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cloud network hunting on September 26th (word/xiao-miao li)

anime peripheral – with cartoon, animation as the carrier, to its surrounding potential resources for mining, is an extension of cartoon, animation, and its culture, products involved in the convenient life. At present the Chinese animation industry is widespread copyright industry, issues such as piracy, weak brand awareness, lead to the most derivatives of the animation industry is not complete development, therefore cartoon lovers consumption is mostly the original and piracy.

anime products diffuse camel to the introduction of the Internet thinking animation industry, to create the film animation surrounding O2O marketing platform, to solve the problem of film, anime peripheral piracy, bring anime movie lovers authentic movie animation peripheral products. Camel website online through April 2014, located in the movie cartoon peripheral sales. Diffuse the camel is affiliated with Beijing sea billiton days technology co., LTD. Is committed to quality goods, affordable, reliable film animation surrounding shopping experience, makes the film animation surrounding the quality goods channels, for each big film animation brand to create more market value.

the diffuse camel mall model of anime products are toys, sculpture class exclusive anime peripheral hobby profession of peripheral products, as well as the life of use value products such as clothing, stationery, hang act the role of commodities, diffuse the camel timed specials every day brings users a big discount merchandise, founder liu told hunting cloud network: diffuse camel is now with a number of film animation brand cooperation, directly take goods from brand manufacturers, formal channels, to ensure quality goods, for the film animation enthusiasts to provide high-quality, discount merchandise, in 2014 with the Chinese original animation film “I am a Wolf” reached a cooperation, promotion and sales of “I am a Wolf” peripheral products.

in addition to electricity, diffuse camels also self-built community through information, sharing, communication, fans can refer to the latest anime information, share anime products design concept and wallpaper, showed the good ideas and works at a community. Liu told hunting cloud network: in fact most of Hollywood and the Japanese animation income is to rely on brand sales of derivatives and authorization, the box office income accounted for very little. But brand licensing, the original sales market in China is not yet perfect, pirated brands caused great losses. Chinese film anime fans can’t the first time to buy high quality, affordable authentic merchandise. Diffuse camels with brand manufacturers cooperation, hope on authenticity surrounding stick to it.

diffuse camel team, founder and CEO liu, is a cross-border entrepreneurs, “Quebec pull” before “westward journey will be executive director. Co-founder and vice President Sun Kailiang was IBM senior software engineer. Li Qinmen another co-founder, vice President, is a former e-commerce marketing visual studio ENGINE (loves strange vision), founder and CEO, in the green tree animation technology co., LTD. As a preliminary design.

at present, free camel already in August 2014 to obtain new venture millions of angel investment, liu told cloud network hunting, only perfect the movie cartoon peripheral products in the future the original sales channels to bring Chinese animation creator economic support, will the healthy development of Chinese animation industry, but the road is very long.

Soaked in camel

company: Beijing sea billiton day line technology co., LTD.


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