By listening to placate, U.S. security set up the “chief risk control tube”

the national security agency is starting business risk management.

snowden event has not yet dispersed, the shadows of American national security bureau has appointed its so-called business solution center assistant director, chairman of the national security bureau before Anne Neuberger, sitting on the nsa new position of the chief risk officer. To this, the new chairman of navy captain Michael s. Rogers in a statement within the nsa home page said: “many areas has proved that the implementation of enterprise risk management is the most sensible choice. It can enhance an organization identification from different angles, integration and the ability to assess risk compensation value, to make more basis, more timely, more defensive ability decision.” The following excerpt from the original announcement:

“Neuberger lady will work closely with the national security office all senior leaders. A term in the first year, she will focus on various intelligence task has the risk of creating a kind of evaluation method and process and make it tend to be mature, to achieve superior to specify a particular target.”

snowden events force take warning from Mr Obama, ordered the national security bureau released in July this year related report highly transparent, trying to prove to the American people that the nsa did not ecstasy to monitor innocent americans. The director of national intelligence James Clapper, according to a document published last year, the federal government had issued 20000 letters about national security.

but for this a series of seemingly sincere action, others not, think of the so-called report are not looking for marginal bullshit. Although the report about the details of the part is very short, but it also shows how do have up to 90601 intelligence received the foreign intelligence surveillance act (FISA) secret instructions of the court gave the nsa use various methods to collect intelligence of power. Pointed out in the post was a central intelligence agency, the agency has “thousands of page” the encrypted file, and will be released every year a decryption content. In the latest about the appointment of Anne Neuberger announcement, chairman, said Rogers, from the perspective of protecting the interests of the state, the national security bureau from the macroscopic Angle to the mission as a sensitive intelligence fired the first shot.

as a non-profit international legal organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (Electronic Frontier Foundation, a legislative analyst Mark Jaycox close on the research on the national security bureau, think of Neuberger worthy of attention. But at the same time, he also said that to Neuberger if it could be just a decoration – or whether she can truly meaningful regulation real power is too early to judge.

Jaycox said in an interview: “the nsa was set up like risk officer position and confidentiality in this office, it is comforting. But this kind of job can avoid this kind of authority can be evaded, the key is to see if we can allow them to fully open the nsa and transparently to the American public.”

Jaycox in criticizing the nsa shoes has never been determined. He thinks by certain types of regulation to quell the suspicious americans, is the national security bureau in is an important step on the road. But these are the only is not enough.

he said: “the nsa want to prove that he is trying to do with privacy protection work, try their best to make themselves an action more consciously, you need to do far more than just add some jobs to hire more people so simple.”

someone glad someone sorrow. Jaycox think it is a good thing, but someone is therefore more sceptical since the nsa.

the nsa some insiders believe Neuberger commissioned work may only be a whitewash.

a unnamed former national security bureau officials said in an interview: “Neuberger likely as director of national intelligence James Clapper, the surface has the supervision of the whole power of the U.S. intelligence community, but is actually just a toothless shell.”

the Jaycox said: “the national security bureau will give the position of power, these positions will be released to the public through more files to enhance transparency, and these positions may yet in the national security office have the initiative to change some unreasonable policies and practices.”


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