can be by MDM solution to manage the desktop and applications, “he wrote. He added: “the administrator can also through a specific port or IP address to restrict access to.”

in the end, in order to resist the threat of malicious software and attacks, locking Windows 10 have special equipment. It only allows the user to run the application, is has signed signature services provided by the Microsoft certification.

the review process will control signed service access rights, and we control this ISV on Windows Store security. In addition, the device itself can also be OEM lock, “he wrote. OEM will use the locking process, the process of locking Windows Phone devices and we are the same.

IT managers to determine which application more trustworthy. They choose their own applications, for example, ISV application. In the Windows Store, can download to part or all of these applications.

all in all, the Windows 10 locking function, provides a more effective tool for the enterprise, helping them fight and modern threats. This function has the flexibility, it can work in most circumstances.

Microsoft company is to be published in the 2015 mid-term 10 official version of Windows. A few days ago, it was made in a public show a public beta, it attracted 1 million participants, received more than 20, ten thousand feedback

in Windows 8 after completely ignored by Microsoft’s corporate customers, the company is trying to cios and other enterprises IT executives noticed Windows 10.

as the OS technical preview the success of public test, Windows 10 can better ensure the safety of the answer is clear. Alkove think it is attractive enough for enterprise and customer.


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