Can small, drawing, painting, but also to make friends

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extensive social products are winner-take-all market, but the vertical social or based on common interests. Small painting ji is a mobile terminal drawing tools, accumulated a number of users and a large number of excellent works, he draw interest also in the vertical direction UGC social community.

and other stand-alone version of the drawing tools, small painting, painting tools function on the mobile end is rather rich. Gradually cultivate a batch of excellent hand painting, also in co-founder CEO Deng Liang’s words: “a lot of excellent works make you can’t believe it was drawn.”

of the more interesting is the user in a small painting in the painting, all of the pictures don’t support upload, namely community work must be a single touch. All the works can share to weibo WeChat social media, such as can also share the painting process. Also can replay the whole painting process. (below two users picture attached figure)

at the community level, small painting, increased competition, games, comments, flowers, direct messages and other interactive modules. Also introduced the mechanism of gold, gold can buy a higher level of painting props, can also be presented to like the works of the author. Gold COINS for the way in addition to share the creative activities, more is the integral wall and advertising alliance, at the same time they also have a month and year paying members version, VIP users can get more rights. But to be sure: in xiao yun experience, ordinary users do not pay, do not get gold COINS can be smoothly to complete a series of experiences in the application.

Deng Liang tell hunting cloud network: at present, a lot of products in the use of people is interested in painting in the new generation of young people. Under the age of 30, 97% and 47% under the age of 17. At the same time they also recently developed a new product small tongue jida, images and text, music and voice sharing community. Can be as a voice version of the “quiet”.

small painting Deng Liang founder, graduated from the mathematics department of xiamen university, successively work Yu Xintai technology, Ericsson and Sony Mobile, and other large enterprises at home and abroad, with its 10 years of experience in product management. Founder/CTO Peng Lingzhe graduated from zhongshan university computer science department, before starting a business in Ericsson global r&d center, responsible for research and development and product management, in charge of including Ericsson global mobile advertising platform, mobile data service management platform of product line.

the small painting only IOS terminal, Deng Liang said will soon be out of the Android version, it will also strengthen products operating in the community, recently they are approached and several investment institutions.

he draw

company: guangzhou sweet orange software technology co., LTD.


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