Can’t find a parking space? Find a on-call butler to help!

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every few years the emergence of a new science and technology service, completely overturned my way of life in the city.

due to the Amazon Prime free Amazon mail program, Jeff bezos, the online store into the land of my main shopping. And Uber and Lyft, the two companies take a taxi application launch, I greatly reduce the time to use my own car, and dismissed the idea of buying another car. Now, so the emergence of a new company, immediately solved when living or working in San Francisco, one of the most destruction of the suffering of the soul – parking.

Luxe is an on-demand valet parking service. When you need to put the car into the parking place is tough, but through it, whether you anywhere in San Francisco, as long as you open the application to tell it you will reach the place, then when you are driving to a destination and a blue jacket, the sleeve with Luxe logo “housekeeper” will be on the side of the road waiting for you, he will greet you, ask your name, you can know that he is legal.

you need to put your car keys to him, don’t worry, it’s safe. Luxe on theft and destruction project for $1 million, and provide GPS tracking service for your car. So, as I said, the car keys “housekeeper”, tell him that you need the car parked length, let he parked his car to be serviced. If you like, can through the application to check your car parked position.

that’s it. Your car is parking place.

later, when you need your car, you just need to open the program again, click back to your car. Luxe will provide “housekeeper”, for you to reach your car parked position, you will be seen in the application of small logo in the correct route to your location, about 10 minutes, your car appeared in front of your eyes. A place is the service is very good, as long as it is within the scope of the Luxe service area, parking after the return to can make you in any place. That is to say, you can drive to go to work in the morning, and then in the end after dinner you make the car appear in the city will pick you up the other part of the home.

here is one of the best part is, Luxe charge standard for only five dollars an hour, your daily up to pay 15 dollars for parking. If you think it is not particularly cheap, prove that you don’t have parking in San Francisco. On weekdays when crowded areas and weekend night, almost all the parking fee is too luxury. In the southern town near the New York times bureau prosperous areas, parking fees range for $17 to $30 a day, many of them did not provide hourly wage rate. Street parking lot about 4 or 5 dollars an hour, but you is very difficult to find a parking space, unless you have already signed the “soul to the devil”.

Luxe is one of the few in the past few months to start one of the housekeeper application service. And ZIRX, its service scope in San Francisco and Seattle, and any place in New York. In order to control the development of it, Luxe provides a waiting list and application by downloading the registration, you will get a chance to use it a few days. In the Los Angeles area, the company plans in the some of the most difficult parking in Santa monica and Venice local implementation projects.

when I first heard this kind of application, I think this is crazy. Even if the application works, but their future is still worrying. Uber Lyft wish to reduce the number of private cars and increase the carpool. As I used to think that they like a very good idea. But not mean like Luex application for private owners, is the goal in the pursuit of a clearly obsolete?

in a Luxe San Francisco headquarters in an interview, for the service operation has implemented three weeks, Curtis lee, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, explains the efficiency of the service. For the city, he said, for a given demand of the city is not uniform. In the busy period, parking lot in busy areas crowded, but many other area many parking Spaces still vacant. Luxe already sign a contract with the city’s large parking company, is the underused areas. By paying “housekeeper” will stop your car from the busy area to the not too busy, “demand” can be adjusted.

because Luxe pay waiter hourly wage and pay a fixed monthly parking space rental prices, Mr. Li said, so he has enough space to make a profit.

“at some point we’re making money” li said. “For example, we pay $200 a month in rent space. If we set it for X amount of time, the unit is much cheaper. Even though we are small, we can still can get profit period in certain areas.”

to improve their business operations, at a lower price to get more space, or to find better positioning can place waiter, improve aging – the company believes it can further reduce the cost.

“I do think the Uber and Lyft will lead to some people said, they don’t need the private cars,” Mr Li said. “But there are still countless people in their own cars.” , for them, just to solve the parking problems, too.

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