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mobile multimedia industry in recent years is the development of mobile Internet frontier, characteristics of users to share pictures, for social sharing interest is infinite.

last year, as a known as the magic camera cartoon camera application, quietly in the WeChat weibo and circle of friends, it can be real pictures drawn into cartoons, and provide personalized edit template. On September 17, the magic camera formally announced, to get A round of investment from alibaba.

but in fact, many users are not just satisfied with monochromatic face ManHuaHua effect. We can see, as on the magic camera in the baidu post bar and related BBS, a lot of users are calling for the diffuse color is changed.

The depth of the

“some have a hand-drawn language users even paint himself out of the diffuse color of the image, so we will have a desire to solve the demand for this part of the user.” CaiMan founder after told hunting cloud network reporter Chen says.

CaiMan camera reality is the world’s first paragraph will be made into a color camera, use facial feature location technology and colored cartoon technology, whether the group photo taking pictures, a character, or, no matter how complicated illumination conditions or how varied attitude, can automatically locate facial features, automatic detected for hair, face and background, a key to achieve lets the user seconds into its own color cartoon image, fast, easy and fidelity.

in addition, CaiMan also has massive free background: three prince which zha, limb master Yang guo, superman wears outside underwear, superhero batman, Bai Fu beauty, beauty, female, han paper, neurology, etc., of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Because the starting point of people use cartoon camera, in addition to their own love, personality, unique comics and users to share the endless fun. CaiMan share a key function of the support of all social platform.

“in the future, we are prepared to increase community module, digging depth user, realize the first to share, and couples interactive social purpose, thus strengthening the viscosity and breadth. In addition we are also going to make CaiMan camera into a new background of comic publishing platform, in the form of a comic book to display all kinds of new products, and advertising.” After Chen says.

after Chen graduated from zhejiang university, has more than 10 years working experience in the international first-class mobile multimedia company. Because the gap and demand point, see the cartoon camera set up CaiMan camera entrepreneurial teams, and said, the magic camera is rivals, are also reference object. Team currently has nine members, on the team division of labor, Chen Jiyou their own points of view. Product definition and UI design, Chen after insist on using 90 members, because he thinks, product main after positioning the crowd of 85, 85. Designers and users ages, is bound to be a more in-depth grasp and fit the user’s psychological needs.

CaiMan camera online for 3 months, since there are total 8 million downloads, 1.5 million new active users, the stability of the 70000 days to live, the millet app store home page and other third-party mobile application market products recommended.

“investors want to see the great potential of this direction, can obtain financing, deep down, the most intelligent color DIY camera”, after Chen says.

CaiMan camera

company: Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd hangzhou branch


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