Can adjust the height of the electronic desk: sitting, standing office as you choose

ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer of economic material benefit, to be launched in September Bekant Ergonomi sitting/standing desks, desks stand fans all cheered. It not only in design more beautiful than informal ikea standing desks, and adopted the technology of electronic height adjustment, to ensure that in both standing and sitting position to find a good balance. In order to solve the modern sedentary habits, ikea released this named Bekant Ergonomi can automatically lift desk, gently press the button, can automatically for the table, the price of $500. At least in the United States, the ordinary version of the cost less than $500, including the electronic version of the height adjustment technology of about $1000.

Bekant Ergonomi sale in Asia can catch up with the holiday? We have contacted each distribution center in the asia-pacific region, but unfortunately, the answer is no. But is likely to issue a replacement goods.

Corinna Schuler, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand ikea’s corporate communications director, in an interview, she points out that Bekant not on sale in the Asian region, at least in the short term will not.

“[we] recently got from Sweden’s design team news is that Bekant unprepared in any officially launched the asia-pacific countries,” Schule said in an interview: “in household business team are still investigating the problem, and before the sales started, we still need to solve some technical problem for countries in the asia-pacific region. About this product, we’ve got a lot of media need to ask, Sweden’s design team has promised a solution to date. “

fortunately, Schuler, added a few minutes of hope, to has not yet announced Bekant substitute products:

“we hope to get another sit/stand, named Skarsta, in support of ergonomics in the workplace. This product is so complicated – without electricity, manual height adjustment with a simple “wrapped” technology – so hopefully it will solve this requirement, and hope that more humane working environment “in our market.

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