By Facebook after acquisition, Oculus recently bought two start-ups

cloud network hunting note: virtual reality helmet manufacturers Oculus sold for $2 billion earlier this year after Facebook, more and more attention, in order to strengthen the technology and the team strength, Oculus also recently launched a takeover. The following for tencent the full translation of science and technology:

on December 14, virtual reality helmet manufacturers Oculus VR recently announced that the company in order to make a more intelligent and 3 d virtual world to responding to the gestures, has bought two virtual reality gestures and 3 d technology start-ups, the two companies are Nimble VR and 13 th Lab.

these two acquisitions as virtual reality industry growing under vc investment.

Oculus VR by Facebook in March this year to $2 billion. Oculus VR is still did not disclose the above two specific prices and terms of payment of m&a.

Nimble VR based in San Francisco, the name is “3 gear Systems”, and therefore was widely known as a business. The company can be installed in the Oculus Rift equipment at the top of the micro 3 d camera gesture tracking device. Nimble VR company has passed the raised platform Kickstarter and Intel Capital, Intel Capital, at Fund, K9 Ventures, Ovo financing Fund and other investors.

13 th Lab is a start-up company located in Sweden, also use sophisticated cameras, and make the 3 d effect of different physical environment, and to show these effects in the virtual reality devices. Nordic venture firm Creandum has invested in the 13 th Lab company.

Oculus VR company claims, at the same time of business mergers and acquisitions, the company also introduced a computer science professor at New York university, Chris Mr. Zeigler (Chris Bregler). Mr. He was also a heavyweight special effects, special effects for many Hollywood blockbuster configuration. After being introduced Oculus VR, Mr. He will become the company’s full-time project engineer.

since Facebook acquisition Oculus, vc industry investment in the virtual reality entrepreneurial company also increases stability. Shortly after, startups Survious has raised $2 million, another entrepreneurial company Jaunt also funding the $28 million. In addition, Virtuix company has raised $2.7 million this week, these funds will be used to expand the company’s virtual reality technology.

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