Buy handguns, marijuana, murder, emerging network black market Evolution is shocking

network drug trade and real, find out a drug can only endless for another ready to meet the market demand of people. Destroyed many of the Silk Road in the FBI (Silk Road), drug traffickers have evolved more and more high-end, now also more and more no principles.

since this year has been established, anonymous Evolution dramatically growing black market website, in the past five months sales tripled. It provides more than 15000 kinds of contraband, from weapons to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, is thousands of times of the silk road. Evolution of success not only comes from its safer than peers more professional operation mode, also comes from more than the silk road that promote the liberal thought of immoral way of black market operation. Evolution, for example, about 10% of the products are stolen credit card Numbers and black to web account certificate.

the development trend of such say Evolution has violated the silk road “banned the sale of third party damage of goods and services” principle, the underground marks the traditional network crime to identity theft and network of the drug trade merger opportunities.

“it is far more than no crime victims,” the league of nonprofit digital residents, a researcher said. He is closely monitoring the Internet market, and request not to be exposed to personal information. The liberal ideals behind “the silk road is to give everyone on the right to freedom of choice, is now beyond the drug into fraud, is all for the sake of money.”

network Evolution now it is the third drug market, second only to the silk road as the predecessor of the silk road 2, and the recent product list over the silk road became the most popular black Agora new network market forces.

as the Evolution of the rapid development of the time, the silk road 2 product quantity of stagnation in the 17000 or so. Users and suppliers agree that Evolution is more promising than other peers, is called a Grifter security researcher said. He at last month’s meeting on the Defcon hacker gave a lecture on network black market present situation, pointed out that DarkNet website statistics show that 96.4% of the time Evolution of the online, and the silk road 2 and Agora only 93.5% and 93.5% respectively. Evolution of the page load faster, and almost no use Tor website. These features are very rare, because on the black market information on the web site to be encrypted and in three distribution around the world are protected by Tor hidden service transfer between computers, and hackers often because against competitors, and adopt the way of DoS to attack these sites.

“Evolution is my personal favorite,” said Grifter, “it provides something better, word of mouth is better.”

unlike other drug market, after completing a deal on Evolution, a commission of 4% will be used to fund the main participants in the identity theft industry. Evolution has called a Verto founder, once established Tor Carding Forum (TCF). The private BBS site for a long time financial details theft business is booming, the user needs to pay $50 to join them.

for Verto we don’t know, but it seems that he and the founder of the silk road Dread Pirate Roberts, nothing in common, the founder is confirmed to be jailed in brooklyn, New York, 30, Ross Ulbricht. When I interviewed him last year, it described the silk road as a let people on the premise of not infringe upon the interests of others, buy anything liberal experiment. (he in private transactions may be less love peace, and the FBI have to murder people sued his six, including a potential informant and a blackmailer, but not in court to prove the charges.)

“we are not allowed to sell those main purpose is to hurt innocent people, or need to hurt innocent people to enter the market.” He told me, “I think I want to use the right way to realize my dream, my life, not the way, I hope everyone can enjoy the freedom.”

Evolution without that the principle of “do not harm others”, which banned the sale of child pornography, and murder, assassination, terrorism related services, prostitution, a ponzi scheme, the lottery. But it sells a variety of weapons, and like the TCF Verto do business related to identity theft.

expected, Verto without his predecessors Dread Pirate so talkative. When we would like to interview him, only a Evolution administrator Kimble response: “I’m sorry, we have to decline your invitation.”

a reason for the success of Evolution is the misfortune of the silk road 2: January when hackers stole $2.7 million worth of COINS, silk road 2 users had a heavy blow on it. Although it has been made up by their own profits by 80% the loss of the affected user, but it is in very difficult to win the trust again drug-trafficking groups. According to the data of digital citizens united, the quantity after being black silk road 2 down some, only recently resumed.

Evolution, in contrast, more intelligent security measures taken to prevent the robbery. We only accept the currency as well as the silk road, Evolution, run on anonymous software Tor to avoid law enforcement personnel tracking. It also carried a “signature” way, when users buy goods on the site, they can put the COINS into the web site set up escrow account, the account controlled by the website administrator, buyers and sellers together, at least two parties sign to move the money, it may make it harder for buyers and sellers to cheat each other, also to avoid the payment being reclaimed by site is pocket or law enforcement.

security is another innovation, offers its own version of the dual certification: when more signature deals, log on each side is required with your PGP key to decrypt a message on the hard disk drive.

these measures seem to have attracted a large number of buyers, more than the Evolution to support the policy requirements of theft. Site users increased rapidly, making digital alliance residents begin to worry about it destroy network drug trade principles, may be used to fund the profits to the darker criminal market. Alliance network, for example, black market researcher pointed out that there are some beneath the Tor protection website tries to provide the assassination services in exchange for the currency, although a few successful. “This is a very interesting evolution (evolution), no pun intended here,” he said, “is the last time the credit card fraud, next what is it?”


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