Can learn user behavior, automatic adjustment of “Alba lamp”

a light bulb can do? Lighting? To create a different environment? Is there anything else? If you can’t think of, then please pay attention to Alba. This is a smart bulb, can adjust the light and tracking human action mode and select lights on space, but also in the different times of the day the different colors of light. They track individual action without invasion of privacy, can synchronize with various applications. Let’s see the legend of Alba.

at the beginning of 2013, tesla engineers Neil Joseph depend on the chair, look around his office in silicon valley. He said: “the day the sun is shining, I looked up at the ceiling thinking ‘why when the sun through the window into the office, the light is very bright? ‘” online has better quality more pay a survey carried out in mutual inductance of the bulb, finally according to the survey produced this kind of a little of your goods. That year in October, Joseph, when he was a child, he put the lamp and treasure car) leave the tesla, opened his own lighting company.

the company called the Stack, it is the first product of Alba (Italian, the meaning of “sunrise”). Alba bulb can work independently, not only can adjust indoor light, according to the sunlight intensity can also obtain a homeowner preferences automatically adjust the light. In Joseph’s view, it is a new lighting products in the first paragraph after philips and LIFX bulbs. They sell all kinds of light bulbs are more intelligent than the general store, can synchronize with smartphone applications, even with the rhythm of a song. But with the Nest Thermostat intelligent Thermostat or Google maps, compared to the instrumental application are still not smart. In short: they can be connected with other applications, but unable to respond.

embedded Alba diode is to identify activities, living light and ambient light sensor. This means that another the creator of a work in the sensor in NASA Jovi Gacusan must develop a new core technology to solve the plight of Alba: Alba now in order to improve the efficiency, have to side for analysis of the available light, side to respond to their interaction. Joseph said: “think of noise cancellation headphones, we will understand, first from the headset music can eliminate noise and distinguish the lights is one thing, we must eliminate Alba light itself, and then to accurately capture the other light source the light.” The result is a light bulb can adjust itself according to the strength of the natural light and shade, the process consumes less energy than normal LED lights by 60% to 80%.

Alba another main function is to adjust the lighting for different users. Just like Nest, Alba and remember that occupy the home user can run the algorithm run out of habit. Joseph said: “in fact, everyone at some time in a day only in some activities in the space of the room, the people in the other room first, and then walk to the bedroom, then sleep until all activities in the bedroom. If we notice these, we can open the hallway lights.” Alba blue help people refreshing in the morning, and then in the next day is warm white light. Users can set generated in the Stack (option “banquet” “lunch break”, etc.), Alba will record to add these data to normal.

about Alba, it is easy to understand how the Stack quickly became a fixture in the home. Because everyone needs light bulbs, and every Alba bulbs with bluetooth module, running as iBeacon technology. The bulbs are ready to and other smart small “dialogue”.

now, Alba is used to track users, recording their mode of action in the room. (this function is a dystopia. Joseph said: “we don’t track any personal data and other personal information. It is only used to create a light environment, detection of activity patterns and improve product performance.” ) however, Joseph still has ambitions to cooperate with other companies, products “from the thermostat to track people sleep smart bed”, the ultimate goal is to create a not only comfortable, and healthy home. “The more data we have, the more can detect whether the user is in rem cycle, if you are in deep sleep, is to show that the bed will know that now you can’t wake you.”

Alba starting set consists of two bulbs, sells for 150 dollars.

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