Can walk 10000 steps, Ampy is my phone for you 3 hours of electricity

with the progress of science and technology, electronic we come into contact with more and more, smart phones are fully integrated into our lives. But everyone has been detected, the battery is not to force. So the problem comes. “Charging equipment which is strong, all over the world with Ampy.” Ampy will come to tell you, your body is a huge energy body.

one clearly think that, the use of specially designed wearable mobile power supply, to make it with the aid of kinetic energy to the battery, is just a matter of time. So, Ampy exploded in front of the world. The battery backup is a the raise of Kickstarter project. You can tie it in your all parts of the body, such as arm, waist and leg. Its manufacturer also claim that it can be daily movement into electricity and storing it for charging the mobile phone, such as walking, running or cycling. So instead of simply calculate your has been run, you convert the pace to charge and stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, then you will be able to use USB mobile devices to help you. As a result, in environmental protection also encourage more people to actively exercise.

in theory, it is a good idea, if you don’t mind the heavy battery bundled to the body, and then do sports in the surrounding streets. But, as all of the projects, raise people skeptical about how to put it into practice effectively.

the current Ampy is just a prototype, its headquarters is located in Chicago manufacturers are trying to raise people raised to stepping up production of finished products. Ampy the funds raised (=which has exceeded its target of $100000, so far has been as much as $245000, and the raise of Kickstarter activities from over 10 days. So they will have enough money to carry out the promise of its products. They also left a very long time to deliver the goods, until June 2015, the device is not for sale.

Ampy built a 1000 milliampere lithium ion batteries, which means that it than most smartphones with a smaller capacity of battery, so it can only as part of the handheld devices.

Ampy co-founder Tejas Shastry said, “when people are mobile, the kinetic energy of people and Ampy inductors internal magnet together, so as to generate electricity and built-in lithium ion battery”. He further explains the working principle of charging mechanism. “High intensity exercise can let its produce more electricity. We also found that: running is one of the best ways to produce energy, Ampy by running the output power can reach hundreds of milliwatts.”

“in be used actually, walk about 10000 steps each day, Ampy is can provide for you about 3 hours of cell phone use. Instantaneous power is lower than that of continuous power output, but it’s still enough to charging your phone, “he added.

although the activities of the Kickstarter page, not on Ampy equipment can charge information caused by human activities, but the project manufacturers have been provided to the sponsor in the form of an email. This email includes two GIF files – from the picture we can see clearly a Ampy connected to the ammeter, and the other is tied to a runner’s legs, both by shaking or movement has produced current, thus demonstrates the formation process of current:

“dozens of ma can produce up to 100 milliwatts of peak power,” he added in the email updates. “While the peak power is very interesting, but is the best way to calculate energy, by measuring the energy generated by people before and after the movement, to observe ampy built-in battery voltage’s change. This is also how many electronic devices determine their battery charge in the number of the key.”

the project was also raise Dragon hardware the Innovation award for Dragon Certified.

this certification program spokesman has confirmed that they have to review the Ampy project. , he said, “our engineers for their CAD file to design for manufacturability review. We make sure that it can be manufactured and assembled. Our analysis further confirmed the cost of goods sold their capital threshold. If realized capital minimum threshold (including the value), so the product can be made.”

“although we focus on the manufacturability, but a result of this analysis is that our engineers can determine whether this product can really, in the electromagnetic coil to generate enough energy and high enough voltage to drive circuit.”

in addition, the hardware team is building a mobile application. It can record movement generating electricity, and exercise burns calories.

in Ampy operation since a long period of time, Shastry once said: “scale production operation requires a certain amount of time, and our manufacturing schedule is Dragon Innovation platform to help us set up a point. You can check their authentication details here. Even a small unit of production preparation, you must also consider the tools, assembly and shipping date of delivery.”

Ampy starts at $85 (no shoulder straps attached battery package), if you want to try, you can enter the page of Kickstarte to snap up.

finally, one thing is certain: the battery life is still the biggest constraints mobile applications. Although when we desire the application of more than us, therefore, the mobile devices in the capacity of the battery, then there will be a to belong to Ampy market.



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