Capital serial layout, lei jun to build new “millet”

(word/qing nan)

lei jun as China’s Internet Table is a VIP, its effect on the whole industry ecology has not only stay in through early intervention programs to form factions, more is to build its own millet mobile phone business after the rapid rise of subversion and change of the original order, and in the future development path on the formation of the two factions.

“the tauren birds on the sky, the ground of hubei guy”, lei jun is famous for its rare smart and diligent Chinese Internet, vision, good at office. From the rapid promotion of golden hill software, to many of the early Chinese Internet project investment, lei jun also push their own wealth and reputation to the highest point, set up is only 3 years of millet company valuation is over billions dollars last year.

however, lay particular stress on early stage than in the past, lei jun investment strategy has changed greatly. Recently, the millet has passed the associated companies to China policy, film and television, navione investment 50 million, 84 million yuan. If put lei jun action before the turn of this year, $25 million investment in nine medical, $20 million investment in cheetah mobile, Ann’s $20 million investment in the west, and even a $200 million stake in thunderbolt, that the latest round of $100 million in financing of millet in a single location. Not only that, the investment list and enterprises such as block box, and her family.

but before, lei jun is basically in the early intervention of the project, the investment amount in contrast is not very big. Statistics show, before this year, has publicly reported that lei jun throws a company has more than 30 (actually more), has been the industry known as “lei jun”, called around one of the most important pole of the pattern of China’s Internet. Such as main UC gifted as, see more of the concept of mobile technology, wall-e language chat, 7 k7k, too beautiful, I Speak, YY, homework together, intellectual valley, kaka mobile, good news is infinite and justice; Projects in the field of electronic commerce has joyo, shangpin, vancl, tao, the guest and I have a net; Internet community project at large network, music – community, more than play games network (the original “age”), the Great Wall, lei feng, green human network, zhihu and street network. Other investment projects in the field of a drawing kara, respectively, to cattle, good doctor, ZEALER, jinshan doeg, etc. Today, some of these projects has IPO, some mergers and acquisitions, there are also some edge on the verge of collapse.

unlike stage of the project investment at that time, lei jun this year’s actions appear high frequency, amount had gotten much bigger, the other is an obvious feature, the basic investment project is the development and stability of the company, which is a lot of public or quasi public company, such as the thunderbolt, navione, cheetah mobile, co-sponsored by the film and television and nine medical (of course, is likely to have part start-ups has not yet been revealed, but does not affect the view). These companies will also form new “millet,”, because of the large volume and value was higher than that of natural some release ability.

what prompted lei jun adjusted the part of the investment strategy? Analysis is as follows:

1, the giants layout of panic disorder, the most obvious is the BAT (baidu and tencent, ali), affected by mobile tiebreaker, since last year, the big three invested nearly billions of dollars in investment in mergers and acquisitions, not only take high quality startups, also in part of the vertical of the scramble for DaTiLiang company. This kind of circumstance, lei jun is no resources on key areas to avoid embarrassment, must be laid hands on him.

2, millet to enter a new stage of development: after three years development, millet mobile phone shipments, has become the first in the brand, profit margins are already guarantee case, more needs to be done is to promote the soft service ability, this is lei jun mentioned the most important part in the triathlon. Need more partners in the ecological building, and there is a mass of resources. This aspect, through a small amount of money to buy into mature firms is a portable, both the relationship, and easy to pull to the resource, form the lashings.

3, the millet power co., LTD. : three years ago, most people will think millet will rely on lei jun resources development of firms, but now the situation is that many companies claim kinship proud of millet, and hope that the resources of the millet. One of the most obvious example is that, two years ago for millet expansion network sales channels, are now rely on millet relief for survival.

peep lei jun investment path

at present, the investment subject related to lei jun lei jun himself, suitable for capital investment, millet and related subsidiaries, etc., on the basis of different interest subjects of investment strategy will have certain difference. Here, mainly discussed is around millet company’s future development and investment, or in connection with lei jun, suitable for a portion of the cross and millet investment.

so far, millet of ecosystem is the smart phone, smart TV industry chain vertical layout on the hardware design, software development, business operation and customer service chain, is now trying to set up system of the horizontal platform, provides the Internet application services, covering the O2O, online entertainment, health care, finance and other fields, behind the derived data, advertising and marketing, storage and other markets, any link in the lei jun investment is likely to draw the object.

can foresee that in the case of the investment in the future, in addition to a small amount of high quality startups, will be a part of the company from a certain volume of medium-sized companies, and even large companies, and form a new “millet” lei jun.

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